Pregnant, Dumb and Carefree


I wasn’t surprised when my younger sister Shelly found herself an unwed mother-to-be at twenty-one; She was a wild one, kind of dumb and easily impressed by bling and popular, shallow personalities. She’d been the only one of six siblings who showed a marked aversion to books and studying, and after graduating high school with embarrassing grades, made it obvious that she had no inclination towards a tertiary education.

A few months after turning eighteen, as if she’d been patiently and anxiously waiting on legality as a cue to indulge burning desires, she suddenly became like a bitch in mating season, with a string of males sniffing behind her. She soon acquired a reputation as an easy lay; and boy, could she pick them. Despite being breathtakingly pretty and sexy enough to pick from the cream of any crop she seemed to have an affinity towards the hood the bad and the ugly. All she was ever seen with were ugly, dumb ass petty criminals and out of work spongers.

At twenty she moved out of the family home to go live with a guy who was a known petty thief, and at age thirty had already done time thrice and was still living with his parents. Our parents didn’t try to stop her; I suspect they were happy to see her go as they were very prudish middle class stock and had told her quite often how embarrassed they were by her slutty behavior.

Fast forward a year – her man and accomplices were caught while beating and attempting to rob a popular lawyer and his family at gunpoint in their home. A passing police patrol was alerted by neighbors of the lawyer. One of the robbers was shot dead, while Shelly’s baby father was caught and sentenced to twelve years in prison.

Awakened by a persistent knocking at my apartment door one Sunday morning, I got up groggy and blurry eyed and ran to open the door. There was Shelly looking as pretty as a picture, rosy plump and sexy as fuck with a six month baby bump on display and two suitcases. A taxi driver was standing behind her waiting for his fare. I turned around and walked over to a little table on which was some money. I paid the taxi driver who seemed to be struggling to contain laughter. Shelly flashed me a trembling smile before tears gushed out of her eyes and she stepped forward, embracing me tightly.

Just as quickly as she had rushed into my arms she released me and jumped back, looking down below my waist. It was only then I realized that I had come to the door with a massive morning wood tenting my boxers. Then I knew what the taxi driver had found so funny. I tried to hide it with my hands and through her tears and misery Shelly burst out in giggles and I couldn’t help laughing myself.

“You got a bitch in there?” she asked, sounding very ghetto.

“No,” I said, “come in.”

Contrary to the story she fed me, I later found out that Shelly, in spite of being pregnant for her incarcerated lover had been caught going into a hotel room with one of his friends by his sister who was just leaving another room with a man. The young lady snitched on her and she was thrown out by the grandmother to be.

Shelly hadn’t even bothered asking mom and dad or any of her other siblings to take her in. she knew that I was the only one that she could turn to. I had always carried a soft spot for her, and I should add, recently, a hard spot at times. On a number of occasions over the past year or so I’d often found myself thinking if she weren’t my sister I’d fuck her.

It started one day months before her departure from home when I accidently looked through her open bedroom door and saw her standing naked; her mid-brown, slim-thick figure glistening with freshly applied cream. She’d been facing the open door looking down at the breast she was rubbing cream into.

I stood there wide eyed and transfixed with a quickly growing boner until she slowly raised her frizzy, brown, afro head and stabbed me with black, sparkling eyes. Her full lips broke into a little smile as she continued rubbing the chocolate nipped breast for about three seconds before playfully sticking out her tongue and turning around, blessing my eyes with high, round, fleshy ass cheeks, each of which bore a red lip tattoo. From midway of her back slithered a black and red serpent, its head and forked tongue poised to enter the top of her butt crack.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled

“Not your fault bro; I should have been more careful,” she replied without turning around.

Since indulging and brazenly flaunting her new found sexuality, Shelly had become – unlike the one older sister still at home and the two married ones before their departure – unconcerned with being decent when sitting or lying about the house or being careful with doors when dressing or undressing, and after that first accidental eyeful continued to supply me with juicy flashes of her lovely naked or near naked private parts. On those occasions my flag pole would always rise in salute to her feminine charms, and I must admit I was disappointed to see her go because pendik escort I had grown to enjoy her ‘loose’ behavior.

I am no prude nor overly big on sexual morals. At twenty-seven I had long since left behind most scruples in relation to sex and had already walked the incest road without any guilt or disgust whatsoever, but never with my mother or other three sisters whom I simply didn’t feel that way about; With Shelly, however, I let my imagination roam a bit. I fuck any legally aged female that is attractive and willing, with no regard for color, creed, size, blood or any other ties. I’ve already banged a couple of younger cousins, an old maternal aunt, the hot, middle age wife of my dad’s brother and a friend of my mother.

Six months after Shelly left I moved into my present apartment so I could have more freedom to feed my own huge sexual appetite. Every now and then I would meet up with Shelly on the streets and had taken her to lunch on two of those occasions. She always left me hot, with a boner of sorts and wild imaginings begging to be made real. Twice she’d dropped by my apartment to borrow money and both times I came dangerously close to making a move on her.

Soon after we were seated I caught Shelly a couple of times discreetly glancing below my waist, probably trying to ascertain if the fire in my morning wood had burnt out. It was still there at a lesser intensity, and the very thought that she was looking there helped to keep it aglow. Not to mention the added stimulation of her sitting in the manner she was opposite me, her short skirt pulled up by the growing belly, high enough up her fleshy thighs for me to see sheer black underwear between spread caramel legs. When she asked for some water and I got up to go get it, I was unmistakably pitching a tent. I looked at it sheepishly and mumbled an apology.

“I guess you’ve still got something from last night on your mind bro,” she said, and laughed knowingly.

Unbelievably, all things considered, as Shelly sat in the chair opposite me telling her story with wet black eyes and tracks of tears on her smooth, pretty, brown face she made no effort to sit ‘properly’ during the hour or so we chatted. And when she brought one foot up onto the chair and leaned back while letting the bent knee of the raised leg lean to the side and remained in that position for about ten minutes, I came quite close to shooting cum in my boxers. Every time I glanced between those smooth, baby-thickened thighs at her lady lump in sheer black panties, my cock lurched and I knew without a doubt that I wanted to fuck her. I had to fuck her.

I told her she was welcome to stay in the little extra bedroom in my apartment. After eating a hearty breakfast in a manner that suggested she hadn’t eaten anything for many hours, she showered and retired to her room for a nap. I let her have one of the two fans from the living room because I knew it would be hot in hers; the country was experiencing a prolonged dry season.

When I knocked on her door at lunch time with a tray of food in my hand, I got no response, so I pushed open the door and entered. Shelly was lying on her side backing me, wearing only red panties that had slipped into her butt crack. I could see red stripes on the full cheeks, suggesting she had scratched herself a bit, probably from itching and discomfort caused by the heat.

One of her legs was pulled up; affording me an eyeful of plump crotch, part of the clean shaved mound exposed. While I was placing the tray on the small side table she turned over on her back and looked at me sleepy eyed.

“Hi,” she said, smiling sweetly.

Her pert little breasts, grown a little fuller from the pregnancy and as a result, shinier, especially around the dark brown areolas, made my eyes pop. There were a couple of new tattoos decorating her beautifully bloated body. From her belly button a stalk with green leaves travelled up to the bottom of her cleavage where it was topped by a mauve and yellow tulip. Midway between her belly button and mound a jaguar’s head snarled. She looked down at her naked body and quickly gathered the sheet that had been shed during her sleep.

“Even with the fan it’s a bit warm in here,” she said. And smiling at me, added “thank you bro, you are so kind.”

“Anything for you Shell. It won’t be so oppressing at night.”

That night I lay in bed thinking of Shelly and summoned up images of her in the sheer black panties and the much more revealing one of her in red. I grabbed my hard cock and pumped it furiously, shifting positions and hands as I worked myself over. Fifteen minutes later I cried out her name as I shot hot cum into the air, some of which came back down to settle on my chest and belly. I immediately set about plotting to fuck my sexy pregnant sister. I knew she could be easily maneuvered and placed in the right circumstances to make it possible; as I mentioned before, she was kinda dumb and trusting.

I knew I had to go about it in a smart maltepe escort way though, because, the fact that she spread her legs easily for guys and exposed her goodies so casually to her brother didn’t necessarily mean she’d be willing to fuck with her sibling. I couldn’t chance being too bold and spook her. I had to gradually build up her longing, place her in a sexually charged situation and let her natural lust and inclinations take over.

The next day I told her that I was going to look after her with food and clothing and whatever else she needed until the baby was born and for a few months after until she got a job, but that there were rules she’d have to go by. One – no male friends were allowed at my apartment. Two – no female friends except those I knew from the old neighborhood. Three – no going out except to maternity clinic or to a nearby shop or for a stroll around the neighborhood. If she needed to go shopping or to go into town for something I would take her. And she would have to do the cooking. I knew that was one thing she was good at. She quickly agreed.

Knowing of her sexual appetite I was sure that within a couple of weeks her pussy would be itching to be pounded. As part of the plot I made a habit of every night and throughout the weekend, slipping an erotic thriller or drama movie into the VCR. And I left my porn cassettes just where they were usually kept, knowing she’d view them when I was away at work. Some of them were incest stories. I also brought home lady friends as usual and made no effort to tone down bedroom noises.

As the days went by she moved around the house unconcerned in skimpy clothing, a couple of times in bra and panties only, for a while. And of course she would sit or lay in revealing positions that had become characteristically Shelly.

Two weeks into her stay I noticed that beer was going missing and the levels in bottles of hard booze were dropping even when I hadn’t touched them in days. I cautioned her about the dangers to the baby and asked her not to hit the bottle too regularly or too heavily. She lay completely off for a few days but then resumed. I was genuinely concerned about the effect of the alcohol on the unborn child but was also aware that this could be of benefit to me so I let selfishness prevail and decided to let her have her way until I got the pussy.

I’d heard her complain more than once about the swelling and pain in her legs and decided that would be my ticket to her chamber. One Saturday evening I left, telling her I was going on a date, but returned home an hour later. When I let myself in she was viewing one of my porn videos and there was a glass with what looked like rum and ginger on a little side table next to the sofa on which she was reclining. She was visibly shaken by my appearance and hastily tried to stop play or eject the cassette but in her obviously tipsy state couldn’t get it right before I joined her on the chair. She was wearing only a short black half-slip, her bra-less tits pointing saucily at me, caused me to lick my lips.

I couldn’t help laughing at her predicament and when she decided I wasn’t going to scold her, burst out laughing herself. I told her my date had an unexpected family problem and had to go back home. She took hold of the glass and got up, saying she was going to the bathroom. I knew she wanted to get rid of the evidence, but there was no denying her drunkenness from the way she walked. I walked along with her and looking at her almost empty glass said:

“I could do with one of those. I’ll fix you one while you’re in the bathroom.” Relief covered her pretty face as I took her glass and headed for the kitchen.

I mixed us both a stiff drink of vodka and orange juice even though I knew she’d been drinking rum. The mixture was sure to get her more high and quickly too. When I exited the kitchen she was already on her way to the living room making an effort to walk straight. I walked behind her enjoying the provocative bounce of her baby fattened ass hugged by the thin half-slip she was wearing. She had pulled the slip up to cover her tits which now effectively left her ass exposed from behind and I realized she hadn’t any panties on. I thought:

“Girl, you’re gonna get fucked tonight.”

I sat beside her and handed her the glass of vodka and orange juice. When she turned to take it I looked, as if by accident, straight at the perky nipples poking against the thin material of the slip. I let my eyes stay long enough on the tits for her to see the appreciation in them. She looked down at the prominent tits.

“Those must hurt a lot now that they’re so swollen” I said in a concerned manner devoid of sexual intonation.

She looked at them again and before she could reply I raised my glass and said, “Cheers.”

“To what” she asked.

“Cheers to two people alone on a Saturday night – no friends, no lovers, only porn and drink.” She giggled and raised her glass.

“Cheers,” she said, and putting the kartal escort glass to her lips, did like me and took a long drink.

I quickly restarted the video she’d been watching and then excused myself to go and get out of my aborted party clothes. I returned in my boxers, not attempting to hide the bulge of the half erection. She glanced at it and with obvious reluctance turned her head away. We sat in silence watching the movie. She was squirming regularly and had dropped her hands, fingers down, on her crotch area between locked thighs, moving them ever so slightly. I pretended not to notice. I got up with a full hard on tenting my briefs and went to fix us a new drink.

When I returned and handed her the drink her eyes were at the level of the tent just a mere foot away from her face. I watched intently for her reaction and saw her blush deeply, gulp and squirm a little at the sight of the wicked wand.

“Cheers again, this time to swollen legs and tits. May they find some relief” I said, looking first at the feet then the tits.

“Yes, may they find relief,” She said and took a drink.

“They are both becoming bigger as the days go by, do they hurt?” I asked.

“Sometimes,” she said leaning back and raising one leg high and looking at it, causing the already receded slip to ride higher, giving me a little glimpse of bare pussy.

“That’s because you’re not doing what has to be done.”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t you know a pregnant woman has to have her legs and thighs massaged regularly every day if possible, to encourage circulation and keep down the swelling? Even the tummy has to be rubbed.

“No, I didn’t know that, I’ve never been pregnant before.”

“Didn’t they tell you that at the clinic?”

“No, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought you knew stuff like that.”

“No I don’t, I’ll start from tonight.”

“It’s hard to do it by yourself in your bloated condition, moreso with you being drunk.”

“I’m not drunk.”

“Yes you are.”

“Ok, I’m drunk”

“It’s usually the job of the husband or mother or sister to help with that.”

“I’ve no husband and there’s no mother or sister here, only a brother,” she said throwing up her arms dramatically.

“The brother can do it for you,” I said

“You would, that’s nice. Ok then.”

I couldn’t believe it; just like that I was in goal. I did mention she was dumb.

“Let me go and get some skin cream,” I said.

I got the skin cream from the bedroom and was back in a flash, my heart beating wildly in anticipation and my cock aching for action.

“Lean back and stretch out,” I said.

“Ok,” she said, and got on her back, lovely legs stretched out.

As I was about to squirt cream in my hands she started rising back up into a sitting position and said:

“I haven’t any panties on.”

“Don’t worry about it Shelly, it’s not like I’ve never seen your naked pussy before,” I said, gently pushing her back onto her back.

She laughed heartily, holding her stomach, and said:

“Oh my god Ricky, don’t make me laugh too hard or I might deliver right on this sofa”

I squirted cream and started on her stubby toes. She giggled a bit at first and tried to pull her foot away, saying it tickled but then she settled in to it. I heard her moan a couple of times, and then she sighed and said:

“Oooh, that feels so nice.”

I looked up and saw that she had closed her eyes, which meant I could stare at her pussy intently without her noticing, and I did, as I worked on her toes, taking in the heady sight of neat fat pussy lips, as clean as a virgin. I felt the pressure of my anxious cock and I deftly slipped it through the fly of the boxers, letting it have the freedom to stand tall and look at the sweet meat it was minutes away from eating.

After I’d worked over both her feet and legs I said:

“Now my dear let’s do the thighs.”

“Yeah the thighs,’ she slurred.

I slid forward and raising her foot positioned it with the bottom jamming flat onto my hard cock. I started doing her thighs, enjoying the silky-soft touch.

“Hey, you’ve got a stiffy,” I heard her say excitedly in a girlish manner.

“Yeah, I guess I’ve got one.”

“It’s a big one.”

“Let’s get this foot out of the way so I can do my work,” I said grabbing the leg that was against the back of the chair and depositing it on the chair back.

Now, her girly lump was well and truly raised up high for my inspection.

“Yeah, get it out of the way so you can get a better look at my pussy, you sly old fox” she said, giggling.

I didn’t reply to that

“Little pussy I hope you’re getting real sweaty inside,” I thought as I worked her thighs.

“Your stiffy’s jumping, I hope it doesn’t spurt on my thighs or belly and get me all messy,” She said excitedly.

“You want me to give you a massage or not,” I asked, pretending anger.

“Yeah, I do, hey what’s with you? I’m only joking.

“Well, if you want me to continue just shut up. Say stiffy one more time and I’ll put it in your pussy and let it spurt all over your womb instead of your thighs”

“Stiffy, stiffy, stiffy,” she blurted out like a taunting child.

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