Passionate Dalliance


I was pouring a fresh cup of coffee, listening to some Stevie Ray Vaughan and thinking what an incredible blues guitar player he was, when I heard a soft tap on the door. I hurriedly threw on an old button-down and walked to the door, opened it, and was delighted to see her standing at my door.

Mackenzie was a classmate of mine at the university, and she was majoring in sociology as I was. She was a pretty neat woman. She was as intelligent as all hell, but wasn’t full of pretense as so many others like her were. She had quite an advanced social consciousness for someone her age, and was also really friendly and gregarious. She was here on the pretext of writing a paper together on the benefits of violent revolution in a stagnant society.

If I was reading the indicators correctly, we weren’t going to get much work done, if any at all. She had been making some not-so-subtle signals that she was interested in more than an academic alliance. Much more.

‘She’s looking quite lovely’, I thought as I looked at her 5 foot 6 inch frame, with light brown hair to the middle of her back, pert breasts, and a superb ass to write home about. I quickly invited her in and asked her if she’d like a cup of coffee. As I handed her the coffee, she sipped it slowly, smiled broadly, and remarked, “French Roast!”

“So — how goes it, Danny? Time see, no long, babe. Great tunes, by the way,” she said and grinned flirtatiously.

Mackenzie very much liked to play with words, their placement and their meanings. She was minoring in English Literature, and she was a pretty prolific writer. She was pretty good too, if the stuff that I had the privilege to look at was any indication.

“Pretty good, actually. Did you see that Yankees game last night? Two outs, bottom of the ninth, and of all people, Scott Brosius comes through with a dinger to left,” I told her, looking into her bewitching hazel eyes.

“Yeah, but the D’backs aren’t out of it yet, you know. Curt Shilling and Randy Johnson, the ugliest man in baseball, are probably going to start games 6 and 7 — in Arizona, no less,” she remarked, then added as almost an afterthought, “Bill Cowher would be the ugliest man in football, in case you were wondering.” She grinned broadly as she told me.

“You know, I think I’d have to agree with you there — Cowher *is* an ugly motherfucker — he seems to be a good coach, though.”

She took another slow sip from her steaming cup of java, peering up at me over her cup, and then smiled demurely. She set her mug on the table, then softly took my hand into her own. Mackenzie took my face in her hands, brought her lips to mine, and kissed me zestfully as she wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling my hips towards her. I was fairly certain that she felt the direct evidence of my physiological state. I placed my hands on her firm shapely ass, softly caressing it as I pulled her into me, and I became aware of the warmth between her legs. I brought my hands to the front of her jeans and freed the clasp, and slowly lowered her zipper down until I saw her sexy black thong.

As I brought my hands to the smooth taut skin of her sensitive stomach, she gently nibbled and bit at my tongue, and I felt her hand fondling my growing hard-on. Her hands were on the buttons of my jeans, slowly undoing them as my hands moved slowly upward towards her heaving breasts. I quickly undid the clasp on her bra, and as I took her firm breasts into my hands, she quickly unbuttoned her shirt, letting her bra fall to the floor.

I brought my lips to nibble, suck, and lick at her taut nipples, and she took my hard shaft in her hand, softly squeezing it as she pumped it slowly. I looked up into her face, gazing into her beautiful green eyes, and she smiled at me as I took one last suck at her nipple and continued downward to her flat stomach, kissing and licking the sensitive skin there.

My fingers found the zipper on her pants, and I slowly brought it the rest of the way down, and with a wiggle of her softly-rounded hips her pants fell to the floor. I detected the bouquet of her arousal as I kissed my way to the top of her thong, putting my hands on her exquisite ass to gently pull her toward me. My hands roamed to her hips, and I eased her thong down her shapely legs.

I kissed all around her fragrant pubic area, and finally touched just the tip of my tongue to her tight wet sex. She moaned softly, putting her hands on my shoulders for support, and I ran my tongue very slowly along the length of her moistened womanly folds. I thrust my tongue as far as it would go into her grasping cunt, and her hands clenched a handful of my hair as an ecstatic look came onto her face. I began a slow rhythm with my tongue in and out of her tightness, inhaling her scent and savoring her sweet juices, until I felt her hands pulling me up towards her.

She kissed me hungrily, the taste of her juices still on my lips, and I thrust my tongue back at hers. I quickly moved kadıköy escort behind her, and softly kissed and sucked on the back of her neck as I ran my fingers through her soft light brown hair. Her firm ass pressed back onto my bulging shaft, and I reached around her to take her firm breasts into my hands. As I gently fondled her taut nipples, I took my hardness in my hand and slowly ran the head along the length of her moistened pussy lips, feeling the abundant juices accumulating there.

She leaned forward, putting her hands on the table, and I slowly eased my throbbing shaft into her. She gasped as I thrust hard, burying my hard cock to the hilt, and we built a slow rhythm. As I reached around to tenderly caress her erect clit, she moved her ass in a tight circular motion, and I could see my glistening hard-on as it thrust into her tight channel.

Her moaning increased as I continued to drive my hard cock into her now soaked slit, fondling her bulging clit in rhythm with my powerful thrusts. I brought a finger of my free hand to her tight ass, gently massaging her tight puckered hole, then slowly eased it into her ass, matching the rhythm of my pulsing shaft, and she moaned loudly as I did. I felt her vaginal walls contracting around my stiff cock, and as I thrust into her deeply, she reached between her legs and took my swollen balls gently in her hand.

I felt an orgasm coming, and I pounded hard into her, easing my finger all the way into her ass. I felt my cock surge, and as I emptied the warm pearly cum from my balls into her receptive womb, she moaned loudly. I thrust a couple more times into her with my softening cock, and I watched our combined juices running down the inside of her thighs. She eased away from me, then knelt in front of me, lazily cleaning our combined juices from my cock.

“Umm, Mackenzie? The bedrooms in there,” I said smiling, pointing down the hall.

“Mind if I have a look? I’ve wanted to see what the bedroom of a charmingly eclectic man such as yyourself looks like,” she said with a grin.

“No, we can’t go in there,” I bluffed briefly and smiled, then took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom.

“Hey, this is really nice bed, Danny,” she remarked as she lounged across the bed, revealing the athletic tone of her body.

“It looks much better with you on it, Mackenzie,” I told her, grinning as I did. “Much better.”

I asked her if she’d like a glass of wine.

“Oh, please, would you?” she asked with an eager look in her eyes.

“Sorry, I’m all out, Mackenzie,” I bluffed, then after pausing a moment for effect, smiled and asked, “Burgundy or zinfandel?”

“Zinfandel would be nice right now.”

As I strolled to the kitchen to get the wine, she made her way to the bathroom in the bedroom to freshen up.

When I returned with the wine, she looked radiant lying on my bed, and I handed her a glass of zinfandel, and sat my glass of burgundy on the nightstand as I sat next to her.

“Mmmm, thank you,” she remarked as she took a drink of her wine, and kissed me softly on the lips.

“De nada, Mackenzie; my pleasure,” I told her, and after sipping my burgundy, I returned her kiss, running my tongue along the outline of her soft full lips.

We both reached to set our wine down at the same moment, and looked into each others eyes. I gently put my arms around her as we eased down on the bed together. I gently kissed on her neck as I moved my hands to her firm breasts, and as I did, she softly traced her fingertips across my chest, slowly descending toward my navel. As I rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger, her nimble fingers continued down my stomach, and I felt the stirrings of another erection. Her hand moved to my pubic area, and her fingers brushed against my cock, and as I kissed and sucked on her soft neck, she took my hardening cock into her hand. She turned to kiss me, smiling softly as she looked deeply into my eyes, softly inserting her warm tongue into my mouth as she slowly stroked my cock. I tenderly sucked on her tongue as it entered my mouth, and she moaned softly. As we parted our kiss, she slowly proceeded down my neck to my chest, playfully nibbling on my erect nipples.

When she reached my chest, she raised up on all fours, and as Mackenzie slowly continued down my stomach, I reached to softly caress her firm ass. When she reached my navel, she softly tongued me there, and gasped when my fingers brushed her moist pussy. She kissed softly around the base of my shaft, and then continued down to my inner thighs as she slowly shifted position until her knees are beside my head. I placed my hand between her toned inner thighs, and as I gently fondled her erect clit, she took my hard shaft in my hand, planting kisses around the head of my stiff cock. She then slowly lifted her leg over my head until she was straddling my face, and as I üsküdar escort placed my hands on her ass, Mackenzie took my bulging cock between her soft lips, while she slowly lowered her wet slit to my waiting mouth. As her pussy reached my lips, she moaned around my hard cock, and as I ran my tongue along the length of her swollen lips, she initiated a slow rhythm up and down my stiff cock.

I moaned into her wet twat as she continued to take my cock into her mouth, and I thrust my tongue in and out of her soaked pussy. Leisurely running my tongue across her saturated pussy to her puckered ass, and as I leisurely ran my tongue across it, she took my cock deeply into her mouth until it rested at the back of her throat. I placed the tip of my tongue at the entrance to her tight ass, and as I leisurely eased my tongue in and out, she took my tumescent cock into her throat, contracting her muscles around it.

I returned to her drenched pussy, and as I softly wrapped my lips around her bulging clit, she softly bucked her hips, moaning shrilly, bringing her sensitive clit to my lips as she rapidly moved her lips up and down my hard cock. I feel the cum in my swollen balls begin to boil, and as I softly sucked on her bulging clit, I felt her gasping around my cock, and I impulsively thrust into her mouth as my warm cum erupted in creamy spurts down her throat. I continued to suck on her proud clit as she hungrily swallowed all of my jism, and then slowly released my cock from her mouth, then positioned herself beside me, kissing me deeply.

“I don’t believe you. That thing is still hard,” she said smiling, pointing toward my pulsing cock.

“Well, you give something the proper stimulus, you never know how it will react, Mackenzie. And you are the proper stimulus,” I informed her with a grin. “And you never know — I could be bipolar. Have you heard of their sexual feats?”

“Humm… what shall we do?”

“We’ll probably think of something,” I grinned, and watched as she seductively straddled my cock.

As she straddled my hips, she slowly lowered her dripping pussy to my hardened shaft, and as I reached to take her firm breasts in my hand, she bit her lower lip as the bulging head penetrated her pussy. She began a leisurely rhythm up and down my stiff tool, and I took her ass in my hands to guide her, and I marvelled at the exquisite tightness of her wet slit. I felt the walls of her pussy contracting around my rigid cock, and as she picked up her rhythm, I matched her stroke for stroke. I leaned forward to take her firm nipple into my mouth, and softly sucked and licked, then proceeded to the other one. I watched as she moved her hand towards her wet folds, and she slowly fondled her sensitive clit as she closed her eyes.

There was a look of elation on her face as she slowly raised up until my hard rod slipped out of her pussy, and she quickly took my hardness in her hand and guided it to her puckered rosebud, slowly and carefully descending until the bulging head rested in her ass. Continuing to softly caress her clit, she bit her lower lip as she inched down my bulging shaft, and I felt another orgasm approaching. She slowly moved up and down my throbbing shaft, and when I was buried fully in her ass, she emitted a low moan, moving up and down more rapidly. I felt my prick starting to throb, and as she continued to move along my hard cock, I felt the first stream of cum erupting into her ass, and she erupted into yet another climax, and I raised my head up to kiss her zestily, wrapping my arms around her, muffling her sexy moans as I emptied my warm cum into her ass.

We snuggled in bed, hugging and giggling as she rested her head on my shoulder, and I looked at her, smiled, and asked “Want some wine now?”

She kissed me me tenderly on the lips.

“No thank you, Danny. I think I might have a better idea,” and with that, got up and she took me by the hand and led me to the the bedroom shower.

When we arrived there, she turned on the water, adjusting it to a sensuously warm flow, as I grabbed a washcloth and joined her in the shower. I slowly soaped down her slender body, rubbing the washcloth over her soft skin. After I washed her neck, I leisurely proceeded to her firm breasts, spending an extra amount of time there as she tenderly massaged my shoulders as the water cascaded over our bodies. I briefly lathered her sensitive stomach, then moved to the V between her legs, softly soaping her pubic region as she kneaded my shoulders and back more forcefully. I tenderly moved the washcloth to her toned inner thighs, and she murmured softly, and I stood up to kiss her tenderly, running my tongue along her lips. I whispered to her to turn around, and I slowly moved the washcloth around her back, and as I looked at her succulent ass, I felt the initial stirrings of an erection in my loins.

I softly kissed on her back as I moved lower until I finally reached tuzla escort her shapely ass, and as I tenderly moved the washcloth across her beautiful derriere, she placed her hands on the walls of the shower to support yourself. As I knelt to place tender kisses on her firm ass, I felt my hard-on nuzzling into my stomach, and she bent over more, and I ran my tongue along her inner thigh, kissing and nibbling along the way. I placed the washcloth in its holder, and guided my hands to her firm cheeks, spreading them apart slowly until I am looking directly at her puckered rosebud. I lightly ran my my tongue over her tight hole, and as she moaned softly, brought my hand up to tenderly fondle her now-erect clitoris. I pointed my tongue and eased it into her ass, and moved two fingers into her well-lubricated sex.

I commenced on a slow rhythm with my tongue in her ass, and she moved her behind in a slow sensuous circle, and I moved fingers in time with my tongue. I thrust hard with my tongue, and as she gasped, I withdrew my fingers from her tight wet channel and slowly raised from my crouch, and eased the head of my hard shaft into her. I put my hands on her softly rounded hips, and plunged deeply into her tightness, and she panted sharply as I drove my stiff member into her forcibly, withdrawing until only the bulging head remained inside of her, and then thrust my cock into her deeply again. She started to meet my thrusts, and as I withdrew all of the way, I brought the head of my bulging cock to her tight ass. I eased the head of my cock into her ass, and as I felt her inner walls expand around my hard cock, I pushed further into her tight ass, at the same time as I caressed her pert breasts.

I drove my cock further into her ass until my thighs rested against her muscular ass cheeks, and began a slow rhythm, driving my cock deeply into her puckered rosebud as I reached around to gently fondly her sensitive clit. She moaned loudly each time my thighs slapped her ass, and as I thrust into her tight butt, I reached around and placed one, then two, fingers into her wet folds. She began to wail loudly in the throes of an orgasm, and I drove my cock into her ass with increased tempo, matching it with my fingers in her tight box. The pulsing in my hard cock alerts me that my eruption is near, and with one final thrust, buried my throbbing cock in her tight hole to the hilt, and a flow of warm cum erupts from my cock, and I continued to slowly pump her ass as I emptied my jism into her ass. She slowly turned around, and wrapped her arms tightly around me, she whispered to me.

“That was great, baby.”

A radiant glow was adorning her face, and kissed me passionately, driving her tongue rhythmically to the depths of my mouth.

“Well, you weren’t so bad yourself, Mackenzie,” I kidded her as I smiled, and sucked her lower lip into my mouth.

“Hummm,” she smiles, and then looked at my quickly softening cock and asked, “Think I can fix that?”, and started to sensuously soap down my body, focusing on my soft cock.

“Think I’m clean yet Mackenzie? I think this water has been cold for awhile now,” I said smiling after awhile, and with that, we headed back to the bedroom. After we had cuddled with each other for a long spell, kissing and giggling alternatively, I ask her if she would like something to eat.

“Yes, I do think I could eat something,” she said grinning.

“Would you like some pizza? I know a really good place that delivers.”

“Pizza sounds great, but I’m hungry now! I can’t wait 30 minutes,” she told me with a mischievous grin on her face.

“Well, what would you like to ea..,” I began to say, and as I saw her kneel on the carpeted floor, turned to face her.

“This will be fine,” she smiled up at me, and took my soft cock into her mouth. Her tongue brushed the underside of my glans, and I felt my cock beginning to grow in her warm mouth. I ran my fingers through her soft light brown hair as she built to a slow rhythm, making soft sucking sounds as she traveled up and down the length of my rapidly stiffening shaft. She quickened her pace as she looked directly into my eyes, taking my swollen balls in her hand, and I noticed the hungry passion in her face, and reached down to fondle her breasts in my hands, gently squeezing her hardened nipples. When she reached the head of my stiff dick, she ran her tongue seductively around the head, looked at me as I moaned, then plunged her head down to the base of my cock. I felt my cock at the entrance to her throat as she did, and when she repeated her actions, I felt my cock enter her throat, its muscles constricting deliciously around me.

I watched as her mouth moved furiously up and down my cock, and could hold back no longer, and with one final thrust of my hips shot a copious amount of pearly white cum into her receptive mouth, and as I saw her swallowing all of my seed, collapsed backwards on the bed. She joined me on the bed and we cuddled and exchanged a lustful kiss, and I tasted traces of my salty cum in her mouth.

“Man, Mackenzie!! That was incredible!!” I informed her.

“You aren’t so bad yourself,” she smiled.

“Umm, Mackenzie, when I asked you if you wanted something to eat, I meant *food*,” I smile. “Now, I know this may sound like a trick question, but would you like any *food* to eat?”

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