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Going to leave, I stand and look at the two of them.

“I should go. Its getting late.”

I pick up the two empty wine bottles in an effort to clean up on my way to the bathroom and to hide that my jeans are open at the top. My knees wobble a bit, partly intoxicated from the wine but mostly from the intoxication of the forbidden, the taboo, that overlaid our evening.

Tossing the empty jugs in recycling, I move down the hall and into the toilet. Afterwards, I examine myself in the mirror and feel slightly awkward with my nipples still poking out and face slightly flushed.

Well, I suppose I have reason, after all, the three of us just spent the last hour or so watching porn. Watching porn with my brother and his wife. Lesbian porn that we, the women, insisted upon. Porn that we watched while pretending not to notice the others.

Pretending not to see his hard-on, or his fingers discreetly and slowly stroking himself through his pants.

Pretended not to see her hand slip inside the front of her jeans and pretending not to hear the sound of her unbuttoning her jeans for easier access.

Just as they pretended not to see me open my own jeans and wet my fingers in the valley there.

Pretending we weren’t watching each other out of the corners of our eyes as we pleasured ourselves. Pretended not to pendik escort hear the suppressed sighs and moans as we tried to achieve and but still deny orgasm.

A slight smile on my face as I realize that I could do it now. Here in the privacy of the bathroom. I could finally bring myself off while they sit there and wonder if that’s what I’m doing. Why I’m taking so long to return.

Knowing that as soon as I leave, both of them will be joined. Fucking or sucking each other. Their lust unbound by my presence.

Not that I would have denied them, blamed them, or disapproved if they didn’t wait. If they hadn’t restrained themselves as I did. If they only knew…

Knew what was running through my mind as the series of attractive and hot women had sex on the screen before us. Nasty, hot sex. Toys, fingers, mouths, tongues. In mouths, pussies, asses…

Oh if only he would have pulled out his cock. He wanted to, I know it. And I wanted him to do it.

To see his hand wrapped around it, jerking it slowly then faster. Leaking precum, both hands in his crotch. One on his cock, the other on his balls. Or maybe with a finger up his ass. Until his cum splashed oh his belly and chest.

And her, to see her lovely pussy all wet and open. Fingers moving in and out, drawing her wetness over and around her clit. maltepe escort The into her mouth, to taste and suck while the other hand replaces the first. Or perhaps, like his, pressing a finger up her tight rosebud.

And all the while, I would join them. Looking from one to the other, cock here, pussy there, while my hands traveled the familiar road of my body and my hot spots.

Ah, but too late now. Opening the door, I return to the family room. Halfway there, she passes me retracing my steps. A hand touches my arm, “Don’t go yet, wait until I get back.” And she disappears behind the door.

He rises up from the chair he’s occupied. Damn, his cock is so hard, straining the front of his pants. Making no attempt to hide it, most likely too far along to do so…or to care.

No, his look tells me he wants me to see. Proud of his steel and the potential it portends, offers.

His eyes moving over me, openly, with desire. My nipples tightening as they stiffen to their fullest, proud of their message and potential they offer, portend.

Meeting in the middle of the room, standing close now. His hand cups my breast, thumb circling the hard nub jutting out.

“I want to come see you.”

Hand pressing, thumb more insistent, his message clear.

My own hand has found his hardness, gripping kartal escort it then tracing its length with my fingertips.


“I can come over after work, before 7.”

I squeeze my acceptance.

He kisses me hard, rushed. Our tongues no time to explore, only to acknowledge the need and to promise.

“I want to fuck you so bad.”

“Me too.”

The sound of the toilet flushing separates us. Moving apart, he goes down the hall,his turn to pee and wonder.

She returns with a smile for him, his cock, then me and my erect nipples. Looking at each in turn. Her own on display.

Taking my hand she leads me to the kitchen. “You can stay if you like, are you ok to drive?”

Hidden behind the corner, we embrace. My hands on her ass as our mouths meld together, my tongue greeting a second one so soon after the first.

“I want to fuck you. If you stay I can sneak in after he’s asleep. He’ll sleep soundly after all the wine…and I fuck him.”

Her tongue tracing my inner ear as I acquiescence, “Ok.”

Her hand, under my top, but otherwise where his was, her thumb repeating his ministrations of my engorged, erect nipple. So hard, for her, for him, them.

Another kiss, her voice soft, “Oh, I thought he was going to pull it out…stroke it for us.” Her tone changing, “And if he had, you would have seen me suck him,” followed with a quick giggle.

I look in her eyes, “And you might have watched me…fuck him.”

The door to the bathroom opening covers the sound of her gasp and the barely audible, “…yesss…”.

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