Picture This


There’s an old saying in the world of photography that “sooner or later, everyone will shoot a nude,” but I never really pursued it. Not that I wouldn’t have loved to spend my time and effort recording the beauty of naked young women but, being married to a rather conservative woman, I concentrated my artistic efforts on flowers and landscapes instead. I’ve managed to build a pretty good portfolio and client base of fine art print sales and publications over the years, so it’s not like I feel like I’ve missed anything.

I’ve also become a mentor and technical advisor to my niece, Veronica, who became interested in photography during her high school years when she worked on the school yearbook. Of all my nieces, she’s the one I’ve always been closest to over the years, despite the fact that she lives 1500 miles away. This common interest in photography has served to keep us talking at a point in her life when the old folks aren’t usually interesting. Now that she’s in college, she often calls with news of her life and she shares a lot of pictures via email, as well.

It wasn’t long after Ronnie, as Iusually refer to her, went to college that I began to see an interesting change in her photography, a quantum jump from the usual high school yearbook work and snapshots of friends. It started with a shadowy black and white picture of a young couple making love. It didn’t show anything, not even faces, but it was extremely sexy all the same – enough to make my cock twitch, at least. As time went on, Ronnie sent me examples of even more of this kind of work. I often kidded her about bringing out the dirty old man in me by sending me these nude shots of her nubile friends, but I helped her with my critiques of the pictures, both technical and artistic, and the pictures of all subjects that she sent just kept getting better. To help give her inspiration, I often would send her links to the websites of photographers whose work, in any genre, that I found interesting.

Shortly after Christmas this year, Ronnie came to visit and spend a week shooting pictures with me. The first couple of days were mild and sunny and we spent a lot of time outdoors around the tourist hangouts, which we had mostly to ourselves. The pictures we were both getting were great.

The third morning of her visit, the weather was awful. I saw my wife off to work and my son off to school and puttered with cleaning up my equipment while I let slept in. Around mid-morning, she stumbled out of the guest room and into my little office, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a wife-beater t-shirt. I could see the large dark nipples of her nearly non-existent breasts through the thin white material and had to remind myself to look her in the eye.

I suppose a bit of description would be in order. Veronica is, in a word, tiny. No more than five feet tall, I doubt she weighs 90 pounds. Her hair is a dark auburn color and she has very deep blue eyes, though she wears green contacts. She has a very nice figure, with wide enough hips that you know she’s a woman and not a young girl, despite her small stature and tiny breasts. She’s very athletic, too, which helps to keep her stomach flat and her legs and arms firm.

“What are we gonna do today?” she yawned. “I looked outside and the weather’s awful.”

I told her I wasn’t sure. “Maybe we can just take a day off and plan for the next few days shooting? Maybe this muck will blow out of here tonight.”

We spent a little while looking at websites and ran across a photo that we both found interesting. The model was topless in jeans, sitting on her feet and facing away from the camera. I said “I bet I could do a shot like that if I had a model.”

Ronnie said, “That sounds fun. Besides, There’s someone special that I’d like to give a few shots for Valentines…”

In no time we were deep in a discussion, planning out a series of poses. We used masking tape to hang a dark sheet on the wall in the guest room where Ronnie was staying, then she sent me out while she changed into some low-rider jeans. When I came in she posed, still in her wife-beater, so I could set up the camera and adjust a couple of things to make the natural light coming in the window show her to the best advantage. Ronnie’s only stipulation for these pictures was that I not show her face. That was fine by me, since the model’s face wasn’t showing in the picture we were trying to imitate.

I turned around while Ronnie pulled off her shirt and got back into the pose with her back to me. I snapped a few frames of each of the poses we had planned on my digital camera until we’d gone through all of them. She asked me to turn around while she put her shirt back on and then we checked the pictures on the camera’s LCD screen.

“Not ataşehir escort bad,” she grumbled, “but I really don’t like the way the jeans look.”

“What if we drape a sheet around your hips like one of the other sets of shots on that website and see how that looks?” I suggested.

I really expected her to say no, but she liked the idea. We found another dark sheet to use and I left the room until she called me back in. The pose was nearly right, except that I thought the sheet was a bit too high on her hips, so I said, “excuse me while I adjust this” and moved the sheet around until it was low enough to show just the very top of the cleft between her ass cheeks. Unfortunately, that also showed her pink cotton panties. I explained the problem to Ronnie and she told me to adjust whatever needed adjusting for the shot, since she couldn’t see what the camera could.

My cock lurched and my mouth went dry as I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her panties and tugged them down low enough on her hips that I could hide them with the sheet. Her skin was very warm, and I had to stop myself from lingering to touch or look.

After these shots, I left the room while Ronnie dressed. I was downloading the pictures from the camera’s memory when she came in. Was it my imagination or were her nipples hard? We sat close together while we went through the photos together on the computer. It was a very strange but erotic experience to be sitting next to my niece while we looked at these nudes of her, even if the most they showed was a hint of her ass crack. We picked our favorites and touched them up. I must admit, for a first time effort at photographing a nude, I did some pretty good work.

Ronnie showered while I fixed lunch. Over lunch, she said she had been looking at herself in the mirror and had a couple of ideas for more shots. As she described the poses, I slowly began to realize something.

“But that would mean you’d have to be…”

“Naked? I know.”

I found it hard to swallow the mouthful of food I had been chewing. There were several thoughts that ran through my mind: 1) This would be the first time I’d had an eighteen-year-old-girl naked in my bedroom since I was that age myself. 2) My wife would shoot us both if she found out. 3) I hope I don’t cum in my pants.

The poses were modest at first, mostly similar to the shots we’d done with the sheet draped on her hips. Even though she was totally naked, there was nothing to see except that in a few of the shots you could see every bit of the cleft between her round buttocks. We then moved on to a series of photos where she was standing on the bed on her knees, her upper body turned away slightly. The whole situation was so bizarre and erotic that I was barely able to concentrate on taking the photos, but I managed, despite the way my cock was twitching and oozing drops of pre-cum into my underwear.

We took another break to check the previews. Veronica merely wrapped a towel around herself as we skipped through the pictures on the camera. When we’d gone through the latest batch, I commented “I think we’ve gotten about as many views of your back as I can imagine.” I really was running out of ideas. “So unless you can think of a pose or two…” I left it hanging. Would she let me shoot anything more explicit than we’d already done?

“I have a few ideas,” she stammered nervously. “Just don’t get my face in them. I’d hate to have that sort of picture pop up if I run for Congress or something.”

“OK,” I said. “Anytime you’re ready.” I turned around while she settled into the pose.

We started this round of pictures with a classic pose that I’ve always loved. Veronica sat on the bed with one leg tucked under herself, the other knee up and her arms wrapped around it, her head was down on her arms. My view from the side only showed the slight swell of the side of her tiny breast. The nipple was hidden because her leg was in the way. I’ve always loved this pose, and did my best to get good images of it.

“Can we do something a little wilder now?” she asked.

I gulped. “What did you have in mind?

“This!” She flopped onto her back, blocking her pubic mound from view by raising the leg that was toward me, and covering her breasts with one arm as she propped herself up on one elbow. She grinned nervously and then turned her head away as I ducked behind the camera and focused. I took several shots of this, both full-body and upper torso. In the few minutes that this took, my cock just kept getting harder.

“My arm’s getting tired,” she complained. Surprisingly, rather than lay completely back on the bed, she dropped the arm that was covering her breasts, giving me my first unobstructed view of them. As I’ve said, her breasts kadıköy escort bayan are tiny, but what nipples she has! Slightly larger than quarters, deep brownish pink, they were puffy and sat up proudly on the ends of her breasts. She arched her back and I quickly snapped a few more pictures, zooming in from the wide full-body view of her petite frame, to an upper body shot, and finally a close-up view of the side of one breast. Her nipples were extremely hard, even though the room was quite warm.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

“Ready for another?” she asked.

“Are you sure?”

“I want these pictures to be special and you’re the only one I’d trust enough to take them”

The next pose was very similar to those we had just done, except that Ronnie covered her pubic mound with her tiny hand and put down the leg had been hiding her pussy from view. Again and again I clicked away at the shutter – thank God for big memory cards. One of the shots from this round was a closeup of her hand on her mound, the fingers just barely curved down along her pussy. There didn’t seem to be a hair on her mound. I was fully erect now, full of forbidden lust for my sexy young niece.

It was around this time that Veronica seemed to forget I was even there, and she began to move from one position to another as I continued to snap photo after photo. Her hand moved down further between her legs, her other hand reaching up to tease a nipple. Eventually she was openly masturbating, her moans filling the room, punctuated only by the click of the shutter as she writhed on the bed. She moved through several positions until she finally climaxed. At that point she was up on her knees, her head and shoulders on the mattress, with two fingers from one hand furiously working on her clit while the middle finger from her other hand worked just as hard on her asshole. I could see the wetness oozing from her, making a long drip of clear girl-cum that stretched from her soaked wrist. It had almost reached the bed when it broke and dropped to the sheets.

“Put down the camera,” she panted. “Put it down and touch me.”

“Are you sure you want that?” I asked, incredulous at the thought of my 19-year-old niece inviting me, her 50-year-old uncle, to put my hands on her naked body. It had been strange enough that she would have even gone this far and masturbated in front of me as I took pictures.

“Yes, dammit!” she yelled. “Touch me! I need your hands on my tits, my pussy. I want you to touch me. I want you to taste me. I want you to make love to me, Uncle Bill.”

Almost reluctantly, I put down the camera and moved beside her on the bed as she stayed up on her knees with her head down on the mattress. I reached out a trembling hand and placed it on her ass. Her skin was warm, covered in a sheen of sweat. I brought my other hand to her slim thigh and began to move upward toward her pussy. It seemed we were both holding our breath, waiting for that first contact to be made.

At last, my fingers found their way to her wet slit. She moaned as I dipped a finger into her vagina to gather a little moisture. Sh moaned even louder as I slid that same slick finger along her inner lips and circled the hard nub of her clit. As I rolled her clit around with the index finger of one hand I massaged the firm flesh of her ass with the other.

“Inside me,” Ronnie moaned. “Put your fingers inside me.”

I honored her request, slipping a finger deep inside her soaked channel. Kneeling behind her I began to lap at her ass crack while I fingered her pussy. My thumb took over the job of massaging her clit. She was moaning loudly as her hips bucked back against me, fucking herself against the finger which was now rubbing her g-spot and forcing my tongue against her anus. A second climax rocked her tiny body and more juices poured from her, soaking my hand and dripping to the sheets below. Sated for the moment, Ronnie pulled away from me and lay flat on the bed. I sat beside her naked form, still fully clothed, and massaged the warm flesh of her ass.

A few moments later she recovered from her climax and lazily rolled over. Her face was flushed and her hair was damp on her forehead. She sat up and smiled at me.

“Wow. That was a strong one,” she sighed. “Now for you. Stand up.”

I stood by the edge of the bed and took in the sight as Ronnie undid the button fly of my jeans and worked them and my boxers to the floor. As I kicked them away from my feet, she scooted to the edge of the bed and sat with her legs spread around me, her ankles locked behind my own. Then she reached around and placed a hand on each ass cheek, and pulled my throbbing cock to her mouth.

I nearly came the second her mouth wrapped around my shaft. She kept one hand escort maltepe on my ass, using the other to fondle my nuts and occasionally stroke my cock. Her lips and tongue explored the every bit of my hard-on – running over the head and up and down the shaft, even occasionally taking my balls in her mouth to suck them gently. Her hand gripped my ass and I unconsciously began to push myself into her mouth, I felt my balls really tighten up against my shaft as I approached a climax of my own, but Ronnie seemed to sense that. She lifted her mouth from my cock, still holding it lightly by the base of the shaft and looked up at me.

“I want this in my pussy,” she stated matter-of-factly.

“Are you sure?”

She bit her lip and nodded. ” Yes. I want you inside me. I want you to be the first, Uncle Bill.”

“Your first?” I stammered. “Shouldn’t that be with someone special?”

“But you are special, Uncle Bill,” she whispered as she looked deep into my eyes. “You’re the most special man ever in my life. I’ve always loved you. I’ve wanted you since, well, forever, so just put this inside me.” She tightened her grasp on my cock and started guiding me by it so that I moved between her thighs. I moved in closer, as she lined my cock up with her opening. Her wetness coating me and helping to lubricate me, I slid into her with one gentle stroke. I watched as she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as I started to move in and out of her tight sheath.

“I feel so stretched,” she groaned. “It almost hurts.”

“Just relax” I murmured as I held her close. My cock was throbbing with every heartbeat and I could feel Ronnie’s virgin sheath clasping me as she fought to relax and accommodate my hardness.

“Mmmmmm,” Ronnie sighed. “It’s already starting to feel better, but I feel so full.”

I moved in and out of her in long slow strokes, savoring the feel of her tight and velvety pussy. I tried to pace myself and not work up to a climax too soon, realizing that this may be the only occurrence of this forbidden act. Ronnie, on the other hand was growing impatient with my slow strokes. She dug her heels into my ass and directed my thrusts, urging me to pick up the pace.

“Ooo, yeah,” she purred. “Faster and harder, just like that!”

My legs were beginning to warn me that I couldn’t keep up this frantic pumping, no matter how willing my spirit may have been to plow Ronnie’s furrow for several hours. “Ride me,” I whispered in her ear as I rolled over onto my back, keeping my cock buried deep in her tunnel as I did.

Ronnie rode me hard, bouncing herself up and down on my rod at a frantic pace as she built to yet another orgasm. I pulled her down and crushed her chest against mine, kissing her deeply as I humped up to meet her on her downward motions.

“Fuck me, Uncle Bill,” she moaned. “Fuck me! I’m so close! I need to cum!”

Not changing my pace, I moved my hand down her back to the cleft between her firm ass cheeks and to her perfect little anal rosebud. It was slick from her juices, not to mention the saliva I had left when I had put my tongue there, and my index finger easily slid into her up to the second knuckle.

“Oh, my God, yes!” Ronnie howled as she came. I don’t know how I kept from cumming myself as she bucked and groaned on top of me. The rippling contractions going on in her pussy were incredible.

“I love you, Uncle Bill,” she whispered as she caught her breath, still riding me gently, the ‘aftershocks’ of her climax causing her to shudder involuntarily now and then and giving my cock some very pleasant squeezes. I began to buck up into her, eager now to build to my own orgasm.

After a few minutes of very pleasant love-making, during which Ronnie and I kissed almost non-stop, I felt that old familiar tingle in my groin that meant my climax was near. As my balls drew up tight, I broke our kiss.

“I’m about to cum,” I announced. “I don’t want to get you pregnant…”

I’m on the pill, Uncle Bill,” Ronnie said. She sat up slightly and smiled down at me. “Fill me up. Cum in me!”

I started working hard to reach my climax, pushing with renewed strength into Ronnie’s cunt. She ground her hips down on me and I could feel her squeezing her inner muscles as she moaned, “Cum inside me. Fill up my hot little pussy. Shoot your hot load in me and fill me full.”

In no time, I was obliging her. I groaned and thrust one last time, deeper than I had ever been in her up til then, and emptied my balls in a half-dozen large squirts.

“I feel it!” Ronnie cried out. “I feel you shooting in me. It’s so warm, so sexy. God, Uncle Bill, I love you so much.”

She lay her head on my chest and we simply held each other. After a little while, my deflated cock slipped from her and I could feel our combined juices slipping from her pussy and pooling on my belly. She smiled at me when I rolled her off my chest onto the bed beside me.

“I hope your boyfriend appreciates the pictures,” I whispered.

“What boyfriend?” she giggled. “I did all this for you.”

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