Red Eye


I sighed as I waited patiently on the jet bridge. Two glorious weeks in Hawaii wasn’t enough, but as this was a college graduation present from my parents, I couldn’t complain. Hell, any time spent in Hawaii was heaven, but having to leave sucked. I had too much fun playing and fucking. I didn’t want to go.

To make matters worse, I had to make a stopover in Dallas before going to LA because, in ways that only makes sense to the airlines, it worked out cheaper this way. I was not looking forward to an extra five hours air-travel time, which doubly sucked. Doing this all at night was pure torture.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an avid traveler. I’ve been on long flights before, but today, I wasn’t feeling it. I was bummed I was leaving paradise, I didn’t want to face finding a job as a recent graduate, I was not tired enough to sleep the whole way, and I was horny. Not a good combination when having to board a red-eye flight.

It felt like eternity to inch my way onto the plane; people take forever boarding! I used my frequent flyer miles to upgrade myself to first class, roundtrip, which was a small comfort I was looking forward to, but I missed the preferred boarding because I needed a quick nicotine fix. This only served to irritate me more. I didn’t want to leave, but if I had to, I wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible, and it most certainly wasn’t progressing as well as I would like. I sighed again, and told myself to get a grip; otherwise I would make myself even more miserable the whole way home.

Finally past the first class galley, I headed to my seat, 2H, and got comfortable. It was the bulkhead but I didn’t mind. Plus, on long flights, there are three pilots instead of the usual two and the seat next to me, 2J, is reserved for one of them to rest. So, I would have this little corner all to myself for a good portion of the flight, and the rest of the time I wouldn’t be disturbed by chatter because that pilot would be sleeping.

I took out a book and pretended to read as I watched people finish boarding and the flight attendants go through their pre-flight routine. I groaned as the head pilot informed us there was a storm right in the middle of the flight path, so we would be taking a detour. Greeaaattt.

After what seemed like hours, we had taken off. I checked my watch, but the damn thing must be broken, because it said it was only fifteen minutes after I boarded the plane. That can’t be right, can it? Surely, we had been flying for at least an hour, right?

I was fiddling with the knobs and wasn’t paying much attention as the seat belt sign went off and the extra pilot came by.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hi,” I replied absentmindedly. Taking the watch off completely, I turned it over in my heads as if I could magically look through the metal casing.

“I’m Mike,” the pilot said.

“Yeah, First Officer Mike Carter,” I answered, concluding that nothing was wrong with my watch, just my patience, and looked up at the guy next to me. And I was glad I did.

Wow. Talk about hot. Dark hair, blue eyes, good body from what I could see, and, after a quick scan, at least 6’2”. He had a rugged face that I found fascinating, and I flashed him a smile. Maybe this flight wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“I’m surprised. I didn’t think anyone actually paid any attention to what the captain says,” Mike exclaimed, laughing.

“Well, I make it a point to listen, in case something goes wrong and I survive the plane crash,” I replied, laughing as well. “That way, I can tell the press right off who was flying the plane.” I extended my hand to him. “I’m Mischa, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Mischa.”

“Same goes.”

And so we chatted as the flight attendants got our orders and served dinner. I couldn’t help but be entertained, as Mike was absolutely charming. The flight attendants kept touching him and flirting, so I did, too, running my hand along his arm, smiling as he gripped my fingers and kissed the tips. I could feel my pussy getting wet and didn’t know whether to curse Mike for making me hot in the middle of the flight, or jump him when the movie came on.

My thoughts sincan escort began to run through the logistics of how it could be done. First class seats aren’t as wide as they used to be. With the airlines getting rid of their DC-10s several years back and substituting them with the newer Boeing 767s for long distance travel, first class had definitely changed. There was a high middle console between each pair of seats, two reading lights attached to the headrest, phones and dials in the arm rests, and minimal privacy with people getting up and using the bathroom at any time and the flight attendants constantly coming by to check on you.

With dismay, I realized there was no way we could do much more than talk, so I gave up the hope of cumming tonight. Resigned to that fact, I tried to comfort myself with the idea of a great solo session as soon as I got home, but it didn’t help much.

As the movie came on, and more and more people shut off their lights and began to sleep, I reluctantly pulled back. I had absently been massaging Mike’s hands as we talked, so I let his hand go.

“I suppose I should let you get some sleep,” I whispered.

“Actually, I’m off duty for the next week,” he replied, sitting up straight in his seat, pushing his hand back into my grasp. “I don’t need to sleep this flight. I’d like to keep talking with you, if you don’t mind.”

A smile lifted the corners of my mouth and I began to massage his hand again. Maybe there was a chance to relieve the mounting pressure I was feeling.

I leaned closer to him, purposely pushing my breast against his hand.

“I’m not entirely sure I want to keep talking.” I watched his face carefully as my thumb stroked his palm. I ran his hand over my nipple, and I could see his eyes widen slightly.


“Nope. I’m wondering if there is anyway to get closer,” I whispered in his ear. I was surprised at my boldness but figured, hell, this is an opportunity I can’t pass up, and I wasn’t sure how much longer the flight was.

Mike twisted a little, pushing the two reading lights in between the tiny gap between our seats to afford us a tiny measure of privacy from the couple behind us. He didn’t need to bother; they, as well as the rest of the first class passengers, were fast asleep.

“Not here, unfortunately,” he whispered back, glancing around. “Someone could wake up.”

I tugged on his hand so he would lean over more, then slid it down my body and up under my long ruffled skirt. I pressed his fingers against my bare pussy, and rubbed myself against him. From his quick intake of air, I could tell he didn’t miss that I wasn’t wearing panties or that I was already wet.

“You sure?” I asked quietly. His tongue came out of his mouth and ran along his lips. Though his arm was at an awkward angle, he slipped one finger deep inside my depths. I knew he could feel my heat, and I knew he was affected by it, if the thick bulge in his lap was any indication.

“Not here, but…” His voice trailed off as he removed his hand and stood, helping me rise, then guiding me into the galley. Only one flight attendant was there, cleaning up. Her head lifted as the curtain parted, and her artificial smile blossomed into a genuine one at the sight of Mike.

“Hey there, honey. You need something?”

“Hiya, Mary Jean. Where’s everybody?” Mike grinned at her, then used his free hand to grip her ass and pull her close for a kiss. I held on to his other hand, unbelievably turned on by the sight.

“Mm. Rita’s up front with the boys, and the rest are in the back eating. What are you guys up to?” She wiggled her eyebrows at us playfully. Mike didn’t answer; he only smiled and gestured to a restroom that must be for the crew only, as it was in the short hallway to the cockpit.

“Will you need this for the next little while?” Mary Jean chuckled and shook her head.

“No, but go check with the captain first. The others won’t be back for a while; otherwise, I’d ask if I could join you.” Mary Jean pouted a little.

“Ah, well, that’s up to Mischa,” Mike replied, gesturing to me. I took a good look at Mary Jean. She was about my height, ankara escort 5’7” or so, with bright red hair and a curvy figure. I wouldn’t mind giving her a taste, and grinned.

“The more the merrier. Maybe when someone comes back, you can join in?” I asked, and Mary Jean returned my smile.

“Absolutely,” she said as she began making sure the curtains were closed. “You two go ahead and I’ll make sure no one disturbs you.”

Mike thanked her and headed down the hallway. He lightly rapped his knuckles on the side of the wall before parting the curtain there. I got a glimpse of a blonde on her knees in front of one pilot, who was sitting not in the co-pilot’s chair, but in a side one close to the door. I looked closer and realized she sucking his cock eagerly.

“Hey, does anyone need the bathroom for the next little while?” The flight attendant, who must be Rita, turned towards us, took me in, and grinned widely.

“Not me. How about you, Jack?” she asked of her companion, who rested his head against the wall behind him and laughed softly.

“Don’t be crazy, woman, I’m not going anywhere.” Rita giggled and resumed her activities, and I pressed my legs together tightly. Who knew this was how the crew entertained themselves?

“Captain?” Mike turned to the other fellow, who was still flying the plane. He glanced over his shoulder, smiled, and shook his head.

“I’m waiting for Rita.”

“You’ll have a long wait, as she’s nowhere near done with me!” Jack replied good-naturedly. Rita sighed happily and looked at me.

“Don’t you love having men fighting for your attention?” Rita asked. I didn’t answer, too busy trying to figure out how hard it would be to become a flight attendant, when Mike stepped back and closed the curtain.

I turned to give him some room and noticed a cart blocking the way. Mike grinned, mumbled something about ‘MJ being a peach’, and opened the door to the small restroom. I looked at him questioningly as he left the door open.

“It’s to prop open the door and give us some room in here,” he said, answering my silent question. I slipped by, pausing to kiss him. His hands came up to my waist and he tugged me close, his hips rubbing against my belly. I could feel him throbbing through his pants and was acutely reminded of the throbbing between my own legs.

Quickly, I pulled away, slipping my tank top over my head and setting it on the counter. My bra and skirt quickly followed, and I settled on the forward-facing toilet seat. Mike was stripping off his shirt, so I tackled his pants, licking every inch of exposed skin as I undid the zipper and pulled his pants and his underwear down his legs.

Once that was completed, I was rewarded with the sight of a beautiful cock. Mike truly had an amazing body, but I didn’t take my time looking at it; I couldn’t. The sight of the co-pilot getting head and of our immediate surroundings gave me a sense of urgency. Anyone could come by, and with such a sexual crew, I was incredibly aroused. It had been a long time since I felt this frantic desire to fuck, and wasn’t willing to waste another moment. I wanted him and I wanted him now.

My lips parted and I sucked him in deep. I was barely cognizant of his low groan as I expertly worked his cock in and out of my mouth, then down into my throat. Every inch of him felt wonderful against my tongue, in my mouth, and I savored the moment. I could feel his hands running through my hair, cupping the back of my head as his hips pushed forward. That only lasted a few minutes before he was gently guiding me off his dick.

“I’m too close,” he whispered, grabbing hold of me and perching me on the sink. There wasn’t too much room, and I briefly worried about falling off till Mike sat on the toilet and spread my legs, roughly holding my legs open. His eyes met mine as his tongue touched my clit for the first time, dragging across it repeatedly as I whimpered.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I saw you sitting in the seat next to mine,” he whispered, sliding two fingers into my wet opening. “You have the hottest little body. I’m definitely enjoying a taste of it.”

There were mirrors etimegut escort all around, and it was so erotic to see all the different angles of our position.

“You’re enjoying it, too, aren’t you, Mischa?” I was staring at my reflection. Oh, yeah, I was enjoying it. I met his gaze and half-laughed, half-moaned.

“God, yes.” He sucked hard on my clit, his fingers fucking me rapidly, and my hips began to lift up off the counter as I started to cum. Moving quickly, he changed our positions again. This time, I was leaning over the small counter, my face close to the mirror, one foot on the floor, one on the toilet as he thrust into me from behind. My pussy was still contracting, and the feeling of his cock pushing into me only made me cum harder.

As he fucked me thoroughly, I realized I was going from orgasm to orgasm with little space between, each one a little bigger than the last. The sensations were amazing, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go one much longer, as the pleasure was too great. Just then, I felt him force into me roughly one last time. The feeling of his cum filling me was so intense, of his body pressing against my back, that I came so hard, I swear I almost passed out.

I could have stayed there forever, I think, but turned when Mary Jean appeared in the doorway and asked if Mike could fill in up front for a few minutes. He slowly lifted himself off of me, kissing my shoulder before stepping outside to dress. Mary Jean came in behind me and rubbed my neck lightly.

“Intense, isn’t it?” she asked, smiling at me in the mirror.

“You could say that again. I’ve never done this before, but wow.” I turned to face her. “If I could, I’d do it again.”

“Mm. Maybe you can,” she whispered, her lips rubbing against mine, her hands stroking my still humming body. Mary Jean didn’t give me much time to return her kiss; she dipped her head to capture a hard nipple, and sucked on it lightly. “There’s only about an hour or so left, so we’ll need to be quick, but let me help clean you up.”

Her tongue shifted to my other nipple before she instructed me to sit back on the toilet seat. Twice in less than an hour, my legs were parted and a willing mouth began to suck and lick at my folds. Already sensitive, Mary Jean took care to lick up each drop of cum, cleaning off my thighs and slit. Gently, she parted me with her fingers and slipped her tongue into my opening, tasting the juices there.

“You taste so good,” she murmured, sitting on the floor in front of me as she continued her ‘cleaning’.

“She does, doesn’t she, MJ?” I was in sensory overload, biting down hard on my lips to keep from crying out. I only just registered the other voice as Mike’s when he leaned down and kissed me. His tongue, though he had no way of knowing it, was mimicking Mary Jean’s down below, sensually moving through my mouth as his hands played with my breasts, pinching my nipples, massaging them.

“You are so wet, honey,” Mary Jean commented.

“I wish you could have felt her earlier, MJ. She didn’t stop cumming on my dick.”

Though I didn’t think it was possible, the pressure was building once more. I was lost in the sensations this crew was giving me and finally just gave in and came again. Mike swallowed my moans, waiting till the trembling in my body eased. He gave me another light kiss and straightened.

“I’m going to head back. Do you need help dressing?”

“No, Mike,” I grinned up at him. “I think I’ll be okay.” I pulled Mary Jean up and kissed her by way of a thank you. She, too, rose, stroked my body with a smile, and headed out to make preparations for landing. I managed to get to my feet, get dressed, and make it back to my seat in time to hear the captain say we were making our final descent.

Passengers were slowly waking up, so I ripped an empty page out of my forgotten book and jotted down my number and address.

“If you’re ever in Los Angeles, look me up,” I said as I handed it to Mike. He looked it over, then slipped it into his front pocket.

“Los Angeles, huh? What flight are you taking?”

“The 6:54am flight this morning.”

“Mind if I join you? I do have the next few days off.” He smiled widely at me as the plane touched down, reaching out to hold my hand. I laughed, feeling much happier about this flight than I did when I got on.

“Not at all, Mike, not at all.”

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