Perks of a New Family Ch. 05


I dressed quickly and headed downstairs. I walked into the kitchen, I felt hungrier than I had for a long time, and straight into Belinda drinking a cup of coffee.

“Good morning Michael.” She said.

“Morning Belinda How are you?” I replied.

“I’m very good thank you.” She said with a slightly mischievous grin. “What are your plans for today?”

“Just thought I would go into town and look for work as usual.” I sighed.

“Something will come up soon I’m sure of it.”

“I hope so I really need to get some money.”

“Well good luck I am off out as well. I need to go and sort something at the office.”

With that she put her cup in the sink and headed out of the door. Grabbing a bowl of cereal I just hoped she was right. It was true I did need money, I was sick of being the only one in the house that had to rely on handouts, and I wanted to be able to find a girlfriend of my own. Even though the night with Belinda had been a wondrous experience I guessed that it was just a one off, especially as she had spoken as though nothing had happened.

Finishing my breakfast I washed the few pots that were in the sink, someone had to as Claire and Suzie were both to idle, and headed out of the house. Taking a slow walk I wondered what dad would ever say if he found out I had fucked his wife, he wouldn’t be happy, even though he was fucking Claire. For all I knew he had been at it with Suzie as well. That would top everything off if he was doing both sisters, what with Suzie’s thinly veiled threats towards me and the fact his wife had come on to me.

Instead of going to find work I first went and just sat in the town centre, watching all the people going about their business, trying to clear my head. The trouble was the more I tried to shake the thoughts, more outlandish thoughts replaced them. I started to wonder if all three of the women actually knew what was going. Did Belinda know about dad and Claire? Did she know how manipulative Suzie was? Was this something they had done before meeting my dad? Did Belinda only go with men that had older sons? Getting up I realised that I was being stupid, my mind working in overdrive, and headed towards the job centre.

The job was the most important thing at the minute, and I was determined to go home with one, I would do anything. Typically the job centre was full of people in the same situation as me and there weren’t a lot of jobs on offer, as usual, but escort kartal I walked out with a handful of application forms. I had done better than normal, usually I walked out empty handed, so I headed back towards home to get the forms filled in and handed back. With an empty house I should get them all done and returned before the day was over, and then it was just a case of waiting.

As soon as I arrived back at home I checked every room. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was the only one there; I didn’t need any distractions at all. Once I was happy I was alone I grabbed a drink from the fridge and headed to my room. I saw it as soon as I entered my room, an envelope lying on my pillow. I shut the door and walked over to the bed. The envelope was blank, at least if it had been written on I would know who had left it before opening it, and I picked it up. After holding it for a minute or two I opened it.

It was from Belinda. She had thanked me for the previous night, for making her feel like a woman again, and said she was convinced that my dad was having an affair. I felt a slight pang of guilt, as I knew she was right, and carried on reading. She said she had even considered walking away and even looked at apartments, but didn’t want to be alone again with the two girls. If only she knew that one of them wouldn’t have gone, even if she had, would break her heart.

I threw the letter on to the bed and looked at the application forms. I knew they needed filling in but the contents of the letter had clouded my thinking. I couldn’t believe that dad was going to throw his marriage away because of Claire. He had a good woman in Belinda and Claire would be off as soon as she found someone her own age. I picked the letter up again, put it back in the envelope, and placed it under my mattress. I would get rid of it next time I left the house; it wouldn’t be good for anybody to see it especially in this house.

I picked up the first application form and began filling it in. The form was pretty straightforward but then I came to the part I always hated, previous experience. Never having had a job I had no previous experience, but how the fuck did I get experience until I had held at least one job. It was a vicious circle that I hated but couldn’t avoid. There had been many times I had given up forms at this point, normally I just screwed them up, and threw them in the bin.

With my mind fixed intently on getting maltepe escort the form filled in correctly I didn’t hear my door open and close. I filled in the rest of the form and pushed it to one side, I would just have to explain why one section was blank. Reaching behind me for the next form I jumped as my hand was grabbed. Shocked I turned to see who was there and got an even greater shock when I saw it was Belinda.

“Hi Michael what are you up to?” She asked.

“Filling in job applications I managed to get a few today.” I replied.

“That’s good how are you getting on?”

“I’ve done one and still got more to do.”

As we were talking I noticed Belinda’s eyes looking me up and down. I could feel myself starting to blush as her eyes lingered just a little too long at my groin area, as well as the first twinges of my cock stiffening. I glanced out of the window trying to think of anything, except the previous night, only for Belinda to reach and turn my face back to her. As our faces came level she leaned forward and gently, at first, placed a kiss against my lips. Unable to resist I reached behind her neck and kissed her back, harder, our tongues probing each other’s mouths greedily.

I assumed Belinda knew there was nobody else in the house and we quickly tore each other’s clothes off, throwing them to the floor, our lips never separating. We were naked within seconds and as soon as we were Belinda pushed me back on to the bed, gripped my cock, and began to wank me. As her hand worked on my cock I ran my hands over her tits, playing with her rock hard nipples, before lifting my head and sucking on them greedily.

After only a couple of minutes Belinda let my cock drop from her grasp and climbed over me. Lowering her pussy towards my face she deftly flicked at the tip of my cock before taking the full length to the back of her throat, as my tongue probed for her inner wetness. Belinda’s head bobbed up and down at speed and I had to stop myself from cumming more than once, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back a lot longer. I guessed Belinda knew the same and stopped sucking me, flicking at the end of my cock once more, before she turned and positioned my cock against the opening of her pussy.

Slowly she lowered herself on to my cock, throwing her head back as she did so, and started to rock her hips back and forward slowly. Reaching forward I began to massage her tits as her movements pendik escort bayan got quicker and more urgent. Unable to contain myself any longer I lifted my ass off the bed, forcing my cock as far into her as it would go, and released my first stream of cum into her. We both let out a load groan as cum pumped from the end of my cock into her, filling her until I could cum no more. I sat up and held her, still deep inside her pussy, as our juices started to leak out and down the sides of my cock.

We sat like that and rested our heads together, gently kissing, when the door to my bedroom burst open.

“Michael! Mum! What the fuck is going on?”

Shocked we turned to face the door, still joined together. Standing there with a look of horror on her face stood Suzie. Quickly we pulled apart and Belinda grabbed the bed covers to cover her nakedness. I grabbed at a pillow with my semi erect cock swinging between my legs, as Suzie’s eyes kept darting from Belinda and me.

“I don’t fucking believe this.” Suzie screamed.

“Who the fuck are you shouting at young lady?” Belinda bellowed back.

“You are married to his fucking dad.” Suzie was almost in tears. “Isn’t one man enough?”

I sat there as the two of them continued screaming at each other, unsure what to say. Suzie and her mum traded screams for a good few minutes before, forgetting about my nakedness, I got off the bed and grabbed my trousers.

“I’ll leave you two to sort this out.” I said walking out of the room.

“This isn’t finished between us.” Suzie hissed as I passed her.

I went to the bathroom and shut the door, still listening, as the women continued to throw abuse at each other. I sat on the floor, my back holding he door closed, and listened as the screaming slowly stopped. I could hear Belinda explaining to Suzie everything she had told me about my dad and her suspicions. The two women then both started to sob and I heard them walk down the landing, past the bathroom, and breathed a sigh of relief. At least Suzie hadn’t said anything to her mum about me watching her masturbate or catching me wanking.

Opening the door slowly I looked to make sure they had gone and then crept back to my room and shut the door. I walked over to the bed and was about to sit down when I saw the stains from our fucking. I stripped the bed and threw the sheets into the corner, getting some new ones from the wardrobe, and began to make it again. I couldn’t believe that Suzie had caught us together and after everything that had gone before I knew that Suzie was going to hold this over me for a long time. All I could do was wait and see what she had planned, and as it turned out I didn’t have long to wait.

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