Paying the Rent Ch. 04


Jen sat at her kitchen table with a cup of coffee clutched in trembling hands. Her new friends, her new life occupied her thoughts. Sarah’s knock didn’t even pierce Jen’s daydreams about the upcoming adventure planned for the day.

Sarah let herself in with the master key and sat down across from Jen at the table. When Jen didn’t respond, Sarah waved her hand in front of Jen’s face a few times. Startled, Jen jumped, spilling now-cold coffee over her hands and onto the table. Sarah laughed, wiping up the coffee with a napkin and taking the mug from Jen, dumping it into the sink.

In minutes, the girls were in Sarah’s car, hurtling through town. Screeching to a halt in front of a grey stone building, Sarah vaulted out of the car and ran around to Jen’s side, opening the door with a flourish. Jen hauled herself out of Sarah’s tiny car and followed her into the building, stopping just inside with her jaw nearly dropping to the floor.

The renovated warehouse was full of all kinds of what Jen had heard called ‘marital aids’ at one point in her life. Jen walked through the aisles, marveling at the selection. So many toys, she didn’t even know the names for all of them! Afraid to touch any of the items, Jen shoved her hands in her pockets as she wandered. She caught glimpses here and there of Sarah gleefully frolicking amongst the shelves, filling her arms. As the aisles ended, Jen walked into an open area with several couches and changing rooms that were in no way private. To her right were several racks filled with clothing. Each rack was a different size for easier browsing, and browse she did.

The transition from ‘regular’ clothes to erotic costumes and lingerie was much easier for Jen than a sudden shift toward ‘adult toys’. As she passed her hand over several costumes, she grabbed one and then two outfits that caught her eye. Sarah heard the grating squeal of hangers on the metal rack and bounded over to offer her opinion. Dumping her armload of gadgets onto the nearest couch, Sarah plucked hangers off the rack with a reckless abandon and grabbed Jen by the arm, steering her into a cubicle.

Sticking her tongue out, Jen stripped and began trying on the pile of lingerie Sarah had heaped by the entrance. Sarah collapsed into a couch facing the dressing area and watched, lounging.

A fireman’s outfit was met with raucous applause from the woman on the couch. Jen giggled and tried her hand at being a schoolgirl, nurse, and maid. Outfit after outfit was met with catcalls and applause until Jen reached the final piece at the bottom, a black crotchless bodysuit. Sarah wrinkled her nose and ordered Jen out of the bodysuit, grabbing it and tossing it in a bin next to the dressing cubicle. “It covers too much of you, and it’s not nearly see through enough” was the only explanation offered.

After piling all the accepted costumes into a cart, Jen headed toward the desk by the front door where a young man sat playing solitaire on a computer. At a break in the aisles, however, she was intercepted by Sarah and steered into the maze of towering shelves.

Jen felt like a kid on a timed shopping spree in a toy store. As Sarah skipped through the aisles, Jen followed as closely as she could with an ever filling cart. Sarah knocked boxes into the cart and climbed ladders to get to harder to reach items. Jen’s eyes widened as different styles of vibrators, dildos, strapons, creams, strange looking beads on a string and even a swing made it into her cart. Leaning to the left to see in front of her, Jen followed Sarah back to the couches and sat next to her as they arranged the boxes in front of them according to category.

Sarah moved to the couch opposite Jen and began a short lecture on the uses of various toys. Jen found out that those strange beads were meant to find their way into her and were supposedly all kinds of fun, according to Sarah. Pros and cons of various styles were explained, as was the best use for each toy. Jen was shocked when Sarah came to the end of her speech and began opening boxes, laying each toy on top of its packaging.

“Won’t we get in trouble? I mean, aren’t we supposed to buy this stuff before we open it?” she whispered.

Sarah giggled mischievously. “Nah, this whole warehouse is owned and operated by Hobbs and Jenkins to provide us with good toys to play with. They want their customers satisfied, and the customers prefer to watch us have real orgasms, not the fake kind they get when they rent a video.”

Nodding, Jen reached out to gingerly touch a dildo Sarah had just unwrapped. She expected it to be hard and smooth like the vibrator Sarah had used on her the night before. Instead, it was squishy and pliable despite being firm enough for penetration. The box it sat on called it ‘jelly’. Fascinated, Jen continued picking internet casino up other toys and discovered that each had a different texture.

Some were harder than others, some had exaggerated veins and ridges, and some were smooth. There were fake cocks of all sizes and dildos shaped like cucumbers. Each of them was different from all of the ones before. Some had suction cups attached to the bottom; others had extra protrusions to hit her clit. There were kits with sleeves meant to slip onto a vibrator, odd conical devices labeled “butt plugs”, and even vibrators with exaggerated curves meant to hit a “G-spot”, whatever that was.

Sarah joined Jen on the couch and handed her two dildos that were similar in shape and size. One came with the balls attached, the other didn’t. A fleeting thought crossed Jen’s mind as she wondered whose cock the manufacturer used to make the mold.

“Well? Which do you like better?” Sarah asked.

“I’m not sure,” Jen said truthfully. “What’s the difference? Other than the obvious, I mean.”

“Both give different sensations. If you like the feel of being filled all the way to someone’s balls, then that would be the obvious choice. If you don’t care, then I would try both to see how well you like them. Each has its own benefit, but I generally prefer the one with balls. I love having something to hang on to!”

“Okay, then I’ll try both. But there’s so many of each! How am I supposed to decide which one to take?” Jen asked as she screwed her face up with indecision.

Sarah let loose a loud guffaw and set each dildo on its end as best she could. “Here’s the deal. Why don’t you grab one of each ‘size’ here. Pick your favorite color or something. We’ll just get you one of each. You’ll develop a favorite, but I think you’ll like having a full toy chest in the long run anyways. Let’s just get you started off on the right foot, shall we?”

Jen shrugged and started picking dildos first, staying away from the larger ones at first but eventually grabbing two that looked a little intimidating. She grabbed a vibrator kit that had one slender vibrator and one vibrating “egg” plus several silicone sleeves to use with them as well as a smaller set of anal beads. For kicks, she selected a small plug called “the butt beginner” and a large bottle of silicone based lube to go with it. A strapon made the final pick when Jen reasoned that last night’s escapade with Sarah was not the last. Two creams that claimed to heighten sexual pleasure intrigued her, so she tossed those back into the cart as well. Finally, Jen decided to finish off her shopping spree with the swing Sarah had pulled off a shelf, just to see what it might be like.

The girls took their selections to the desk by the front door where the clerk was still playing solitaire on the computer. He looked up and handed each of them a clipboard with instructions to write down the shelf codes on the forms. Sarah silently pointed out the stickers on each item that noted a numeric code, apparently for stocking and inventory purposes. Sarah quickly finished her own form, handed it to the clerk, and helped Jen finish hers. After the clerk entered all the data for Sarah’s acquisitions and picked up Jen’s, he frowned.

“You’re not in the system. Which complex are you with?” he demanded.

Sarah piped up, “Jen’s new with complex 153 dash 2, and she’s not in the system because you haven’t put her there yet.”

“Fine. Then I’ll need her to fill out these forms as well and scan a photo ID. Scanner is right there, and here’s the necessary forms,” came the monotone reply.

Jen was amazed that the young man had never even looked up through the entire exchange. How jaded people must get when they work here, she thought to herself. He doesn’t even care that we’re here except that we’re interrupting his game. She finished the forms and handed them back over the desk, trying to make small talk.

“So, how long have you worked here?” she began.

“Six months, and yes I’ve seen it all. No, I’ve never been to any of the complexes, of which there are 175 complexes to date across the country. No, I’ve never had sex here or with any of the employees. As you can see, there are no windows so I don’t know if the weather’s good or not. Anything else?”

“Well, I guess not,” Jen said. “But why do you hate your job so much? I mean, wouldn’t this be a great place to work? You see all these gorgeous women every day, they get naked to change in front of cameras that you undoubtedly see, what’s wrong with that?”

“I don’t hate my job, princess,” he replied while entering in her information. “And I just hate the snobs that come in here thinking they’re all that and don’t care to give the time of day to some lowly clerk who just works here to make it through college. canlı poker oyna And I don’t get to see all the cameras, just the security ones. Not like I’d ever get to do anything about it anyways. Oh, and you two are the first people in here all week. The rest of the orders have come in from out of town for the other complexes. So there really is no glamour to this job. It pays well, though, so I stay with it.”

Sarah had been listening to the whole exchange behind the desk at the copier. She couldn’t help but feel sorry for this poor college kid, stuck in a warehouse all day. Glancing at Jen, she knew her friend felt the same way. He wasn’t bad looking, could have easily gotten a job someplace else, but this paid so much better he had taken it despite the sometimes lonely hours.

“James,” Sarah started after looking at his nameplate on the desk, “Hasn’t anything good happened while you were working here?” Seeing him shake his head, she smirked and continued, “That’s a shame. So you wouldn’t mind horribly if we tried to brighten your day?”

The clerk named James looked up for the first time and fixed his eyes first on Jen, then Sarah walking back around the desk. Confusion and then awe registered on his face when he realized Sarah wasn’t joking. Stupefied, he just stared at the two girls for several seconds until he could regain composure.

“What are you talking about?” he stammered.

Sarah said nothing but grabbed Jen by the wrist and pulled her back towards the couches, beckoning for James to follow. The discarded boxes of toys were still scattered around the floor by two of the six couches. Sarah kicked them into a pile, then reconsidering, grabbed a few and brought them to another area with facing couches. Sarah pushed Jen down onto one couch and James onto the other, then began methodically stripping them both.

“B-b-b-but the doors… they’re still unlocked!” James stuttered. “If someone comes in, nobody will…”

“Well, then, I’ll go lock the doors. But when I get back, if you’re not both naked, I’ll find the whips!” Sarah threatened and ran down the center aisle.

Having accomplished her task, she returned to find the two naked. Jen was lounging on the sofa, idly fondling herself, while James was sitting stiffly upright looking incredibly nervous.

Sarah smiled at Jen, proud as a mother hen at the changes that had already taken place in the girl. She then turned to James and pushed him back into the cushions. Slowly, she raked her nails across his chest and stomach, zigzagging toward his hardening cock. Just before her hands reached the prize, though, she removed them and stood, grasping her breasts briefly before turning and heading for Jen.

Jen spread her legs for Sarah to view as she approached. Unsure of Sarah’s intentions, she waited patiently for an indication of what was expected of her. Sarah paused, knelt between Jen’s legs, and blew gently on her moist outer lips. The sensation raised goosebumps all over Jen’s body, making her shiver slightly. A tiny moan escaped her throat as Sarah ran just the tip of her tongue up Jen’s slit to touch her clitoris for a split second.

Sarah grasped a box on the floor and, without looking, opened it, pulling out a simple clear dildo. She opened her mouth and mimicked a blow job to moisten the full length of the toy. When satisfied, she ran the toy up and down Jen’s swollen lips several times and then plunged it into her cleft with one smooth stroke. Jen moaned and grasped Sarah’s hand, pulling it toward her in an effort to achieve further penetration. Sarah replaced her hold on the dildo with Jen’s hand and stood again, turning to James.

His erect cock jumped when Sarah approached and ran one fingernail down its length. Panting, James thrust his hips at Sarah’s hand, trying to wrap himself in her fist. Sarah toyed with him for a few moments, scratching lightly at his chest and stomach. When it seemed James couldn’t stand the intensity any longer, Sarah took his cock in her warm mouth. The man let out a sob as he felt the heat and texture of her tongue swirling around the shaft with an expertise born of practice.

With alternating thrusts and licks, Sarah teased James’s cock relentlessly. Her hand cupped his balls and massaged gently while she stared up at his face, gauging his reactions. Had he opened his eyes, he would have noticed a smile playing at the corners of her eyes every time he moaned or twitched. When he heard Jen moaning in anticipation of orgasm, James felt his balls tense in preparation for his own.

“Ohh… my God, shit shit shit I can’t stopyou’remakingmecumsohard,” James grunted as his cock began the initial spasms of a climax, causing Sarah to take a deep breath and take his full length into her throat.

Sarah’s highly trained poker oyna reflexes prepared her for the sensation of hot liquid hitting the back of her throat at high velocity. She swallowed, letting her throat muscles do their work at extending his orgasm for as long as possible. She took every drop of his cum and licked his cock clean, making it jump with sensitivity. Satisfied that James was finished for a little bit, Sarah’s attention was again drawn to Jen; but this time she brought James with her.

Jen, still approaching climax, barely noticed the two crawl to her side. When Sarah brought James’s mouth to Jen’s swollen lips and clit, she bucked and shrieked in surprise and lust. James hesitated, wide-eyed with confusion, then bent forward again. His tentative licks turned into ravenous explorations, quickening Jen’s panting grunts into a symphony of breaths. His hand found the dildo she was still working into herself and began thrusting it into her with a pace that matched the ministrations of his tongue.

Jen screamed and grabbed the arm of the couch, pushing herself into James and the dildo. When Sarah leaned in and began caressing and nibbling her breasts, Jen came with a ferocity she’d never experienced before. Her groin exploded into splinters of light cascading through her body and reaching all the way to her extremities. When one wave ended, another began. Even when Sarah pulled James away from her overly sensitive clit, the orgasms kept coming. She couldn’t tell the difference between her pussy and nipples anymore; they were connected by one nerve that felt only pleasure.

Sarah slowed and then stopped, placing her hand on the dildo James was still pumping wildly. Leaving the dildo inside Jen, she pulled James to her and pressed herself against his torso. He realized with a start that his cock was hard again and ready for another round, something that had never happened to him before.

From a kneeling position, Sarah leaned backward, her head pressed against the carpet and back arched. Her fingers spread her lips open to show James just how wet she was. James reached carefully out and touched her opening, bringing the moistened finger to his lips and tasting her juices like fine wine. Though his cock strained to probe her depths, James instead bent his head to Sarah and lapped at her with intense concentration. Sarah pulled his head to her, begging for release.

As she felt the beginnings of an orgasm, Sarah grabbed his hand from her thigh and shoved it toward her pussy, hissing, “fuck me with those fingers, boy!”

James, not one for confrontation, readily obeyed and put first two, then three fingers deep into Sarah’s pussy. He probed every inch of her pussy, twisting his hand around while sucking at her clit. As her orgasm hit her, his fingers were clenched so hard by her contracting muscles that he could no longer move them. The rhythm of his licking slowed so that he was hardly moving his tongue over her clit but just resting it there with light pressure. When her muscles relaxed enough, he removed his hand and in one swift motion leaped forward and plunged his cock into her still spasming pussy.

Sarah screamed as another orgasm overtook her, then another as James thrust into her. One after another overtook her as James fucked her with a hard steady rhythm, lifting her hips to meet his. She unfolded her legs from beneath her and crossed them over his back, trying to force him deeper inside her. Sensing her need, James grabbed Sarah’s knees and pulled them over his shoulders.

“Ahhh! Oh, right there, just stay there, unnnnnnh…” she groaned.

James pushed into her three more times and collapsed onto Sarah, nearly folding her in half. The motion brought on one last orgasm for them both. Sarah looked up to see Jen lying on the couch with a sated expression lighting her face. Sarah grinned back and reached up to lick James’s neck.

Half an hour later, the girls had redressed and packed their new things into several bags. James helped them carry the packages to the car and stood on the curb as they got in.

“When are you two planning on coming back in here?” He asked with hope evident in his voice.

“Oh, well, I don’t know when we’ll get to since we got so many fun things this time. But don’t worry, we’ll let ALL the other girls know how much fun you are. You may have to get a few extra cameras installed by the desk,” Sarah giggled, starting the car.

As she pulled away, James stared after them in awe.

Jen looked around and noticed the approaching sunset and asked Sarah how long they’d been inside.

“Oh, I’d say around seven hours, give or take. I mean, it IS getting darker earlier now, and we got there just before noon. Which reminds me, we haven’t eaten anything all day. Let’s stop to get something to eat before we go home to test drive all the new toys… everyone will want to see!”

Jen shrugged and slipped into a daydream about toys, costumes, and faceless men with erect cocks sitting at computer desks all around the world. She smiled.

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