Pocket Money Pt. 04


“Luke wants to fuck me.”

Another Saturday, another visit from Jess on the way to the shops. So good having her pop in to see him.

“Course he does. Natural for him and I bet you do too. Don’t forget the condom.”

“Of course I do, and would like to do it with you too but I’m not forgoing my five hundred pounds.”

“You are from me. I can’t justify – especially as I’ll have to wear a condom too and I don’t much like them.”

“What about when you were married.”

He did not like being reminded. “She was on the Pill.”

Jim had never taken a girl’s virginity. The whole idea had a certain excitement to it. The idea of being first but not for five hundred pounds – no way!

It was not something he had meant to mention to anyone. Despite Jess asking him, more than once, if he had any friends he could ‘recommend’ her services to, he had had no intention of suggesting anyone. He had very much a soft spot from the girl. To say he felt a parental responsibility would have been rather overdoing it, particularly with what he had paid her to do but certainly he felt in the role of an honorary uncle. He did not want Jess to be hurt in any way or in any serious fashion to go ‘on the game.’ A little selfish in keeping Jess to himself? Well, maybe that as well.

It was when sitting in a pub talking to his old school friend, Charlie Sands, that it had sort of come out. Charlie like him was a divorcee. It seemed to have happened to quite a few of his friends. Rather more than perhaps might have been expected. Charlie had been asking whether he had been ‘going out’ and he had said no and found it was the same for Charlie. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” Charlie had said. “Of course, I shouldn’t be looking at the secretaries but more someone of my own age.”

Jim had nodded thinking of just how young Jess was.

“One misses… I mean…” Charlie went on bemoaning the lack of sex. “How long since you’ve…”

It was perhaps the look on his face that gave the game away. The reality was Jess had blown him that very afternoon. Charlie had picked up on the expression and had not let it alone. Eventually Jim had revealed all about Jess and him.

Charlie had pressed him, bought another round of drinks, and looked increasingly excited.

“Five hundred pounds wouldn’t bother me, Jim. I don’t boast, but my business has done rather well. Might even be able to slip it through the books as expenses and save on the tax. That’d knock a lot off the price.” A pause, “But even so five hundred pounds for…”

Jim rather doubted Jess’ receipt would quite pass the eagle eye of his accountant or the Revenue!

Charlie, though, was not a bad looking bloke. A little large maybe and he was not sure Jess would take to his big bushy beard but he had money and Jim knew him well enough to recommend him to Jess. It was not what he had intended but one other bloke using Jess’ services would not matter – not really. And Jess did want that five hundred pounds.

“I’ll speak to her.”

“Would you? Please. It’d be… eighteen you say?”

“She’s eighteen. You’ll need the Durex, she’s not on the Pill.”

“I’ve had the Snip, Jim, just before the divorce. I think she got me to do it on purpose. Maybe that’s unfair but… I don’t know. Took a lot of my money and also left me infertile. Hey, ho. You live and learn. So I can do the deed with my todger naked and unadorned by latex. Yeah, Jim – the idea! Another pint?”

Jess was enthusiastic – really enthusiastic. “No negotiation? He just accepted my price?”

Jim smiled, “Seemed to. I’d hold him to it.”

“I’d better give you your commission.”

“Oh, oh, I hadn’t thought of it like that but well, I suppose…”

She was already undoing the buttons to her blouse. “What would you like Jim? Anything but a fuck.”

Jim was not sure really about Jess ‘branching out.’ It was not mere selfishness on his part – keeping her to himself – but he did not, really, like the way Jess was selling herself. He liked the girl too much, did not want her really to go ‘on the game.’ He did not see himself really counting, as a client. Perhaps this was rather delusional but giving her some pocket money and, well, in return she dong a few ‘things’ did not seem quite the same when it was one man – and a man he knew to be ‘safe,’ at that, being himself. If she stopped at Charlie then, well, perhaps that was OK. He did not want her, though, seeing it all as ‘easy money,’ an easy way to a new ‘phone and clothes and… It could get out of hand.

He wondered what Luke would think if he knew.

A concerned Jim spoke again to his old school friend: “You’ll make it nice for her, Charlie, her first time and all. Be gentle.” Jim had been worried but, in the event, he conceded, after the event, that Charlie had done it well. Jim had wanted to make it right for Jess and Charlie had delivered. Jess had been clearly excited when he had driven her to his friend’s house. It was a very much finer house than his own. A real executive house. Jess’ parents were away again, blissfully ignorant of what their eryamandaki escortlar little girl was up to.

Charlie had dressed smartly and it was wonderfully incongruous the way he took and shook her hand at the doorstep – shaking the hand of the girl he was about to fuck, moreover take her virginity and for payment.

A drink first and some pleasant chat.

“Would you like to see the bedroom?”

He had made it nice for Jess with candles and so on. All very tidy and candlelit, the sheets folded back and even a rose on the pillow. It was something special for a young girl’s special day. How many girls lose their virginity to the wrong boy in a rather hurried and not too successful tumble in an unkempt bedroom? It was not going to be like that for Jess.

“Oh,” she said, “oh, it’s so lovely.”

The door had closed behind Charlie and Jess leaving Jim on the other side. He walked back to Charlie’s lounge and sat. Rather difficult just sitting there and knowing in the next room his young friend was probably already being undressed by his old school friend and… he hoped it would be fine for Jess. He was sure it would be for Charlie. He turned on the television.

It was sometime later, two whole programme’s later, that Jim heard a noise and turned from the television. There in the doorway was his Jess, a silk wrap around her and her hair all tousled.

“You OK?” He stood.

She was smiling, “Yes, Jim, I’m fine.”

“It was…?”

“It was nice, Jim. I think Charlie thought so. He was very gentle. Took his time and…” She let the wrap fall open, “did the deed.”

There was blood on her white thighs just as in the stories he had read as a lad when the deflowering of young maidens seemed all the rage.

“Did it hurt?” He was concerned.

“Not really. Would you like to… come second?”

“You mean?”

His friend had unexpectedly paid for Jim to follow on.

“Yes Jim, just what I mean, would you like to fuck an almost virgin?”

It was difficult to believe really. He was actually lying on top of the girl he had watched growing from a little gangling thing into the woman she now was. Not only lying atop her but lying naked on top of her with his penis, iron bar like it seemed to him, actually curving up inside her. He was not quite taking her virginity but very nearly – almost! Charlie had done that, but Jim was so closely following on it was hardly a different time. She was still bloodied after all!

He had rather naughtily – or even unwisely – entered her naked and was conscious he needed to put on a condom, was actually stroking to and fro, flesh to wet flesh inside Jess. It would not do, it would not do but it was just so good.

“How’s things?”

Beside the bed Charlie had appeared wrapped in a towelling robe. He had been showering in the en suite.

“Fine – more than fine. Fantastic. I’ve so wanted to…” Even with Charlie there he gave a thrust of his hips, sliding up into the girl unconcerned that his friend could see his naked bottom.

“Great. Let me know when you’re done and I might – if that’s OK Jess – try again.”

Jim waited for the door to close. “You happy, Jess, to let him… again.”

“Think so. He’s paying very well and this room is so nice. Five hundred pounds and… it’s not exactly hard work! And, Jim…” She kissed him on the lips. “I’ve really wanted to do this with you.” She moved her body against him, moving her vagina on his penis. “And, of course, now I can with Luke.”

Again Jim moved. He had not fucked since he had been with his wife. It was lovely to feel a woman under him again (and not that woman), feel himself embedded between Jess’ thighs… but really he must put that condom on. They were in a packet beside the bed. In and out, in and out, a steady motion. So comfortable, so warm and wet, so unwise.

To his credit Jim had had every intention of putting that condom on, only it always seemed something to do ‘in a minute.’ So good feeling the intimacy not through latex but for real. Ultimately it all got too much for Jim but at least when he realised he had gone too far to have time to put a condom on he withdrew and raised himself upwards. Within the bedclothes, between the two naked people, Jim’s penis spurted what felt to him like powerful jets of cum. Not in Jess’ vagina but all up her body.

He had fucked her, had sexual intercourse with his lovely young neighbour, only not come inside her, even in a condom. He was happy, gloriously happy. Yes, he had not had the mental satisfaction of pulsing within her body but he had been totally naked within her. Had felt on his own shaft and knob the slippery, warm wetness of Jess’ young vagina – OK aided by Charlie’s semen but, so what! Jim had used the withdrawal method of contraception, he had simply spurted up onto Jess’ tummy.

Jim let himself down, careful not to let his shrinking penis drop between the girls thighs. Instead he squashed it against her filigree of hair and felt his semen, warm on her tummy being squashed and spread by his own weight. He kissed Jess on her forehead. etimesgut bayan escort A tender kiss. Not that of a boyfriend or lover but more that of a favoured uncle to his special niece.

Jim had not been surprised to find Charlie wanted to do it again with Jess. Certainly, Charlie had done it again with Jess that first time whilst Jim had watched more television. Charlie wanted to enjoy Jess again another time and was perfectly willing to pay for the privilege. Moreover, Charlie had asked him how much it cost to hire Jess for a whole weekend. The word ‘hire’ had seemed to Jim rather sordid but that was what it was and Jess had not, herself, been at all fazed by the idea. Indeed, had quickly come out with a weekend two weeks ahead when her parents would be away and so she could easily absent herself from home ‘on business.’ Luke would be disappointed but Jess wanted the money. She was even keener when she learnt Charlie had a seaside chalet in the dunes on the coast.

“Really? I love the sea.”

“Charlie asked how much?”

“Friday night, Saturday and most of Sunday. Say five fucks or the equivalent at a hundred pounds a fuck, that’s five hundred pounds. Wow! But I suppose a discount for quantity, say four hundred. Do you think that’s too much?”

“Well, I’ll be there too.” Charlie had made that clear and Jim had been more than happy about that. Both so he could look after his young friend in the uncle role he sort of saw himself in but also for other reasons… sex with Jess.

“Oh goody. That’ll be really nice but that’s an extra four hundred less the twenty-five percent discount so seven hundred in all!”

Jess certainly knew her price list.

“I think that’s perhaps a little steep, Jess. I’d call it five hundred. Remember you get to enjoy the sea! Hey, bring Luke along and we’ll call it two hundred.”

Jess had made a face, “Can’t see Luke being too keen on that!”

Jim had quite liked the idea of watching the young couple at it. And Jess had already revealed they had most certainly been ‘at it.’ Luke no doubt having no idea that he was getting for free what others had to pay for!

Charlie had not baulked at the five hundred and had even told Jim to make it six hundred for an ‘all activities’ weekend. Jess had grinned at the extra hundred and readily said ‘OK.’

Jim wondered what it was like for her, what was going through the Jess’ mind as she sat in the back of Charlie’s Mercedes as they drove to the seaside that Friday night. Perhaps girlishly excited by the prospect of a beach weekend – sunbathing, swimming, ices – building sandcastles even though, perhaps at eighteen, rather past that. Yet, despite those thoughts, knowing it would be an adult weekend – a very adult weekend. In the front of the car two middle-aged men who would be having their way with her – but what would that entail? Charlie had been specific in buying an ‘all activities’ weekend for an extra £100 but surely Jess must be wondering what, actually, she had let herself in for. Buggery certainly. Jim was pretty sure, and excited by the idea, that he and Charlie would be easing their penises into her backside – between those lovely cheeks. Charlie would no doubt go first as he was paying but just to see a cock poking into Jess’ bottom would be fantastic enough, to see it slowly sliding in perhaps even going ‘balls deep,’ let alone following on.

Perhaps even double penetration. Fuck! They had both been in her vagina, her bottom looked in prospect so why not one in each place? Why not? Fuck! The two of them taking an eighteen year old together – sweet little Jess – one in each hole. Jim was hard – very hard – at the prospect. But they must not hurt her or upset her. He needed to act the father figure – or step father certainly, given the prospect of where he was going to be putting his knob – quite a few places actually!

Yet there was something about the idea of taking her together that appealed. One either end perhaps and then one in her bottom: one in her snatch… Two mature men corrupting and using one young girl. Quite awful really but… but he was as hard as anything. Buggery, ‘spit roasting’ and then, why not, double penetration? A perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity. The two of them, Charlie and he, old school friends, easing their penises into the girl.

He made some comment to Charlie and wondered if he was as hard as he. Two middle aged men sitting in the front of a Mercedes driving towards the beach both with erections and, in the back seat, the cause of that tumescence – young, nubile and with that delightful chestnut filigree to her pubes.

And then there was the other thing. He had followed Charlie in taking Jess’ virginity but that had been separate. He could not see the beach weekend being like that. There would be nudity, all three naked together in the beach hut and, according to Charlie, on the beach; and there would be erections – together. It was not something that could be avoided, not if they were all naked together and Jess was available. Not if they were, perhaps, ankara escort to enjoy her together. Boys would be boys and ideas would come into their heads… Jim had not seen Charlie like that. Old school friends yes, naked in the school showers yes but they had not looked at girlie mags. together… well, at least not with their cocks out and wanking.

Jess’ girlish delight at the beach hut was a pleasure. ‘Hut’ as a word did not do it justice – ‘chalet’ was better. Old, possibly pre-war, and made of wood but well maintained and regularly painted even if in a rather old fashioned green. There was very little peeling paintwork. It sat on the sand dunes looking out to sea. It was surprisingly on its own, its neighbour hundreds of yards further on and the next even further. The planners would never have allowed it or its distant neighbour nowadays because of spoiling the natural beauty of the coastline but it was probably built pre-planning and there it stood looking rather fine, though a whole parade of tightly adjacent chalets would certainly have spoilt the coast.

“Makes you feel young,” Charlie said with a wink to Jim as the two men descended the wooden steps to the sand and prepared to follow Jess out onto the beach and to the sea. The sun was not yet on the horizon and the slight breeze did not upset their feeling of it being a perfect summer’s evening. “Just look at her.”

The two men looked out across the sand at the naked girl skipping through the gentle waves. Their penises had not drooped one bit as they had come down the steps. Jess had been so enthusiastic wanting to rush out to the sea and they had just told her to go.

“But I haven’t got my bag from the car… my swimming costume.”

Jim had stood with Charlie and Jess on the veranda looking out to sea in the evening sun. There had been no breeze and it had been pleasantly warm Charlie had looked up and down the beach and said he did not see anyone. “Just leave your clothes here and run.”

Jess had looked at Charlie and given her amused smile and done just that. Charlie and he had watched her drop her clothes and then seen the naked girl skipping down the wooden steps and running across the sand, her bottom cheeks moving alternately up and down. She had looked wonderful.

Charlie had turned to Jim, “I’m going to enjoy this weekend.”

Jim had grinned, “Really kind of you to invite me along, Charlie.”

“Plenty enough of her for the two of us, Jim. It’ll be fun. Shall we join her for a swim?”

And they too had stripped there and then as they had watched the girl reach the sea and go paddling. A naked girl on the shoreline.

“Doesn’t she look lovely… and all to ourselves for the weekend. I hope the weather holds.”

Jim smiled back, “still, plenty to do inside, if the rain comes!”

Of course they had stripped off together in the changing rooms at school but never like that – not tumescent. It was not a time to go all shy or embarrassed about showing their erections to each other. It was unlikely they would not be seeing a lot more of each other in a state of sexual excitement over the weekend, not if they were going to play with Jess together!

It was actually rather nice, certainly companionable, to descend the wooden steps naked and erect together and walk across the warm sand to towards the naked young girl. Jim looked up and down the beach. It was safely deserted.

“Anything you would particularly like to do this weekend, Jim?”

Jim pointed.

“Yeah, but that’s a given. We are certainly going to have young Jess, perhaps even before supper, but anything special.”

“I was thinking in the car…”

“I could see…”

“Jess’ bottom…”

“My thoughts exactly. At some point in the weekend I want to ease myself between those cheeks. So sweet, such smooth young skin.”

“Need to be gentle.”

“Plenty of butter.”

“Like ‘Last Tango in Paris’ you mean?”


“The best butter.”

“Actually, I think we’ll use olive oil.”

“Extra virgin?”

“Her second virginity! Was your cock first in her mouth?”


As they talked they got closer. Jim was slightly uncomfortable talking about Jess in quite such a crude way and particularly as if she was just a commodity. It did not lessen his erection though – not one little bit. Nor Charlie’s. So strange to be out in the open like that, walking across the sand to the sea, not simply naked but fully erect. Two men with their horns or fowling pieces at the ready!

Jess had giggled and pointed at them before running further into the sea and launching herself into the water. They had swum with her and had a lovely time doing what people normally do at the seaside when the weather is fine.

Even on a warm summer’s evening the sea in England is never as warm as the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. Not like it at all and, inevitably, the time came to come from the sea and get warm again.

“Let’s run back to the hut,” said Charlie.

And the three of them splashed out of the water and ran. Lovely to see Jess running, her boobs in motion. She in turn might have liked seeing flaccid penises swinging all over the place only having got rather cold the two penises had shrunk away to not a lot. Balls had drawn up into tight scrotums and the penises had become little stubby affairs. There was not much swinging going on.

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