Picture Day


It’s been a crazy day, but a fun one. I’m glad that you and Melissa were able to come over and spend some time at my house with me. Too bad we got locked out for an hour. But other than that, it’s been great. Mel has just left and you’re getting ready to go. I think you have to pick up your sister from school. But before you go, we have to take care of something…I was promised a glimpse at your underwear (as stipulated in a bet we made a few days back) and I don’t believe in letting anyone break their promises.

“Come on, Angela! You can’t back out. I’ve been looking forward to this. You can’t break your promise.” I put on the sad eyes and droopy lip.

“No-oooo. Next time.” You whimper as you make a step towards the door.

I drop to my knees and wrap my arms around your legs. In part to keep you from leaving, but also to cop a feel on your thighs. They’re a little warm towards the inside.

“Aww, come on!” I shoot you a pleading look. I can see it in your eyes; your about to give in.

“Oh, all right.”

Damn, I should be a negotiator.

You try not to smile but I can tell you want to. You pull down your sweater and reach in to pull up your bra. It’s a light blue and a little see through. It’s a little exciting, but not as much as the cleavage spilling from your sweater’s neckline. Next are your panties, which aside from my cock, are the main focus of much our “talks” on the phone. You reach in to your khaki pants and pull out the thin strap of your bikini panties. They’re a festive color. I feel a warmth in my stomach.

“Can I feel them?” I ask.



The look.

“Ugh. Okay.”

Negotiator. I’m tell you.

You reach in again and pull out a little more fabric from around the back. I reach down and pinch the little red and green undies with my fingers. They’re soft and satiny. But the thought that my hand is so close to your ass doesn’t escape me. I can’t restrain myself. I slide my fingers down your skin. It’s smooth and a little bit cool. My heart beats a little faster. You give me a quick smack on the arm before I can feel anymore. I let out a little “ow” and give you a big smile. You turn a rosy red and give me a smile of your own. You liked it.

“Well, I have to get going now.” You start towards the door.

“Okay, but let me take a picture of you before you go.”


I stand you up in front of my wall and click off a quick Polaroid. But you don’t like that one so we take another in front of my punching bag. But you don’t like that one either. I let out a big sigh.

“Okay…then how do you want to take a picture?” I ask.

Without blinking an eye you jump on my bed and spread your legs open wide before me.

“How about like this?”

I pause in my answer only because I can’t believe that this is happening. I’ve thought about you on my bed in a similar position many times. I stare at you and think of what to say…

“Yeah sure, that’s good.”

I kneel down by the bed and look at you through the camera’s lens. You fix yourself up so that your tits spill out escort eryaman of your sweater and your legs are as wide as they can be. Through the camera you flash me a devilish smile. I scan your body. Your tits look soft and full. Your pussy lips are swollen and almost visible through your pants. The warmth in my stomach flows lower into my cock. I take the picture.

We run around the room taking pictures. Each time my cock grows a little bit more. I can see that your nipples are hard.

The phones rings. Damn. It’s Melissa. I hand the phone over to you while I sit on the bed. I pull a pillow over my lap to hide the bulge. While you talk to Mel I reach under the pillow and adjust myself. My cock had been pressing against my thigh so hard it hurt. I just need to move it around to release the pressure. But as I’m doing that I don’t notice that you’re standing closer to me and before I know it, you’ve ripped the pillow off my lap. My cock stands hard pushing against my jeans.

“Oh, my God!” you yell into the phone.

You throw the pillow back at me and start telling Melissa what’s going on “It looks so big!”. I roll over onto my side and start laughing. I grab my cock and pull the pillow back over my lap. As you continue to tell Melissa what you have just seen, I start thinking. I figure what the hell. When is this situation ever going to present itself again anytime soon? I reach under the pillow and unzip my pants. My cock pushes out and through my black underwear. I wait for you to turn back towards me, then flash my exposed cock at you. You freak out and throw the phone at me and hide behind my punching bag. I tell Melissa that I have to go and hang up with her.

I pull my blanket over my lap again. I look over at you and notice you peaking.

“Okay okay. I’m putting it away now.”

I stand up on the bed. But as I do the blanket follows me. It’s hooked around my cock. I start to laugh.

“Oh, man. Angela, look at this.”

You peer out from behind your hiding place. You start to laugh too.

“Wow. That’s pretty cool.”

“Get the camera and take picture.”

You grab the camera and hop up on the bed kneeling in front of me. You get in kind of close and take the picture. As the flash goes off, the blanket slides off my cock. It bounces hard and free in front of you. We both laugh a little.

“Well, you might as well take a picture of it like this too.”

“Okay.” You’re almost glowing.

I turn to the side and undo my pants all the way. I push my cock out as far it can go. You take a picture.

“I think it’s my turn now.” I turn to you. I see that you’re a little nervous about what I just said but at the same time you’re excited.

“Well, what do you want a picture of?”

“Hmmm…How about your tits?”


You stand up on the bed next to me and reach under you shirt. You undo your bra and slip it out of your sleeve. You slowly pull your sweater up from the bottom. As you pull it over your tits they erotically bounce in front of me. You push your tits together and smile. I get in close and take a picture of your ankara escort pinkish hard nipples.

“Well, this is getting good.” I drop the camera to my side. We’re standing so close, only my stiff hard cock separates us. “You’re nipples look hard.”

You look down at them. “They are.” You look even further down. “Your cock looks REALLY hard.”

I look down. “It REALLY is. Do you want to feel how hard it is?”


You smile again and slide your hand down to my cock. You grab it around the base and squeeze it.

“Is it as hard as you thought it would be?” I ask.

“It’s harder.”

I slide my hands up your body to your tits. I cup them softly. They feel nice. Smooth. I give them a little squeeze. I roll your nipples between my fingers. They’re nice and hard.

“Are they as hard as you thought they would be?” You ask.


We smile. I run my hands around to your back and down to your ass. I grab it and pull you close to me. My cock presses in between your legs as I kiss you. Our tongues play with each other as your hands rubs along my shaft. I pull back long enough to pull your sweater all the way over your head. You let my cock go long enough to do the same to me. We press together again. This time I can feel your hard little nipples sticking into my chest. We kiss more and more. Harder and harder. I lean back against the wall as you drop to your knees. You massage my cock with both of your hands. Sliding them up and down. You start to give the swollen head of my cock little kisses. My back arches. Your tongue circles the rim. It feels so good. You stop for a second and reach over and grab the camera. You hand it to me. I shoot you a look like “Really?” You nod. You wrap your hand around my cock and put the tip of you tongue on the head. You smile and look up at me. I look through the camera and snap a picture. I’ll be looking at that one a lot in the future.

I drop the camera and you start to really suck it now. It’s like you have two tongues, it’s so great. One hand is jerking me off as you slide the head in and out of your mouth, while the other hand cradles my balls. You’ve been thinking this through for awhile; I can tell.

My heart is pounding now. I occasionally reach down and pinch your nipples. I start to feel like I’m going to explode in your mouth. I pull you off my cock and lay you down. I get down beside you and start to kiss your neck. My left hand holds your head up while my right roams your the rest of your body. I love the way you feel. So soft and smooth. You have nice skin.

I kiss you lower and lower until I get to your tits. My hand undoes you pants. I flick my tongue on your nipples. I suckle them and nibble them. My hand slides down into your panties. You spread your legs. My fingers play with your curly hair before moving down further. You’re warm and wet. I trace your lips with my fingers getting you more excited. I find your clit and make little circles on it with my fingers. You let out a moan.

I move my kisses back up to your neck then back to your lips. I love the way your elvakent escort tongue feels against mine.

“I want your cock inside me,” you whisper in my ear.

I give you one last kiss before moving down to your legs. I pull down your pants and toss them on the floor. I move myself in between your spread legs and slide your pretty panties off you. I stand up quickly to take off my own jeans and underwear. I scoot in closer to you. I grab the base of my cock and aim it in between your wet pussy lips. I tease you at first. I play with you clit with the head of my cock getting you more wet. Once you’re wet enough, I start to work my thick cock into your tight pussy. You moan. Your pussy is really tight, but you’re so wet it makes it easy to slide in and out of you.

You wrap your legs around me. I run my hands over your thighs and under to your ass. As I stroke in and out of your pussy, I bend low to you and kiss you.

“Your cock feels so good.”

I start to pound into you. Our bodies stick together as we build up a sweat. I kiss your salty nipples.

I lean back up so that I’m kneeling in between your legs again. I look down at my cock as I fuck you in and out. I love the way your pussy looks wrapped around my hard-on.

“I want to you finish with you on top.” I tell you.


You unwrap your legs from around me as I scoop you up in my arms trying not to slip out of you. We roll together so that I’m on my back and you’re mounted on top of me. I slide deeper inside of you. You put your hands on my chest for support as you start bouncing on my cock. This time you look down to see your wet pussy gliding up and down over my cock. You look at me and smile. I can’t remember the last time you’ve smiled so much. But then I guess we’ve never done this before either.

I love the way it feels to have your body on top of mine. I reach up and squeeze your tits as you fuck me. You put your hands on top of mine.

“Oh, fuck!” I yell.

You start to fuck me faster and faster. We start breathing harder. My adrenaline starts to pump. Without thinking I sit-up and take you in my arms. And in one quick motion I stand up, picking you up with me and lean against the wall. You wrap your legs and arms around me as I start to lift you up and down on my cock. We both moan…loudly. We moan with each hard pound. Our faces grimace with pleasure.

You give me a look, asking me with your eyes if I’m ready to cum. I nod. I lift you up faster and harder. Faster and harder. My muscles begin to tense. I feel my cock throbbing inside your pussy. You let out a loud moan as you cum. Your pussy starts to constrict around my cock. That’s all I needed. My cock swells one last time as I shoot out my hot cum into you.

My knees buckle so I slowly slide us down the wall so that I’m sitting with you still on top of me.

You bounce on my cock a few more times making sure you get all the cum out of me before sliding off and sitting next to me. I pull the blanket over the both of us as we just sit there trying to catch our breath.

I see the camera laying there next to me. I pick it and put my arm around you. I take two pictures.

We look at each other and smile. I kiss you.

“You’re going to call all of your girlfriends now aren’t you?” I ask already knowing the answer.”

“Oh, yeah.”

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