Peeping Dave Ch. 03


For those who didn’t catch Chapter Two, here’s a brief synopsis:

After the awkward sexual tension Dan and I endure as co-workers, we finally were able to release the tension and make oral love in his office, during which, a noise was heard in the hallway…and neither of us stopped to investigate. After the lovemaking, reality set in and we had to go our own separate ways, leaving me to wonder about my future with Dan, his feelings toward me, and what that mysterious noise was.

Chapter Three

After a weekend of not talking to Dan, I was ready to burst when I got to work on Monday. I wasn’t sure if things would still be comfortable at work, if he would regret our tryst, if he felt guilty and confessed to his wife, or if he was so thrilled by our encounter that he would not be able to wait to corner me in the copier room and have his way with me. I didn’t know if things would change or remain the same.

I also didn’t know what that noise in the hallway was but I resigned myself to it being a maintenance man or office cleaner. I gave it no thought over the weekend; not until now at least.

I laid the “hot” files (files/cases requiring immediate attention) on his desk for when he would arrive. I looked around the office, at the pictures of his family, him smiling with them. I saw the sofa (free of any telltale, Clintonesque signs). I paused long enough to relive our lovemaking and was rudely interrupted.

“Hey Jen, lookin’ kinda dreamy eyed today? Did you have a good weekend? Did ya get some?”

Oh God, it was Dave. He must’ve been passing by and couldn’t resist the chance to annoy me.

“Good morning Dave. I’m just dropping off the hot files.” As I passed by him, he grabbed my arm and I looked him square in the face. “And Dave, my sex life is none of your business. Find someone else to harass.”

He looked at me coldly. Without releasing my arm, he whispered, “You keep fucking around at the job and it’ll be everyone’s business. Got it?”

I tried to hide my surprise and guilt but I couldn’t. I pulled free of his grasp and went for some coffee. Dave followed.

Dave stood behind me, so close that I felt his breath against my earlobe, ruffling my hair. “Look Jen, I know you have ‘it’ for Dan. I’m just saying that people will notice and will talk. And Jen, he can’t give you what I can.”

“Dave, I don’t know what you’re implying but I assure you that Dan is not giving me anything…and you certainly will not be either. You ‘got it’?” I left the conversation and the coffee room on that note.

I passed Dan’s office on my way back to my desk. I stood outside that sidelight, looking in at him as he made phone calls. He gestured for me to come in. While he spoke to his client, I sat in the chair across his desk, clutching my coffee cup and hoping for the heat of it to burn off any remnants of Dave.

Dan hung up the phone. Rather than delay the obvious, he jumped in first. “Jen, about the other night…”

Oh no, here it comes. “Thanks but no thanks.” ” We shouldn’t have.” “It was a mistake.” I could just hear it all in my head.

“Jen, I thought alot about it, about you. I have not been with another woman in ages. I feel kind of bad about having to leave you as I did. Would you let me make it up to you and take you to lunch today?”

WOW! I was worried that Dan was going to immediately end something that had barely started. Instead, he wanted more; or at least lunch.

“Sure Dan. When? I’ll check my calendar.”

“I already checked it. I booked you and I for lunch at The Grand Hotel. I don’t want you to feel obligated Jen. I know it’s a hotel. We can just eat lunch. We don’t have to go to a room, but if you want to, I can arrange a room.”

My heart was pounding in my ears! If I wanted??? Obligated?

I looked over my shoulder at the sidelight. No one was outside so I came around to Dan’s side of the desk, bent down, and kissed his handsome face.

“Dan, I’d be delighted.”

He smiled his familiar smile to me. “Good, now about these cases….”

We began our work day. We spent a few hours in the conference room going over cases with the other attorneys and paralegals. I slipped my shoe off and as Dan would address issues, I would run my stocking foot up his pant leg. I even slipped my foot under the cuff of his trouser and ran my nylon clad toes over his hairy leg. We shot smirks and stares at each other. At times, I made sure to lean down so that Dan could catch a view of my cleavage, or I’d lick my lips at him when no one else seemed to notice me. I never knew what a lovely shade of crimson he could become!

By the time our group decided to have lunch, I was more than ready for dessert, and I think Dan was with me on that.

We rode in Dan’s car to the hotel. His car was far nicer than mine, of course, his paycheck could finance a car like this. Mine, could not. Dan drove an SUV. The leather seats still smelled new. There was so much room that I felt as though I were riding bakırköy escort in a limo rather than a car.

While we drove, Dan slid his hand under my skirt and up my thigh. I parted my legs as wide as I could and generously allowed him access. His palm pressed over my mound and he massaged me through my stockings and panties. I could feel myself becoming wet but we were too close to the hotel to really do anything more about this. He was teasing me and enjoying it. We drove up the circular driveway of the hotel and I turned to face front, pushing my skirt down.

Dan squired me into the dining room, his hand on my lower back, resting just above my ass. He didn’t seem to mind intimately touching me in such a public place. He smiled at me and looked so proud to be there with me. His eyes were lit up and I melted in them.

During our meal, we discussed our morning and our foot play, but once lunch was done, we had to decide if we’d spend the afternoon naked or back at the office. Dan reached across the table and took my hand in his.

“Jen, the other night was great. What you did for me, with me, I..I just haven’t had in so long. And tasting you was INCREDIBLE! Today, I’d like to feel you..more…I guess I’m asking if….”

Dan was really fumbling. I’m used to a smooth, confident, and sometimes uptight man, not this babbling teen of a man.

Our waiter basically interrupted Dan’s failing plea. I pushed the office credit card to the waiter and then told him to arrange a room as well, courtesy of our Firm. Dan waved his approval at the waiter and within in minutes, we’d paid our meal and were handed a card key.

As soon as we were in the elevator, Dan’s hand reaching behind my head and pulled me close for a kiss. His lips pressed tightly to me and his fingers played in my curls. His tongue roamed freely in my mouth and solicited many moans from me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned his advances. This was the Dan I knew…smooth and confident.

When our floor bell rang, we quickly exited and found the room. Once inside, we were like two teens, ready to fuck for the first time! We tore at our own clothes and then each other’s. Shoes were kicked off. Pantyhose were ruined by nails that were too hurriedly trying to peel the gentle nylon down. Zippers undone. Ties unknotted and tossed across the spacious room. We were giggling as we stripped ourselves naked and practically smacked into each other as we both dove for the king size bed.

Rolling around playfully, our breathing was fast from our animalistic strip and dive. I looked into those grey eyes and knew I made the right choice. I wanted to be with this man again. Neither of us spoke. He simply rolled on top of me and began washing my body in his kisses. His lips left no spot unkissed, not my wrists, nor my eyelids. He licked and kissed and sucked his way down to my breasts, kneading them familiarly. My body was his. It responded to him and him alone.

Dan drew my nipple up into his mouth, sucking it so hard that pain danced with pleasure. When he released my nipple, it was deep red, stiff, and taut. I ran my own fingertips over it, amazed at the peak of it and Dan did the same to my other breast. He then kissed his way down to my cunt and began to skillfully ravage me. It was as though he hadn’t eaten in years, or at least a few days (wink).

Dan’s technique was so much better than other men I’d known. He’d cup his whole mouth over me, breathing his warm breath over my pussy. He’s suckle my lips and take the time to lick up and down them. He’d open me and gaze into my womanhood like it were a book and he was studying me. He’d push back the hood and reveal my clit and then suck it so tenderly, licking it as he sucked, fingers dipping into my dampness and spreading it around my lips, slit, and ass.

Those fingers visited both my cunt, and my ass. No other man had been permitted to touch my ass but Dan was not the usual man. He ran his tongue down from my clit to my anus. His saliva mixed with my juices and he lubricated the tip of his finger. He circled my entrance and as his mouth diverted my attention, he gradually eased that fingertip into my rectum. I was so horny from his mouth and his skill that I hadn’t focused on his finger. His tongue kept me lubed as he slowly and patiently fucked my ass with his finger. I looked down and watched him gaze at me. I could see in his face that he was lost in the moment and lost in my body.

He then slid his thumb inside my pussy and began working me in both holes. His mouth was clamped down on my clit and with both fingers undulating inside me, it was only a matter of time before all 3 culminated in an orgasm for me.

My orgasm came hard and intense. I almost cramped as I felt the wave roll over me. My pussy gripped at his thumb, my hands pushed as Dan’s head, ripping at his hair and grasping. With each throe, I thrashed under Dan’s mouth, halfway sitting up at times. My moans were even beşiktaş escort foreign to me. They were beyond human…they, and Dan, were out of this world.

My cunt gushed down around Dan’s thumb, hand, and my ass. His finger slid more easily with my juices lubing it. He withdrew his fingers and began to suck my juices clean. Once clean, he ventured up the bed and up my body.

Dan’s chin was drenched in cum. I quickly reached for him and sucked his chin and jaw clean. Resting on his hands, he slipped his cock between my legs and rolled it against me, hips wiggling side to side as his head teased at me. My upper body sat up and I kissed his throat, his furry pecs. I pulled my knees back, body curled into the crunch position, and Dan slid his shaft inside.

Dear God…that was it. That long cock. That bulbous head. The engorged veins. Pre-cum. All of it….all of it was inside me and was fucking me now! His thrusts were so deep and so passionate that our mattress banged against the headboard and that, in turn, banged against the wall. The creaking sounds of the mattress, the banging, the smell of raw sex, and the feel of that cock inside me made my cunt tighten around him and milk his cock!

I looked up and saw Dan’s face contort. His teeth were gnashing and his brows were knitted, eyes closed. I felt the swell of his cock inside me and his body tensing. It was happening. A rush of cum invaded my womb, then another…and another… He slowly opened his eyes and smiled at me. His cock was still hard inside me so I ran my fingers up his back and positioned myself to kiss his chest and throat.

“Don’t stop yet. Stay inside me.” I cooed.

He slid his hand under my head and pulled my face up to his. Kissing me deeply, his tongue penetrated my mouth the way his cock just fucked my pussy. I savored the taste of my pussy on his tongue and sucked it like a small cock. With every suck, my muscles clenched down around him and he matched my grip with newfound blood flow. His cock began to fill and expand inside me again.

Dan rolled us over so I could mount him this time. His cock was so long, so lovely, that he remained inside me during the move. Once I was on top, I sat up fully. His cock impaled me. He looked up at me, longingly. Slowly, I ran my fingertips through his chest hair, caressing his nipples and pecs. I began to buck on his cock…at first, slowly, a rhythmic movement back and forth. The more I bucked, the more I wanted to fuck him HARD! Each thrust encouraged a deeper, harder thrust and Dan did NOT seem to mind. I found myself making the same faces as I rode my lover. I quickened my pace, moving up and down, back and forth. I would tease him and slide up to his head, almost off his cock, and his hands would push me down on him again, ramming his cock home! Each bounce made his balls slap my ass. Each bounce made my tits sway.

Dan pulled me down so my nipples were above his hungry mouth. He took turns sucking each one. He’d draw each one in and suck until they were so hard, so pointed, that I thought they couldn’t swell anymore, but they always did. My body couldn’t help but respond to him. As he suckled me, I felt my clit rub along his shaft. He pumped his hips upward and massaged my clit with every stroke. The man knew what he was doing and once again, I was about to cum for him.

The second orgasm felt like a seizure. I came so violently that I couldn’t even speak. I just racked myself on his dick. My nipple pulled free of his lips as I arched and thrashed. I felt myself cum down his cock in what had to be a river of womanly ejaculation. When I opened my eyes and looked at our genitals, his pubes were drenched and even my thighs were sopping. For the first time in my life, I came like those women I read about in magazines…

I slid off Dan’s cock and moved to between his thighs. A quick trail of kisses led me to his soft, wet, very pink cock. I began to suck and lick my juices from him when he turned to the clock-radio on the nightstand.

“Uh oh, we’re late!” Dan’s voice had a panicked tone to it and I looked up. We’d already taken an extended lunch hour and thanks to clients, we couldn’t continue this dessert.

We hurriedly dressed. Since my stockings were ruined in the heat of the moment, I had to go back to work without them, something that would cause Dave’s eyebrows to raise later.

Before we exited our Room de Bliss, Dan pulled me to him and kissed me. His hand caressed my cheek as he looked into my eyes.

“If we don’t watch ourselves, we might just have to fall in love” he said. That was music to my ears!

The ride back to our office, I could feel his juices puddling in my panties. We held hands in the car. We kissed until we got back to the office parking lot. I was becoming smitten, that’s for sure!

We stepped into our office and it was business as usual. The phones were ringing. The receptionist greeted us with several messages. The clients were sitting in beylikdüzü escort meeting rooms awaiting their champions. I scampered past them all, back to my desk, feeling my lover’s seed between my lips as I walked.

And then, just when my day didn’t seem like it could go wrong, there was Dave.

I was locking my purse in my desk drawer when he spied me. He was quick to notice my bare legs. In my haste to avoid him and his weird stare, I knocked a file off my desk and he squatted down to grab it. It might’ve been a chivalrous gesture had he not ran the back of his hand all the way up my calf.

“Smooth legs Jen. I wonder what else is”

I could feel the repulsion begin in my stomach. “You won’t ever find out Dave, that’s for sure.”

“Oh, I think I already know” he said. He sneered at me and then moved behind my chair. He pressed that stubbly face of his to my ear and began to recount the activities of my first night with Dan, at the office.

“Yes, that’s right Jen, I was here. I saw it all. I know you don’t think much of me but I came in to tie up some loose ends and I heard you and Dan come in after your drinkfest. I watched as he ate your lush, smooth pussy. And I watched as you sucked him off. I even pulled out my dick and jerked it as you sucked him. Do you like that? Do you like knowing that while you were sucking the boss, I was yanking my cock over you?”

I was both repulsed and aroused. I’d never been seen before, that I know of. I am not the type to give a voyeur a show. Knowing that he was watching Dan and I that night excited me. It was strange. I couldn’t comprehend it. I also couldn’t stop my nipples from practically bursting through my bra as he told me more.

Dave was very astute (which explains why he was such a skilled litigator). While he made the whole office uncomfortable, no one could say he was inept. He notice my nipples and as he gave me a “blow-by-blow” of my night with Dan, his hand began to roam up my thigh and under my skirt. His hands were surprisingly soft. My nipples began to ache. Dan’s cum began to flow more readily from my loins and I feared I’d have a mess on my skirt soon.

“I need to go. I have to use the restroom. Uh…I have to go” I nervously told Dave. I sprung from my chair in such a rush that I knocked him backward. His hovering over my shoulder got him a bloody nose!

“Oh shit Dave, I’m so sorry.” I reached for a tissue but there weren’t any left in the box on my desk. As he held his head upward and pinched his nose, I led him to the “Attorneys Only” lounge. He followed me like a wounded puppy. Once inside and unbeknownst to me, he locked the door with his free hand. I wadded up some toilet paper and held it to his bloody nose, applying pressure, and then I felt it.

Without missing a beat, Dave took that opportunity to molest me. He slid his free hand under my skirt and so deftly under my panties that even I could not believe it. His fingers fumbled around in the fluids of his co-worker.

“Yeah, you’re wet Jen. I wonder what this tastes like. I wonder whose it is.” I pinched his nose harder.

“Owww” he cried. But that didn’t stop Dave and much to my shame, I didn’t want him to stop. All that time with Dan, I was just so hopped up. I could’ve spent my whole day fucking him. Now I found myself locked in a luxurious lounge with the office pervert, Dave, whom I wounded, and his fingers were fucking my wet snatch…and it felt deliciously good!

He pryed my pussy. His fingers curled and as he fucked me, his whole body would pump vicariously. I could barely hold the tissue to his nose. I forgot his wound and apparently, he did too. When I let the tissue go, the bleeding was already stopped. With just a trace of crimson on his upper lip, he pressed his stubbly face to my throat and began kissing and sucking. I found myself pressed against the marble countertop, head thrown back, throat arched, nipples hard, and pussy so slick that it was begging to be fucked again!

Dave pulled my blouse from my skirt and clumsily pushed the fabric and my bra cup over my tit. His mouth mauled my tit. His fingers ravaged my tunnel. His moans were heated, guttural. My own moans were beginning to surface as he slid to his knees. He took his fingers from my pussy and pushed my skirt up. I looked down at him. I was confused. I wanted to push him away and run…and I wanted to pull his nasty face into my cunt, my cum filled cunt from his co-worker, and make Dave eat me. I didn’t need to push his face in — he did it himself.

As I held the cold, marble counter’s edge, clothes disheveled, the office whoremonger pushed my soaking panties aside and sealed his mouth over my used pussy and lapped at the juices of another man. He didn’t even seem to care. He had to have tasted it. He had to know it was sperm. My head spun out of control. I let him have me. I let him tongue my hole and scoop out the cum of my other lover. I slid my hand down to his hair and pushed against his face. If I was going to be the office slut, I may as well enjoy it.

I began to fuck his face with my cunt. I held his mouth so close that his nostrils could barely take in air. He’d gasp but it didn’t stop him. He lashed at me over and over and I could feel another orgasm coming on.

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