Peeping Mom


I looked up and I saw a pair of feet under the heavy curtain at the door. ‘Oops!” I thought to myself that I forgot to shut the door. I hoped the owner of the feet would go away. To my surprised it did not happen.

“What is going on?” My wife asked in a not too happy tone as I stopped. She was under me and could not see the door.

“Nothing.” I lied not to alarm her.

She pushed her groan up and her soft and silky pussy muscles tightly gripped around my rod and she let me know in no uncertain way her intention, “Why have you stopped?”

I looked away from the door and took one of my wife’s beautiful nipples in my mouth and resumed fucking her pussy. It was one of those spontaneous fuck that we did not plan. It just happened. It was a Saturday and the maid was a no show. My father went out to play cards with his buddies. My beautiful and sexy wife Geeta was helping my mother with cooking.

During this cooking Geeta took a break and came to see if I needed anything in our up stair bedroom. I grabbed her and told her only thing I needed was her. I started kissing her passionately. She mockingly pushed me away and reminded me my mother was down stair.

“Don’t worry! All mothers know what married son and his wife do in their bedroom.” I tried to assure her and continued with my kissing and touching.

Before we knew it I was between my wife’s leg and was licking her delicious pussy. With my full cooperation she kept her pussy nicely trimmed. Except for a little triangle shaped V at the top, her pussy was bald. I loved to touch her bare sensitive flesh with my tongue. Her pussy was dripping with her juice. We both wanted a quick fuck before she returned to help mother again.

Geeta was now breathing heavily and pushing her torso upwards forcefully. Her pussy was convulsing tightly around my cock. She was showing all the signs of an impending orgasm.

I looked up and was very very surprised to see the feet were still there. Since there were only three of us in the house, you did not have to be a genius to figure out who was the owner of those feet. I was shocked as well as surprised to realize that my own mother was a Peeping Tom and was spying on us. I never thought this side of my mother ever existed.

My wife, with a muffled cry released her usual abundance of pussy juice as she experienced her orgasm. I thought what was the use of being modest anymore. The person we were trying to be quiet for was watching us. A perverse idea came over me. Geeta always loved to swallow my seeds whenever she could. Thinking of our onlooker I took my dick out of her pussy. It was drenched and soaked with her thick love juice. I made sure that our observer had a nice look at my hard and wet cock. I positioned myself by her shoulders and pushed my dick into her waiting mouth. She eagerly took my offering into her mouth and licked clean her own love juice. She then began to suck my dick furiously. The idea that my mother was watching me fucking my wife’s mouth excited me beyond my anticipation. Within a few minutes, with a guttural scream, I shot my love cream into her sucking throat with a force of orgasm that I never experienced before. I flooded her mouth with more thick cream than she could swallow. Streams of white lines came out by the side of her mouth. She was happily pleased at my veracity.

“Wow! That was a load. What has got into you? May be we should do this quickies more often.”

I looked towards the door, the feet were no longer there.

I was 25 years old and only son of my parents. I got married to Geeta about six months ago. Like most Indian marriage this was an arranged one. But now, I considered myself a lucky guy to be her husband. Not only she was sexy and beautiful, she was a person with a very pleasant personality. My parents and other family members immediately fell in love with her. As her husband what I liked most about her, beside being gorgeous, was that she loved to fuck. We both had limited sex experiences before our marriage. Two of us together experimented with our sex couplings and became very very happy partners. We learnt quickly how to trigger each others love buttons.

My father had a small but very successful export and import business and it was growing. He wanted me to join his company. But I took a different job with a multinational company. My father forgave me because it was really a very good job. Instead of me, Geeta joined my escort kartal father’s company on a part time basis and quickly became his right hand person. I wanted to move out my parents house but they did not let us. My father quickly built us a two room house on top of their house. I did not know then that staying with my parents would have such a profound impact in our love lives.

My father was about 50 years old workaholic person. He was having some health problem, but that did not stop him from working hard against all of our advice. My mother was about 44 or 45 years old. She was one of those ladies who always looked much younger than their age. On top that she had kept herself in a very good shape. Her figure was slim and attractive. Geeta often joked that people always mistook them as sisters when they went out shopping together.

Until that day I never considered my mother in a sexual way. But after that day I often left our door or window open while fucking Geeta, of course she did not suspect anything. I put up very good show for my mother to watch. The idea that somebody was watching us fucking was very exciting to me. Amazing part of the whole thing was the Peeping Tom was none other than my saintly mother. It made me even more aggressive and intense lover, and Geeta loved every moment of it. After a while I began to wonder how it would be to have a sex partner in our bedroom. But I was not sure how Geeta would react to this idea. I hatched a plot and decided to act upon it.

“Did you ever make love to any woman?” One day I asked Geeta after one of our intense fucking session.


“Have you ever wanted to fuck a woman? Have you ever wanted to eat her pussy and let her eat yours?”

“Never!” She looked at me suspiciously, “Come on what’s on your mind? Let me hear it, whatever it is inside your fertile head.”

“No, I thought you may like to eat pussies.”

“What makes you say so?”

“I am saying that because you always love to eat your own pussy.”

“I don’t do any such thing and how could I? I don’t have yard long tongue. But you do eat my pussy and you know very well that I love it when you eat me pussy.”

I just smiled at her without saying anything more went to sleep.

I asked her the same question couple of days later. This time she got little bit irritated.

“Why you kept asking me the same question that if I love to eat my pussy?”

“Because you do. You love to lick your own pussy juice from my dick all the time. So I thought you may love to eat another pussy.”

“I love to suck your penis, does that mean I will love to suck another?” She turned the table on me. I thought for a while before answering.

“Women are beautiful with their sexy curves and soft silky fleshes. Men are mostly muscles and hair. Two dicks in a room would be one too many.”

“So, let me understand it right. You want me to fuck another woman and you want to join us. This is your way to fuck another pussy. But you would not want me to do another dick! Right?” She paused for a moment, “What is going on honey? Are you tired of fucking me already?”.

“No baby, it was just a thought.” I quickly backtracked at her interrogation, “I love you and I would not do anything against your wish.”

Few days later, after we were exhausted fucking each other, she brought up the question this time.

“Who do you want me to fuck?”

“What baby?” I acted dumb.

“Who is the woman you want me to fuck?”

“No one in particular. Like I told you before it was just a thought.”

I saw a faint flicker that my plan was still alive.

We held each other tight and prepared to go to sleep.

After a long pause I asked her, “Are a asleep honey?”

“Not yet.” She replied in a sleepy voice.

“I don’t know if or how should I tell you this.”

“What?” She asked in a dreamy voice.

“Oh, nothing. It’s not important.”

I knew I aroused her curiosity enough. I also knew she would do anything to find out once she was curious.

After her repeated persistence I told her that mother had been watching us. She almost fell off the bed and did not believe me. Next day was Saturday and I decided to prove it to her.

We began our fucking ritual. This time I asked her to ride my pole so she could face the door. She gracefully lowered her body over my groin and engulfed my dick into her dripping maltepe escort pussy. She started riding my pole up and down very seductively. She began to touch her boobs and tweaked her nipples.

“Is she here?” I asked.

“She is not coming. It is all imaginations of your fertile and perverted mind, dear.”

All of a sudden I noticed a change in her. She lowered herself and whispered into my ears, “She is here. What should we do?”

“Just don’t do anything abruptly. Keep fucking me as if you don’t know she is here.”

After her initial shock wore off, she whispered into my ears, “I think it is kind of sexy and exciting that someone is watching us fucking like this. Should we make more noises?”

“More the better. Let us give her a great show.” I concurred.

After few minutes of intense fucking we both exploded into thunderous orgasms simultaneously and made more groaning and moaning than we were used to. When we were done my mother left as quietly as she came.

When we regained our our breathing, Geeta looked deeply into my eyes in a probing way.

“Why you are looking at me like that?”

“How long this has been going on?”

“About a month that I know off.”

“Now I understand. You are one sick and perverted person.”

“What did I do?” I asked innocently.

“You want me to fuck your mother and through me you want to fuck your own mother. Is not it? How sick and deprived one could get?”

Before I could say anything she responded her own question the way that I always hoped that she would.

“But I like it. Ma is a good person and still very beautiful. I think Baba being sick and all, is not fucking her anymore. Poor Ma, she must be very horny. This way we could have some fun and help her too.”

“I could not have said better.” I kissed her and agreed with her wholeheartedly.

Geeta and I decided that she would try to seduce mother and if she liked it than I would join.

“I can’t wait to eat the pussy that gave birth to you.” Geeta announced by lewdly and seductively licking her lips.

Next Saturday Geeta created her first chance to seduce my mother. I was in up stair bed room. She came running into our room.

“Come quickly, I talked her into a back rub. You watch from outside. Who knows what will happen? You only join us at my signal.”

I decided to give them 15 minutes head start and then to come and spy on them. I was very surprised to find that how fast Geeta worked. When I peeked my head through the heavy curtain I found that they were both naked and Geeta was vigorously massaging my mother’s huge breasts as she was lying on a blanket on the carpet with her eyes closed. Geeta, like a smooth operator lowered her mouth on my mother’s boobies and began to suck one of her nipples. That incited a moan from mother. Geeta alternated between her nipples and made them noticeably erect, even from where I was standing.

I began stroking my cock inside my pajama as I saw Geeta positioned herself between mother’s leg. Mother’s pussy was hidden under a thick heavy black bush. Two of Geeta’s fingers disappeared under the bush and momentarily she brought the fingers out. Her fingers were glistening with mother’s pussy juice. Geeta greedily licked her fingers clean and then she lowered her mouth onto my mother’s love box and began licking it. I could not see her pussy as it was hidden under Geeta’s face. But Geeta wiggled her beautiful ass and raised herself up. It gave me a clear view of her luscious buttocks. Her exposed pussy was hanging out just below her ass. Her beautiful full pussy lips were glowing. Her pink and tiny pussy opening was soaked with her love juice. I used every ounce of my will power to restain myself from going behind her and pushing my hard on into that beautiful sopping hole.

I heard mother was moaning loudly as she was rubbing her breasts. Geeta was now sucking her clit and finger fucking her pussy. She was trashing her body. Her breasts were heaving up and down heavily. She was also rocking her groin up and down into Geeta’s face. I knew she was about to cum and cum she did. She screamed with a high pitch sound and mumbled things that we did not understand. The whole time she was having her orgasm Geeta firmly anchored her tongue onto her clit. Then I saw Geeta started lapping her love juice with her tongue.

After a while Geeta raised herself and kissed my mother on pendik escort bayan her mouth deeply. She returned her kiss. Their breasts were smashed together as were their pussies. What a sight it was for me to behold!

“Do you want to eat my pussy Ma?” Geeta asked her.

“Yes!” I heard her whisper.

Geeta did an amazing thing. She lowered herself in front of mother’s face and slowly touched her lips with her pussy lips. My mother extended her tongue and it touched Geeta’s dripping pussy. Geeta started grinding her pussy on her face.

On the other end my mother hair covered pussy was completely exposed. Her juice was overflowing her love hole. Her pubic hair was soaked and matted to her flesh. Her pussy lips were fat and swollen. Her inner lips were invitingly protruding out of her hole.

I was stroking my shaft and was fighting not to cum. Then Geeta went to work for the last act of final seduction.

“Ma, Baba does not fuck you anymore, right?” Geeta asked my mother.

She mumbled something that sounded like no.

“You want somebody to fuck you now? Don’t you want a hard cock into your pussy now?”

Mother did not reply.

“I want a hard and big cock into my pussy. How about you Ma?” Geeta persisted on, “Don’t you want a real big cock to fill your pussy up and make you cum?”


Geeta turned towards me with victorious smile of mission accomplishment. She put a finger on her lips and made a ‘ssshhhh’ gesture. She pointed at my mother’s exposed pussy and motioned me to come and fuck her.

That was the signal I had been waiting for last thirty minutes. I quietly came between her legs and pushed my dick inside her hot and wet pussy. Mother was not expecting any such development. She jumped up half way and pushed Geeta off her.

Look on her face was one of utmost surprise and fear. She looked at Geeta and me and then looked down at my dick that was firmly planted inside her pussy.

“Ma, just enjoy it.” Geeta told her while holding her tightly,” We both love you very much and we just want to make you happy.”

She began to kiss her passionately. Mother quickly calmed down and laid herself back on the blanket again. I began to fuck her. Her pussy was surprisingly tight. I thought it was tight because my father had stopped fucking her. It was soft, warm and fully juiced up. It wrapped around my hard meat tightly and began massaging it gently. She was breathing hard and tried to match my thrusts into her pussy with her own upward thrusts. No doubt she was enjoying this fuck immensely after such a long draught.

Geeta sat her pussy down over fer face again but this time she turned around to face me. She laid her body across and put her mouth right near where my dick was entering mother’s pussy. As I was pushing my dick in and out, Geeta began to lick clean mother’s love juice from my dick.

“Ma taste so good!” She told me, “You must taste her.”

Right at that moment mother exploded into a massive orgasm. When her orgasm subsided I withdrew from her. Geeta and I lapped all her love juice together.

I still did not cum. So I mounted Geeta from behind. I began fucking her hungry pussy in doggie style. Mother was watching us with her eyes wide open and a very satisfied smile on her face.

“It looks lot better up close, does not it Ma?” I asked her. She just smiled.

“Why don’t you come close so I can eat your pussy again Ma.”

Mother gladly obliged Geeta’s request. However, she did a 180 degree. Her head came to a halt right below Geeta’s pussy. As Geeta started licking and fingering her pussy, mother started licking Geeta’s clit too. The whole room soon filled up with our moans and groans.

It was a surrealistic feeling. I was fucking two of the most important women in my life and at the same time. I took my dick out of Geeta’s pussy and placed it at mother’s lip. She opened her lips and I pushed it inside her warm mouth. My dick was soaked with Geeta’s juice. She licked clean my dick of all her pussy juices. I was nearing my orgasm and began pumping Geeta’s pussy faster and harder. Mother got hold of my balls and started rubbing them. At the last moment I took my dick out and positioned at mother’s face. Geeta promptly turned around and joined her. I sprayed my thick cum over their expecting mouths and faces. Gobs of my white cream also fell on their necks and dripped down to their boobs. Geeta took the initiative and cleaned my cream of mother’s body. My mother did the same thing a moment later.

My mother and my wife became regular lovers. They never got tired of each other. I had no problem with that as I was always welcome to join in the fun.

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