Permission to Cum, Sir?


She stood by the foot of the bed, fastening her bra, wearing a midnight blue garter belt and black stockings. The bra’s color matched the garter belt, setting off her striking blond tresses, which she wore up this evening. He quietly stepped behind her and gently placed a single finger on her exposed neck. She shivered and leaned back against him. He slowly traced his finger down her spine, coming to rest at the cleft of her cheeks.

His strong hands slowly massaged her neck and shoulders, as he moved closer to her, pressing himself against her bottom. His state of arousal increased, and she pressed more firmly against him in return. He bent her forward over the foot of the bed, then dropped to his knees. He traced his hands over her bottom, down her long, stocking clad legs, then back up, each time drawing closer to her silky smooth, hairless mound. He tantalizingly stroked a finger over her engorged pussy lips, dipping inside, then gently but firmly stroking her hardening clit. His tongue lovingly explored her flesh, constantly moving, tracing down the valley between her cheeks. She attempted to rise, but he gently pushed her back. “We really need to get ready to go to…” she said, attempting to rise again.

Smack! She heard the sound of his hand on her ass cheek, and felt a warm, though not unpleasant sting. Well, that’s new, she thought. “You do need to get ready,” he told her, “but not to go anywhere just yet.” As she attempted to rise again, she escort eryaman felt a matching spank to her other cheek.

He rose and walked to the closet. “Don’t move unless you want another,” he warned her. She looked him straight in the eye, wiggled her beautiful bottom back and forth and said, “oops, I moved.” As he returned, walking back behind her, he responded, “yes, you did,” and swatted her pinkening flesh again.

He placed a pair of her highest heels on the floor and instructed her to step into them. She apparently moved too slowly, as he spanked her again, slightly harder this time telling her to, “hurry up!” Her pumps brought her sweet globes even higher and thrust them further toward him. As he entered her with his hard cock, he caressed the smooth, warm flesh of her bottom, squeezing, kneading it between his fingers. He traced a garter strap from her waist, over her hips and down to her stocking tops, then back up. Her already juicy slit became even wetter as he moved slowly back and forth inside her. “You must ask my permission before coming, or else…” SMACK.

Mmmm, she sighed, that feels so good. She thrust herself a little bit higher and spread a little bit further. His roaming hands now gently spread her ass cheeks and she felt a gentle vibration at her rosebud. He hadn’t just gone to retrieve her “fuck-me” pumps, she realized, as he ever-so-gently slid a slick, warm miniature vibrator inside her, first in time with the slow stroking ankara escort of his cock, then alternating strokes. He moved slowly and gently, penetrating ever so slightly, withdrawing and repeating, giving her ample time to grow accustomed to this new sensation.

He waited nervously for her reaction. This was an entirely new element to their lovemaking, but he knew that there were many nerve endings in this area that could be very pleasurably stimulated. When he heard her gently moan and begin stroking her clit with one hand, he smiled to himself.

“Permission… to have an… orgasm, sir,” she breathed heavily. “Not yet,” he commanded, “I need to be in your mouth, your sweet, beautiful, dirty mouth.” With that, he withdrew himself from her, though he did not miss a stroke of the vibrator still buzzing inside her delectable ass. God, he loved those fleshy cheeks — but he wasn’t going to share that with her just now.

SMACK. “Don’t keep me waiting, on your back!” As she climbed onto the bed, yet again, SMACK. “Faster, my cock is aching because of you. You need to take me in your mouth while I continue to fuck your ass with this vibrator.” She was shocked — he had never spoken to her this way before. She was also shocked because she realized that she was finding it incredibly arousing. Her shock caused her to hesitate, which led to a further SMACK, then another, SMACK on the other ass cheek. She fell on her back, quickly now, as it elvakent escort was starting to sting, though not unpleasantly, if she was honest with herself.

In one smooth move, he straddled her face, his beautiful manhood now facing her from above. As he descended to slip the oh, so plump head upon her lips, his hands resumed thrusting the vibrator into her ass. She was struggling to keep from going over the edge. She was quickly falling in love with the sensation of being filled, and stroked and vibrated inside her bottom.

With a smooth, steady stroke, he forced himself past her lips. She was not unwilling, she had just become lost in her delightful thoughts, wondering what was to come next on this day of surprises. “I want to fuck your mouth,” he breathed lustfully. “I love you, I adore you, I worship you, but I want to fuck your beautiful mouth.”

“Oh god, please, please do it,” she moaned, “please do it NOW.” He began stroking across her lips, over her slick tongue, pressing to the back of her throat, even as he increased the pace of the vibrator in and out of her now loosened rosebud. She knew she could not hold back any longer, feeling the rising waves inside of her, carrying her toward the precipice of what would be the most powerful series of orgasms she had ever experienced. “Please, please, please,” she desperately mumbled as he was stroking out of her mouth, “PLEASE, may I come now?”

He withdrew from her mouth, spurting his pearly cream across her heaving breasts, across her achingly erect nipples, across her undulating stomach, and pulsing down to her now soaking pussy. “Permission granted,” he replied with a grin, slipping the vibrator deep inside of her one more time.

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