Rebecca and Alan and the Summer


Note from the author: Hi everyone and I hope you enjoy this first chapter. This is just a jumping off point but I tried to sneak a little sexiness in there anyway. I hope to have the next chapter done soon and I am open to feedback and suggestions.

This story will contain incest between family members, lesbian sex, gay sex, and bisexual sex. If that is not to your liking stop reading now. I like a good story but I mainly want to focus on the sex in this series. For those still reading, thanks and I hope to hear some feedback from you all.

NOTE: All characters engaging in sexual activity are 18 years or older. There is no underage sex. nor do I condone it.


It was a warm June morning, hotter than the days before it. Alan did not know that yet as he lay in a twist of blankets and flesh in his bed. His hand slowly rose from from the heap to turn off his screeching alarm clock. Upon rolling over he noticed the time, he was 10 minutes late already.


Alan quickly grabbed a towel from the back of his chair and bounded down the hall wearing only his boxer shorts, his usual sleeping attire. He burst open the door to the bathroom to see his sister standing before him completely naked, dripping from head to toe.

“What the hell Alan!” She shouted as she grabbed for a towel to cover her naked body. Rebecca was Alan’s twin sister. They had shared a bath many times as children but he hasn’t seen her naked in many years. He had seen her in a bikini just 3 weeks prior when they went to the beach for their 18th birthday and even a brief glimpse in her underwear on their last family vacation but what he just saw was different entirely.

“Shit. Sorry Becca.” Alan just stood there, too tired to react properly. As he stood there he took note of his sister’s figure as she attempted to cover up her glistening body. She was tall for a girl, they were about the same height at 5’10”. Her legs were long and smooth. The rest of her body was smooth as well, she was a swimmer after all. The last thing she covered were her breasts. They were large but not too much more than what Alan could get his hand around, perhaps only in his mind for now. They were the round and perky breasts of his twin sister. Once that thought came to mind he quickly looked at the ceiling as if his gaze was there all along.

“You should cover up too, Alan.” Rebecca giggled as she gently moved around her brother and out the door and down toward her bedroom. “And hurry up, we’re gonna be late you jackass.” She shouted back at him.

Alan bursa escort looked down to see his erection poking out though his boxers in plain sight and undoubtedly noticed by his sister. He tossed the towel aside and closed the door behind him. Turning on the shower he tested to make sure it was at an adequate temperature then slid his boxers to the floor leaving him naked as he hopped into the shower. Water started to fall all over his body starting with his broad shoulders and down his toned chest. Alan sported no body hair aside from his legs and arms. Unlike his sister he was not a swimmer, he played volleyball but enjoyed the feeling of his bare chest and crotch.

It was Rebecca and Alan’s last day of school and they were looking forward to a whole summer off. Alan especially. He was taking a road trip down to a friend’s beach house for a whole week the day after classes ended. Rebecca was left stranded at home. Just two weeks prior Rebecca’s boyfriend of 9 months left her for one of her friends. Rebecca tried to keep her chin up in school but was crushed inside. Her summer so far would be a bust as most of her plans left with her new ex-boyfriend.

At school Alan breezed through many of his classes. When he met up with his friends they blathered about what they would do at the beach house. Mostly they went on about how many girls they could bring back and who would have hooked up with the most before the weeks end.

“I’ll have one a night, minimum.” Alan’s friend Greg joked. Alan had a special bond with Greg, one the rest of his friends had no knowledge of. Back in elementary and middle school Alan and Greg wold regularly sleep over at each other’s houses on the weekends. On most weekends they would sneak online and go to porn websites. While watching they would generally lend the other a hand and jerk one another off as they watched the heterosexual pornos.

“If you bring a black light into my room you might get blinded.” Quipped Eddy, the jokester of the group, that sent the others into a fit of laughter. Alan was excited to spend quality time with the rest of his friends, without the stress of final exams.

JP spilled his handful of papers when Eddy’s joke caught him by surprise. JP was the runt of the group, he had been friends with Alan and Greg since they were younger and have always watched his back.

The rest of their friends didn’t make such bold claims but were determined to “get some” that week. Jordan was kind of the nerd of the group. He was African American and his love of comic books and rock music didn’t mesh well with his bursa escort bayan peers but he fit right in amongst Alan, Greg and the rest. Brian was the jock of the group. He’d been best pals with Alan since preschool and that bond didn’t break. Even throughout out his high school years, as he developed into a tall and handsome football player, he always made time for Alan.

Rebecca was at lunch when her friends Kaylie and Jenna suggested they spend the night at Jenna’s. They told her it was to celebrate the end of the year but Kaylie and Jenna were trying to cheer up Rebecca after her traumatic breakup. She had gone from depressed to angry to accepting then back to depressed and now she just hated all men. Kaylie and Jenna hoped a night with the girls could help her though the transition.

The day was finally over. Alan stayed behind at school to do some planning with his friends but Rebecca headed home before she would go back out to Jenna’s for the night. Rebecca strolled up the walk to the front door of their charming two-story house and walked inside. Lying face down on the couch was their mother. I wonder how long she’s been passed out. Rebecca moved quietly as to not wake her mother.

She dumped her book bag on her bed and took her purse with her to her dresser. She tossed in a clean pair of panties, her favorite bikini and a fresh shirt. Before she could get it completely stuffed in she heard a noise in the hall.

“Where are you going? Do your homework first.” Her mother propped herself up in Rebecca’s doorway. She was still in her pajamas, a skimpy pair of shorts and an equally skimpy tank top. She was only 19 years older than the twins but looked even younger. Rebecca and her mother were often mistaken for sisters.

“Today was the last day of school, mom.” She stuffed the rest of the shirt into her bag and tried to make her way past her mother.

“Oh, so you’re going out whoring now?”

“Mom! I’m just going to Jenna’s okay?” Rebecca pushed past her mother and quickly went toward the front door. She could hear her mother muttering loudly as she left.

Their mother, Whitney, was a single mother now that her husband had died a year and half ago. Her husband, the twin’s father was a much older man than Whitney. The children had loved him like a father but sometimes their friends would joke that he looked more like their grandfather. Whitney grieved heavily after he died but it wasn’t his death that drove her to drink, it was the boredom of being alone. The twins were self-sufficient and without her husband to please, house work was seldom escort bursa done. She started drinking nearly non-stop. The alcohol had turned her abrasive and abusive. The drink also made her increasingly sexual. Whitney would go out to bars and take home strangers for one night stands. Seeing their mother nearly naked on the kitchen floor was a common occurrence on Saturday mornings.

Whitney became a sex addict. When men weren’t enough she ordered dozens of sex toys and other sexual enhancers and built an impressive collection of porno DVDs. She tried to keep her children ignorant from her new lifestyle but it became painfully obvious after not too long that their mother had changed. Rebecca tried her best to help to no avail. Alan didn’t really mind his mother’s new addiction. He would frequently sneak into her room and borrow DVDs from her.

Alan was now on his way to Eddy’s beach house while Rebecca was on her way to Jenna’s for the evening. When Rebecca arrived she found Kaylie and Jenna enjoying the pool in the backyard.

“Hey guys!” She greeted them with her usual perfect smile.

Jenna and Kaylie greeted her back and as Jenna paddled around the edge Kaylie slid her slender body out of the pool and prepared herself to jump back in. Kaylie was a redheaded beauty. Her soft pale skin highlighted her gorgeous green eyes. Her breasts were the largest of the three girls and had a tough time fitting in her red and blue spotted bikini.

Rebecca went inside to change and reemerged in a white bikini with blue horizontal stripes. She ran and jumped in after her friends. The trio laughed, splashed and played games for over an hour before they started to tire. They all took a seat on the steps leading down into the pool. They reminisced about the past school year and all the fun they’d had together. That’s when Rebecca began to cry.

“Aw honey, whats wrong?” Said Jenna as she moved closer to Rebecca putting her arm around her friend.

“…I..was so good to him.” Rebecca wept into her palms.

“Becca that guy was an idiot to choose her over you.” Kaylie tried to comfort her friend as well.

“And that bitch isn’t welcome around here either.” Jenna interjected as she placed her free hand closer to Becca’s bikini line. She was curious at first but once her hand settled in the feeling of her friend’s hand in her lap comforted her. “Never liked that curly-headed slut anyway.” Jenna continued in an attempted to make Rebecca laugh. Kaylie giggled and Becca joined in. She gulped back a few tears as Jenna’s hand glided across her bikini bottoms and then began to rub her flat belly.

Jenna glanced over at Kaylie who had a twinkle in her eye. “Let’s go get dried off guys we have some more activities planned.” Kaylie suggested with the slightest smirk.

To Be Continued…

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