Pulsing Shower Head


My husband Norm had been out of town on business for two weeks, and I was feeling extremely hot and frustrated. I got out my vibrators and played with them so I could get some release. But what I really wanted was to feel Norm’s heat inside me, his finger teasing my clit, his tongue driving me crazy as -he sucked my nipples.

Finally I decided to try to relax. I lit some candles and filled the tub, putting in a generous amount of bath salts, then lay down in the warm, fragrant water to soak. I sank down, immersing most of my body, but a portion of my large, firm breasts stayed above the water. The contrast between the cool air and the warm bath water made my nipples stand tall.

I had worked so hard around the house in the effort to curb my sexual desire that my muscles were sore. When the water cooled off I took down the hand-held showerhead, setting it to the massage function, and used it to help relax my tense shoulder muscles.

The pulsing water teased my breasts as I moved the head around. My nipples responded, and I could feel the growing warmth between my legs. At that point I just gave in to the throbbing of my cunt. I lay back in the tub, braced my feet against the sides and spread my legs as wide as I could, aiming the showerhead toward my open pussy. canlı bahis şirketleri The pulsing stream found my clit. After my first orgasm I thought I would stop, but I couldn’t. What the hell, I thought, and I just let myself go and orgasmed repeatedly under the stimulating spray. My climaxes brought me some relief from my sexual tension, but I still felt lonely and empty. And the relief didn’t last long.

It was late in the day, and the sun was streaming across our bed. As I lay down in the sunlight my thoughts turned to a recent Saturday afternoon, when my darling husband Norm had carefully massaged every inch of my skin with sweet scented oil, then proceeded to suck each of my nipples for a very long time. I was extremely aroused, and hungered to feel his hot rod in my love box; but instead, he put his finger in my cunt and carefully massaged it all over, searching for the places that made me most excited.

His big stick was bouncing against my leg. I could feel the head of it sliding against my thigh, leaving a trail of pre-come on my skin. I grabbed it and pulled it toward me, wrapping my legs around him as I tried to guide him into my hot hole, but he pulled away, saying that he wasn’t ready yet. He kissed me deeply, his tongue searching my canlı kaçak iddaa mouth. Then he turned me on my side, lying behind me with his long tool between my legs, the ridge on the head of his penis pressed against my clit. Again I begged him to let me feel him inside me, but he still wasn’t ready.

Moving away from my body, he reached down and lubricated his fingers with my pussy juice. Then he ran his little finger across my crotch, stroking my pussy and asshole. Each time he passed over my asshole I could feel it tighten. He kept sliding his fingers slowly back and forth over my pussy and ass until my anus no longer tensed up when he touched it.

Finally I felt his finger stop at my tight rear entrance, and then press on it lightly. He did this several times, until I relaxed. Then, very slowly and carefully, he began to penetrate that tight hole with his little finger. His movements were very slow and deliberate as he opened that narrow space carefully and gently. Each time he moved in a little further, he would pause and wait for me to adjust to the sensation. As his pinkie moved in, he found a few places that seemed to be very tense and knotted. Each time he would put a gentle pressure on those spots, stroking them until the tension relaxed. When his canlı kaçak bahis little finger had searched out every place it could reach, he removed it and started the whole process again, this time with his middle finger. It took him less time to get that finger in the first few inches, but when he reached unexplored territory he had to slow down and resume massaging the tensions away.

Only the intense sensations he was producing in me kept me from begging him to fuck me. I wanted to feel my cunt full of his rod, but I had to work hard at relaxing and breathing deeply as he penetrated further and further into my secret spaces. Finally he slowly and carefully withdrew his finger from my ass.

Then he moved his dick back and forth across my love box and my anus, as he had with his fingers. Now I did plead with him to put it in me. And he did, dipping his dick in my dripping cunt, and then pulling it out fast— once, twice, three times. And then, to my astonishment, he put the tip of his tool against my ass, the head poking at that tiny opening. But he came before he could even try to get it in. His hot semen splashing against my hole drove me wild. I writhed and groaned, on the verge of climax but not quite there.

Realizing my state, Norm bent down to suck on my clit, filling my cunt with his fingers to help finish me off. I moaned and screamed as I came. Then we fell asleep.

Thinking about that time made me horny again, and sweaty too. I needed another bath—and I needed to use that shower massager again.

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