Public Incest Ch. 05


“God… your tongue is about as good as your cock. Get in there all nice and deep like. Ha ha ha.”

“Your ass is about as tasty as your twat. And even tighter.”

My tongue snakes it’s way even deeper up my aunt Norma’s seventy plus year old ass. Damn… it’s tasty as hell. Always has been. I lick those musky bowels with such loving, salad tossing fervor. Yum yum… getting’ me some.

She’s on her stomach on my pull out bed in the back of my van. We’re parked in the back of a Walmart parking lot, waiting for my sister Gina to pick up a pregnancy test. I push open the back doors. The damn sun light shines in bright. Norma shades her eyes as she wiggles that tight fucking butt in my face. And old lady walks by right at that second and shakes her head in disgust at our public display of salad tossing family fun. I fucking love it. Oh yeah.

I slap that tight little ass and squeeze both cheeks as I keep tongue fucking my slutty aunt’s mature ass. She’s got such a nice and squeezable ass. Tight and firm, even at her age.

“Damn… you started without me.”

Gina jumps in the van and joins in, kissing me, then sliding her tongue up aunt Norma’s constantly wiggling backside. I fondle her big titties through her tight blue polo shirt. Fucking awesome jugs as always.

I get escort ataşehir behind Gina as two more older women walk by the back of the van. They stop and watch. One of ’em films us with her phone. My kinda broad.

I yank down my sister’s skin tight jeans and get to work, kissing, licking and sucking her bushy brown haired twat for ten minutes straight.

“GODDDDDDDDDD!! Eat my pussy, baby. Mmmmmmmmmm.”

Gina dribbles out some piss into my waiting mouth. I gulp the warm, salty treat down and keep sucking her spasming twat as I flick her rubbery clit. It’s so hard and thumping. I rub it, then flick it, repeating the process the whole time I suck her pussy.

Gina cums in my mouth, dancing her cumming twat across my lips as I suck harder and harder on her pounding pussy, eagerly drinking down every single milky drop of her sweet as honey pussy cream.

I invite the old broad that was filming us over. She hands her phone to her friend… who I later found out was her sister/wife… yeah… we’re not the only family freaks out there… and she runs over, jumping in the van. She starts sucking my seven inch cock about as good as its ever been sucked.

I close my eyes for a minute, riding out the amazing sensations bursting forth from my smiling cock, rubbing kadıköy escort Gina’s soaked slit, kissing her wide ass and wet pussy as well.

While the sexy old broad… she’s beautiful… long gray hair, big tits, big ass… beautiful… sucks me, I start eating Gina’s ass, finger hanging her pussy as I do. She keeps eating Norma’s ass while the old broad outside films it all. Awesome day at Walmart.

Our naughty daisy chain continues for ten more ass eating, cocksucking, pussy finger banging minutes. Fucking awesome sight. My tongue ravishes my sister’s thick ass, licking it so good, she cums twice more. I share her cum with Denise… the old chick sucking my cock. We both suck my sister’s dripping with cream twat raw.


Gina screams into Norma’s tight ass. She grinds her amazingly tasty twat all over Denise and my smiling, kissing faces.

I ass fuck my sister while Denise eats my ass while Norma eats hers. Fucking awesome again. Denise’s wife keeps filming as people pass by her and the van, some cheering and watching, then moving on… some shaking their heads and walking off immediately… a couple hanging around and filming it themselves. The van doors are all open for everyone to watch us.

“FUCK MY maltepe escort bayan ASSSSSSSSSSSS!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! HOLY FUCK!! IT FEELS GREAT!!” Gina hugs the leather cushion on the back of the bed as I drill my seven throbbing inches up my favorite ass on earth. My love for my sexy sister keeps growing. We kiss, so passionately. God… I love my sister. My cock loves her ass too. I keep slamming up that tight orifice as hard as I can, my thighs slapping Gina’s. She cums into Denise’s mouth again right before I cum in her ass, roughly squeezing her hanging 36Ds, my hands under her shirt and white spots bra. Bare titties and cumming in my sister’s ass. My kinda day.

We get a nice cheer from the horny onlookers. A couple tosses singles at us. Ha. Feeling like a stripper as I pump my warm, creamy wad up my beautiful, sweet smiling, loving sister’s ass.

Gina takes the pregnancy test right there in the van for everyone to see… yep… She’s pregnant. Woo-hoo! We pop open a bottle of champagne she got in Walmart just in case she found out she was knocked up. It flows and we chug it. Everyone cheers, even the onlookers in the parking lot. We pass the bottle around to everyone… no need for glasses… and everyone gets a chug. We kiss and hug, a nice tender moment between brother and sister… in my van in the Walmart parking lot.

We all hang out and finish off the champagne, then bust open a six pack to top it off. A nice relaxing day with my beautiful sister. Hot public sex and she’s pregnant on top of it. A great day. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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