Realtor Ruby . A interactive story.


Realtor Ruby . A interactive story.I was bent over the end of the couch. Her 10” cock slammed harder with each thrust into my throbbing asshole. Her thumbs holding my cheeks apart, she hate fucked my boy box. My cock was shriveled almost inside of me as she took her aggression out on me. You like that you pussy? You like my big dick rammed deep inside your virgin asshole? I know you do cause your tiny cock is dripping you faggot she shouted. I felt her climbing onto my back, her big fake DD tits on my back as her cock traveled further into my bowels. Her teeth biting into my neck breaking the skin as she slammed me over and over. My wrists and ankles tied tight I couldn’t fight her off. The gag in my mouth I couldn’t talk. Her cock just slammed harder. Her thick cock jackhammering my little hole. My ass numb from the constant fucking, the lube now gone and the dry ass fucking continued. Finally she got off of me but it was far from over. She rolled me onto my back. I looked up with tears in my eyes. Her long dark hair, illegal bahis her strong jaw, blue eyes and big glossy black lips to match her dark makeup. She stood there laughing, holding her massive cock.Your pathetic! She pushed my legs up and to the side, spit on her cock and slammed it in. I cried out, mumbling through my gag. She grabbed my tit and started slapping it. Her cock slammed over and over. My cock tiny she laughed as she flicked it. You need to pay for waisting my time you little pussy she yelled. You pay with you ass around here! She pushed my feet to my head bending me in half. I was about to break her big cock pulled completely out and slammed in over and over. My asshole dry. The friction from her cock making my body shudder. One final slam and she grunted loudly as I felt her cum rush into me like a fire hose. Her cum relieved the burning friction pain. She pulled her cock out, put it back in her panties and lowered her skirt. She cut my wrists and ankles free. I sat there violated. If you want illegal bahis siteleri to see anymore places let me know Chris, I’ll see myself out. I sat on my couch thinking wtf just happened?Fifteen days ago I decided to buy my own home. I found Ruby Demato online. She was a realtor in my area. I called her up and told her what I was looking for. We seem to hit it off on our first encounter. She had a full face of makeup and was good looking. I noticed her big fake tits off the bat. She always wore tight skirts and heels with her tits popping out of her blouse. Our first meeting she showed me some nice properties but not what I was looking for. I told her everything that I wanted and didn’t want. Ruby got back to me , and a second time looking at houses eventually turned into the sixth time. I just wanted more than what she was showing me.Yesterday she called me. And said she wanted to go over a few things in my current home. She showed up at 5pm, I offered her a glass of wine and we started chatting. Her canlı bahis siteleri big tits stairing me in the face. Her blouse unbuttoned a extra 2 buttons than usual. See something you like Chris? She smiled Oh sorry I don’t mean to stare. It’s ok I paid a lot for them, and men appreciate them. She giggled Maybe you want to see more? She ripped open her blouse and removed her bra. Big round fake tittys ! She reached over and pulled off my belt. Then she straddled me putting my hands together and tying the belt around my wrists. You wanna fuck me Chris! Don’t you?Yeah I doShe stripped me nude and tied my ankles together then she gagged my mouth with a bandanna. Wtf are you doing I mumble. Oh Chris you know how many clients want to fuck me? But truth be told I don’t get fucked! I fuck! She pulled up her skirt and reached into her panties pulling out a enormous cock. She was upset I haven’t found a house.So I sat there remembering how I got here, I still haven’t found a place of my own and my ass Is really sore.A. Should I call her back?1. Look for new house 2. Tell her I want her cock3. Trick her, then tie her upB. Should I find a new realtor?1. A hot woman milf2. A hot teenC. Call the police and report her?D. Stop the story.Please comment for story to continue

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