Party of Five Ch. 13

Big Cock

Author’s Note: Are you getting sick of these notes? Well, too bad because here’s another one. I just wanted to thank everyone for their patience and support. The feeling seems to have migrated from “This is too slow and boring” to “This is too fast and orgy-ish” to “Take your time and write it as you please.” As I said, I’m not that far ahead of what I submit, and due to computer problems I just lost an entire chapter. I may be able to get it back, depending on whether the hard drive needs replacing, but if not then I’ll just have write it again. Remember to keep the feedback coming. Are you sick of hearing that too?

And another big thanks to MaginMan for the proofread. Here it is:


Chapter 13

Josh’s life was something of a double-edged sword in the days after his full-fledged sexual encounter with Dawn. On the one hand, he now had an amiable relationship with his erstwhile nemesis; he was able to satisfy his sexual urges almost whenever he wished; and though he and Jacquie hadn’t been intimate in over a week, they had settled into a comfortable relationship that Josh knew he couldn’t do without. On the other hand, he was having an incredibly hard time lying to his sisters or skirting certain issues whenever he spoke to them. Once he had committed his thoughts to his diary, Josh began to formulate a rudimentary solution to his problem. He needed to simplify things; to slow down and stop hurtling towards so many new experiences that they threatened to suffocate him. Of course, formulating this plan and implementing it were not equally simple. Dawn made sure of that.

She would pop up in the most unlikely places, or at the most bizarre moments, pattering Josh with her sexually charged lingo.

“Hey, Josh,” she would say, “I’ve got a craving for some cock,” or, “My clit is so swollen – can you lick it for me?”

Josh did his best to discourage her advances, but Dawn would have none of it.

“Slow down?” she said when Josh raised the point one Tuesday afternoon. “Why would I want to do that?”

“I just think we’re taking things a little too fast,” Josh replied, taking a step back against the wall. Dawn’s proximity was doing crazy things to his mind. The smell of her hair was like a hammer that was smashing his Time-To-Simplify plan to bits. Have I adopted the hippie motto? Josh thought to himself.

“Too fast?” Dawn said, her voice still – at this point – even. “We’re not dating Josh. We can do whatever we want.”

“I know,” Josh replied, fetching up against the wall. “I just…maybe it’d be better if we…you know…savoured what we were doing…rather than doing it so often.”

“Oh, so you don’t want to fuck me any more? Is that it?”

“No,” said Josh. “Of course not. I…I like fucking you. It’s great fun. Really great fun. I just…”

“Just what, Josh?” Dawn took a step forward, putting her palms flat on the wall on either side of Josh’s body. Her face was perilously close, looking innocently up at him with her big brown eyes sheltered beneath her eyelashes.

“…want to slow down,” Josh squeaked.

Dawn stared at him blankly for a moment; then she stepped back and looked at him as if he had gone quite mad. “What is wrong with you?”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I thought teenage guys were supposed to be horny twenty-four seven. You should be…pulling my skirt down or something.”

“It’s not like I don’t want to,” Josh replied defensively. “I just…don’t want to do it so often that it becomes…boring.”

Dawn’s eyes flashed. “So I’m boring now, am I?”

“No…no! Of course not.”

“Well, sorry if I’m boring you Josh. I didn’t mean to be such drag. I guess having your cock sucked by your sister isn’t exciting enough for you!”

“Not what I said,” Josh replied feebly. Dawn wasn’t exactly taking this the way he had hoped. But then why should that surprise him? “I didn’t say you were boring. You’re not. You’re…far from it.”

“Far from it?” Dawn asked, calming down (Josh hoped – he could never tell with Dawn).

“Yes,” replied Josh. “Far, far from it. The complete opposite of boring.”



“But you want to slow down?”

“If that’s all right with you.”

Dawn sighed and put her hands on her hips. “I suppose I should listen to you considering you’re the deep-and-meaningful-relationship guy.” Was that an insult or a compliment? Josh wondered. “So what exactly do you mean by slowing down? Can we still fuck?”

“Yes. But not every night.”

Dawn snorted. “Well that’s no fun.”

“We might get caught, Dawn!”

“We didn’t get caught the other night.”

“But we could have been. It’s dangerous.”

“Okay, okay,” Dawn said, sighing. “No daily-fucking. What about all the other stuff?”

“We can do that too. Just not every time the others have a toilet break or something. We have to be alone.”

Dawn sighed again. “Fine.”



“All right.”

Dawn looked down at the floor for a minute and then back up. “Wanna go make out?”



Josh kartal escort began to experience pangs of guilt whenever he was around Jacquie. He felt almost as though he had betrayed her by shacking up so shamelessly with Dawn. He did, however, still have the desire to be with Jacquie again, to be nervous and tender and exploratory. Not only that but he really enjoyed their subtle flirting. Subtle was a word completely foreign to his other, raven-haired sister.

“Good day today?” Jacquie asked once she’d returned home and started on dinner. Dawn had slipped out the door soon after saying she might be late so they could eat without her. Josh had wondered into the kitchen and offered his services, which Jacquie had greatly accepted and asked him to start peeling some carrots.

”Not bad,” Josh replied.

“Things going okay with Valerie?”

“Yeah. They’re good.”

“And the whole friendship thing?”

“It’s nice. I’ve never really had a close female friend before.” Jacquie turned towards him with a wounded expression. “Excluding you, of course,” Josh quickly replied.

“Nice try,” Jacquie said with a smile.

“You’re more than a friend, Jacquie – you know that.”

“Sorry, Josh, but flattery isn’t going to get you anywhere.”

“You once told me it would get me pretty damn far.”

“Oh, so that’s what you’re after, is it?” Jacquie asked him with a grin.

“Wh— no. No, I didn’t… I wasn’t trying to…”

“Josh,” said Jacquie, leaning closer, “you’re rambling.”

“Oh,” said Josh sheepishly. “Right. I’ll just, uh, peel these carrots.”

“Good idea,” Jacquie said, smiling warmly at him.

Half an hour later, Alice arrived home, her face glittering with her usual optimism and her hair done up in… Pigtails, Josh realised with a sinking feeling.

“Hey, you two,” she said, putting her bag down on the table.

“Hey, Al,” Jacquie called over her shoulder.

“Hi,” Josh mumbled, staring down at the carrot he had in his hand.

Alice walked up behind Josh and leaned around him. “Ooh, they look nice,” she said, pinching a peeled carrot.

“Hands off,” Jacquie said.

Alice walked off towards the stairs with the stolen carrot in hand. She disappeared for several minutes and returned downstairs in a different top. Josh’s eyes were drawn to the folds between her breasts. Alice! he reminded himself.

Laura came home an hour after that, and sat down at the table looking exhausted. “Rough day?” Jacquie asked her.

“Very,” Laura replied, accepting a glass of water from Alice. “You’ve got dinner started?”

“Under control,” Jacquie replied.

“Thanks, girls.”

“Hey!” Josh barked resentfully.

“Sorry, dear,” Laura replied.

Jacquie laughed and put her arm around Josh’s shoulders. “Can’t forget about our little man of the house, can we?”

She made gave Josh a sloppy kiss on his forehead, and it took him a moment to realise he would have to react angrily.

“Argh, yuck!” he cried vehemently.

Alice laughed along with Jacquie. The laughing made Josh’s irritation real. He watched his mother leave the room and then raised his foot and kicked Jacquie in the butt.

“Josh!” Jacquie cried. She looked at him with open-mouthed amusement. “You’re not supposed to do that to girls.”

“Your point?”

Behind Jacquie, Alice opened her mouth in shock, her eyes holding the same amusement that Jacquie’s were. “He’s like this all the time,” Jacquie told Alice with a roll of her eyes.

Josh turned smugly back to the carrots, pleased he had gotten the last word. It was always a possibility when Dawn wasn’t involved.

When the meal was prepared and on the table, Dawn was still nowhere to be seen, so they ate without her. Josh had never thought he would force himself to stare at Jacquie’s breasts to deter his wandering eyes; but at this point it seemed the lesser of two evils. Alice never dressed in a slutty fashion, and never wore clothes that even came close to Dawn’s outrageous attire. But she did tend to cling to her older items and as such many of them were slightly small on her, as the top she wore now was. So Josh scolded himself for looking and trained his eyes firmly on Jacquie’s large melons. That’s better.

Primetime television wiled away the rest of the night, Josh taking the opportunity to focus instead on the female newsreader’s rack. Dawn still wasn’t home though, and it looked like she’d be out late.

Eventually, tired with the reality trash that his mother and sisters insisted on watching, he retired to his room and read the books that Alice had given him for his birthday. But then the books triggered memories of Alice, and Alice triggered memories of Alice’s breasts, and…where the hell is Dawn!?

Josh took a deep, calming breath and kept reading.


Josh woke up the next morning without being aware he’d fallen asleep. The Iliad was lying beside him and the bed was still made. He rubbed his eyes and walked down the hall to the bathroom. maltepe escort bayan Falling asleep so suddenly had screwed up his sense of time. He felt as though he was late for school, when in fact he was up earlier than he usually was.

The water from the showerhead did wonders for his sleepy body. He donned his uniform once he was back in his room and headed downstairs. Apparently, no one was up yet. It was strange, not seeing Jacquie in the kitchen, preparing breakfast – her smile was usually the first thing that greeted him in the morning. He walked into the living room to watch some TV to pass the time.

Apparently, someone was up, if not awake. Dawn was reclined on one of the sofas, snoring loudly with a pillow clutched in her arms. Josh grinned when he noticed her.

It was always endearing to watch Dawn sleep, and he’d had the chance to do that up-close recently. But with her snoring like a lawnmower – something she’d never done before that he knew of – Josh struggled to refrain from bursting into laughter. He couldn’t refrain though, from walking up to her and pinching her nose closed. She snorted a few times, jerked awake and opened her eyes.

“Josh!” she yelled, loud enough to wake the rest of the house. “You little fucker!” Josh held onto his stomach, doubling up with laughter. “I am going to kill you!” Dawn squealed.

She made no attempt at the moment, however, as Josh suspected she was still too dazed with sleep. She sat up and glared at him indignantly. “You bastard. What’d you do that for!?”

“Entertainment,” Josh replied.

“I’ll give you entertainment, you little wanker.”

Josh continued laughing. “You were snoring, you know?”

Dawn opened her eyes and mouth wide with offence. “I was not! I never snore.”

“Beg to differ,” said Josh.

“You’re lying.”


“Fuck you.”

“Right back atcha.”

Dawn gave him a “very funny” look. “You’re such a turd, you know that.” She swung around and planted her feet on the floor, leaning over to rub the sleep from her eyes. Josh noticed that she was still wearing the clothes she had been wearing yesterday – her going-out clothes, which included the khaki skirt that had ridden right up her legs and was showing off a pair of pink cotton panties. His cock responded immediately.

Dawn looked up and stood. She walked towards him and stopped two feet away. “See these?” she said, grabbing her tits, “no morning snack for you.”

Josh would have apologised fervently if the others hadn’t been upstairs and likely to walk in on them at any minute, given the volume of Dawn’s indignant cries.

Dawn spun around and flounced irritably from the room. Josh was sad to see her go. So was his cock.

It wasn’t the best start to the day, and it certainly wasn’t going to make it a good one. In Josh’s experience, whenever he repressed his sexual tension he tended to come down with minor stomach cramps. So into the toilet he went to engage in his first masturbation session for a while. It was so dull compared to what it had to live up to though, and all it did was empty hormones – which, in the end, was all Josh needed it to do. Satisfied, he left the bathroom.

Jacquie was alighting from the stairs just as Josh walked into the kitchen. “Morning,” she said. Boy did she look gorgeous. Apparently all Josh’s sisters looked extremely attractive when they were just waking up. “You’re up early.”

“Went to bed early,” Josh replied.

Jacquie headed towards the kitchen counter and started on breakfast. If Josh hadn’t just blown his load all over a wad of tissues, he would have found it hard to keep his concentration off the bare stretch of legs beneath Jacquie’s robe.

Then again, he thought, as Dawn bounded down the stairs, at least Jacquie wears a robe. It was typical Dawn fair to come down to breakfast wearing a pair of pyjama pants and a sports bra. None of the others ever seemed to find this peculiar, but in the past, Josh had never been able to make his toast interesting enough to take his eyes off her. He’d never realised what it was at that point though. Now he did: sheer, unadulterated lust!

Dawn glared darkly at him as she entered the kitchen. As she walked past him towards the fridge, she took advantage of Jacquie’s turned back and brushed a hand over Josh’s crotch and stuck her tongue out at him. Bitch, Josh thought as he stared at her ass while she leaned over to inspect the interior of the fridge. She was doing that on purpose!

“You working today, Dawn?” Jacquie asked her as she pulled a bottle of juice out of the fridge.


“Can you pick Josh up from school then?”

Dawn glanced suspiciously at Josh as though he had planned this. “Why?”

“I’m going to see Leah again – take her shopping to cheer her up.”

“And you want me to pick up Josh?”

“If you can.”

“I’ll walk,” Josh interjected.

“It’s going to be a hundred today!” Jacquie informed him.

“I don’t mind,” Josh replied.

“Don’t be stupid,” said Jacquie. “Can escort pendik you pick him up, Dawn?”

Dawn grinned widely at Josh, and behind that grin, Josh could see the promise of mischief. “Sure. I’ll take you now if you want too.”

“Thanks, Dawn,” said Jacquie.

Josh, cursing both sisters, turned around and stormed back upstairs. In his room, he packed his books roughly into his bag and sat on his bad and looked out the window. Bloody hell, it looked hot outside even this early in the day. Not as hot as Dawn though, thought Josh. Damn! Why can’t I ever just be angry with her without thinking about her ass?

Josh was roused from his thoughts by none other than Dawn’s voice, calling from downstairs. “Time to go, Joshy,” she shouted. He kicked his bed and then picked up his bag and walked downstairs. The front door was open and Dawn was already walking down the driveway.

“See ya,” he muttered to Jacquie.

“Bye,” Jacquie replied. “Have a good day.”

Not likely, Josh thought slamming the door behind him. He walked down the driveway and around to the passenger side of Dawn’s car. It was a hatchback – a real chick’s car. Josh glared angrily at it noting that Dawn owned a pair of panties that were the exact same green as the car. He opened the door and climbed in beside her.

“Ready to go to school, Joshy?” she asked in a mocking tone.

“Shut up,” Josh snapped.

“Oh, is Joshy still upset? Maybe I should talk to your teacher.” Josh turned to glare at her and Dawn burst into laughter. She turned the engine on, looked over her shoulder, and backed out of the driveway.

“When are you going to get your license?” Dawn asked.

“When I’m ready,” Josh replied shortly.

“Driving’s fun you know,” Dawn said, glancing at Josh with a smile. “You get to use this big, hard gearstick.” She slid her hand up and down it for emphasis.

Josh narrowed his eyes as Dawn laughed again. “It feels really good in my hand, Josh – kind of like something else. I can’t remember what though.”

Dawn was clearly enjoying watching Josh bristle with fury. She taunted him in this vein the entire way, until they reached Josh’s school. Dawn didn’t make the correct turn though – she continued past the main gate and swung into a side street where she parked the car on the side of the road.

“Why are we stopping here?”

“You’re still early,” said Dawn indicating the clock.

“So? Just drop me off.”

“In a minute,” said Dawn. “Let’s talk first.”

“About what?” Josh snapped.

“About how you’re still angry with me, and about how I can change that.” Dawn unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over the gearbox to Josh, putting her hands on his chest. “Want me to make it up to you?”

“Dawn!” Josh exclaimed. “We’re right next to my school!”

“No, we’re not,” said Dawn, looking outside the windows. She turned back to Josh with a seductive smile. “How ‘bout we play naughty teacher and failing student. You can be the teacher if you like.”

“Dawn!” Josh glanced nervously around, looking for goggle-eyed passers-by. There were none though, and no cars were in the street they had turned into. Not that it mattered – Dawn was already unzipping his fly.

“I really need to pass this class,” she said musically, her hand snaking its way down to Josh’s underwear. She yanked them down and pulled his cock out. “I’ll do anything, sir.”

Josh cast a last, anxious look around as Dawn lowered her head, one hand holding her hair back, and sucked his cock into her mouth. Josh exhaled deeply, his eyes shutting of their own accord.

“Mmm,” Dawn purred. She was slowly moving her mouth up and down Josh’s very erect cock. The way she was holding her hair back in her hand was turning Josh on for some reason.

He put a hand on her back and another on the door handle; he only hoped Dawn’s ass wasn’t sticking up above the windows – that would make it extremely simple for people walking past to figure out what was going on. Josh couldn’t spare much thought for them though, as his mind was lost in the elation Dawn was making him feel.

She licked her way off his cock. “Having fun, Josh?”

“Yeah,” Josh gasped.

“Am I doing it right, sir?” Dawn asked in a voice younger than her own. “Is this how I’m supposed to suck cock?”

Dawn’s words, as always, drove Josh crazy. He had cum once already this morning but he didn’t see it being a problem again; not with Dawn using her tongue like that. God!

She wasn’t keeping quiet either, but making those muffled sounds that porn stars always liked to make when they were doing the same thing. “Fuck,” Josh said aloud.

Dawn didn’t slow down a bit; she kept sliding her mouth up and down until the pressure in Josh’s balls became too much. “I’m gonna cum,” he gasped out. Dawn, however, didn’t lift her head; she simply stopped moving it, with close to Josh’s entire length inside her mouth. He started to cum, squirting it up inside her mouth. He wasn’t sure how she managed to take it like that without gagging or choking, but she was – all of it. She slurped it down as quickly as it spilled from Josh’s cock until there was none left, and Dawn was sucking hungrily on his softening cock for more. When she’d extracted the last drop she looked up at Josh and grinned. “Mmm. Thanks for breakfast.”

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