It’s been several months since my last submission. I’m stuck in bed for the next few days, recovering from minor surgery. I’m feeling rather horny at the moment and thought a bit of confession might be exciting for me; for you too, hopefully.

Perhaps this is not so much a confession as a sharing of some sexual memories. I know that some men enjoy reading stories about women reacting to the size of their penis, especially if it is on the larger end of the scale. I can include myself in this group. The following are some of my experiences.

Size is relative of course, but I feel safe in saying that I have a bigger than average cock. Several women I’ve slept with have wanted to measure it. I’ve measured it too. For the record, it measures 7.75 inches along the top and is 5.75 inches in circumference. Not huge, maybe not even large, but definitely bigger than average.

Whatever the appropriate adjective, I’ve had some fun reactions to it. The following paragraphs are my recollections of some. I hope you enjoy them.


When I was 20 I met a girl from Montreal at a party. We ended the evening in my bed, both rather drunk and horny. Janet was unquestionably the hottest woman I’ve ever fucked. The memory alone still gets me hard. We slept together about a dozen times over the next few weeks, gradually getting acquainted.

Janet was only 18. One night she asked me how many girls I’d had sex with. I said she escort ankara was only the second. She said I was here fifth. One of them, John, was a guy I knew.

The sex had been very tame, she on her back, me guiding my cock into her, usually coming rather quickly. We would lay in bed afterwards, talking in the darkness. After our third session, she asked me for a drink. I got out of bed turned on a light, and went to the kitchen, naked. As I returned with a Coke, I saw her looking at my semi-erection.

“You have a huge cock,” she said. What a turn on that was. I got fully hard again. She held it and squeezed. “You’re way bigger than John; again, a turn on for me. My male ego loved hearing this. Size really does matter, but mostly just to we men.


When in my twenties, I frequented a strip club one summer. It was a lot of harmless fun. One dancer, a beautiful black girl who went by the name of Cinnamon, was my favorite.

The girls would take turns dancing on a small runway stage. The patrons, guys and a few girls, were allowed to tip the dancers by laying on the stage, face up, hands to the side, with a bill held between our lips. The dancers would usually straddle the head, stretch themselves out above the guy, 69-style, the move back up and take the money by squeezing it between their breasts. Sometimes a dancer would squeeze a guy’s crotch, then look over at his buddies and wave her little finger, escort etlik while the guys all laughed.

The first time I tipped Cinnamon she gave me a squeeze. I was in complete lust with her and so was very hard. She grabbed me and said, ” Holy shit. What is that?” laughing in surprise. She then put her hand down my pants, gave it a quick feel and said, “Feels real,” to the guys sitting stage side. I almost came right there.


I guy I met while a member at a YMCA gym once invited me to a barbeque at his home. He and his wife had wanted to introduce me to her friend. As it turned out, they were swingers. Their idea was for me to take turns fucking each of the women while the other two watched. Apparently the guy had seen me in the locker room and noticed my size.

I was a bit nervous at first but got into it once the wife started blowing her husband right there in the living room. He had a big cock and it made me feel competitive. Sometimes this stuff sounds a bit stupid but in the heat of the moment testosterone often takes over.

The wife swallowed his load and then removed her skirt and panties and lay on the floor with her legs spread for me, saying “Your turn.” Her husband sat next to her, holding her hand.

I stripped, pushed my cock into her, and started to fuck her rather hard. She let out a loud moan and said to her husband, “Oh God, baby, his cock is even bigger than yours.”


I escort demetevler dated a woman, Erica, who shared an apartment with her older sister. The relationship lasted about a year. The sisters were competitive with each other. They also told each other everything.

After dating for about a month, Erica and I had sex for the first time. The next time I went to their apartment the sister greeted me with, “Hi, stud.” I asked Erica if her sister had overheard us in bed. I had thought she wasn’t home at the time.

“No,” said Erica, “I called in sick the next morning and when my sister asked what was wrong, I told her my crotch was sore from having sex with you.”

Later that night, in bed she wanted to measure my cock so she could tell her sister how big it was. Her measurement came to eight inches; a bit of an exaggeration, but I guess it made for a better story.


One woman, the first time we had sex, said, “Oh God, you’re big. That feels so fucking good.”


My favorite memory is with my wife. We have never discussed her previous lovers. I figure what I don’t know can’t hurt me. I am, like most men, uncomfortable with the thought of my wife fucking a guy with a cock that is bigger than mine. It’s just the way the male brain is wired. She’s not one to talk, but over the first few months of dating she did make several telling comments.

Once, while lying in bed after sex, watching me dress, she said, “Nice package. You must be pretty proud of that thing.” The first time I fucked her doggy style she said, “Not so deep. You’re too big for me.”

Male ego stroking? Perhaps, but it sure feels good anyway.

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