Pure Blood Ch. 01


The ceremony was drawing near and everyone was busy within the castle. The prince and his mother were in his chamber, choosing outfits for the ceremonial matrimony of him and his sister that was to come that same evening.

“This one looks good, dear.” claimed mother, presenting a black velvet tunic. His mother was a voluptuous beauty of 38 years old, with long black hair, green eyes and silky white skin. She had curves in all the right places, and beautifully large, motherly breasts that were always a sightly bit of skin in her low-cut gowns and dresses. Her son had almost reached manhood, but still enjoyed being breastfed by her. And she was willing to sate his pleasures, as is a mother’s duty in the realm.

“I don’t care to he honest with you mother. Why can’t I just wear my current attire?” he moaned, frowning into the tall mirror by his bed.

“You are to be king soon, sweet boy. And a king must conquer. And it will start today pendik escort when you conquer your sister.” she spoke soothingly as she began to slowly undress him, raising his shirt up off his head to reveal his body. She then slowly unfastened his trousers and let them drop to the floor, revealing his manhood. His mother stared at it with a grin on her face, her arms wrapped around his neck from behind as they both stared into each others’ eyes through the mirror. “You will conquer her with this, my sweet boy.” she teased, running her finger along the stiffening shaft of his teenage cock.

He trembled in his mother’s warm embrace, feeling her soft breath kiss his neck. She smiled at him when she noticed his cock had become fully erect, throbbing and aching with arousal.

“Have I excited you, little prince?” she laughed, flicking the tip of his penis playfully.

“You know you have, mother” he hushed in a repressed gasp, aching maltepe escort for more of his mother’s sweet and gentle touches on his hard shaft. “It is troubling you, my dear. Would you like your mother to give you sweet release before your big day with your sister?” she asked, leading him onto his bed by tightly clutching his cock in her hand. She climbed between his legs and knelt before him like a submissive pet, gazing into his eyes. “Do it, mother. Please.” He begged, gliding his hands through her dark hair as she sensually stroked his shaft with her soft hands. Her fingernails were coated black and looked beautiful against her pale, almost snow white skin as she masturbated her son.

She began jerking him off ever faster and more vigorously now, making him gyrate his hips and thrust up and down as he rapidly fucked his mother’s hands. With one hand she caressed his balls, while the other rapidly worked his shaft, her fingers kartal escort becoming drenched and moistened in her son’s pre-cum, lubricating his shaft as she stroked it harder and faster, moaning little whimpers of delight as saliva dripped from her watering mouth onto the tip of his cock.

She lowered her head down and began licking his throbbing cock, from the base, all along the shaft, right up to the tip. He bucked his hips and slid deep into his mother’s mouth and began fucking her throat violently. She could feel his cock shudder between her wet lips as he came ever closer to orgasm. Finally he released thick loads of sticky royal cum deep inside his mother’s mouth, shooting rope after rope of warm juice down her throat. “Oh, mother!” he screamed in pleasure as he lay there limp, with his satisfied cock resting on his mother’s tongue. She swallowed every last drop of her son’s sticky warm cum and sucked her fingers dry while grinning at him.

There he lay, exhausted and satisfied, with his mother massaging his now softened penis with her feet, curling her toes around his shaft and balls. There they spent the next hour together, laying naked in each others’ arms, as mother and son.

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