Passion for Dad Ch. 04


Dear Readers, This part mainly contains the 9 months period during which Daisy was separated from her parents for her higher studies. Initial part of the story contains no steamy scenes! But I assure you of that in the later part of this chapter. Now listen to Daisy and her parents about their feelings during their separation. As before please read the earlier chapter’s to get the continuity.

……..”Sure baby, we will do that, but later. Since our first session took almost till noon, we need to prepare something for lunch and get the energy for the afternoon session.”

Both Dad and me kissed Mom on her cheeks and let her go………



Finally I have finished my studies and I should say, I finished it in style with flying colors! I topped in all the subjects beating others by yards! I even got gold medals in Finance and administration.

It was hell of a separation. That too immediately after I was initiated to sex. In fact within hours should be more apt!

Initial days were very difficult, what with me having a sore pussy, my nostrils still smelling of cum, the bruise marks on my tits… the list is too long I am sure. But all these had successfully succeeded in making me to think more about the steamy scenes I had with my Dad and Mom.

Even it must be the same with them too, as they kept calling me over my cell phone. I had to put a stop to it as the calls never allowed me to concentrate on my study. I just switched off the cell and threw it away in the drawer and forgot about it until now.

Other than going to Bank for my expenses for which Mom had kept more than sufficient fund in my account, and attending my classes and library, I never ventured out of my room. I immersed my self in the books.

I won’t deny, yes I used to get horny thoughts once in a while, but you will not believe it if I tell you that I didn’t indulge in any kind of sexual activity. Forget about going with boys (there were many hunks in my college campus who were continuously trying to get in to my pants! Modesty does not allow me to boast about myself, but I do look good with above average height and long legs. I even got an award for slimmest waist and best figure in college competition!), I didn’t even allow my fingers to please myself. I wanted to maintain complete celibacy. I lived like a Nun in a monastery for 9 long months!

Not any more! Not even a single day I can lead this kind of life. I have just fished out my cell phone and hooked the plug for charging its battery. I am going to call Mom right away and ask her to cum with Dad to pick me up.

Merlin & Harry:

Oh! What the hell we have done to our poor little baby? We are cursing ourselves for taking this harsh decision of sending her away!

Daytime somehow we get busy in our work, but nights were hard! We continuously think about our daughter and the pleasure she gives in our life, even before sexual intimacy, right from the day she was borne, she was a bundle of joy in our life. She was the sparkling star in our otherwise dull life. Money, we have in abundance but nothing can be compensated to have Daisy around us. We had never allowed her away from home for even a single day! Even our daughter never wanted to be away from us. Even she never went alone to her grandparents for a nightcap. If either of us were not with her then for the night she will rush back to home!

We just don’t know, how all of a sudden our baby has managed to stay for all these months alone. She is basically a homely girl, not at all comfortable with outsiders. She hates to party.

All said and done, she has a very strong kartal escort will power. Since it was decided by all of us, she is sticking to it. Forget she calling us, when we call her she says not to disturb her. Then she has switched off her Mobile phone. Though we wanted to go and see her in her college, we were scared of her reaction. Definitely she would not appreciate we visiting her.

The way Daisy was leading a missionary life made us to decide not to have any sex as long as she returns home, though at times it was a difficult decision, we have still maintained it in honor of our daughter.

At least on the second part of our decision, that is finding a nice boy for her marriage, we have succeeded a little bit. We have a nice man of 24 years who has recently joined our organization as an executive fits the bill. We have promoted him twice in 8 months. Not with any ulterior motive, but he was good and he deserved it. Looking at the way he works, its not long before that he becomes a vice-president! We want Daisy to take care of him. We have decided not to interfere after we introduce them to each other; it’s going to be purely her choice. But yes, we wish they get married, it will be a perfect marriage as both of them has brains and beauty!

We just got a call from Daisy’s Dean, congratulating us for Daisy’s outstanding remarkable performance. We felt so proud of her. We in turn congratulated each other for having such a beautiful intelligent girl as our daughter.

We have been trying to call her on her mobile, but this girl has not yet switched it ON, we were getting worried, what if this girl has carried herself too far and decided to lead a complete missionary life. She must hate us so much…

Both of us rushed to the ringing phone, we were excited to see the caller ID display ‘Daughter calling…’ we switched on the speaker and shouted together, “Hi darling.”

We could not control ourselves when we heard her crying loud. We too wept with her. Finally between the sobs she said, “Mommaa… Daddy… come and take me home.”

Still talking to her, Merlin picked up the other phone and called the pilot to get the jet ready in a jiffy.

Harry said, “Right away baby, we will be there in 3 hours, get to the airport we are coming in our jet.”

As the jet taxied and stopped, she immediately climbed up the steps and hugged us. Our pilot didn’t require any more instruction to take-off.

When we reached home, it was mid night. Daisy was already fast asleep and Harry had to carry her to the bed like a baby and take out her dress. Poor girl, she must be very tired. Both of us slept on either side of her, cuddling her in our arms.

With the thought of next two days, as they were weekend, thinking about a perfect memorable homecoming we slipped in to sleep.


Late in the morning, I woke from my slumber to the delicious feeling of being hugged by both Dad & Mom. They were beautifully sleeping with Dad holding my right tit and Mom holding my left tit. I slipped my hand down to Dad’s semi erect dick. When it is not fully erect, I can cover it in my one hand. I pulled the foreskin back to the base and moved my hand up and down. Dad must have felt that he is having a wet dream! Within no time I had a fully erect all of 10 inches of hard dick standing proudly in my hand.

Without disturbing either of them, I slipped out and straddled Dad sixty nineing him with my pussy directly above his mouth and his dick just inches away from my mouth. I held his dick in one hand and started to flick his cum slit with my tongue. Then I started to move my tongue in circular motion maltepe escort bayan around his dick head. His foreskin was completely back to its base. I took only the dick head in to my mouth as I gave a nice suction to it.

Dad must have smelt my aromatic pussy on his nose, without his knowledge his tongue started to make long sliding movement over my pussy lips. I didn’t wanted to wake him up right now. I controlled myself by not pressing my pussy much on him.

Dad started to lift his ass up wanting me to take more of his dick in my mouth. As I felt his balls, it was so heavy as if it was holding a huge amount of cum preserved just for me, saving it all these months!

I slowly got up and mounted over Dad keeping my knees by the side of him. I held his hard swollen dick in both hands and guided it to my wet dripping pussy. I started to sit on it. I slowly immersed his dick in to my pussy. Oh! It was a bit difficult to get him all the way in to my pussy all on my own, as my pussy was out of touch and was behaving as if it was still a virgin and not fucked before!

I must say I took hell lot of time to finally succeed in getting Dad’s dick completely in my pussy, that too without making Dad to wake up! Cherishing the feeling of his hard long dick filling me up, I just bent myself on to Dad’s wide chest. After a moment of idleness, I started to lick Dad’s small nipple. I felt the sudden enlargement of his dick head when I started to chew on to his nipple, and bite it once in a while.

When I shifted to his other nipple, Dad was wide-awake grinning from ear to ear. I kissed him good morning and started to hump his dick wild. After kissing me, Dad took a tit in his mouth and gave a sucking it deserved, making me to fuck him harder.

Suddenly Mom woke up to my loud moaning. Holding his waist for support, I was riding Dad’s pole like a bitch in heat, which I was.

I started to yell choicest obscenities, “Daddy, I am fucking you hard, and this bitch of yours is fucking your cock as never before. Look at Mom, she is all eyes and ears to look at her baby fucking her husband.”

“Yes Daisy baby, fuck Dad hard baby, you are doing wonderful. That fuck tool of your Dad’s is all yours. Fuck him as you please. Just keep fucking him till you cum.” Saying this facing me, Mom straddled Dad’s face with her pussy on his face. She bent herself to my tits and started to give a suckling like a baby.

As I humped Dad’s dick with a feverish pitch, Mom also humped Dad’s face. Then she took my face in her hand and kissed me full on my lips nibbling on to it she inserted her tongue deep and started to fuck my mouth with her long tongue. Then Mom whispered, “Honey, now you can stop the pills. “

“Hey Momma, I stopped it long ago, there was no need for me to take the pills for all these nine months! More over I know it, that immediately after stopping the pills, I should not conceive for next two months, as it will affect the baby. Now I am all ready and fertile to have Dad’s seed in my womb to get his baby.” I told her my preparations and how much I have mentally prepared!

“Oh! My darling baby, how much I love you! You are really a gem! I can wait for my cum. Another hour doesn’t make difference for nine months. But let me give Dad all to yourself. We too abstained from sex for all these months! Now Dad’s balls are filled with nine months cum just waiting to get emptied in your womb.” She relieved herself out of Dad’s face and sat on the bed just watching us fucking. I realized the reason for the heaviness of Dad’s balls.

“Oh! Momma… Daddy… poor guys, I never realized you would do something escort pendik like this. Thank you so much for sharing the pain with me. I love you so much.”

“Okay okay, lets stop praising each other and get along with you getting pregnant! Daisy baby, for a start, how about me getting on top of you and fuck you hard and deep. That way we can ensure that, all my seeds are safe and home in your womb?” Dad howled.

He didn’t even wait for my response, still having his dick intact in my pussy he lifted me up turned around laid me on my back and leaving no time to waste, started to fuck me. “Yes baby, I have been waiting to get in to this tight cunt for such a long time, there was never a night without dreaming your wet tight cunt.” I think he meant what he said.

Now it was Mom’s turn to prod, “Hey man, give that glorious stock of cum to our beautiful daughter’s cunt, empty everything in her, don’t hold back anything. She has to get pregnant in this fuck itself! Fuck her deep, fuck her deep till your long hard dick touches her womb.”

Dad didn’t require anymore prodding or encouragement, he bent himself on to me crushing my tits with his wide chest and put his hand below my back and held me tight. I realized this is the only preparation he is going to make before he fucks me hard and deep.

With my legs tightly crossed on his ass, my thighs crushing his waist, I put my hands on his back and pulled him tighter and still closer.

I moaned out loud, “Daddy give me your cum, give me your fucking cum in my cunt. Flood it with your all saved cum for me. Fuck your daughter and give her a baby. Fuck me hard and deep Daddy…” I felt Daddy going still and give a grunt. I felt that old familiar bulging deep in my wet cunt. Both of us clutched each other for dear life.

“Merlin Honey, I am going to cum in our baby’s cunt, I am fucking her deep and hard honey, our daughter is really amazing, she has not forgotten a single trick with her cunt. She is driving me crazy… I feel it was really worth waiting for all these months… now I can empty all my nine months collection of cum in her cunt … honey… I am going to make our daughter pregnant with my seed…” there was no end for Dad’s grunt…

“Yes darling, give all to her, fuck our baby hard, she has deprived herself for a hard cock for all these days… fuck our baby man… fuck her…make her pregnant with your baby.” Mom was no way less!

Dad gave a wild howl and bit my shoulder, and the sluice gate of the dam was wide open. Initially it started with a mild tremor in his cock, then the tempo built up as he started to push his cock deeper and deeper in to my welcoming pussy.

With the initial tremor itself, the wild sensation in my pussy started triggering my clit to throb. As Dad started emptying his cum in me I started to cum shrieking myself to glory, “Momma, Daddy, I am cumming… Daddy you are cumming in meeee… I can feel the eruption out of your cock daddy; it’s hitting my womb directly… Momma.. I hope I will get pregnant right now… Mommaa… Dad is flooding my cunt… his cum is overflowing… its started to trickle down on my ass… and he has not yet stopped cumming…. Oh! God, I can’t take it anymore… its so beautiful… Daddy… I am still cumming like you… its not stopping…aaaghhh…” I was just blabbering.

Later, when Mom told us, our lovemaking took almost 2 hours, that is without considering my play with Dad, when she was fast asleep. I giggled and said, “Momma, who said it has ended, it has just begun, I need to catch up for what I have lost!”

“You wicked girl, have mercy on Momma, allow her to get some piece of a meat out of Dad’s dick!” she teased me.

“Okay Momma, you can have him right now, I can see him still hard, fuck him to your heart’s content. Then he is all mine!” I obliged!

“Thank you darling for being so magnanimous.” then she mounted Dad.


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