( pt 2 ) Saturday nights fun


We had taken Kim out a few times to the beach and continued her sex education with the guys and group fucks, by now she was willing to try any thing.

After checking to make sure she was free to stay over Saturday night, for some fun, I rang a mate of mine who runs a kind of swingers club, but with a difference. I told him to make sure Ralph and Lucas, where there. Kim arrived at our place mid afternoon, and after kissing for awhile and sucking cock, I sent her in, to use our douche, when she came out, Sue and I were fucking already, turning I pulled her forward, slipping her onto the bed, where Sue went down licking her clit, while I stuffed her mouth full of cock. We played for a while, and then sent her back in for more cleaning.

It was when I had my cock buried balls deep in her pussy, I told her, and we were going out tonight, so this was just a warm up. A slight look of disappointment came over her, but I said, your going to need all your energy tonight. We fucked for a short time, and then had a light meal, ready for tonight.

Around 7 pm we headed of, the girls only wore a sheer short dress, with no underwear, and high heels, both looked great, we gave Kim no idea, of where we were going or to what, but of course she knew, sex would be involved. It was a long 90-minute drive to the club, as I watched the girls playing with one another on the back seat.

As we entered the club, a refurbished warehouse really, Kim looked a bit concerned, but as soon as Keith let us in, and she looked around her eyes told us she liked. I had rung Keith to tell him, we would be bringing some fresh flesh tonight, he said great, When I went to pay, he said NO, your ok Keith had set up some change rooms and showers, with a bar, and sex rooms for guys or couples to use, he had two big group rooms, the main one was general sex in groups etc, the other was for more kinky fun. We got a drink and watched a few couples go into rooms with guys or other couples.

As we went into the mirror room I hear a loud “wow”, and Kim said kinky, can we try this room please, I said wait there are better rooms still. taking her by the hand into the group room. A few single guys, and one lady already playing, sucking one another’s cocks got her attention. She didn’t have time to strip, guys pulled her down, hands going all over her, as her dress came of, Sue also had several guys grab her too.

I stripped and joined Kim’s fun, slipping my cock in her wet pussy as other guys played with her, it didn’t take long her mouth filled with cock, as I speed up my pace. Sue was taking care of 3 guys already; our warm up worked well, I watched as she swallowed her first load, and shared it with a guy. I slipped a finger in Kim’s butt, with a bit of spit, she eased back onto me more, then 2 then 3 fingers, she was ready, I gave her the poppers and waited a few seconds, lubing my cock with spit, I pushed in, she jumped, but pushed back fast, most going in first push, she was really getting into anal sex. After a few minutes to warm her up, I told her to sit on another cock, then went back in, she was soon sucking on a third cock, all going well she would soon get her reward.

I knew to hold off, as I felt pussy guy explode in her hole, as his cock slipped out, I told her to grab a new pole to sit on, guys rushed to take his position, as she rode us all again, her mouth now cum soaked as a new cock slipped in, I wanted to last, so I let a fresh cock fuck her butt, as I looked for a good cock to fuck my ass. I picked a well hung guy, sucking his cock and turning to offer my butt to him got what I wanted, as it filled me full, he was good, fucking fast and hard, as we both watched the girls going strong.

Sue had orgasm a few times, and Kim followed, her butt flowing with cum looked good, quickly taking the next guy fully in. Keith had come in too, fucking Sue’ butt for a while, and then seeing Kim’s ass empty, he quickly changed, fucking her fresh cum hole with joy. My butt took its first load, and another took over, we all went on for some time, as the night picked up. Then seeing Keith’s cum flowing out of Kim’s butt, I went over eating it all, then sharing it with her, she kissed me back saying Thank you as her body shook with another orgasm.

I told Keith to give it a bit longer, then we would go into the private room, he smiled and said ok, it will be ready. I went back fucking Kim’s butt again, asking if she was ready for some kinky fun, she looked back, just as a guy blew his load over her face, and said, “what” kinkier than this? Yes I said. Ok’’’

I told Sue it was time to change rooms, she smiled and said as soon as these guys cum I’ll meet you there, I took Kim by the hand, stopping for a drink before heading back to the private room. Sue came out just as we went to open the door, and put her hands over Kim’s eyes, saying, if you don’t want to do this, just walk out,

Keith had illegal bahis Ralph and Lucas waiting, Lucas jumped on seeing Sue, he was an old friend of ours, I said ready and Sue let Kim look, she didn’t know what to say or do, seeing the two dogs, panting, trying to get to Sue, What the fuck? Kim said, Sue replied, watch of leave, no pressure to do any thing, as Keith let Lucas go, he jumped straight up to Sue, licking her pussy, Ralph made a bee line for Kim but she held her hands in front of her pussy, Sue was now going down, Lucas, lapping her cunt lips, his cock showing out of the sheath, Sue grabbed it, and wanked him for awhile, then turned, her head and shoulders on the bench, Lucas jumped up. Kim was shocked but couldn’t take her eyes of Lucas and Sue.

As his cock began to push forward, Sue arched her back, his cock went straight in, some 4 inches or more first go, Kim was mesmerized, but cum still flowed out of her body as Ralph started to lick her. I heard Kim groan as he made her cum, then she realized what he was doing and pushed him away. I said that’s ok, he’s game for any thing, and getting down close to Sue, Ralph took the hint, jumping straight up, his cock hit home, I felt it go in, as it grew bigger and bigger. I know his cock is about 9 inches long, maybe 10, but its thick too, and his knot, is so good. I love the way he fucks, the speed and heat he gives of is second to non, Sue was now fully knotted, Lucas, had mad her his bitch again, and she was going from one orgasm to another with little rest. I now felt Ralph cock hit home, as he fucked me flat out, his knot pressing against my butt, wanted in, and I wanted it in me too, as we both worked our hardest to do so.

After some 10 minutes, he thrust hard, and I felt the lovely knot hide inside my hungry hole, just as Sue screamed, a huge orgasm ripped though her, she took a hot load of doggy cum, I knew what she was feeling, Ralph now knotted I was his bitch to use as he wanted, and he did, he seemed to last awhile tonight, as I too went from one anal orgasm to another with little rest, then bang, His balls let loose, my butt feeling the full pressure and heat of liters of dog cum, I love it, we both let the feeling run though our bodies, cum building up more inside me, as his knot held firm. Kim was now sitting next to me, pure disbelief showing, with Keith’s cock fucking her butt, also told me she was interested too.

Sue and myself got loose, the dogs lay down, licking their cocks, Sue went over and helped them, Kim still on her knees, Keith pounding her butt, groaned another orgasm, causing Keith to unload his seed in her. We sat talking, Kim saying how in one way she was disgusted, but in a weird way turned on too, I said yes we were the same the first time too, but the feelings over come any thing else.

We left the dogs to rest, going for a drink; The club had filled up some, couples and singles, sat around the small bar, and some in the spa too, most of the rooms had woman with guys in, and some others were in the straight group room, that room is for bi woman, but straight guys, and often no anal, boring.

Walking back to the group room, Kim quickly got pinned down and taken by three guys again, it doesn’t take long for word to get around, that woman are playing in the kinky room, another guy trying to fuck her arse with them too. Cheeky bugger. But surprisingly, she didn’t move letting him try to DP her butt with the others, she was so turned on. We let her play, Keith now brought in a few guys he knew that were ok with it too. He also left the door open some, so that others could join in, Kim’s eyes fixed quickly on the dog’s cocks, still showing, and red.

Sue got down sucking Ralph cock, and quickly leant on the bench as his cock wanted to enter her. This time I went over, and aimed his cock at her butt; she took it, all going in as Kim gasped. I said there is nothing better than a dog’s cock filling your butt or pussy, the speed they fuck at, and the amount of cum is unbelievable. Wait until you try it, Kim still looked shy and shocked that we would do this, but Sue’s orgasm now coming quicker and quicker told her why we did, I bent her over, sliding my cock in her pussy, next to Sue, Kim soon shot out a huge orgasm, as Sue screamed though one of her’s.

I stayed in her pussy for a while trying to fuck her harder than before, but Lucas was pushing me away, trying to get at Kim.

I left him to sniff the air, saying to Kim did it look good as she watched Sue, she nodded yes, I said then why not try it, No she said, but screamed though another orgasm in time with Sue, I passed the poppers to Kim telling her to have a good sniff, and I kept up my pounding on her, then stuffed my cock back in her butt fucking her hard.

Lucas pushed me again, this time he won, I fell back and to the side, he didn’t hesitate, jumping straight up, pinning Kim down. She screamed NOOOO, but his cock illegal bahis siteleri had other idea’s hitting her pussy first go, she let out a gasp for air, as he rammed into her. I could see tears in her eyes, as Lucas pushed more and more cock into her cum soaked pussy, no way could I pull him of, he was set to fuck her any way he could, and with every thrust took more and more of her on his cock. I told her to relax and take some more poppers.

I was shocked, as all to soon Kim pushed back, whether she gave in to him, or was liking it, she wanted more too, Lucas, ramming quicker now, his cock was just a blur, Both girls now screaming as orgasm raced though them, it seemed to set them off knowing the other was also feeling the same. Ralph was knotted and building up for his second cum, Sue’s arse, locked tight, as Ralph’s knot swelled, the veins under his balls showing signs that he was ready to cum. Then they both growled Ralph, shooting gallons of cum deep in her butt, Sue feeling the heat and pressure right up into her stomach.

Kim, was now close to being knotted, Lucas, hitting her pussy lips each time with more force, she seemed to know, holding of at first, then with one hard trust he locked in. Kim now had her first knot and soon will feel the flow of doggy cum in her cervix and womb. Ralph had turned back to back with Sue, both held tight, as his cum leaked out a bit, I went under her, licking up what I could, sending her into another orgasm. Kim now having one continuous orgasm, as Lucas built up speed ready for his big finish, I moved under Kim rubbing her clit as she cum again, them I saw Lucas jerk, his balls expand more, and his cock jerk inside Kim, the noise was incredible, as both growled and cum together.

I kept rubbing her clit, keeping her high, as Lucas slowed, but he kept jerking more and more cum into her, I now saw it start to leak out, licking her clit and eating what I could she shot out a few more orgasm’s, then after 5 minutes or so, his knot plopped out, cum dropped onto my face, half drowning me, I took a mouth full and went over to Kim, kissing her and sharing Lucas cum with her, then I went back, taking another mouth full, as Kim came down slowly, I kissed her, sharing his cum, she returned the kiss, licking my mouth and lips. I saw one of the guys fuck her butt, as I kissed her, his cock went right in, the others now fucking Sue’s butt and pussy, I wanted some cock too, so bent over for them to fuck me too.

We all took the guys for some time, Keith also having fun fucking us all, and any hole, then I saw Alan, I had met him a few times, and as soon as I saw him, made moves to grab him first, I sucked his cock, he loves that, as inch by inch it grew, this guy is bigger than the dogs, at least 11 inches long and thick too, as soon as he was hard, I turned, his cock found my cummy hole, and went right in, he said, “you’ve already been fucked by the dogs I see”, laughing as he said it.

Oh fuck I love the feeling, he’s good for around 90 minutes each time he fucks too, then he blows a wad of cum, I let him fuck me for some 30 minutes or more, before I saw Kim looking, with lust in her eyes. I told him to try some fresh pussy or butt; he didn’t need telling twice, pulling out of me, and sliding straight into Kim. She took most. As he worked his way deeper still, then with one hard push he was in, her cervix would be open for sure now, as she screamed and pushed back. I’m sure this would have been the first time her cervix had been opened by a long cock.

I watched her, my arse taking some more cock, as Kim rode him, pushing back meeting his every thrust. Then she did some thing that shocked me a bit, she pulled forward, holding her butt cheeks, and he knew what to do. Inch by inch he moved in, she took him, easing back harder, as her orgasm gained speed, then she had him balls deep, he was slamming into her, as hard as he had me, and she loved it. Sue was once more riding Lucas, his cock, in her butt again as she rocked back and forth. I pulled Ralph over and with little effort got him in me; the night was going well.

Alan was still going strong in Kim’s butt, as she took others by hand or mouth, Sue and I enjoyed the dogs cock once more as we both became their bitches, knotted and loving it, the dogs took a bit longer to fuck us both, then I saw Alan begin to unload in Kim’s arse, she jerked back, pushing him in further still as I knew ream after ream of hot cum would be flooding her, both fell limp as they finished cuming. Lucas was still going strong in Sue, as Ralph and I, enjoyed more anal fun.

As Kim began to move I pulled her under me, so she could suck my cock as Ralph continued his assault on me, I licked Alan’s cum from her butt, as her mouth locked onto my cock, we stayed like that for awhile, then Ralph began to flood my arse with his hot cum, I wanted to keep Kim under me, waiting for Ralph to unlock his knot I kept canlı bahis siteleri licking her clit, then with a loud plop, he came out. I looked under me, seeing Kim’s face and boobs get covered in hot dog cum, she choked as her mouth took a lot, I saw her licking her lips as more run free, then she moved from under me, kissing me with an open mouth, sharing Ralph’s cum with me, I swapped cum, kissing and holding her face to mine.

Things slowed a bit, as a few more guys used her and Sue, I took my turn fucking both, then while Kim was laying with a guys cock in her pussy, I pulled her arm up, sitting down onto it, her wrist went in, as I sat deeper, my cock now just inches away from her face, I wanked my cock and began to feel my blood rising, my balls let loose, shooting cum over her boobs and face. As I sunk slowly into a blissful rest, she again kissed me, and sharing my cum. I lapped it all up.

The night was going well, Kim grabbed Lucas, pulling him up to her back, his cock, growing hard, then again to our surprise, she aimed his cock right at her bum hole, and in one quick move, he started to enter her, she arched her back, letting him get a better angle, then as a guy fucked her mouth, she let out a muffled cry as Lucas pushed home. She took him easy, seeing as Alan’s cock is bigger, but to see this young lady on her knees, with Lucas fucking her butt flat out, was a beautiful sight. I thought she would hold off, but as his knot hit her cheeks a few times she opened up, pushing back, going hard trying to get his knot in her arse, then as we all watched, it went in, she let out a muffled scream, as he pushed right past her butt lips and further in, soon it would swell filling her like never before, her eyes now glazed a Lucas fucked deep and fast, he’s a good dog, and can go 3 or 4 times a night easy, Kim was a mess, as orgasms hit one after another, her body showing signs of wear, as Lucas kept up his pace, then she screamed again, Lucas was filling her bowels with cum, and lots of it, he just kept pumping, Kim fell limp, but the knot held them together, cum dripping from her abused hole, Then as he slowed, we patted him, holding in her body.

It took some 15-minute’s before he dropped out; his knot plopped out followed by heaps of hot cum, I put my hand under her body and quickly got a palm full, taking it to her mouth, she ate it all, Sue did the same, as a few guys now went around, cocks in hand ready to fuck her arse, but I wanted first in, slipping my semi hard cock in her doggy cum butt and fucking her for a short time. Then Alan slipped his cock back in, Kim jumped but took him, and to his surprise he blew a wad of cum in her hole again, as he slipped out, I licked her butt and kissed her. Kim then fell to the floor totally exhausted.

I saw Sue take a few of the other guys who had wanted Kim’s arse, quickly unloading their seeds in her pussy or arse, both girls just one big cummy mess, I saw one last cock, and sat on it, not wanting to miss out, and rode him for a short time, then my cock wanted relief, so once more I pulled Kim’s arm up, sitting on her fist, and took it down to about 40 mm from her elbow, Sue came over, both girls now trying to suck my cock, with a few more pushes onto her arm and some hard wanking, my cock exploded over their face, to me that was the best, seeing all the cum over her and Sue, then adding my cum.

We all lay resting, as guys left we talked to Keith, he thanked us for a great night, saying, when he tells guys we are going to be at the club, the place packs out, Then taking the girls by the hand, we walked back though the main room, covered in doggy cum and human cum, and headed for the showers, taking time to wash one another, inside and out, with the help of a few guys, we also got joined by a woman who went down eating Kim’s pussy, taking her over the top once more. The next thing we know they are going into a 69 on the shower floor, each with a guy fucking them. It was so nice to see her being taken by another woman, and a cock in her butt. As they played, the guys cum, and were replaced by more guys, Sue sat on a good stiff cock, and rod him, as I moved behind her, shoving my cock in her butt.

I wasn’t going to last long, but just had to fuck her, as she took a few more mouth full of cum, both Kim and the other lady, changed guys, for fresh cocks, I blew what cum I had left in Sues butt, and sat next to Kim, her body shook as guys fucked her, then after the last two guys finished we went back to washing. Leaving some 10 minutes later, for our long drive home. The girls slept and cuddled in the back seat waking as I pulled up a home, we all slept in one bed, waking late next day.

Kim spoke to us saying, She hoped she hadn’t done any thing wrong last night, As we kissed her, and said of course not, she smiled saying, what a blast it was. And again she wouldn’t have let the dogs fuc her if she had time to think about it, but how in the end she loved it all, espically Alan’s big cock, going into her cervix, Sue said once you have had that it gets better each time.

When can we go again Kim asked?.

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