Popcorn Bucket



Sarkopheros Says:

Just a quick thing I pounded out in before dinner.

Poor guy is struck by growth and incredible arousal at the movies. What to do….


My pants began to tighten.

I grunted and shifted in my seat. The lights came down. The crowd murmured. The screen lit up. and my butt lifted as I tried to adjust my pants.

But the tightness just wouldn’t leave. I reached down and tugged on the crotch of my pants and—

I found a handful of hot flesh under the cloth that wasn’t there before. Its weight was incredible. It pulled at my groin.

I looked down. I patted my lap. It was bulging upward! My pants were stretched out!

I was near the back. The movie had been out a few weeks. I was alone in this row, but there was a girl ahead of me. I felt heat pressing down on my thighs.

Skrrkk. A sound of cloth ripping.

I was so horny. I could feel the pressure in my chest, the depth of my breathing. Most of all, I felt the tightness. I needed to relieve it.

I looked down. No one would see, would they? It was so dark and the movie was booming.

SKKKRRRKK. The pressure was ludicrous. I felt a tug at my ass as the space in my pants evaporated. I bit my lip illegal bahis and began to slowly unzip my pants.

FLUMP. I was surprised when a massive column of flesh erupted forward, unfurling from its doubled-over position, the grapefruit-sized head slapping the back of the girl’s seat.

She looked back and glared.

“Sorry,” I hissed.

She sighed and moved a seat to the left.

She hadn’t seen the half-yard monster jutting from my groin. She didn’t see my balls pressing out on my shorts. They were like cantaloupes! Precum was beginning to pour from my cock. I could just about see a shining puddle collecting on the floor between my feet.

I bit back my shock as I stared at my newly grown manhood. I shifted uncomfortably and slipped my pants down. Plop-plop! Out came my balls. I gathered some of that pre and slathered it over my massive, pulsing rod. I couldn’t bend that girl over and fuck her, but God, did I want to.

I used both hands to begin stroking my needy cock. I looked around. There was an empty, jumbo popcorn bucket the theater crew had missed. I put it on the floor between my feet.

I don’t know why I was so horny, but that was a far less important question than why my cock had suddenly multiplied illegal bahis siteleri in size. I began pumping it, needing both hands to encircle its girth. Precum poured down my length, squished between my fingers. It soaked my pants, ran down my legs, puddled on the floor.

The roaring movie covered my eager pumping. Schlick-schlick-schlick. My biceps were beginning to burn with the pace.

Ten minutes into the movie, and I had no idea what was going on. My cock was so big and heavy. It distracted me from all else.

I squatted down next to the bucket, feeling pressure building in my balls. They settled against the sticky floor, my own hot flesh pressing against my ankles. It was more than just precum, but I didn’t even care at this point.

I pulled my hoodie’s hood in front of me and bit it to keep from moaning. It felt so fucking good! It was better than some sex I’d had!

I felt my balls tighten.

SCHLICKSCHLICKSCHLICK. I grunted into the bite of cloth. My cock erupted.

SKLURRSCH. SKLUUURSCH. I clenched my eyes shut. I almost screamed. I could feel cups and cups worth of jizz blasting through my length. I forgot all about the movie and the exasperated girl. Pints of jizz filled up the canlı bahis siteleri huge popcorn bucket. SPLOORCH. SPLOORCH. My cock recoiled. Sperm flowed down from the base to the tip, it raged in my tight, spunk-bloated balls. It swelled inside my organ.

I opened my eyes and looked over my shoulder. No one. Even the girl was gone.

I looked forward, groaning as I gripped my erupting cock.

I saw a glowing red light. Then I saw her illuminated face, and I realized she was filming me from the next row! I gave no consideration to the possibility of night-vision phone-video, because I just couldn’t care!

Soon, the bucket was overflowing with well over a gallon of jizz. It rolled down the floor of the theater. I sat down on the sticky floor. The girl winked—at least I think she was winking—and then she disappeared. Probably to post the video somewhere. I panted heavily.

After the movie, I tied my hoodie around my waist to conceal my wet pants and my huge bulge. I could feel precum squishing between my balls and my legs. I don’t know what the theater crew made of that bucket and the white footprints leading away from it.


Sarkopheros keeps talking:

All comments are encouraged, be they criticism, compliments, or anything else! I reply to everything I can.


Written by Sarkopheros

Copyright © Sarkopheros 2015. All rights reserved.

This story is a work of fiction and is intended solely for the entertainment of adults.

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