Paying off the Bookmaker


Rebecca’s husband came home one night in a very morose and agitated mood.

“Whats the matter with you?” she asked him not too sympathetically,

He looked at her with forlorn eyes, “I’m in trouble,” he said sadly, I’m relying on you to get me out of it.”

“ME?” Rebecca asked, “What trouble are you in and what can I do about it?”

Roger, her husband, went to the fridge and took out a bottle of beer, He sat at the kitchen table, opened his beer and took a drink straight from the bottle.

“Well!” she demanded again, “What trouble are you in?”

Roger took another long swig of his beer, he shuffled nervously before he answered, “You know I like a bet on the horses,” he began.

“Yes!” his wife said, not concealing her annoyance at his weakness.”

“Well,” he continued, “I have been betting much more heavily than you ever thought, and I have lost much more money than I can pay back.”

The blood in Rebecca’s veins ran cold, what was he going to tell her?.

“Oh no,” she managed to say, ” How much have you lost?” she ended up shouting at him.

“I’m not going to tell you that,” Roger mumbled, “but Its more than I can ever pay back from my wages.”

“You said I can help you, I hope you are not going to ask me for money.” Rebecca rasped at him, her blood boiling at her husbands recklessness.

“No, I’m not asking you for money,” said Roger, “But when I said I couldn’t pay, the bookie got very angry and started to threaten me and telling me about all the horrible things he could do to me, I tell you Becky, I was really scared, I didn’t think I was going to get out of his place alive.”

“So how did you get out?” Rebecca asked sternly, feeling a growing concern herself at the situation her husband had got himself into by his stupidity.

“I had to offer him something instead of money,” hubby mumbled.

Again Rebecca’s heart began to thump, What else did her husband have that had any worth, Then it came to her.

“Don’t tell me you have told him he can have the house,” she practically screamed at him, “You fool, you idiot, what about me and the kids, what are you going to do about us?” Then she began to sob in frustration.

“No Becky,” Roger was speaking again, this time very quietly, “I have not given him the house.”

“What then!” This time she did scream at him, “What have you promised that rat of a bookmaker.”

“You darling.” Roger whispered.

Rebecca stared at her husband dumbfounded, for several seconds she was unable to speak, her throat dried up and she could utter no sounds through her lips.

“What did you say?” eventually she managed to croak.

“I told the bookmaker that you will spend a night with him to pay off my debt.”

Slowly it sank in to her brain just what her husband was saying, she couldn’t believe it, didn’t want to believe it, she stared at her hubby’s face for any tell tale signs that he would burst out laughing and tell her it was all a big joke.

But he didn’t laugh, in fact he looked more likely to cry.

“Oh no!” she screeched, “You can just ring him and tell him I will not prostitute myself to him or any one else, How dare you tell another man I will have sex with him, just to save your own miserable neck.” With that she turned and ran from the kitchen and up the stairs to her bedroom, sitting on her bed, she put her head in her hands and began to cry.

Husband Roger followed his wife up stairs, he hesitated for a second in the bedroom doorway then sat down beside her, putting his arms around her shoulders.

“Becky darling, I am so sorry for getting into this situation, it started off like fun but now I hate and despise myself for what I have done, but I am in so deep and the man l am dealing with is ruthless, If I don’t pay him back to his satisfaction he will take it out of me in some other way.”

Rebecca looked at her husband through tear filled eyes, “So to save yourself you thought you would subject me to his evil methods, what kind of man are you? I’m your wife for gods sake, you are offering me up to this man as a sacrifice.”

Roger fell to his knees and knelt before her, His body shook with emotion as he begged and pleaded with his wife to do as he asked, “Please Rebecca, please help me, his threats have terrified me, And if you won’t help me it will be like you are throwing me to the wolves.

As Rebecca’s mind slowly adapted to the horror of the situation, She began to feel some pity for her husband, she did love him and he was a generally decent husband and father. She asked Roger what this man looked like, “How old is he? is he short or tall? thin or fat? whats his name?”

Roger imagined that his wife was showing signs of relenting and he eagerly seized on it.

“His name is Harvey, he is in his forties, over six foot tall, well built, no fat, grey immaculate hair, tanned skin and quite good looking, He always has attractive women around him.”

“Why does he want me then?” Rebecca demanded.

“He has seen you with me and said he fancied you, then hubby added, “Its also bakırköy escort to humiliate me.”

Despite her annoyance with her husband, The facts of the situation were beginning to interest Rebecca, Without giving anything away to her husband she began to play the scenario over in her mind, “After all” she told herself, “its only sex, and he won’t do anything to me that I have not experienced before, and it could be exciting.”

Standing up, she said to her husband, “Get out of here, I have to think about it,”

“OK, OK, darling,” said hubby and he almost scraped the floor as he scampered out of the bedroom, he felt sure she would now do as he asked.

It was two hours before she emerged from her room.

“I will do it!” She announced to her husband.

“Oh Becky, thank you darling, it is like saving my life.”

“For what its worth,” She muttered. “When does he want me? You realise what he wants me for don’t you?”

“Yes,” said Roger quietly, “He wants you for sex.”

“And does that not bother you?”

“Yes it does, but It is the punishment that he has devised for me, I will be suffering for all the time you are with him, Its this Friday night and I am to take you there myself, He says I have to deliver you to him personally.”

All day long on Friday, Rebecca thought about the nights events, by now she had convinced herself that she would make the most of it and enjoy it if she could. She’d had several lovers before she married Roger, and experienced some exciting sexual adventures in her life. She could not see this one being any worse than others she had endured, the only thing that worried her was if he treated her like a slut and tried to rough her up.

She took a long hot bath and studied her naked womanly shape in her bedroom mirror, She felt satisfied with the vision reflected back at her and said to herself, “Well Mr Bookie man, I will make you enjoy me, I intend to get every pennies worth of my husbands debt to you.” She then selected the most sexy and provocative clothes she possessed including a mini thong and half cup bra, deep plunging top, and skin tight calf length pants. When she felt ready she went downstairs to where her husband was waiting.

“Do you have to look that gorgeous?” Roger complained.

“Of course I do,” she retorted, “I am going to meet my lover for the night.” she added cruelly.

“Come on.” Roger said curtly, and strode ahead of his wife to the car.

Not a word passed between them on the trip to the bookmakers house, Rebecca felt nervous, but at the same time her heart fluttered in anticipation. She glanced at her husband once to see his face drawn and drained and he gripped his steering wheel tightly, but did not speak.

Roger steered his car into the drive of a very large imposing house and turned off the engine, both he and Rebecca sat unmoving and silent for some seconds, then he turned to her and gripped her arm, “I am so sorry for what I am doing to you darling, I hate the very thought of what I am asking you to do with this man, but it is the only way out for me.”

Rebecca glared at the man who is her legally wed husband, and she could not keep the contempt she felt for him at that moment, out of her voice.

“You are willing to sacrifice me to this man with no thoughts for my safety, you have no idea what he might do to me, and all so that you can get off Scott free, Well let me tell you, If I come out of this encounter unscathed you will have your work cut out to make it up to me, because I will not let you off.” and with that she flounced out of the car and walked the dozen paces to the front door. Roger ran after her, and she was just about to press the doorbell when the door opened and Harvey stood silhouetted in the doorway.

Rebecca was quite taken aback by his appearance. He was younger looking than she expected, tall with immaculate grey hair which gave him a distinguished look and he was dressed in a silk dressing gown with a cravat, he looked so suave, just like someone out of an old Noel Coward film.

For a second or two she was at a loss for words, and just stared at him, she was aware of Roger standing beside her fidgeting, but Rebecca and Harvey locked eyes with each other.

“You must be Rebecca?” Harvey said at last, “do come in my dear, I have been expecting you.”

She stepped through the doorway followed by her husband, Harvey took her hand and kissed its back, he then pulled her body close to his and kissed her mouth. He completely ignored Roger.

“It’s so good to have you here Rebecca,” Harvey smiled, “I am going to show you a wonderful time over the next few hours, We will eat first, then after that you and I will get very very comfortable,” as he spoke he put his arm around her waist and kissed her neck, which made her shiver, her neck being most sensitive.

Harvey turned to Roger, “You can run along now,” he almost spat at him, “Your wife and I will enjoy ourselves while you suffer somewhere else, so go on, off you go, and don’t come for Rebecca before beşiktaş escort midday tomorrow, we won’t be getting out of bed until then.”

Rebecca felt no sympathy for her Husband, as the man who was to be her lover, pushed him out of the door. Already she was feeling comfortable in this man’s company and was sure she was about to enjoy a very pleasant and erotic evening and night.

“Come my dear,” said Harvey as he took Rebecca’s arm and urged her towards his elegant living room, “You and I are going to have the most exciting time, but I must insist that you do everything I ask you too, you must not refuse any of my requests or instructions, Is that clear?”

The last part was spoken with a distinct tone of menace, she felt a chill run up her spine.

“I know why I am here,” she said, looking him in the eye, “I am here because my husband was stupid enough to get himself in debt to you, and it is me who has to pay that debt for him. I will do everything to please you, luckily I do find you reasonably attractive, when I came here I feared you would be repulsive, but that is not so, I am relieved to say, But I will not stand for abuse, you must not hit me, other than that I am prepared for almost anything.”

“My dear Rebecca,” he said, a big smile spreading over his handsome face, “I have no intention of abusing you in any way, you are here with me to make love, I think spending the night making love to you will be well worth the money your husband owes me. Furthermore, when he gets you back he will be very aware that I have well and truly used your body, and because you will enjoy being with me so much, you will take great pleasure in telling your husband how good I was to you, He will have to live with that always.”

At his blunt words Rebecca felt pangs of excitement shooting through her, then Harvey asked “Do you like my dressing gown?”

“Yes very much,” she replied.

“I want you to go up to my bedroom, the door is open, you are to undress totally and on the bed you will see a silk dressing gown matching this one, Put it on and come back down here.”

Off Rebecca went to Harvey’s bedroom, she gasped in appreciation of the beautiful room before her eyes, It was vast and had an ensuite bathroom as big as her own bedroom at home, her feet sank into the deep pile carpet and the queen size four poster bed had silk sheets, “If he gets too active I can see myself sliding out of bed on those sheets.” she muttered ruefully to herself. The ceiling and two of the walls were covered in mirrors. The thrilling thought crossed her mind that this is the bed where we will be tonight, and the thought appealed to her.

Rebecca quickly undressed, she could see her naked body from every angle in the mirrors, she wondered briefly if her bum looked big, her tits sagged, or her belly bulged. “No.” She told herself, “I am a thirty three years old woman, and it all looks quite OK, I have no reason to be ashamed of my body.” She looked again at her smooth pussy and its tightly closed slit, she ran her fingers over her pussy lips and even felt a twinge of excitement at how soft she felt, She could not resist the thought that it is this part of her body that Harvey really wants, and it is this that is going to pay Rogers debt. “Lets hope you enjoy whats coming,” she murmured to herself.

The expensive silk material of the gown felt cool on her naked skin, she loved its touch, she felt very special as she walked barefoot back downstairs and into the presence of her soon to be lover.

“Mmmmmm, Oh yes,” Harvey enthused, “Just as I imagined you, But untie your hair, I like it loose.”

Rebecca untied the ribbon holding her dark hair in place, and it cascaded down to her shoulders.

“Beautiful, beautiful,” he smiled. He was standing by the enormous fireplace where an open fire crackled its warmth. He had two glasses filled with wine in his hands and he passed one to Rebecca.

Thank you I am fond of a nice glass of wine,” she said, taking a sip.

“This is a very expensive wine, he said looking over the rim of his glass as he sipped, I only drink the best. I have ordered an Indian takeaway meal which will arrive at any time now, I hope you like Indian food?”

“Yes I do very much,” she agreed,

Just then the doorbell rang and he left the room to return minutes later laden with boxes containing their evening meal. I ordered you Chicken Tikka Balti which is my favourite, and which I will share with you.

Harvey quickly served out the food and it did look delicious, He poured two more glasses of wine and then asked Rebecca if she was ready.

“Yes I am,” she said enthusiastically,

“Right he said, first of all I want you to remove your dressing gown.”

“Excuse me?” she asked, quite surprised at his instruction.

“Remove your dressing gown, we will eat naked.” he repeated.

Rebecca’s heart pounded, “This is it,” she thought to herself, and suddenly she felt a big urge to show off her body to this man whom, she had met in such extraordinary circumstances beylikdüzü escort only a short time before, without further hesitation she stood up and opened the gown and let it slip from her shoulders, In seconds Rebecca stood before Harvey, completely naked.

Harvey’s eyes swept over Rebecca’s body from top to toe, lingering a little longer on her breasts and pussy, “Yes yes yes,” he murmured, “I think I am going to get more than my monies worth tonight.”

Harvey then removed his robe and Rebecca found herself confronted by a naked male body that clearly had been looked after, He carried no fat and was quite muscular, broad of chest and narrow of hips. As his eyes had lingered over her private parts, so she stared at his Penis, It was long and thick and half erect, “Its much more impressive than Roger’s” she thought, and her pussy began to tingle as it always does when she becomes horny.

Lets eat said Harvey, and he held her chair for her while she sat down, He could not resist touching her nipple, then he leaned forward and kissed it, taking it between his lips and sucking hard. “Mmmmm delicious,” he said then went to his own seat on the other side of the round table.

The food was quite tasty, and Harvey was very entertaining with tales of characters who placed bets with him, Rebecca looked around at the splendour of the room they were in and commented that he obviously did much better than the punters.

“Yes I do,” he gloated, “much much better, but luckily most of them pay cash so I don’t often have to resort to taking payment in the form of wives bodies.” He laughed.

Halfway through the meal, Harvey stopped talking, and said, “Rebecca, I cannot stand looking at your beautiful breasts any longer without touching them.”

She looked back at him wondering what he was going to say or do next.

“I want you to dip your nipple into your curry sauce.” She remembered what he had said earlier, that she had to do just as he told her, so without further ado, she took her breast in her hand and pushed its erect nipple deeply amongst the meat and sauce of her evening meal. Harvey beamed and stood up,

Rebecca noticed that his cock was again starting to rise, he came to her side and bending his head, began to lick the parts of her meal that had adhered to her nipple and breast. Harvey became more and more aroused and he held her whole tit and sucked and chewed on it even after the sauce had been consumed, then he repeated it all by pushing her breast once more into her meal, the way he grasped her breasts also turned her on more and she reached down between his legs and clutched his now rock hard cock, that spurred Harvey on more and more and he plunged his cock into her Balti and offered it up to her mouth to suck.

Rebecca was eager to please him and still sitting on her chair, she bent her head to take Harvey’s big cock, covered halfway along its length in Balti sauce, into her mouth, she had to open as wide as she could to get her lips over it, but she managed it gagged slightly as it hit her throat. Rebecca held on to his balls and squeezed lightly, Harvey began moving his hips back and forth, Rebecca sucked and licked on his huge cock, delighting at its feel in her mouth,

She heard him gasp and utter gurgling sounds and thought, “He is going to cum!”

“Aaaaaaa” he cried, his cock stopped moving for a second then pushed aggressively into her mouth, she clamped her teeth and lips hard on to his swollen shaft, and at that moment, Rebecca felt the hot spurts of Harvey’s cum shooting into her mouth, she swallowed frantically, gripping his balls tightly, while they jerked as they expended his sperm, she thought he would never stop cumming, but slowly just a drip remained and Harvey pulled his cock from her mouth, leaving her to clear her thoat of the remains of his massive load, flavoured by Chicken Tikka Balti.

Rebecca looked up at Harvey who was gaping at her, amazement in his eyes and a look of shock on his face.

“Whats the matter?” She asked him, feeling a touch of concern,

“Nothing is the matter Rebecca,” He said, “Its just that I would like to know how you made me cum so quickly, When I have sex with a woman, I pride myself on being a long stayer, and here I was shooting into your mouth in less than five minutes.”

Rebecca took that as a compliment and smiled.

Harvey went on, “I think it was the way you played with my balls while you sucked, it tipped me over the edge. But if that is a taster of what our night together is going to be like, then wow, Come on Rebecca, I’m taking you to bed.”

They walked up the wide staircase together, quite naked, her arm round his waist, and his hand stroking and squeezing her bum cheeks, Rebecca knew that the vital time was close, soon the bookmaker would push his cock into her pussy and he would fuck her, the paying off of her husbands debt would begin. Tonight, She was his completely.

On reaching his bedroom she stood by his big bed and he pulled her to him so that her tits squashed into his chest and his rapidly hardening cock pushed forcefully into her belly, He kissed her passionately while his hand slid down the crack of her ass and between her legs to feel the puffed up lips of her pussy, He pushed his finger a little way into her hole and whispered in her ear, “Darling, you are very wet.”

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