Pure Bliss Ch. 01



It was cold outside. Snow falling around us in a blizzard like effect. Maybe I should have been cold but I was past the point of numbness, past the point of pain even. And you know it’s over when you’ve passed that point. You can kid yourself as much as you want but once you’ve passed that point, the joke is over. A depressing thought I know. I looked slowly to my left and saw him sitting beside me, looking half gone. And I wondered if I could even safe him much less myself. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fainted. Maybe it was for the best. I wished for the same blissful oblivion. But it never came. A small knocking on the floor caught my attention briefly before the wind howled over it. I scooted closer to him for warmth. There wasn’t much on the floor of the cabin but a small amount. I shivered. And in that moment I realized we were going to die. Alone. And nobody would ever find us.

Chapter One

“Piper, why don’t you finish the book?” A voice called behind me as I closed my laptop deftly and spun my chair around. Smiling in the doorway was my husband. Even though I was pissed at him I had to smile back. I can never seem to stay angry at him. No matter how hard I try. He tilted his head and continued to smile at me. I stood up and threw a piece of paper at him. He laughed and stepped into my computer room.

“You’ve been toying around with it for months now. And you’re no closer to an ending than you where when you started. How many times are you going to change it?” he teased. I walked to the doorway and ruffled his dark hair as if he were a little boy. He frowned at me and started fixing it as soon as I drew my hand away. His green eyes flashing momentarily with anger.

“As many times escort ankara as it takes.” I replied with a shrug. “A true author is never truly satisfied with their own work. They always find another flaw.” I added. He smirked at me.

“Their own worst critic.” He concluded. I nodded and shoved him into the hall way. Then followed him into the kitchen. Chance is really a very attractive man. I could never understand what he saw in me. He stands six feet seven inches. With a body to die for, black hair with bangs that frequently fall into his gorgeous green eyes and hide how he really feels. I always tell him his eyes say volumes even when he doesn’t. He frowns every time I do.

There are times when I wonder if he had asked my best friend Linda to dance that night in the bar instead of me, he’d probably be married to her now. Which always makes my gut twist slightly with jealousy. From the moment I first saw him when Linda and I had walked into the bar I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Of course my overly flirtatious friend Linda had to make several comments about my not so subtle drooling.

We had sat down at the bar opting out of grabbing a table. After ordering our drinks Chance had made his way over to us and started talking to Linda. I had pretended to ignore them but inside I was more disappointed than I could imagine. Much to my shock however, Chance had turned to me in the middle of their conversation and smiled.

“Do you want to dance? Or is your card full for the night?” He’d asked with the teasing smile I’d learned to love instantly.

“Do they still make dance cards?” I’d countered. He’d laughed set his drink next to Linda and led me onto the dance floor.

Thinking about this now while I was grabbing escort etlik a glass of iced tea made me smile. Chance caught my smile and gave me a quizzical look.

“What are you smiling about?” He asked grabbing a glass of iced tea as well.

“Oh just thinking about how we got together.” I replied with a giggle. He laughed and set his glass down.

“You still haven’t a clue what I was saying to Linda do you?” He asked and gave me a wide grin. I sat down at the table and shook my head.

“She would never tell.” I admitted. He laughed again and grabbed his glass coming to sit beside me. He shook his head.

“I bet she wouldn’t. Since I was grilling her about you.” He said. I choked on my tea.

“Me?” I managed. He laughed harder this time and nodded.

“She was very insulted. She thought I wanted to dance with her. Poor girl. I felt bad using her like that. But if I recall correctly she got her dance at our wedding. Have you called her lately?” He asked.

“Yesterday actually.” I said. He smirked and picked up the book he had been reading before coming to bother me. I looked around our kitchen smiling.

Chance and I had dated for almost a year before he popped the question during a family Thanksgiving dinner. Of course my father had nearly blown a vein he was so mad. Chance neglected to be the “Proper gentleman” my father thought I should marry and not asked my father’s permission for my hand in marriage. My older sister had thought it was insanely romantic and of course I had been shocked.

My father had softened some when he got to walk me down the aisle and see how happy I was. And shortly after the wedding I had moved into Chance’s house. Changing how he used to live. He escort demetevler hadn’t seemed to mind. We’d been happily married for nearly seven years now. It felt almost as natural as breathing. Which I sometimes commented as being eerie. Chance called it destiny.

He set his book down and looked at me strangely for a moment.

“You know, I have yet to read your book I wonder why that is.” He said. I shrugged and took my empty glass to the sink without comment. He sat there patiently waiting for me to say something.

“Well it’s not finished.” I said after a lengthy silence. He snorted and came up behind me. Pulling me against him and nuzzling my neck. I giggled and started to push him away. He held fast.

“I’m not interested in the ending; I’m interested in how it starts.” He said softly. He kissed my cheek and pulled me a little harder against him.

“Promises. Promises.” I murmured. He looked mildly insulted and then laughed and spun me around.

“Oh come on Piper, you know I’m dying to read your book. I haven’t read anything new from you in nearly a year. Please let me read it.” He pleaded. I thought for a moment, kissed him and walked back down the hall to my computer room. I turned back on my laptop and printed out what I had then brought it back to him.

“I don’t want to hear any wise cracks from you.” I warned. He held up his right hand.

“Scouts honor.” He swore. I burst out laughing and handed him the pages.

“You aren’t a scout.” I said. He took the pages and tilted his head looking at me carefully.

“I wanted to be one.” He admitted. I laughed. He took the pages I’d given him and went to sit back down at the table. I sighed heavily and went to resume my struggling with the rest of the book. He whistled at me as I left the room I spun around peeked back around the corner and gave him a stern look.

“Read!” I commanded

“Yes ma’am.” He saluted and went back to the book. I snickered and went back into my computer room.

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