Playing with Fire Pt. 02

Big Tits

Please read part 1 and come on back!


My teenage stepdaughter Jenny was in my bed while I lay there in complete shock. She just sat there, partially covered up, completely cool. My cock throbbed inside my briefs and she looked down at me, licking her lips. Her mouth was open and her eyes were filled with heat. I couldn’t move and could barely register what had just happened. She had tricked me, so I should have been angry, but she had also given me the most wonderful and intense blowjob I’d had in years, perhaps ever. How had she learned to please a man like that? A dozen thoughts rushed through my mind.

“Jenny, you gotta get outta here,” I told her, freaked out. For one thing, her mother, my wife Jocelyn, was in the bedroom across the hall.

“You didn’t like it, daddy?” she purred, then wiped the corner of her mouth with her finger. I couldn’t answer. “I know you did, daddy. You told me you did. And I felt your reaction,” she went on. She was right, it was incredible, mind blowing. A part of me wanted more but another part of me wanted to kick her out. I loved her and I resented her. I just shook my head. “You’re lying, daddy. You said it felt better than before. You prefer me to my mom.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“So, you were just saying that?”

“Jenny, no. That part was true. No, I meant when I shook my head, I…” I couldn’t form a meaningful sentence.

“Oh. So you did like it? Did I please you, daddy?” she said. I had no idea if she was actually looking for positive reinforcement or was just playing with my mind. I nodded, filled with shame. “You want me to finish you off, daddy?” she asked me, and moved towards me. The bed sheet slipped down a little and her tits were almost completely exposed. She hand reached over and touched my dick. “Let me make you come, daddy. I want to.”

I didn’t move but just said, “No, Jenny, please, I…”

She pulled my cock out of my briefs and started jerking me off again, soft and slow. It felt incredible. “It’s so big and amazing, daddy. My mom doesn’t deserve you,” she said, then went down on my again. I watched her as she swallowed my cock and I could easily have come right away. She was prettiest girl ever to suck my dick. I let her go for a minute then pulled away, my cock falling out of her mouth. She looked at me with disappointment in her face, but I felt manipulated and a little angry with her.

“No, please leave, sweetheart,” I said and put my cock away.

“Daddy. I told you that I owed you, remember? What did you think I meant? It’s the least I can do,” she said. She was implying that I would get head from her if I bought her nice things, but maybe I misunderstood her. At least this made it easier for me. I turned over, grabbed a blanket, turned off the light and didn’t speak. I didn’t know what to do, what to feel. I felt Jenny lay down beside me, her naked body cuddled up against my back and legs. She put her arms around me and kissed my shoulder. “I’m sorry, daddy,” she said and stroked my hair in a gesture of comfort.

I hadn’t felt a more lovely or intimate physical contact in years and I genuinely sensed affection from her. Her legs and breasts were pressed against me and her arms encircled my chest, making me feel loved. “Thank you, sweetheart,” I said.

“I’m sorry I upset you, daddy. I thought…” she stopped talking and just snuggled up to me. I closed my eyes and held her hand.

“It’s OK. I was just shocked,” I told her, but it was more than that. Was I ready to have an affair with my wife’s daughter, a girl less than half my age?

“Daddy, will you please turn around?” she asked me. My god, I wanted to. I wanted to touch her all over and kiss her sweetly, but I felt sick and knew that I couldn’t.

“Your mom is sleeping next door.”

“I hate her,” Jenny whispered, and I wasn’t surprised to hear her say it. Again, I began to wonder if her actions towards me were partly due to resentment towards her mother.

“Jenny, don’t say that. Please, I think you should go. I’m sorry.”

“OK, daddy,” she said. And with a soft little kiss on my cheek, she got out of bed. I could see in the dark that she had picked up a nightie and was putting it on.

I felt bad for her, leaned over and said, “Jenny, I love you.” We’d said that to each other quite a few times in the past, but it had always been as a gesture of familial affection, never sexual or romantic. I’m not sure how I meant it just then.

“I love you too, daddy,” she whispered, and was gone. I felt like shit and couldn’t sleep. After an hour of restlessness, I jerked off with the memory of Jenny’s sweet lips on my cock fresh in my mind.


The next morning, I got up and went to the kitchen, in my briefs and a bathrobe. Jocelyn and Jenny were both in the kitchen and seemed happy, getting along better than usual, it seemed. “Coffee, honey?” my wife said and I smiled and nodded. Jenny stood there in her nightie and panties, drinking her coffee and looking at me. The material of her panties was fairly sheer and I could see the outline of her ataşehir escort lips and little whisps of groomed pubic hair. My heart started to race and I shook my head at her. She knew what that meant by now and gave me a sly smile.

“Did you sleep OK last night, Johnny?” Jocelyn asked me and I could see Jenny suppressing a laugh. She seemed to be OK with what happened between us and I found her smiles infectious. I smiled at her, and after Jocelyn passed me some coffee, Jenny looked at me and licked her lips. I was now fully in the mood to fuck her pretty little mouth again. “Hmmm?” Jocelyn said and looked at me. I had spaced out.

“What? Oh. Yeah, fine, sure. You?” I blurted our foolishly and Jenny giggled.

“Uh huh,” my wife replied. “And you, Jen?” she asked her daughter.

“Me? Oh I slept wonderfully, like a baby,” she said, putting her thumb in her mouth and looking at me provocatively. “It was…better than ever before,” she said coyly and I remembered that those were my words to her as she sucked my cock last night.

“Really? Wow,” her mother replied, somewhat confused, but carried on making breakfast. Jenny and I exchanged glances and I felt utterly charmed by her again, though still uncertain about the situation. “Say, Johnny,” my wife went on. “I’m feeling much better today if you wanted to go off and do something together.” I didn’t hate the idea, but felt conflict about Jenny.

“And you, Jenny? Do you have plans today? You want to join us?” I suggested, but Jocelyn intercepted.

“No, I meant just the two of us, y’know.”

I sat there with a stupid look on my face and looked over at Jenny. She shrugged and showing no emotion at all, just said, “Whatever,” and left the room. This was typical of Jocelyn’s crass parenting style that had led to an emotional gap between them. I wasn’t left much time to consider all this as Jocelyn grabbed me by the hand and led me to our bedroom.

“Let’s fuck, babe. It’s been…too long,” she said. I actually felt weird about it but of course I wanted to. I smiled at her and put my hand between her legs. I could feel the moistness of her pussy on my fingers and imagined for a moment that I was touching her daughter. Jocelyn grabbed my cock and started to yank me.

“Woah, gently, honey,” I asked her. She had never been too good at that, and I yearned for Jenny’s sweet touch. I started fingering her and pushed her down on the bed. I pulled her panties aside and went down on her. Her reaction was heated and quick. She started moaning and groaning, too loud for my comfort and pulling my hair as I stimulated her clit.

“Oh…fuck…yeah…uh uh…yes, yes!” she cried out, and I became acutely aware that Jenny could most likely hear all of this. My wife started to come and I kept going, making sure she reached her climax. “OK, man. Fuck me. Give it to me,” she said, wildly.

I hesitated. “You wanna suck my cock first?” I suggested. She looked at me with obvious irritation, but shrugged and said OK. I pulled off my briefs and because she was sitting on the bed, moved over to her and pushed it in her face. She kissed the end of it and grabbed it with her hand. “Easy now,” I told her. She was always way too rough with it. I pressed it against her lips and got it in her mouth. I couldn’t tell if she wanted to take it or not, but inspired by the incredible head Jenny had given me last night, I wanted the same thing from her mother.

Jocelyn raised her eyebrows as my long, fat cock entered her mouth, further than ever before, but not as far as Jenny had taken it. I closed my eyes and pictured her young, pretty face. I slowly started fucking Jocelyn’s mouth, holding her head still with my hands. It felt pretty good and as she started making little noises, possibly of discomfort, I realized that I was taking out my frustration and a little hatred towards her. However, I started to feel the cum rise in me. “You want me to come in your mouth or you still wanna fuck?” I asked her.

I was being pretty mean and I didn’t know what kind of reply to expect. She pulled my dick out of her mouth, and appearing startled, said, “yeah, I’m ready to be fucked, come on.” I was glad she wasn’t pissed off with me for forcing her to suck my cock, and proceeded to give it to her. She got really vocal again as I fucked her, crying out, “Uh…give it to me, Johnny…yes, yes…fuck my pussy…” way too loudly, given that her daughter was nearby. I came inside her, emitting a loud groan of release. That was a much better fuck than our last one, and I collapsed on top of her in exhaustion. We started giggling and I pulled out with a grin. “Good fuck, John, thanks,” she said.

“And thanks for the blow job, Jocelyn,” I told her.

“Sure. You like it like that? Good to know,” she said and I was surprised. I guess there would be more head in my future, however half-hearted. “OK, I’m gonna jump in the shower,” she said and ran into the en suite bathroom. I lay there for a minute then put my briefs and bathrobe back on and went back into the kitchen for seconds on coffee. Jenny was in there kadıköy escort bayan and I suddenly felt shitty. She looked over at me but I couldn’t read her face. Even if she was upset or annoyed, she wasn’t likely to show it or tell me. She had perfected the role of teen ice queen.

“Uh, Johnny, fuck my pussy…uh uh…fuck me, Johnny,” she said without looking up from the book she was reading. I stood there, dumbfounded, but she looked over at me and gave me a sly smile and I felt much better.

“Jenny, I’m sorry about that. I…”

“You’re sorry for fucking your wife?”

“I’m sorry you had to hear that.”

“It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard that bitch say shit like that,” she said. I was taken aback by her language. There it was, the hurt. I didn’t respond, just made a face. “Daddy, when she sucked your cock just now, was it as good as me?” she asked me and looked over, with apparent sincerity in her eyes.

“You really want me to answer that, sweetie?”

Jenny stood up and walked over to me. I glanced at her sheer panties again and my heart skipped a beat. She put her hands in mine and pressed herself against me. There was serious heat between us. “Yes, I do,” she said. I paused for a minute, looking at her with lust and affection.

“Truthfully, no,” I replied.

“No, what?”

I sighed. “It wan’t as good.”

“What wasn’t as good as what?” Jenny persisted. “Say it.”

“You were better,” I told her truthfully.

“I was better at what?” she said, teasing me.

“Jenny, you were better at sucking my cock that your mom.”

“How much better?” she whispered, standing on her tiptoes, her lips now an inch from mine.

“Incomparably, Jenny.”

“Thank you, daddy. I enjoyed it too,” she said with a sly smile. “Daddy…are all cocks as big as that? I didn’t expect…”

I couldn’t help but laugh and feel good. “No, Jenny. I’m a big boy.”

She smiled at me and planted a sweet kiss on my lips, then sat back down. I felt the kiss lingering on my lips like the aftershock of an earthquake. I touched my mouth and looked at her. She returned my gaze and didn’t look away. “I can’t wait for her to leave, daddy,” she said and I couldn’t tell exactly what she meant by that.


Inevitably, Jocelyn did leave and life got back to normal at home with just Jenny and I. I was filled with a mixture of excitement as to what the coming weeks might hold and trepidation about the moral implications of playing taboo games with my stepdaughter. I didn’t even know if she wanted to go further with me, what her end game was, and if I would be able to resist her if it came to it. I was resolved to try and be responsible but knew all that might fly out of the window once I was within her irresistible sphere of beauty.

It wasn’t until the next weekend that I found myself inside that sphere again, when I was lounging in the back yard trying to relax on a Saturday afternoon. It was too hot and I’d had an irritating week at work, so I wasn’t in the mood to be pestered. Jenny came by, stood over me and the shade she provided was a welcome respite from the sun. Through her silhouetted figure, I saw she was wearing a cute little summer dress and my heart melted for her. She shifted a little and I could see her better. She was in a black dress with green trim and her bust was trussed up like a 18th century duchess. She looked insanely hot and I felt lust rise in my blood.

I put my paper down, relaxed my legs and just looked at her, freely letting my eyes wander all over her glorious form. She smiled. “Hi daddy,” she said softly.

“Hi trouble. How are you?”

She sat down on my knee. I got hard instantly and she wriggled her ass around on my dick as she always liked to do. She let out a little “Mmmmm,” put her arm around me and looked into my eyes. I put my hands on her tummy and waist, felt her beautiful body and she licked her lips when I did. I just carried on touching her and we didn’t speak. I didn’t touch her tits or her pussy, so I wasn’t crossing any line, not really. I was feeling totally horny and pissed off, so if she wanted to play chicken today, I was gonna win.

“You like touching my body, daddy?” she whispered in a girly voice. I nodded and carried on. “You think my body feels good, daddy?”

“Uh huh.” I touched her legs and the top of her ass.

“You like your big hands all over my little body, daddy?”

I nodded. “Uh huh.”

“Well, daddy, you wanna rematch?”

I assumed she was talking about our game of chicken which she had won last time. “Sure, baby,” I said. I was gonna go for her tits though. I wanted to squeeze those magnificent fleshy melons and I was going to, unless she said chicken first. I started on her tummy then walked my fingers down to just above her pussy, slowly. She looked aroused and spread out a little. But instead of continuing on, I moved back up to her stomach again.

“Daddy, you’re going the wrong way,” she said.

“Change of rules, little darling,” I told her with a sparkle in my eye.

“OK, escort maltepe daddy,” she said.

I was a few inches below her tits. I put my hand down flat on her, and my fingertips brushed the bottom of her breast. She didn’t say chicken, nor did I expect her to. Instead of moving onto her tits, I walked my fingers up in between her breasts then up to her neck. I put my hand around her throat and gently squeezed. she opened her mouth and started breathing hard. I squeezed a little more and she made a snarling face at me like she was getting off on it.

She wriggled around on my hard cock a little more and closed her eyes, letting out a sigh. I took my hand off her throat and moved to her shoulders. With both hands, I moved her arms down by her sides and flicked her shoulder straps down. My eyes feasted on her ample bosom and she smiled at me in acknowledgment of my attraction to her. I brushed my fingers along the top of her chest, then, back to her shoulder straps. Jenny inhaled sharply as I touched her.

I very softly started pulling her straps down. I looked at her coldly, and I could see most of her tits now, just above the nipples. “You may want to say chicken now, sweetheart,” I whispered to her.

“No, daddy. You won’t pull it down any further.”

She was right, for now. I left her top sitting just above her nipples, and pulled her back towards me. I positioned her so her back was against me and I had full access to the front of her body if I wanted it. She rested her cheek against mine and brushed the back of my hair with her hand. “I told you you wouldn’t pull it down any further, daddy,” apparently intoxicated by passion.

“The game isn’t over yet, sweetie,” I replied. I put my hand flat on her shoulder and started moving down across her chest towards her bust. My fingertips reached her dress. I tickled the tops of her titties for a minute then put both my hands on her tummy. I moved them up and this time I was going to get her. As my hands got closer to her tits, Jenny turned her head and her lips were nearly against mine. “Say it, Jenny,” I whispered.

She moved her face up and her lips were tickling mine. “No, daddy.”

“I’m going to touch your titties, Jenny.”

“No you won’t daddy. You’ll say chicken first.” Her lips were gently pressed against mine.

“I’m not going to stop,” I said.

“Don’t,” Jenny replied.

“I mean it.”

“So do I.”

Jenny then did something I didn’t expect. She very softly licked the inside of my top lip. I put my hands on her breasts and kissed her. I had given in. She was too perfect, too irresistible. We started very softly making out as I caressed her breasts. “You didn’t say chicken, daddy,” she said through the kiss. I pulled her dress down and revealed her buxom breasts, and I continued to squeeze them softly. We kissed and I massaged her titties for a few glorious minutes, all the while she was grinding slowly on my dick, moaning softly.

Jenny then sat up and moved away a little, facing me. I took my hands off her and just admired her half nude body. She sat there for a moment, smiling, then leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Chicken.” She then stood up, put her dress back on properly and walked away. “Good game, daddy. I’ll need a rematch soon,” she said calmly and went inside the house.

I just sat there like an idiot with a raging hard on and a red face. What what this little pricktease playing at? I hadn’t expected her to stop, but I suppose it was good that she had. As much as I wanted to fuck her, I knew it was a truly terrible idea. I doubt she stopped me from going further for any reason other than to play her game, however. It certainly wasn’t out of moral conscience or common sense. I just shook my head and picked up my book again, feeling frustrated, relieved and a little amazed.


A few days went by without incident, as I was mostly out working and Jenny was busy with school and gymnastics. As per tradition, we made plans to eat out during the week together, something we had done ever since her mom had taken her out of town job. Initially, it had been a way to catch up and make she was doing alright, but it became something we both enjoyed and looked forward to.

Unusually however, this time, I had to come straight from work, and Jenny took an Uber to the restaurant to meet me. I waited at the bar, and felt strangely nervous. I ordered a small Bourbon and chatted to the bartender. After a little while, appropriately late, in walked Jenny. She was fully dressed up in a long red dress, her hair up and sporting glossy lipstick. She looked well beyond her years in grace and sophistication and I felt strong feelings of romantic love for her.

She saw me and I stood up and waved. She came over, gliding through the crowd, all heads turning towards her as she gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. “Hi honey,” she said to me. She’d never called me that before, and I wondered why. I signaled to the hostess who sat us in a quiet little booth, and I realized then that it was a very romantic scenario, totally inappropriate for a stepfather-daughter situation. Trying to not let it bother me, I looked at her across from me and sighed. She looked so beautiful, perhaps lovelier than I’d ever seen her, and even though her bosom was looking ravishing, she didn’t look slutty in the least.

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