Professor Crush


Halfway through the show their fingers interlaced. Amelia’s heart raced, the dialogue blurred in her mind – she forgot to pay attention to the play. Amelia concentrated on their hands, the way Susan gently stroked the back of it. Emotions welled up inside her. It was innocent and tender but it resonated deep within. Susan ran her fingertips up and down Amelia’s arm. Thump, thump, thump. Amelia could smell her own heat rising. Susan lifted Amelia’s hand to her lips and kissed her knuckles – her lips were soft.

Amelia turned her head to look but Susan’s eyes were focused on the stage. She saw a small smile form in the corner of Susan’s mouth. Amelia gently squeezed her hand. Her mind refocused – she hadn’t missed much of the play. Amelia no longer wondered her intentions. There was no turning back.

After the show and during the cab ride back to the apartment, Susan placed her hand on Amelia’s knee and stroked her tenderly. Amelia had a surge of excitement and said, “Thanks for inviting me.” There was a small hitch in her voice. “It’s been a perfect night.”

Susan turned to Amelia and touched her face with her fingers. She kissed her playfully; Amelia responded eagerly. The floodgates opened and they kissed and groped like teenagers who hadn’t seen each other in days. Susan slipped the strap off Amelia’s dress, caressed her right boob, and sucked her pretty pink nipple. Amelia hiked her dress, pushed aside her panties and touched herself. She was soaking wet.

The cabbie looked in the rearview mirror and cleared his throat, “Ladies, we’re here.” He grinned broadly – hands down, he had the best story of the night to share with the guys at the garage.

Blake heard the commotion in the hallway – high heels clicking on the hardwood floors, girls giggling and laughing. He was watching the basketball game on the television. He saw them in his peripheral vision and said, “How was the show?”

“The show was great… Scarlett was hot,” said Amelia quickly. “But we have more pressing issues.” There was desperation in her words.

Blake looked at Amelia and Susan. Their arms were wrapped around each other’s waist, their hair was ruffled, their dresses were askew and they had devilish smiles.

Blake stood up – it was obvious he was glad to see them. He and Susan were the same height, about six inches taller than Amelia. Susan wrapped her arms around Blake’s neck and kissed him on the lips. She pecked small kisses on his neck and collarbone. She whispered in his ear, “I am going to make love to you and Amelia.” She smiled mischievously.

Blake shot a glance at Amelia and arched high his eyebrows as if to ask if it was okay. Amelia kicked off her heels, lifted her dress, and slid down her panties. She stretched them like a kid playing with a rubber band and flung them at Blake’s head. She laughed loudly and nervously. She nodded slowly – her eyes were as big as saucers.

Susan breathed heavily on Blake’s neck and ran her fingers through his hair. She slid her hand over his chest and arms. She took his hands and guided them to her hips. They danced slowly. She slid her hand to his bulge and ran her fingers along the outline of his cock. She stroked up and down, winked at Amelia and sighed, illegal bahis “Oh my.”

Blake put his hand on Susan’s breasts and squeezed. They were much larger than Amelia’s and heavier than he anticipated. Her nipples clearly conveyed her approval.

Susan reached for Amelia’s hand and led her down the hall to the master bedroom. Blake followed their swaying hips. He had a raging hard-on in his pants and a Cheshire Cat grin on his face.

Amelia and Susan sat on the bed holding hands. Their kisses were deep and passionate. They held each other like long-lost lovers. Their hands explored their bodies. As she had done earlier, Susan pushed down the right strap of Amelia’s dress and kissed her neck with featherlike kisses and worked her way to her collarbone and then to her boob. She slowly slipped off the strap from the left side and laid down more kisses. She spent extra time on her nipple and sucked it like she needed nourishment.

Blake watched from the bedroom doorway. His cock strained against the denim. He unzipped his fly, unbuttoned his pants and stroked himself lackadaisically. Amelia arched her eyebrows, licked her lips and looked desirously at him. Blake understood and walked to the bed. He stood in front of Amelia – his waist was at her eye level. She curled her fingers around him, unable to completely wrap her hand around his engorged girth. She flicked her tongue at his swollen head, licked the tender underside and swallowed as much as she could. She stroked his shaft while sucking him off.

Susan stood up, unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She wasn’t wearing panties – she had gone to Broadway commando style. She stood behind Blake and wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed his shoulder. She ran her arms over his biceps and pectorals. She scratched with her fingernails. She turned her attention to his neck and ear. Blake was unaccustomed to so much attention – his girlfriend and his professor. His head spun.

Amelia moved to the center of the king-size bed. Her dress was still bunched around her waist. She shimmied out of it. Susan climbed on the bed and kissed Amelia. Her hand drifted to her former student’s pussy. She had fantasized about this moment since the first week of the semester. She rubbed Amelia’s clitoris and dipped in her finger. An audible sigh escaped through her open mouth. She was desperate to taste her pupil.

Susan slid between Amelia’s legs and kissed her hips. She bit tenderly her inner thighs. She noticed that Amelia’s mound was completely smooth – she hadn’t been this close to such a cute little thing since her first time. A surge of excitement coursed through her. She probed with her tongue and immediately adored her sweet salty tanginess. It was like a Sweet Tart encrusted spicy tuna roll. Susan made a mental note so that she could catalog it later on – always the professor. She pushed a finger inside Amelia, and then the second one. She was tight like a teenager – she must work out. She moved them in and out, slow at first. Amelia ran her fingers through Susan’s short blonde hair and moaned.

Blake unbuttoned his shirt and kicked off his pants and boxers. He lay next to Amelia and kissed her deeply. Amelia had a tongue in her pussy illegal bahis siteleri and a tongue in her mouth. This is awesome. Blake kissed her forehead and then her boobs. Susan worked her way from Amelia’s pussy to her belly button and then joined Blake on her tits. Susan was tender and sensuous, Blake was rough and tumbled. For Amelia, the evening was a study of contrasts – man and woman, hard and soft, rigid and pliable – the possibilities were endless.

Susan kissed Amelia on the lips and crowded Blake out of the way. He took the cue and reclined against the headboard. He stroked himself and watched their lovemaking unfold.

Susan rocked her hips between Amelia’s legs. Their tongues danced together. Amelia massaged Susan’s big boobs. She smiled to herself, happy to have such a beautiful woman in her arms. Susan pressed her chest against Amelia and their tits squished together. Their hips moved in unison. Amelia grabbed Susan’s ass and pulled her close and kissed her deeply, tenderly, lovingly. They each licked and bit and nibbled with speed and fury.

Susan rolled off and Amelia rolled on top of her – a quick switcheroo. They bucked and gyrated wildly. Susan’s fingers found Amelia’s slippery hole and she pumped in and out. Susan sucked hungrily Amelia’s low hanging fruit. She pulled her nipples with her teeth.

Amelia was anxious to taste her first pussy. She didn’t hesitate and dove between her professor’s legs. Susan bent her knees – her feet were flat on the bed and she spread wide. Amelia kissed Susan’s belly button and then sucked her girly erection. Amelia spread her thick pussy lips and flicked her tongue in and out. She pushed in two fingers. She looked at Susan and sought approval, but Susan’s eyes were closed and her head hung backward. Clearly, Amelia was doing it right. She pulled her pussy lips with the suction from her mouth.

Susan reached for her clit and rubbed circles around it. She pinched her nipples and pushed together her big boobs. She was beyond the point of control and pushed her hips into Amelia’s mouth and moaned, “Yeah… like that… Oh.” Susan pulled Amelia toward her and kissed her. Wow, she’s a natural!

Amelia was impatient and started playing with herself. Susan propped herself up and placed her hand on top of Amelia’s hand. Susan pushed their fingers into Amelia’s dripping pussy and set the pace – Amelia’s fingers were under Susan’s control. She moved their hands up and down, around and around. She stuck their fingers in again. Just like when she was alone, Amelia pleaded loudly and desperately, “Fuck me Susan, fuck me.” She bit her lower lip, closed her eyes and grunted something. She came like never before. They held each other for several minutes.

They had forgotten about Blake and turned to look. He had a contorted look – he pumped a few more strokes and shot his load on his stomach. Amelia and Susan cuddled up and kissed him.

The girls realized that Blake needed time to recover. Amelia lied on her back and Susan assumed the 69 position. Amelia probed Susan’s pussy and Susan lapped long strokes up and down Amelia. Each concentrated intently on the other’s needs. Amelia wrapped her hands around Susan’s ass cheeks and spread her canlı bahis siteleri wide. She pushed her tongue rapidly in and out. Susan’s position allowed for easy access to Amelia’s smooth mound and drippy lips. Her head bobbed up and down.

They untangled. Susan took the lead and interlocked her legs with Amelia’s. She pressed and rubbed her pussy against Amelia’s pussy. They looked into each other’s eyes and grinded faster. Amelia reached between her legs and played with herself. She reached across and did the same to Susan. There was heavy breathing and a lot of yes, yes, yes, oh my God, yeah like that… Everything was new to Amelia but she was a quick study – she and Susan timed their hip movements like practiced lovers.

Amelia surrendered first but Susan’s orgasm quickly followed. Blake was mesmerized, hypnotized. He watched the girls cuddle up to one another and kiss. They smiled at Blake and crawled to him. Susan grabbed his cock and pumped. It didn’t take long.

Susan didn’t waste a moment and positioned herself over Blake and squatted on his erection. Amelia wanted to be helpful – she grabbed Blake’s cock and held it while Susan bounced. Susan put her arms around Blake’s neck and pushed her tongue into his mouth. She nibbled on his lower lip. She ran her fingers through his hair and whispered seductively, “You have a very special girlfriend, I hope you know that.”

“Uh huh,” said Blake between breaths. “One-of-a-…” His voice trailed off and he clenched his lips in concentration.

“I’ll take good care of her this summer,” she whispered into his ear.

“Uh huh,” he repeated. He increased his pace. He kissed her lips and sucked her boobs. He ran his hand up and down her spine.

“I assure you… she won’t be lonely,” she continued teasingly. “Who knows, she may even meet some of my friends.” Blake’s cock swelled – he was close to the edge. Susan knew exactly what she was doing.

Susan pushed him backward and focused on herself. Amelia was on all fours with her hand between her legs, jamming her fingers furiously. She looked over her left shoulder and pleaded with her eyes. A little help here…

Blake gladly complied. He slammed his cock into Amelia. He grabbed her hips and massaged her haunches. He lifted her, laid her on her back and drove into her. Amelia locked her legs around Blake’s waist. They kissed hungrily. Susan knelt beside them and alternated deep kisses between them. Susan squeezed and teased with Amelia. Blake’s lovemaking culminated with extreme intensity and ended with Amelia’s screams, “FUCK ME BLAKE, FUCK ME SUSAN.”

They collapsed in a heap. Their heart rates slowed and their heartbeats synchronized. They drifted off to sleep.

The Next Semester

“Welcome to Sociology 350. I’m Professor Alexander. The teaching assistant this semester is Amelia.” Professor Alexander pointed to the front row.

Amelia stood up and waved to the class. She opened a folder that contains the course syllabus. She walked around the classroom handing one to each student. She paid careful attention.

She returned to her seat and listened to Professor Alexander discuss the upcoming semester. About thirty minutes into the class, Amelia and Professor Alexander’s eyes met. Amelia directed her gaze to a cute couple sitting close together in the upper row. Professor Alexander slowly turned her head and looked. Amelia watched closely her professor’s reaction – a faint smile crossed her face.

The chase was on.

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