Queen of Heaven Ch. 04


A note: While there is some immediate activity towards the beginning of this one, it (as a whole) will move a bit slower across the entirety of the narrative. If super-fast action is your thing, this story will probably disappoint.


“You’re ruling the way that I move, and I breathe your air.”

Sade ringing out from the bedroom. Well, that tells me that I should definitely get moving. Drying myself post-shower and tossing the soaked towels from our little adventure into the laundry room obviously took longer than I’d thought.

Someone had kicked off a Sade song from the bedroom. I knew that Mom was a fan so it was probably her music, but when I walked into the bedroom I wasn’t quite ready for the scene. The room was lit by candles. Vanilla scented, I think. Red and orange dancing on the walls. Shadows resolved into the image of two women intersecting. Not embracing. Michelle was on her back with her feet toward the door. Anna was astride her, but facing me … I guess the word would be dancing on her knees and my girlfriend’s mouth.

Michelle was beneath Mom and eagerly buried in her pussy. Mom, on the other hand was singing along to the song. Arms in the air, hair swinging to the rhythm, and hips gently grinding into Michelle’s eager tongue.

Anna saw me staring and moved her arms toward me as she sang, “You only can rescue me, this is my prayer.”

I was drawn to them. I couldn’t resist. I wouldn’t want to. I moved onto the bed, between Michelle’s outstretched legs and into the arms of my magnificent mother. Her arms encircled me. Our lips met and we mumbled our way through the moment.

“If you were mine.”

I responded, “If you were mine, I wouldn’t want to go to heaven.”

“Oh, baby. I think we’ll get you there together…. Now give this darling girl something special while she gives me her very talented tongue.”

Anna reached down and grabbed my already painfully erect penis, guiding me slowly into Michelle. For a moment we were all joined together in that instant of contact. Hand, prick, pussy. One touch. A wet, hard, heat. A melding of three bodies, three souls, and a loss of inhibition –rational thought was gone too probably.

I sank inside my girlfriend, as she pleasured my mother’s pussy. Her hands slide up to hold consistent contact with Anna as the gentle dancing made her work for that contact. I slid slowly into Michelle’s cunt with a groan. Anna seemed to purr. It was divine.

I knew this moment, this position, couldn’t last, but while we were here we were joined. One body. I was joined to Michelle, she to my mother, and Mom to me. It was electric and intense. The music gave us a beat; our bodies gave us pleasure — and limits. We might burn in someone’s hell for this, but the joy was worth the cost of admission.

With Anna’s arms wrapped around me, I slowly made love to Michelle. I ran my right hand up one side and found Anna’s nipple. I circled with my thumb and forefinger, flicking across it gently. Her breasts really were amazing. Closer to 50 than 40 with one kid. Time and childbirth had only made her fuller and more impressive. Sure they didn’t stand as high as they might have when she was 19, but she could still stop traffic.

I cupped the breast in my hand and then slowly applied a gentle pinch between thumb and forefinger. I continued to kiss her worshiping the play of tongue on tongue as Michelle worked some sort of magic from her back. I mean, obviously I knew what she was doing with her pussy… seemingly flooding us in warmth and moisture… but what she was doing to Anna I could only guess at as the moans and grunts increased in intensity.

I could feel that Anna was nearing a peak. I slowly increased the pressure on her nipple as I continued thrusting into Michelle who began making grunts of her own. Anna began riding, for lack of a better word, my girlfriend. She ran her fingers through my hair and gripped the back of my head firmly as she looked me right in the eye.


I didn’t know if she meant me or Michelle, but a boy should always listen to mother. So I pinched down even harder. I worried I would really hurt her, but I could tell that she’d stopped moving her hips and was really concentrating on her pleasure for that moment.

I held myself deeply in Michelle and then freed my other hand to mirror my grip on Mom’s other breast. There was a low rumble coming from one of them. Anna quivered and then convulsed forward with one loud “Fuck!”

I could see it coming and didn’t catch the involuntary head butt that would have ended things for all of us in awkward trip to the hospital. Anna collapsed forward on me and then rolled into a heap next to us.

Michelle caught my eye and we collapsed onto each other. Embracing and fucking we didn’t wait for niceties, if such things happen in these situations. We fucked hard and fast. As we kissed Michelle was covered in what must have been Anna’s juices. It was intoxicating. I’d already come once so I did hope I could hold pendik escort off, but it was going to be difficult if we went much longer.

I felt a hand slide down my back, over my ass, and up towards Michelle. Suddenly, my girlfriend began to shake and curse. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever seen her have. I wasn’t quite there, but thought I could be in few more thrusts.

I felt myself being pulled onto my back. Anna flipped me horizontal and then straddled me suddenly.

“I know I should share, son, but I want your cum this time. Don’t worry about a thing. Just come in me right this fucking minute.”

She mounted me quickly. Soaked as I was from Michelle and as wet as she was from her own orgasm we merged in an instant. Her hands supported her weight on my chest as she fucked me in a frenzy. I’d like to say that I lasted for an hour, but truthfully this was just too intense and I was already so close. Almost immediately I began to shoot inside her. I felt my toes curl and I think I unaccountably coughed. My body just overwhelmed me.

Anna fell forward on me smiling from ear to ear. I felt Michelle crawl under one arm and then Anna collapsed onto the other side. We were quietly gasping as Sade said something about “if time was running out.”

Anna softly mumbled, “couldn’t love you more.” Not sure if she was singing along or speaking to us. Didn’t matter. It was all the same.

Michelle softly said, “Your mother’s a bitch, baby.”

Anna giggled.


“I thought I was going to get your cum this time. While we were waiting on you, she bet she’d get it. I said, not this time.”


“Thought I had a good strategy. Get her off and then take it while she recovered. Didn’t know she’d turn my plans on me.”


“She was supposed to be sleeping, not slipping her fucking finger into my ass while you fucked me. That wasn’t fair. I mean, awesome… just not fair.”

Anna smiled and leaned onto my chest, “You both loved it, baby. And there will be much more cum in our futures, I think.”

Michelle leaned forward and kissed Mom. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Do I get a say in this?” I tried to get involved. I mean, I was sort of the foundation of this. A man has his dignity. I am not just an object thank you very much.

“No.” They both replied.

“Fair enough.” I said it. But I was very mature, dignified and in control when I did. I mean, let’s be clear, I have loads of dignity.


When I woke up, I was alone. It could have all been a drunken dream, but since it turned out I woke in my mother’s bed I was counting on the evidence of my senses. I rolled to the edge of the bed, shifted my feet to the floor and rubbed my eyes as I got my bearings. Standing up, I was able to pick out the sounds coming from the rest of the house and put together some semblance of consciousness.

The bed sheets were rumpled. The blinds closed, but light was definitely coming through. I didn’t see any of my clothes around. My phone must have been in my gym bag. There was a bottle of water and a bottle of ibuprofen next to the bed. Smart. I don’t think I need them, but it was thoughtful.

Well, I should probably figure this out. Assess the damage. Pay the price. Whatever it is, it’s worth it.

I pulled the top sheet off the bed and wrapped it around me in a sort of makeshift toga. Shuffling into the hall I could hear activity in the kitchen. As I stepped into the room, I could see Anna and Michelle huddled over the bar with bowls laid out in front of them. They were whispering and giggling. It would have sounded more like a 12 year old girl’s sleepover if they weren’t obviously adults — and naked.

Apparently, Mom had served up yogurt, fruit, and some granola. Seemed about right. We rarely got a warm breakfast around the house when I was growing up. Things were very grab and go. That probably saved more than a few house fires, so for the best really.

“Hey, Sleepy Head. How’s Momma’s Teddy Bear?”

“Just fine, Mom. I take it all that really happened last night. Or, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do about the kind of wine you serve.”

“Oh hon. That so happened. Mike and I had a little debate about whether to wake you for round two, but we decided that breakfast was first on the agenda. Besides, some of us have to work this morning and round two could end up going a while.”

“I hear ya. What time is it?”

Michelle leaned over to look at the microwave clock and said, “6:45. You’ve got time, but you should probably hit the shower now and change clothes when you get back to your place.”

“No shit. Uh. Sorry to dash, but I do need to get moving. I’ll just borrow this banana and your shower, Mom.”

“Borrow the shower, keep the banana. My first class isn’t until 11 so I can wait. Michelle was telling me she can work from home if need be today, so she can have second. I think if we try to double up in the shower things will just take longer. Delightfully so, but maltepe escort we’ll all be late. So, get to it.”


Work was not where my head was today. I guess that’s unsurprising. Still, laying out a presentation for a new HR system roll out is just not as absorbing as you’d imagine. Particularly on the morning after the night that I’d had.

Still, I needed to get this finished for at least first line review. I wasn’t about to explain to Joann that I could use an extension because I’d had a wild night of sex. Certainly not with the specifics of who was involved. Christ that would be a story.

My phone buzzed and I saw the text “We ok?”

I saved what I was working on and replied to Michelle, “I’m good. U?”

“Distracted but great. Tell Jo all about it?”

Joann, my immediate supervisor at this gig was my girlfriend’s old college roommate. Also how I met her. Go figure. Joann had set me up with Michelle after we’d socialized a bit at a team happy hour. I was a little awkward around Joann at first but she was so laid back and open that we just naturally got friendly. By the end of the night she was telling me about Michelle and setting us up for lunch.

“You know, I think I’ll probably not mention to her the details of my sex life (whatever that means) when I owe her a presentation by end of day. She wasn’t MY roommate.”

“K. Well, be good. Don’t sleep with anyone’s mother without me.”

“No promises. I might trip over someone on the way to the parking lot.”


I did laugh out loud actually. I didn’t expect her to catch a Clerks reference or respond with one. Sometimes a relationship surprises you.

“Dinner tonight?”

“At least. See you then. If I don’t steal her away from you first.”

Man. I really needed to be concentrating. But not on that image. Still, work to do.

Three hours later, Joann knocked on my cubicle wall, getting my attention. I mean, I would have noticed her anyway, but sometimes I’m in the zone writing. The knock helped.

“Gil, gonna have the draft for me?”

She was grinning, but also my boss. Still, I’d delivered so far and luckily could today as well.

Not looking up, I continued typing and said, “In 3, 2, 1… send. Yep, it’s in your inbox.”

“That’s what I like to hear. I’ll take a look and get notes to you in the AM. Did you and Michelle have a good weekend? That whole thing still working for you?”

“Well, on the first count, yeah. On the second count, for me sure… is there something I need to know about from her perspective oh former-college-roommate?”

“Oh, you’re good as far as I can tell. She doesn’t tell me everything anymore, but mostly that’s just scheduling. I know most of the secrets and if she was done with you then I think you’d know about it. I’m pretty confidant in my matchmaking skills. I think you’re good if you do.”

“Oh, I definitely do. We are… entering an interesting stage.”

Joann tilted her head slightly and said, “Well, now that’s enigmatic and interesting, do tell.”

“Oh, no bosslady. I’m just talking,” I chuckled. “Definitely not getting into any details of my personal dating life with my boss. I like paying my rent a bit too much.”


“Employed spoilsport who doesn’t want to end up in front of an HR review,” I countered.

“Yeah, prudence isn’t a bad idea. Okay, fine. I’ll just buy that girlfriend of yours a drink and she’ll spill everything.” Which was no doubt true. I wondered, though, if she really would. I mean, I had no doubt that after a cocktail Michelle would spill everything that happened between us; She didn’t have a lot of filters. But, I wasn’t as clear about where her self-editor kicked in with regard to Anna.

I observed that, “It’s not difficult to get her talking, that’s true. But I hope she doesn’t tell you absolutely everything, Joann. I mean, that could get awkward.”

“I’ll never tell… at work. I don’t want to be facing an HR review thank you very much.”

Joann laughed and backed away with hands up in surrender.

Well, that’s going to make for an interesting chat. What’s Michelle going to spill about the weekend? I mean, it sounds like she’s not freaked out by it. I’m teetering on the edge of delighted and freaked so I can’t guess about her actual balance. And what do you tell your old friend about the freaky connection between your girl crush and your boyfriend. At times like these, I wish I knew more about Michelle’s history.

Two months isn’t enough to really know someone. Hell, she’s just now comfortable using the bathroom at my place when she stays over. We barely passed the farting in bed stage. Her high school and college love life is a ways off in conversation, I’d guess. That said, there’s nothing like a threesome with a dude and his mom to drop the barriers of propriety.

I have to say, I really hope we’re working out long term. This weekend would be a helluva significant revenge reveal if she were to want to break up.

Then kartal escort again, she might leave me for Anna… so, at least we’d keep it all in the family.


“Gil, you’re still here?” Joann under the burden of what must have been three different tote bags paused to check on me.

“Yeah, just wrapping up. I’ve got a few more opens on my todo list, but frankly that’s gotta be for tomorrow. You’re headed out, I assume. Or acting as Sherpa for a soccer mom on this floor?”

“Ha Ha. Very funny,” her tone made clear I was not, but I was pleasantly tolerated. “Yeah, I’m done. And don’t make fun of my bags. They each have a significant and essential purpose.”


“No, but it helps me to sleep if I don’t think I’m carrying around useless shit I’ll never use.”

“Understood. I’d just say… you know, invest in roller bag technology. Seems to be an easier way to go. Maybe a little red wagon.”

“Ah, but then I would be admitting that I’m carrying around a lot of stuff that I never use. This way, I have a modular system of only carrying exactly what I need at any given time.”

“You do?”

“No. I just like to think that.”

“So, walk me out. Let’s blow this popsicle stand.”

“You got it.”

We headed toward the parking garage. I felt a little guilty for not offering to carry a couple of those bags in addition to my smaller over the shoulder quasi laptop bag, but workplace gender dynamics can be tricky. And besides, they looked heavy.

“So, Gil. Seriously, Michelle- you guys good?”

“Can’t speak for her really, but I’m great. She’s such a, well, I don’t know a way to say it without sounding trite or silly. She’s a delight. She makes me smile. She makes me laugh. She thrills me. It’s kind of outrageously easy to be with her.”

“That makes me happy. She’s a good kid.”

“Kid? She’s like six months younger than you.”

“And I’ve given her shit about it for years. No reason, but because it annoys her and makes her smile at the same time.”

“I can see that. You guys are lucky to have such a strong friendship.”

“We’re bonded. Room hygiene, Finals, that dodgy plumbing on the second floor of Morton Hall. Bonds forged in fire… and the fiery depths of hell that heated or forgot to heat the water in the second floor showers. I swear, that building had it out for me.”

“I hear you. We had a rule that there would be no flushing on our floor without a hearty, high volume announcement of ‘Fire In The Hole!’ It was pretty much our only rule. That and thou shalt shut the hell up if parents are on the floor.”

“Sounds reasonable.”

“Of course, the exception was my mother. She rarely came around, but she wouldn’t have cared if we’d be having a kegger with the school mascot dancing on a pole. She’d call it an anthropological study.”

“Bookish, your mom?”

“Sure. Also, completely unshockable. She’s not old enough to be full on hippie, but she grew up aspiring to hippy-dom. I pretty much grew up around her friends with the phrase ‘if you ain’t hurtin’ nobody let that freak flag fly.’ So, we weren’t very judgey folks. She usually thinks folks my generation just aren’t all that shocking.”

“Sounds like my kinda girl.”

“Michelle likes her.”

Joann shot a look at me. “You introduced Michelle to your mom?! What the hell? That’s a piece of news. Things must be moving faster than I thought.”

I blushed a bit. “Well, it was kind of an accident. She… er… had met my mother, but didn’t know that’s who she was. Then when she introduced me. I surprised her by … well, being related. We had a laugh about it. But Michelle really likes Mom. Might like her more than me.”

“Oh, that’s not true, I’m sure. She’s into you. But it’s cool that she likes your mom.”

“Yeah. I think it’s a pretty good arrangement so far. Here, let me get that.”

I reached out and grabbed the door to the garage. Clearly Joann didn’t have enough hands for all this.

As we walked towards our respective cars we needed to separate. “See you tomorrow, Gil. Tell that girl of yours that she needs to treat you alright. I don’t want to have to fill a new spot on the team if she gets all weird and dumps you. You’d get all mopey and no good to me. I need the word count.”

I chuckled and said, “I’ll do it. Who knew you were so sentimental Joann?”

“Well, what can I say? I’m an old softy. Besides, I know what it’s like. I was a wreck when she dumped me.”

Joann waved as the beep on her car indicated the doors were unlocked. I closed my eyes, breathed in, and thought. “Of course she did. Of course she dated my boss.”

Well, it’s Michelle. She likes tits, from what I understand. And other things. And somehow manages to not destroy friendships permanently when she breaks up with you. I guess that’s her superpower. I guess I find that encouraging.

In my car on the way home, a phone call came through on the Bluetooth.

“Hey there, not-Gilbert.”

“Hey yourself, Mikey.”

“You on your way home?”

“Yeah. Good day, but I’m ready for a chance to let my eyes unfocus and maybe a drink.”

“Want company?”

“Of course. I am always up for your company. It’ll take me about twenty minutes to get there.”

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