Professor’s Pet Ch. 02


Maggie pulled into the visitor lot of the university a bit early for her afternoon rendezvous with Professor Gottschalk. The campus was always dead on Friday afternoons. There were very few classes and a vast majority of students had left to go home for the weekend. The school was nearly a ghost town.

She easily found a spot and parked her white Volkswagen Jetta, singing along with “Something” by the Beatles coming through the speakers. Maggie flipped down the visor and checked herself in the mirror. She had done her hair curly today, sweet brown locks sitting on top of her shoulders in loose ringlets, tucked behind one ear. Her makeup was a bit less than slutty with black eyeliner and gray shadow, black mascara framing her hazel eyes and soft coral on her cheeks. She liberally applied a fresh coat of strawberry gloss to her singing lips, knowing her lover always enjoyed the surprise flavor.

Maggie sat back in her seat and ran her fingers over her pink studded collar. Her phone beeped with an e-mail text message and she reached into the console and looked at it. “Oh from John,” she said with glee and she opened it.

Walked to lunch, on the way back. Be back as soon as possible. Please don’t leave me!

“Is that so, professor?” she talked to the phone as she texted back telling him not to worry.

She got out of her car, locked it up with a beep and started heading for the jogging trails she hoped he took for his walk today. Maggie walked down the sidewalks through campus in her innocently slutty attire.

She wondered what her lover would think of her purple argyle knee high socks with sweet-heeled Mary Janes. The light wind made her just a bit shorter than knee length pleated gray skirt flutter against the sway of her hips. Her purple button down blouse, one button too many undone, gave a glorious peek at her cleavage. The cropped gray cardigan, which she buttoned only the bottom button, did nothing but draw attention to her ample tits.

Maggie got to the trails hidden inside a charming, heavily wooded area at the edge of campus. The tree’s leaves were gorgeous shades of autumn reds and yellows. Wind whispered and leaves fell at its demand.

After several steps down the path she found a spot to hide and disappeared behind the trees. She squatted down, leaning against the wide trunk of a tree, and waited. Her mind raced, “What if he didn’t come this way, I’ll feel so stupid… No, no, he loves that little cafe. I’m sure that’s where he went.”

A few minutes later she spotted him, her heart danced. “Thank god,” she whispered to herself as she got up to her feet and watched him come closer, crunching the leaves below her feet.

The professor always dressed sharp. Maggie might have something do with it; a man in a suit is her thing so she often gave him suggestions when he mentioned he was going shopping. She chewed on his lip waiting for him, looking him over as she approved in her head, “Black, Prince of Wales check tweed suit, fucking delicious. Soft pink shirt, handsome. New tie, very nice choice sir, burgundy pin dot, yum.”

Maggie waited patiently until he just stepped past her hiding place. She checked over both shoulders for anyone else passing by and leapt out onto the sidewalk.

John, startled, gasped as a soft hand slid into his from behind and yanked his body off the trail, “Holy shit Maggie, you scared the hell out of me.”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait for you to get all the way back to your office, forgive me professor,” she giggled as she brought him deeper into the trees.

He ripped his hand from hers and forcefully pushed her against a tree. Maggie caught herself, her palms scraping against the bark.

John put his hand on her back and his pet obediently bent over, perching her ass high in the air behind her. He took a step back to look at her clothing choice. His eyes were drawn to her bountiful bosom, which was framed perfectly by the outline of her cropped not-so-buttoned cardigan. “Well isn’t that sweet, are you going for not quite innocent school girl?” he asked running his hand up the back of her creamy thigh pulling her skirt up over her bum.

Tingles ran over Maggie’s body making her shudder as she replied, “You don’t like it, professor?” looking over her shoulder, her hazel eyes wide.

“I didn’t say that,” he said, trailing his fingers over her silk black with purple polka dot thong. Playfully, he hooked his finger into the little keyhole at the top of her crack, “I love these too.”

Maggie kept her hands in front of her, rubbing her fingertips into the bark. She sighed as his touch made her grow warm.

Professor Gottschalk ran his hand over the soft curve of her ass taking a handful of flesh, “I have to pick up the kids from school at 3:30, the Mrs. is working late today.” He spanked her ass hard with a tight palm.

His pet squealed, “Of course, sir.” She stood submissively still as her lover’s fingers ran down the back of her thighs to the top of her knee high socks. She felt heat radiate against her çankaya escort bayan panties from his touch.

John cocked his head to the side to get a better view of her ass as his hand came back up, rubbing his rough palm into her flesh. “You know Maggie, it’s impolite to ambush people like you did,” he said as he hooked his finger into the stitched tear drop shaped hole of her thong and yanked it down to the top of her thighs.

Maggie hung her head down, “I’m sorry sir, please forgive me,” she whimpered as her eyes closed. Her brown curls hung in front of her cheeks.

He lifted his hand and gave one of her ass cheeks a stinging strike, “Not good enough,” then the other cheek, “Sorry doesn’t cut it.”

His pet screamed as her flesh burned, “I’m so, so, so sorry. Please, I’m sorry,” looking over her shoulder to him begging for forgiveness. Her thighs rubbed together, enjoying the agonizing pleasure of her spankings.

The professor continued slapping her ass hard over and over in rhythm, punishing her. One cheek then the other, watching her flesh give that delightful jiggle in reaction. “That was unacceptable,” he said sternly as rubbed her reddened cheeks, then lashed his palm down again firmly.

Maggie closed her eyes as she felt tears welling up, her face became flushed as she accepted and appreciated her punishment. Her mouth hung open, crying out in pain, losing count of the number of spankings she’d gotten. Tears rolled down her rosy cheeks.

John took a moment to massage her warm flesh, feeling the heat radiate off her bum against his palm. His voice was harsh, “What you did was stupid. Are you a stupid slut?”

“No sir,” Maggie cried.

He lifted his hand and brought it down on her flesh with steel firmness, the crack echoed into the woods.

His pet wailed a screaming moan into her arms, “Oh god! I’m not a stupid slut!”

Professor Gottschalk was relentless, he continued spanking his fuckpet until her ass glowed bright red, “Every time you sit down for the next week you will remember what a stupid fuckslut you were, won’t you?” he growled.

“Yes sir. Yes sir, I’ll never do it again. I swear,” Maggie stuttered through sobs.

He lifted his hand from her ass and undid his belt, “You aren’t finished yet, cunt,” snarling as he pulled his black leather belt off, folding it in half.

Maggie’s red, tear stained eyes just stared at him. Her bottom lip quivered as she whimpered, “Oh god, please no.”

John slapped her cheek, making her ears ring, “Don’t tell me how to punish you,” he said in a disapproving tone.

His pet braced herself against the tree and took deep breaths as the belt trailed lightly over her sore rear. All the muscles in her body twitched in anticipation. She hung her head and buried her face into her upper arms.

The professor raised his hand and let the leather come down with a deafening pop against her ass.

Maggie screeched into her arms, “Oh my god, that hurts.” Her words might have said she hated it, but her body had a different reaction. Her pussy ached for more, leaking juices to her inner thighs.

John raised his hand again and another crack of his belt-whip landed on her cherry colored bum. He repeated the motion in the same spot until a welt popped up across her cheeks.

Maggie was a mess as her disciplining continued. Her legs quaked and her Mary Janes slid through the mud, the soles caked with topsoil. She fought to keep her balance, every feeling in her body begging to make it stop. Deep down she loved the pain; it was rare that she got this from him.

The professor slapped his belt down the curve her ass with fast flicks of his wrist to the back of her thighs, “What if someone would have seen you grab me? You thought it would just be fun didn’t you?”

Maggie wiggled as the belt slapped against her skin, “Yes I did. I’m so sorry sir. Please….” her words got cut off as he gave the back of her thighs the roughest whip yet, making her yelp and nearly collapse. A solitary red welt swelled up across both legs.

John wrapped his fingers in his pet’s curly hair. He yanked and pulled her body down to the ground. Maggie screamed as her beaten ass fell into the grass, making every bruise ache. She panted, staring up at her dominant lover, her legs spread open, panties stretched on her thighs.

He dropped to his knees between her legs. Ravenous, his member bulging against his slacks, his sore, insatiable, hands grab and discard her panties and throw them into the grass. Not finished, he reached down and forced her legs open obscenely wide.

Maggie felt like a rag doll under his authority.

Still holding his belt in his right hand, which settled on her knee, he reached down and abruptly groped her cunt. “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie,” he said shaking his head, “Does being beaten make you wet?” he teased.

Maggie wiped the tears off her face as she fell back into the grass and moaned, “Yes, oh god, yes it does.”

Professor Gottschalk looked down at his pet, his hand firmly ankara rus escort caressing her heat, “Unbutton your shirt. Let me see those pretty tits.”

She stayed on her back and undid the one little button of her cardigan letting it hang on her shoulders. Her lover used two fingers, pushing behind her delicate folds, letting her built up juices drip out. Maggie squirmed as she released the buttons on her purple blouse, pulling it open to her sides. Her black silk bra with delightful purple polka dots strained to contain her heaving tits. She moaned and arched her back against the grass as her lover ran his fingers along her pussy slit. She unclasped the front of her bra, letting her tits bounce free.

John looked up, admiring her perky pink erect nipples on her milky breasts. He dangled the curve of his belt over her chest, teasing her nipples with the leather. His fingers smeared her fluids over her clit and the pink barbell ornament on its hood.

Maggie bit her lip, watching the belt sway from one nipple to the other. The heavy breaths she took made her ribcage poke out under her skin. She sighed deeply as his fingers pinched her clitoris and dug her heels into the grass.

The professor chuckled, watching his fuckpet hypnotize herself on his belt. He shoved two fingers, knuckle deep, forcefully into her dripping soft hole, “Maggie May, my, what a wet girl you’ve become,” he snarled feeling her silk fluids run out over his hand. “You know only sluts get this soaked.”

Maggie’s neck arched back, rubbing her head against the ground, moaning her words, “Yes sir, I know. I’m your slut, your dripping wet whore.”

He slammed his fingers in and out of her squishy cunt, watching his pet writhe helpless, giving herself to him. Her mouth hung open, squealing in pleasure as his fingers curled and massaged against her g-spot. He watched her hips rise and fall, fucking herself on his fingers. John knew how addicted to him she was, he could practically snap his fingers and she would orgasm for him.

Maggie clenched her fists around her open clothes, tugging on them. Her legs were out of control, trembling with the pulses of her steaming cunt. Her chest grew flushed and shoulders rubbed into the grass.

Suddenly he pulled his fingers out of Maggie’s leaking cunt.

His pet looked at him startled, suddenly losing the wonderful sensation of her lover’s fingers. Her mouth moved as if to say, why, but she quickly shut herself up.

“Does my whore have something to say?” he glared at her.

Maggie shook her head and squeaked, “No sir.”

Professor Gottschalk traced her pink lips with his belt before bringing it up and slapping it down against her pussy, landing directly on her slit. His pet screamed with a closed mouth, as he admired the soft lines on her smooth cunt, the sting still settling in. Then tossed his belt to the side.

He leaned down over her body and kissed her roughly, shoving his tongue into his lover’s mouth. Tasting her strawberry lips, he nearly devoured her.

Maggie lifted her hands and pulled his head to hers, moaning into his jaws, she pushed her hips up against him and ground against his crotch. Their tongues wrestled with each other, fighting for control of the kiss. John grabbed her nearest tit and tugged her nipple, then slapped the side of her cleavage before pulling away, breaking the kiss.

Professor Gottschalk grabbed Maggie by her collar and brought her to her knees as he got up to his feet, undid his fly, letting his trousers drop to his ankles. He rubbed her plump pink lips with his thumb, “I want this pretty mouth.”

His pet settled herself on her knees in the grass, her skirt draped neatly over her thighs, her purple shirt hung open around her breasts, the cups of her bra dangling to the side.

She looked up into his eyes as she opened her mouth around his erection. As her full lips sealed around his organ she began sucking. She was gentle at first, feeling him grow thick and hard in her mouth. His pet manipulated his length, head bobbing slowly.

Maggie batted her eyelashes up to her lover as her soft tongue massaged into his flesh, feeling the veins fill up and protrude in her mouth. She ran her hands up his thighs, lightly scraping her nails into his skin.

John grinned down to her; she was such an obedient little thing, working her mouth dutifully on his cock. He watched her mouth bring him to full strength and let out a groan as she took him into her throat. His hand took a fist full of her hair, shoving her mouth completely down on his shaft. Her soft throat gagged as he held her down, drool pouring out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

“That’s a good slut,” he groaned then pulled her mouth off his erection, arching her neck back with his grip in her hair. “Hands behind your back,” he demanded.

“Yes sir,” Maggie replied through a cough, her mouth and chin soiled with saliva. She held her hands together behind her back, keeping her mouth open in a soft round hole for ankara etlik escort her lover to fuck.

He shook his hand in her hair, bringing her face upright and thrusted his shaft into her mouth, straight to her throat. He held her head still by her hair and her jaw dropped a little as his cockhead squeezed into her throat. John steadily began humping her face.

Maggie’s mouth suctioned his pole as he drove it in and out of her throat, having no control over his thrusts. Her tongue swirled around his hard flesh, dragging the bead of her tongue ring against him. Her lips moved along his spit shined cock and her cheeks sunk in with her slurps.

John drove his cock into her throat, held her head against his crotch and dug into her mouth. “You are forgiven,” he said in a husky voice, dropping his head back, “It’s impossible to stay mad at you with that mouth.” He felt her start to gag and pulled her mouth off, letting her spit onto his cock.

“Thank you sir, it will never happen again, I swear,” she said, then licked her lips. Her drool had run down her chin pooling at her breasts, a lovely mess.

The professor let go of her hair and took his suit jacket off. He pitched it to the ground in the general direction of her panties. Just then, his phone vibrated in his pants pocket against his foot, “Get that out for me, please, Maggie.”

Maggie reached down and fished her hand into his pant pocket, without looking at the screen she handed him his cell phone.

He took it and sighed, “Keep pleasuring me, I didn’t say stop,” he grinned and answered the call from his wife, coughing, “Hello?” He put a finger over his mouth to tell his pet to keep quiet.

His pet went back to work with a smile. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and encased his cock head with her mouth. She suckled and pumped her hand on his shaft, her tongue swirling around his bulbous head.

“I’m heading to the activities center, dear,” his free hand rubbed the bridge of his nose between two fingers, trying to keep concentration on the phone call, a difficult task with his lover’s expertise. “Yeah, I’m going to get a quick workout in before picking up the kiddos.”

Maggie opened her mouth and let her tongue slip out, stroking him tenderly while flicking her tongue against his frenulum.

“No, no, no. I will be there at 3:30, I know you have to work late today,” he said into the phone, frustrated, “They won’t have to wait, I won’t do that to them. I’ve never done that.”

His pet giggled inwardly then removed her hand and swallowed his shaft whole, in one deep gulp down her throat. She fluttered her tongue against his flesh, rocking her jaw. Fucking him deep into her mouth, her face hidden in his pelvis. She barely let his organ come out of her throat, grinding her muzzle into his crotch.

John fell forward, his stomach just over Maggie’s head, biting his tongue to keep from moaning with the pleasure of being engulfed. He cleared his throat, “I’m here now. I’ll see you tonight…. Love ya.”

The professor hung up and looked at his phone and straightened out his back. He made sure the call had ended before letting out the groan of absolute ecstasy he’d been holding back.

Maggie pulled her mouth off leisurely, sucking hard all the way until his cock fell out and dangled in front of her. She pulled his organ with her fist, squeezing him, “Let me ride you, please. Pretty please, with a nice gooey load on top,” she begged with the sweetest smile painted on her lips.

The professor looked down and ran his hand though his salted hair with a chuckle, “You think I could ever say no to that?”

“Lay down, please, sir,” she said with a grin.

The professor lay down in the grass, on top of some fallen leaves smashing under him.

Maggie scooted over on her knees then lifted one leg and squatted over his crotch. “You’re going to need this shirt open,” she said and loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it open. She trailed her fingers through his chest hair and pinched a nipple with a giggle.

“Why’s that?” he asked, enjoying her familiar touch on his body.

Maggie planted her feet, digging her heels into the ground on either side of his chest. She steadied herself with one hand on the top of his thigh and hiked her skirt up around her hips with the other. Then, she wrapped her palm around his erection and rubbed his head along her slit, “You’ll see.”

John watched her take control and the beautiful sight she gave him. Her legs spread wide over him, opening her body completely. He sat up on his elbows to get a better look, “You’re so beautiful, Maggie.”

His pet blushed, “Thank you, John. You’re quite handsome yourself.”

The clouds overhead opened up and a quiet light rain started falling from the sky, dropping little beads onto the lovers. They smiled at each other sharing an intimate moment as the raindrops began falling.

Maggie lifted her hips and held his cock at her juicy entrance. She watched her lover’s eyes as she slid her velvet, wet cunt down his shaft, enveloping his organ behind her folds. Her skin pulled as she leaned back, making her welts sting. Her hand went to his other thigh and she pushed herself down, letting a moan of pure delight escape her lips, filling herself with her lover.

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