Pool House Fun


Pool House FunPool House Fun———-The season change was nearly upon us and I had tons of preparations to make. It had been so hot that the thought of getting firewood cut and stacked alongside the fire pits in the grassy field next to the stables was almost unbearable. Rain had finally cooled the air, so I pulled the 4-wheeler out and hooked up the trailer. The men had d**g and cut all the dead and fallen trees, and I made short work of loading up the flatbed trailer. Making trip after trip to each of the rings and unloading the cut wood into stacks beside each, I was soon perspiring profusely. My eyes kept darting towards the pool and the shimmering water and when I finished, I made a dash for it.The light rain this morning had kept most riders away plus the temperature was cool enough to deter the swimmers, I decided to just strip naked and jump into the water, the heck with being proper. As I floated on my back in the pool, I had not seen Aiden, my cousin and newest farm helper, standing at the gate to the pool, watching me. He was almost completely out of sight, hidden by the shrubbery, and apparently felt comfortable enough to unzip his pants, pull his cock out and started stroking himself, watching my breasts protruding from the water with occasional flashes of my pussy showing as I kicked my way around the pool casually. In his vigorous tugging, his elbow knocked against the gate and it slammed shut with a loud clang. I opened my eyes, ever so casually, looked over, and saw him standing there, his 6-inch cock standing erect with his hand firmly gripping it. I smiled to myself, acting as if I had not heard the gate bursa escort and continued floating, now with a purpose of getting closer to give him a better look at my tanned body. He had stepped back some, but not far enough to completely hide his cock and continued to stroke himself. I paddled to the shallow end and lifted myself out of the water, completely exposing all my assets to him. Turning away from him, I spread my towel on the tiles; lay down on my back allowing the sunlight, which was directly behind him, to highlight my contours and spread my legs wide. I let my hands touch my pussy with the edge of the towel, as if drying myself some. I raised one knee up and putting my hand under my buttock, I started gently playing with my pussy, dipping my fingers in deeply and purposefully moaned loudly with pleasure at my own touch.Now, there were several sets of shrubs spread out in place to place between him and I, and with barely silted eyes, I watched him creep forward, bending down low from one to the other, until he was a mere 3 feet from me. I was enjoying my little voyeuristic display making sure to lift my ass up and down as I fingered myself deeply, knowing full well, that his eyes were glued on my fingers and glistening pussy.”God, I wish someone’s big cock was in my mouth,” I moaned as I humped my rump up and down, and opened my mouth and put my fingers in it. “Everyone is out working and I need to suck a cock. Dad, Steven and even Uncle Tim, are busy, no one to take care of my needs….” I saw his mouth drop open to his chest hearing my words. I pulled the towel over my eyes, as if shading the sunlight, bursa escort bayan leaving the rest of my face uncovered.”Yes, unknown stranger, feed your cock in my mouth,” acting as if I was talking to someone, I did not know. “I cannot see who you are, but I need cock and cum. PLEASE!” I spoke clearly and loud enough to be heard in the changing room, as I lay there, ramming my fingers into my open mouth, sucking them making slurping noises. It was as if he was struck dumb at my words for a moment, until finally, he dropped and pulled off his pants and crept beside me. I could see the outline of his legs and then his knees as he knelt down held his cock over my lips. I removed my fingers from my mouth, opening my mouth widely.”Give it to me, now, I need cock in my mouth….” I continued to talk, teasing and goading the young man on with my slutty words. My mouth opened widely and was immediately rewarded with the tip of his cock on my lips. I eagerly sucked his cock further in my mouth, my hands reaching up, grabbing his hairy balls, and coaxing him. I let my tongue flicker along the tender undersides of his cock. I held him still and rolled my tongue down the side of his cock, wetting his entire length with my saliva, and pulled him deeper into my throat.”Touch my breasts, pinch my tiny nipples hard, and let me know that you are a man that knows how to teach little whoring cock-sucker girls to beg for cock. Make me feel like a slut with your cock deep in my throat, twist on my soft mounds, pull them and make me wince and want more!”I felt his hands, gently at first, then at my words, more urgent and rough on my breasts, escort bursa as he swung his leg across my chest and rammed his cock deeper and deeper in my yearning mouth. He started humping at my face and throat, full force, I almost did gag on his length as it tickled my tonsils and the tip buried itself deeper down my throat. I grabbed handfuls of his asscheeks and pulled him in and out of my mouth, sucking, drooling and moaning in pleasure. I felt his young hard body stiffen but he continued to fuck my throat with vigor until his salty sweet cum erupted in my mouth, sperm shooting out around my lips, coating my cheeks as I valiantly continued sucking, trying to swallow. He shot at least three huge loads of spunk, pushing deeper with each shot down my throat. I felt him still his movements, keeping his cock in my mouth, as I licked and sucked at his cock, not letting go of his asscheeks, I kept him fully imbedded in my mouth. As his cock slowly started to shrink, I loosened my grip on his ass, allowing him to ease his cock out. His tip grazed my chin and the last drops of cum fell upon my neck, and I licked his sperm from my lips.I lay still, my eyes still covered with the towel, acting like I did not know who the strange man that had just fucked my face was. I smiled from ear to ear before I spoke in a low sultry tone of voice.”Thank you so much for granting my wish for the day Sir. Hurry away before I see you and start to scream that I have been used by an unknown man. I’ll count to ten before I start to scream.” I giggled under my breath as he fairly well leapt up like lightning had struck his ass and ran towards the gate, gathering his pants as he ran out it, slamming the gate and disappearing around the corner of the pool house. Using my fingers, I wiped the sperm from my cheeks and licked them clean, finger by finger, until all the cum was gone.

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