Paths Chosen Ch. 01


(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor ereaderl

[Hello readers this story is a little experiment I wanted to try. After putting up the option at the end of Chapter 9 of “Our Family Vacation” on what I should do next and seeing all the responses (Side note: I hope to have Chapter 10 uploaded soon), I thought it would be interesting to do an entire story where I give all of you a little more input in what happens next in the story. At the end of each chapter of the story I will have multiple paths the main character can take and you will get to vote on what direction the next story will take. Now on to the story.]


Meagan moaned as she felt the hard, thick shaft slide deeper into her wet pussy. As the guy started to slowly fuck her Meagan tried to remember how she had gotten in this situation or at the very least who the guy fucking her was; but for the life of her she just couldn’t remember. Though if she was really being honest with herself she really didn’t care at the moment; her mysterious lover was doing too good a job to worry about little things like who he was.

As he increased the speed and strength of his thrusts Meagan began a constant stream of moans and groans and the occasional, “Oh yes.”

At first she was so caught up in her own pleasure to really notice but as their fuck session continued Meagan began to notice something weird about her new lover; no matter how hard he fucked her he never seemed to make a single noise. Now she really was curious about the guy pounding his hard cock into her dripping pussy; every other guy she had been with would at least make some sort of sound. istanbul escort Even if the guy didn’t like talking during sex or was in amazing shape he would still at least breathe heavy enough that she could hear him.

Not this guy though, now even as she strained her ears to listen all she heard was the sound coming from her own mouth and the sounds of their bodies moving together. She did her best to try to make out the guys face or even hair color but all she could make out was the slightly darker outline of his body above hers.

Meagan’s brain was screaming at her to push the stranger off of her and turn on a light, but her body was screaming to let this amazing man continue to pleasure her as he is. In the end, body won out over mind, as she closed her eyes, dropped her head back on the her pillow and just enjoyed the ride.

Meagan lost track of time as their bodies did their best to become one, but as pleasurable as this stranger’s fucking was she just couldn’t seem to go over that edge and orgasm. Time after time she felt like she was right at the brink but at the last moment her feelings subsided despite the fact the her lover was not changing what he was doing in the slightest. She was near to the point of anger of her lack of orgasm when she was distracted. At first she didn’t even notice anything but yet her brain seemed to register something her mind didn’t; but then there it was again. It was a nearly unnoticed sound that she couldn’t quite make out, but then she heard it again a little louder.

*Knock knock knock* “Meagan.”

It repeated over and over three knock then someone calling her name each time getting louder. The avcılar escort mystery man seemed not to notice as he went on thrusting into her giving her pleasure but unable to finish the job. She pushed against his chest, “Hey do you hear that?” But he just continued on.

Meagan was near panic as she tried to wrap her head around what was going on. Then she heard the sound again but louder than ever before.


Then suddenly everything went white. Meagan blinked several times until her eyes got used to the brightness, and when she looked around she was sitting up in her bed completely alone with the sun shining through her window.

*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* “Meagan! Are you even in there?”

Meagan heard at her bedroom door but now she recognized the voice as her Mother’s. Now it all made sense she had been asleep dreaming.

“Geesh yes Mom I’m here,” she yells through the door as she gets out of bed.

“Well open the damn door then!”

Before pulling the door open she looked at her reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door. Her hair was a crazy mess going every which way, her shirt was rolled up her body so she was starting to show under boob and there was a very noticeable wet spot on the front of her panties. Meagan grabbed her robe and pulled it on before opening the door, “God Mom what is the big emergency?”

“The emergency young lady is that your aunt Barb and cousin Milly are expecting us to meet them so we can help Milly pick out her wedding dress! Remember?”

“Oh yeah,” Meagan now remembered that her mom and her where asked to help her cousin little miss perfect to shop for dresses, “Mom do şirinevler escort I really have to go?”

“You know how much it means to them.”

“Mom you know the only reason Milly asked me to be there is so she can rub my face in the fact that she is getting married and I’m not.”

“Oh Meagan, that’s not true,” Meagan just looks at her Mom with a ‘be real’ look on her face, “Okay maybe, and I repeat, maybe that might be true but do you really want to miss the chance to go?”

“Mom I barely want to go to her wedding let alone go dress shopping,” Meagan huffs.

“Well your Dad and brothers are taking your uncle and Milly’s future husband fishing so you can always go with them. It is up to you Meagan go shopping in a nice comfortable store with free cake or go dredging through the country side with he reward at the end being smelly fish. Either way get your ass in the shower, dressed and downstairs,” her Mom tells her before marching down the hall.

Meagan slams her door closed and looks at herself in the mirror again before pulling her clothes off and asking herself, “What to do, what to do?”

To be continued… (with a little help from all of you)

Path 1: Meagan puts on make-up, heels and a sun dress and goes with her Mom. (Lesbian Sex, Exhibitionist/Voyeur, Fetish)

Path 2: Meagan puts on jeans and a t-shirt and goes fishing with her Dad and brothers. (Incest/Taboo, Group Sex, Mature)

Path 3: Meagan decides to stay home alone. (Toys/Masturbation, Nonconsent/Reluctance, Erotic Couplings)

[I hope you have enjoyed this first chapter. Vote for which path Meagan should take and what category it should be in.

Example: Path 1, Lesbian Sex

I would prefer for you leave your votes in the comments below so other readers can also see them, but if you vote via feedback it will still be counted. I will tally the votes in a few weeks and hopefully have the next chapter uploaded in about a month, give or take a couple of weeks depending on how busy my editor and myself are.]

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