Rachel’s College Vacation


Author’s Note: Thank you for the feedback on my first story. I hope everyone who enjoys this story leaves some feedback as well, as well as anyone who didn’t like it and why. This story is a sequel to Rachel’s Cold, and although it is not necessary to read that previous to this story, I would recommend it. Thanks to Rei for inspiring me.


Rachel was so excited she could barely sleep. This time tomorrow she would be on a college campus for the first time in her life. It had been nearly six months since she had seen him. That was Christmas, it seems like ages ago. College had treated her brother right, he started dressing better, he had more confidence, and he even had a girlfriend. Rachel didn’t really like to think about that, and her brother Brian had spent most of his time home at Christmas visiting old friends from high school. The truth was, Rachel’s feelings were more than a little hurt. Sure, they never even so much as kissed the rest of the summer, but she felt like she was closer to her big brother than ever. After that night at the cabin a few weeks before he left, Rachel beamed at the memory. Her first time, shared with the man she loved most, and he would barely even make casual conversation with her at Christmas. Rachel had looked forward to seeing him for months, and all she got was a quick goodbye hug.

The next day all hard feelings were a distant memory as Rachel bid her parents goodbye. “Promise me you’ll call when you get there” her dad worried.

“I promise dad. I love you guys, I’ll make sure to let you know if Brian’s wasting your money at the big university” Rachel kidded. She loaded a weekend’s worth of clothes and started her three hour journey to the big city. The university Brian had chosen to attend was located directly in downtown, and was a big engineering school. On top of that, Brian had been a fan of their sports teams for as long as he could remember, although he was not talented enough to compete. One thing he could compete for was a civil engineering degree, and judging from his first semester he was off to a quick start. Rachel smiled as she thought of her brother’s accomplishments. He seemed like a different person when she saw him at Christmas, she couldn’t wait to see him in his new environment.

The Naruto ring tone on her cell phone broke her reminiscing. “Hello?” Rachel asked.

“Hey girl how are you? Are you on the road yet?”

“Hi Brian. Yes I’m about an hour away, do you have a good time lined up for me?”

“Yeah of course, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you. I’ve got bad news though, Steve didn’t go home this weekend.”

“Oh” Rachel said.

“Yeah but don’t worry, we’ll find a place for you to sleep. Tara has an extra bed if nothing else, maybe we’ll both sleep there.” Brian responded.

“Oh…well, we’ll figure out something, I’ll call you when I get there and can’t find a parking spot” Rachel joked.

“Ok beautiful, drive safe and I’ll see you when you get here.”

The next hour Rachel wanted to just turn around and go home. She couldn’t believe that her brother was passing her off to his girlfriend. And like she is going to sit there and listen to them have sex! Rachel was nearly in tears, she couldn’t believe that her brother was being so selfish and inconsiderate. As she entered downtown she decided to just make the best of it. Maybe she would feel better once she saw her brother, perhaps she was just overreacting. It’s not like she wanted to have sex with him again, she didn’t really know why she was getting so upset. She just wanted some attention though, and it seemed like Brian wouldn’t even be able to do that for her.

As she looked for a place to park, she noticed the campus for the first time. It surprised her, although it was located in the middle of downtown, there seemed to be trees and rolling grass hills everywhere. Dorms were well maintained, there was the football stadium, Rachel marveled at the architecture. Even though she had to park a decent walk from Brian’s dorm, Rachel didn’t mind. As she inhaled she smelled the first risings of summer, birds and little animals were active, as were the students. Various pockets of people playing Frisbee, hackeysack, and just reading added to the atmosphere which refreshed Rachel. By the time Brian buzzed her into his dorm she was intoxicated by the intellectual college atmosphere.

“Hey sis, wow you look amazing!” Brian exclaimed as he leaned in to hug her.

“Hey” Rachel blushed. “I didn’t know you could make eye contact with me anymore since you’re a big college guy” she teased.

“Oh come on, you know I love you, my baby girl” Brian proclaimed.

“I guess” Rachel pouted.

“You’re serious? Come here and sit down.” Brian shut his dorm door behind his sister. For the first time Rachel looked around the dorm. From the inside college life didn’t seem quite as great. This room was pretty small, and he shares it with a guy named Steve? Rachel smiled as she saw the loft bursa escort beds. Her brother was always so smart like that. The two beds were raised about five feet in the air, allowing for a small common’s area below, complete with a futon and couch and television. If the beds had been on the ground like most, there would have never been enough room for that much furniture, computers and stereo equipment.

“Here, sit on the futon with me Rachel. I think we need to talk.”

Rachel sat down and looked up at Brian with her big blue eyes. She sniffled, betraying her true feelings. “Rachel, you know I love you. I love you so much. I love you so much I could barely look at you during Christmas. I think about you all the time. What we did was amazing, it was so special to me, but you know we can’t be together.”

“I know” Rachel whispered.

“I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I’m so glad it happened. But I don’t want it to mess our relationship up.”

“I don’t either” Rachel choked out.

Brian leaned over and kissed a tear as it rolled of his sister’s cheek. She started to weep openly as the two embraced. “I know” Brian whispered, “it’s ok, let it out.” He gently stroked her long straight hair all the way down her back as she just held his broad chest.

“Why do you have to smell so good” Rachel whined as they both shared a laugh. All of a sudden the two were rudely interrupted by the door flying open.

“Whoa, sorry man” Steve exclaimed as he quickly backed out of the room.

“No it’s alright, come on in Steve” Brian said. As Steve entered the dorm Rachel smiled. She didn’t know Steve was Asian.

“Hey I’m sorry about that Brian. Oh, right, this must be your sister. You didn’t tell me how pretty she was.”

“Yeah I know, because you were supposed to go home, charmer”‘ Brian retorted. “Rachel, this is Steve, my roommate. Steve, this is Rachel, my sister” emphasized Brian.

“I’m very pleased to meet you. Your brother has told me so many nice things about you” Steve exclaimed as he kissed Rachel’s hand.

“That’s funny, he hasn’t told me anything about you Steve” Rachel teased. Brian interjected “what’s there to say? He’s Steve, he’s the smartest guy on campus, never has to study, and has more girlfriends than an average frat.”

“Brian that is not true. I never kiss and tell, and I’d certainly never brag about any academic achievements. Don’t mistake my flirting for any promiscuity, I’m merely out to show women a great evening and hoping to find the woman for the rest of my life.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy”

“Usually that’s your girlfriend” Steve quipped back. Rachel laughed out loud at that one. “Whoops, I forgot I was in the presence of a lady, my apologies” Steve bowed.

“Yeah, and she’s in high school too pervert” Brian stated in a mocking manor. “Don’t let his smooth manner or skin fool you Rachel.”

“I think I can make up my mind on how smooth his manner and skin are for myself” Rachel teased as all three broke into laughter. The rest of the afternoon was spent with the two gentlemen showing Rachel around campus. They showed her the various commons areas where people hung out. Sometimes there would be some people with acoustic guitars, sometimes people were reading poetry. Steve and Brian seemed to get along great, despite their earlier lighthearted teasing. The three laughed and walked their way around the campus, seeing the several cafeterias, the pool hall, the bowling alley, and eventually settled down for some dinner at the dining hall.

“Ahhh the first disappointment, cafeteria food” Rachel proclaimed. “I knew this place couldn’t be perfect” she said as she glanced at Steve. He caught her glance and held it for a second before they both continued to eat. Rachel’s tummy did a flutter as she thought about how smooth Steve actually was. He was pretty tall for an Asian, Taiwanese as she learned, and he had a slender body. His style was impeccable, and his sense of humor indicated his intelligence. If her brother wasn’t there, she didn’t know what she would have done. He might have already fucked her if he had tried, he might fuck her still. The three made plans to hit up a close-by frat house and see the party there.

As they walked up Rachel could feel the beat pulsing through her body, she had never heard a party this loud or with this many people. It was somewhat of a turnoff as it was the complete opposite of what she had observed during the day. Instead of reciting poetry she saw people doing handstands on kegs of beer. These couldn’t be the same people she thought, as she saw a group pour three beers down a huge funnel that traveled down one story directly into one girl’s stomach. “Hey Tara” Brian screamed as he beaconed a beautiful girl over out of the crowd. Rachel hated her immediately. Brian introduced the two girls and went to dance with the blonde with the big tits.

As Rachel leaned up against the wall, she felt like crying again. What bursa escort bayan was wrong she wondered, why did she care so much. It bothered her but she couldn’t figure out why, when all of a sudden a familiar face popped into her view. “Want to dance princess” Steve asked invitingly.

“I’d be honored to” Rachel blushed. The two made their way out onto the dance floor and immediately Steve took the lead. His lean body showed Rachel the beat of the music, and although it was hot and crowded and too loud for her tastes, she felt right at ease. The two moved in unison, like a couple who had danced together for years. Their hips swayed with the beat of the techno. Steve was a total gentleman, respecting Rachel’s space while at the same time making her look amazing on the floor. Before long three songs had passed, Rachel was having an amazing time. Steve’s face glistened a light brown as sweat beaded on his face, and his hips moved with the music in flawless precision. As the music changed gears into more of a rock grind, Steve grabbed Rachel’s hand and led her upstairs. The two pushed up the crowded stairwell and up into a commons room in the frat. The two sat down together on the blue leather couch.

“You know, Rachel, you’re an amazing dancer” Steve complimented.

Rachel blushed, “it was all you, I felt like I didn’t even know what I was doing out there.”

“Nonsense, you had the grace of a ballerina,” Steve paused “and the moves of a cowgirl.”

Again Rachel blushed as she playfully slapped him on the chest. Steve grabbed her hand and pressed it tight against his soft grey shirt. He leaned in and kissed her cheek softly as Rachel closed her eyes. “Can I do that?” Steve asked. Rachel only nodded as she turned her lips ever so slightly towards his. She slid her hand down his chest, feeling some good definition beneath. Steve placed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him, their lips sliding across each others respective cheeks. She could smell his scent, it was different than her brother’s, could be his diet, could be his perfume. Their lips touched and Rachel jumped as if she had been shocked. Just then she heard Brian call her name. “Hey Rach, Steve here showing you a good time?”

“Hey Brian, I was just keeping your sister company, you know, keeping the wolves at bay.” “I appreciate it buddy, I think it’s time we turned in though. Let’s start to head back” Brian suggested as he helped Rachel up off the couch. “You know, you could always sleep in my bed and I’ll sleep on the futon, Steve’s cool.”

Rachel looked back at her brother with her wide eyes. “Yeah, actually just let me sleep on the futon, that way if I have to potty I won’t have to jump down.” She smiled inwardly as she imagined the possibilities. The three started a brisk walk through the campus. It was strange, here she was in the middle of a huge city, but she felt perfectly secure. There were no signs of the inner city visible save for the skyscrapers that peppered the skyline. All three held hands with Rachel in the middle, and she had to giggle as she felt both boys squeeze her at different times. There was lots of laughter as the three piled into the dorm and finally into the pair’s room.

“You know Brian, we had a deal, whenever one of us brought a girl home the other found a place to sleep” Steve chided.

“That’s true Steve, where are you going to go?”

“Ahhh man that’s your sister! That’s nasty” Steve laughed.

“Exactly, that’s why I’m staying here” Brian remarked.

Brian took Rachel into the community boys shower, scouting ahead to make sure it was empty. She walked in and was shocked. There were 6 shower stalls with only flimsy shower curtains keeping it from being one giant unit. The outside of the room was littered with sinks, while toilets were on the other side of the shower enclosure. “Wow, this is pretty brutal bro” Rachel sympathized.

“It’s not that bad. Are you having a good time?”

Rachel gazed at her big brother and leaned in for a kiss on the lips. Brian kissed her back and then pulled back. “I am having a good time. I love you Brian it’s so good to see you again.”

“It’s really good to have you here Rachel” Brian said as he hugged his baby sister. “Now go get changed and brush your teeth, we’ve got a long day tomorrow.” Rachel ducked into a stall and unbuckled her tight jeans. She slid the zipper down and inched them down her thick round hips. Her light blue panties were in a brief cut, high around the leg. After her jeans were off she pulled her red blouse over her head to reveal a lacy black bra that fit her breasts just right. She chuckled as she thought about walking out and seeing Brian’s reaction. She was pretty sure he had gone through her underwear a few times after they had fucked, but up until two minutes ago they had never so much as kissed again. She pulled over her long pink ‘Hello Kitty’ sleep shirt and pulled her hair out the back. The long straight brown hair cascaded down her escort bursa back as she stretched up on her calves and thrust her hips and chest out. Mmmmm she was certainly going to sleep well tonight. The two headed back into the room to find Steve already back in his bunk. Rachel gasped as she saw he was shirtless laying on his back reading his new episode of ‘Sport Rider.’ She saw his defined six pack, the lines standing out against his totally smooth chest, the color as brown as his face, such a gorgeous tan. “For christs sake put some clothes on” Brian teased as he leapt up onto his bunk.

Rachel giggled as she slid onto the futon. “Hey, one of you bitches better give up a pillow. Can’t believe you’re making the girl sleep on the floor” Rachel pouted.

Brian tossed a pillow down “I said you could have my bed twerp. Quit crying.” “You know you can sleep in my bed. I’ll be a total gentleman” Steve said as he gazed into Rachel’s blue eyes. His brown eyes bore into her soul as she smiled.

“She’ll be fine down there. Night Steve. Night Rachel” Brian sounded off. “Night” Rachel sighed as she continued to stare up at Steve. He held her eyes as he slowly put his hand on the light switch, finally turning the room pitch black. Rachel settled back in the futon. Even though she’s a short girl, it wasn’t very long, and in fact it wasn’t very comfortable. Rachel wondered if she had made a mistake as she tossed around trying to get comfortable. She couldn’t shut off her mind, she wasn’t ready to go to bed yet. Steve had really done a number on her, his skin was so soft, and she always had a soft spot for Asian guys. He was so smooth, his mannerisms just put her at ease. And that kiss, had she jumped because of the kiss or because her brother startled her? She wasn’t sure. “Psst. What are you doing?” Steve whispered.

“I can’t sleep” Rachel squeaked back, just as she heard her brother begin to snore. “Me neither. You should come up here and keep me company, I’ll be good.”

“Umm I don’t know if I should” Rachel responded.

“I’ve slept on that futon, I know how much it sucks, just come up here.”

“Ok” Rachel resigned, still unsure of her true intentions.

She climbed up the loft, or rather tried as she nearly fell on her ass. The pair started giggling as Steve offered his hand and helped pull her up, tucking her neatly into his twin mattress. “Oh it’s neat up here, and your sheets are so soft” Rachel cooed.

“450 thread count, I wouldn’t have it any other way” Steve replied, kissing her softly on her cheek.

“I thought you said I could trust you” Rachel giggled.

“Oh, you can, I promise” Steve said as he kissed down her neck.

“Hmm maybe I should go back down to the futon” Rachel proposed has she placed her hand against his chest to push him away. She gasped as she turned toward Steve. Her hand stayed still against his breast, feeling the contour, his nipple hardening against her palm. Slowly it slid down his abs, so tight she thought. “Maybe not” she whispered as she leaned into Steve’s lips.

The two embraced each other as Steve’s lips explored Rachel’s soft wet mouth. She moaned softly into him and wrapped her leg up over his hip against his ass. Damn, she thought, even his ass was hard. Rachel giggled to herself as she rubbed her hands up and down his muscular back. Steve meanwhile was enjoying the taste of this girl’s lips, she tasted so pure and fresh. He brushed her hair back as he kissed up her nose, to her forehead, and around to her cheek. Rachel blushed at the attention. “Shhhh” Rachel warned, “we can’t wake Brian.”

“Good lord you are gorgeous girl, I can’t believe this is happening” Steve whispered in her ear.

Rachel leaned back “it isn’t if you don’t have a condom.”

Steve smiled and started kissing Rachel again even harder. This time their tongues snuck out as Rachel hungrily sucked him in. Steve momentarily lost his breath, but then began to rub her back. He felt the strap of her bra beneath her ‘Hello Kitty’ nightshirt. His hand slid down the slope of her back, around her thick ass for the first time. Steve pulled her hips close to his, she gasped as his hardness brushed against her soft thighs. His hand slipped up under the shirt, and began to raise it up. Rachel quickly sat up and pulled the nightshirt off, revealing her black bra and blue panties. She could sense Steve’s smile in the darkness as she reached her arms behind her. “May I” Steve whispered?

Rachel nodded as he kissed her collarbones, slowly lowering both straps over her shoulders. His hand went to her chest as he deftly opened the bra through her front closure. Rachel gasped as her pink puffy nipples were exposed to the cool air. Steve laid Rachel down as he kissed down her right breast. Her eyes closed as Steve began to tease her nipple while grinding his crotch against hers. His right hand went up behind Rachel’s head and removed a condom from his stash.

“I guess you’ve done this a lot huh” Rachel whispered.

“Not that much. I just like to come prepared.”

“Did you know we were gonna?”

Steve leaned in and sucked her bottom lip in between his, laying a sloppy kiss on her. “Shhh, we don’t want to wake Brian.”

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