Ready for Love


I had lain in wait, in the dark, in his bed, naked, with my back to where he would lay, waiting for him to come home – trusting he would be seeing such a Ready for Love open invitation from his partner, climb into the bed with her (substitute: me). My plan was working well.

By the time he realised it was me, his penis was sliding its way between my cheeks from behind, looking for my opening. He had lubricated the length of his penis and it felt truly delicious pushing around the entrance to my private place. Lubricated so, it would slip in easily. Good.

I wriggled a bit to keep the pressure of it there and squirmed with delight against him. And it pressed there even harder, threatening to push into me. I was crazy. His hand was on my breast, his lips on my neck and cheek and in my hair and that penis was truly pulsing at my opening.

“Kellie?” he questioned, almost aloud and looked down into my eyes as I turned to face him in the dark. It was the moment that I had been dreading – would the delicious fun be over? He moved with a start, taking his hand from my breast, though his penis stayed almost where it had been. He brushed the long hair from my eyes, and looked closely, as if seeking to confirm that it was me in his bed. I could not speak.

“Kellie? What?”

I only wanted him not to care, to want me so much that he would stay there with me and take me. Was he past the point of no return? I could only hope. I truly wanted him, wanted his penis thick and full inside me, his chest hard against me. Tall, dark haired, tightly muscled and handsome – and the sweetest, loving man I had known. He was twice my age, but that in itself was exciting too. Now his hand stroked my face gently and, warmed by his touch and attention, I relaxed enough to wriggle myself in closer, bringing his penis to my vaginal opening.

Our faces were only centimetres apart, our lips within meeting distance. I had been enjoying the way he left a trail of kisses across the back of my neck and along my cheek, and waited for the moment his mouth reached mine, hoping that it would happen before he discovered it was me. And now I had captured his eyes and given him a smile, somewhat shy but wanting, which I hoped would say I needed him to kiss me, really kiss me. I waited.

I stirred against him, wriggling him in closer to me, his penis now almost reaching the point where it entered me. I could not believe he was staying, not going crazy at me for tricking him.

I was dizzy with excitement. He made no move to retreat and I felt him grow harder against my vaginal opening. He had been drinking that night I knew, perhaps that was on my side here.

“Kellie,” he said, this time softly, yet with that inquisitive tone. “Why, how… you tried this to get me making love to you. Where’s Mom?”

“Away at her Mom’s” I said. “She asked me to tell you but…”

“You had other ideas.”

“Mmmm hmmm. Sorry Dad, I…”

I stopped short as his hand returned to my breasts, caressing and cupping them, taking their fullness in his palm.

I reached behind his head and ran my hand through his hair, holding his head where our lips were close and our eyes locked – and applying so subtly, pressure to draw him in. I was trying to talk now but still found it almost impossible. I’d have to give it all I had to keep him here with me, and at last I found voice.

“I’m sorry. You know how much I love you and that I’m always flirting with you and stuff….I didn’t think there was any other way we would get to sleep together. I want you to love me this way and know you want me too. But you won’t do anything about it, you think bursa escort that it’s wrong and…”

His hand had played at my hair and moved down to gently stroke my lips, then covered my mouth to hush me.

I took his hand away and continued, “I’m eighteen now, old enough to know what I want and I’ve wanted this ever since the time we were together alone after getting caught in the rain storm…”

I tried to softly guide his head toward me for that kiss and wriggle again to take him in, but now he held off.

“Kellie, are you sure? You could have any one you want, you’re so young and beautiful,” he told me softly.

“I love you so much too – perhaps more than a father should too and this is so hard for me just now – part of me screams this is wrong and I should get up and go…but being so close to you like this… wow.”

His voice tapered off and we spent minutes just staring into each other’s eyes, and gently stroking each other. An intersection of total honesty. My hand reached down to gently touch the head of his penis and press it to my vagina, massaging my clitoris with it and pushing it into my opening.

“You know, it was your breasts that gave away your secret,” he said.

I smiled, acceptingly. My breasts are much fuller than those of my mother. The similar slim build we shared otherwise and the long, long hair we both had made it easy – and the fact that I was naked (that was my mother’s signal to him that she was ‘ready for love’) I knew, had got me this far. The darkness of the bedroom had served me well too in getting to this point.

Had I hoped we would have sex without him knowing? Yes, in a naughty kind of way, but knew it was most likely I would be discovered.

And now we were here – a critical point – neither of us knowing what to say, and our lips getting closer together so, so slowly. It was agonising to wait. I wriggled more, enjoying the feel of him almost inside. And suddenly, the point came when the head of his penis had pushed with enough pressure to slip the head inside.

“Ohhhh,” I gasped and pulled him closer, urging him into me from behind.

Both of our eyes widened in alarm. He jolted upward, out of me. Then he stopped, smiled and raised himself upward. I was mystified and thought he was gracefully backing away from the situation. I began to break into shame, anger with myself and disappointment.

He left the room, confirming my fears…

I rolled over to turn away, crying silent tears.

What had I done? I wondered of the consequences.

But he had wanted me, I knew. He had.

There was a movement in the room and on the bed. I felt his hands take away the sheet that covered me. He rolled me over toward him, lifted my leg, and knelt in between my legs, lowering himself on to me. To see his muscular body coming down on to me in the dark and his penis guiding itself right at my opening was wild. My hands found his shoulders and pressed his body down to me. That kiss finally came and it melted me with its wanting, love and desire. It was the kiss I would always remember. It went on and on, became stronger and more searching. We parted then to gaze into one another’s eyes.

“This will have to be the biggest secret Kellie, you know that?” he said, now moving himself to take me. I felt his penis moving around, pushing at my opening. My heart lifted and raced away with imaginings of what might happen that night.

“Oh, Dad!” I whispered loudly and my tears became happy ones. My whole being was shouting with incredible joy!

Then, as he looked in my eyes again, a simple whisper of the words “make love to me,” was bursa escort bayan all it took to invite him into stronger kisses, and movement now which slid his long penis so deliciously slowly into me.

I had it all – that great penis that brought so much pleasure for my mother, writhing in ecstasy at night and waking me with her moans. That penis that had grown erect before my eyes that afternoon after we were drenched by rain and undressed hurriedly together in the bathroom after the rainstorm.

That penis that I stirred every time I cuddled my father or sat on his lap. The strength, hardness which I had felt was now mine, filling what seemed like all of me with its girth.

I gasped continuously with out of control pleasure. It had been more wonderful than I had imagined along those nights of pleasuring myself, fantasising it was me in the bed with my father, while my mother cried out in climax after climax. Those nights were past, I was here and I knew somehow it wouldn’t be the last time we’d be together.

And the thrusts became slow, rhythmic and we whispered to each other continuously, affirming our love. I can only remember my back arching, his lips against my neck and his penis driving long and slowly in and out of me while I whispered, “dad, dad…” until ecstasy drove me beyond knowing the life of a teenage girl. I was a woman born here – this was my new paradise and I rode the waves that swept my mind into a dizzying ride over one peak after another, to tumble down into exhaustion and rise again.

Hours became a series of uncontrolled riding on his penis, having him take me from behind, having my legs lifted in the air so that it seemed his penis was reaching so far inside me that it found a place that nothing else would ever see.

He held back his orgasms constantly, to draw out the experience for us both and to avoid ejaculating inside me.

This was no ‘same as Mom’ pretence – it was us, our love and our burning for each other throughout the night. My long brown hair cascaded down over him again and again as I leaned down to kiss his lips and rode him to a point where he again would tell me to stop else he climax inside me and risk pregnancy.

Yet I wanted to feel his orgasm, to feel his explosion inside me. It would not be complete for me without his ejaculation inside. I didn’t know how he would respond when I rode him even harder past the point of no return.

“Dad, I want you to cum inside of me, to have an orgasm too. I want to feel you cum inside and this way it will make it great for both of us…”

“It’s already great for me Kellie, like you wouldn’t believe… “

I had no time to answer, for he was starting to ejaculate. “Ohhhhhhhhh,” I moaned in ecstasy at being so filled up as I pushed my opening down so hard on him, taking it inside of me until I felt I had it bursting into me as far as it would go.

I dug my nails in to his shoulders and gasped loudly as my cheeks pressed against his thighs, impaling me upon that great penis as it pumped its juices.

He gasped and writhed underneath me.

As I felt his hot fluids, held back for so long, erupting inside and went over the edge of what I thought was a point of no return. It would be hard to keep from him now. I wanted all of him, always.

I cared for nothing else when he bucked underneath me and called out my name.

I lay exhausted on top of him, his penis still in me. We held each other close, kissed and whispered our love.

“I can’t believe you did that Kellie,” he said. “You sure are ready to be a woman, wow, you’ll make some man very happy.”

“I do feel so escort bursa much like a woman, your woman. A woman so crazy, in love and complete with the man of her dreams inside her. It’s you I want to be happy.”

I kissed him again – couldn’t seem to do it enough, and felt him growing harder inside me again. I wriggled, acknowledging it and laughed at his hardness.

He rolled me over and plunged deeply into me, raising one of my legs in the air.

I prepared for the roller coaster ride. He was strong and hard again and this time, plunging like there was another climax for him to come.

And there was. As I lay helpless below him, one ankle over his shoulder, he climaxed again with shaking that left him weak and in a state of collapse across me.

As he lay on top of me I let my leg down, releasing him from me. It seemed the first time for hours that he was no longer within, leaving me empty and well scoured it seemed! After ten minutes or so, we went arm-in-arm to the shower. By this time it was 2.30 in the morning, but tomorrow didn’t seem to matter to us.

In the shower, our closeness led to kissing and his becoming hard yet again! It was reminiscent of the time after the rain, being alone with him in the bathroom, naked and embarrassed. Perhaps he had been even more embarrassed than I at his getting an erection by seeing me naked before him, a supple eighteen year old with a body and mind mature before her time and feeling womanly desires. Shy, but not so shy as to be so fascinated as to walk over to kiss my father on the cheek and take his penis softly into my hand to feel its length.

That day I had not wanted to let go of his penis and had only done so at his insistence.

That day I almost got a kiss from him too, which I had to wait just over another two months for as it turned out.

Now I took that kiss again and again, took his penis in my hand again as I had that day and guided it into me as we stood together in the shower. I had made the excuse that we should clean me out with it, and with his penis coated with moisturising cream that is what we did – cleaning the location that his penis had explored.

It came to the point where we were uncomfortable standing and he carried me back to the bed, penis still inside me, to lay me face down and take me from behind, plunging into me again and again until another long shattering peak for both of us left us fallen, helpless and into a sleep.

The alarm went all too soon it seemed and we woke with a start. It was a work day, sadly. The phone no sooner rang and Mom was on the line, asking about the night.

“Is everything okay there?”

“Yes Mom,” I said. “Perfect.”

Dad woke and looked at me like he wanted to talk to her. I hoped he wasn’t laden with guilt at what we’d done. I felt his hand on my shoulder as he took up the phone and talked to Mom. Somewhere in there I heard him mention a day off for both of us to do shopping!

I smiled and hugged him.

I nibbled his ear as he talked, until he pinched my bottom. I barely managed to stifle a squeal so Mom wouldn’t hear. Dad put it on speaker phone as Mom said, “Listen you two, I’ve got to stay on here a day or two to look after Mom. Will you be okay there?”

Oh yes. We would.

The morning became a dress up in mom’s nicer lingerie (though my breasts bulged out a bit) jewellery and a sweeping, silky dress. Make up, high heels and expensive perfume completed this woman who walked out into the world arm-in-arm with her man – proud and satisfied and truly in love. Her breasts bloomed, her hips moved with new awareness and purpose and her feet floated above the ground.

Her vagina was still warmed and tender from the night before.

Somehow she knew that tonight her space would be filled again and her heart bursting with love for the man who would always be all to her.

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