Public Masturbaton


Public MasturbatonThis happened a few years ago and is a true story.I worked in London and was rushing toward the Underground (tube) station to make my way home. It was a typical English November evening, wet and windy. I reached my station and wove my way through the crowds onto the platform which was also very busy. I had my overcoat on and was pretty warm. The train pulled in crammed as usual. I squashed myself into the compartment and the carriage jolted as it moved off. Thank god only three stops I thought to myself. I could feel someone pushing against me from behind not unusual in the crush. We arrived at the next station where people got off and on. I turned around to see myself looking at a sharply dressed guy who looked to be early 60’s in age. He smiled at me.As the train moved away again it jolted and I felt his hand brush my crotch but assuming this was an accident I ignored it. A few seconds later I felt his hand again this time he held bursa escort it against my crotch. I’ve never had a guy touch me before but I felt my cock begin to harden. I looked at him again, he smiled and I closed my eyes as his hand began to rub me in earnest. The train stopped in the tunnel and the driver announced we would be waiting 5 minutes or so due to issues further along the line.I was now rock hard and took a look around the carriage but no one was looking or could see really as our overcoats shielded us from any prying eyes. His hand moved to my zipper and he undid it and slipped his hand onto my rigid cock moving his hand slowly up and down. I couldn’t believe this was happening but was now extremely turned on.With his other hand he took one of mine and guided it to his crotch where I felt a very hot and thick cock already hard and exposed. Our eyes met and he smiled again as he masturbated me in this train carriage packed with commuters. bursa escort bayan I cupped his balls in my hand and am sure I heard a little gasp escape his lips. We just looked into each others eyes. I had a strong urge to kiss him which is something I had never even thought about before now. Kissing a guy was not my thing.My cock was beginning to leak pre cum as he moved his thumb over my circumcised tip. I began to wank his cock faster now and I thought he might be close to cumming because I was. He pushed his hips forward and our cocks touched. Again I looked around but no one was paying attention to us. He wrapped his hand around both our cocks and wanked us with short strokes. The train lurched and our faces were an inch away from each others. He kissed me just a peck really but on the lips.My balls were full and I could feel my cum moving up my channel. I mouthed to him “gonna cum”. He smiled and as I shot my first large spurt of hot escort bursa spunk over his hand he joined me. Spurt after spurt of our hot sticky cum all over my cock which turned me on even more. Fuck we will be caught and arrested is all I could think as my hard on receded. There were numerous spots of fresh cum on the carriage floor.We pulled into the next station having hastily replaced our cocks back in our trousers. As the doors opened a woman brushed past me and said with a smile ” Hope you enjoyed that and hope to see you again”. I was gobsmacked. How could she have seen us? I got onto the platform and realised the guy also seemed to have disappeared. I needed a cigarette so made my way up to street level and fumbled around for my packet.I drew out a business card that wasn’t there before. Plain white card which simply said “If you enjoyed that and want more with additional bonuses e mail me at………….”.I hurried home my thoughts and mind racing at what had happened only 25 minutes earlier. Fuck I was already feeling horny again when I reached my house. I threw my coat down and booted up my laptop as I had an email to write………To be continued if anyone likes this part

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