Resist Ch. 03

Amanda Lane

It had been a month since she encountered Carter Gordon and his offer is still hunting her. She was arranging the paintings that need to be auctioned, like the rest of the furniture so they can put the house in Easton, Connecticut for sale.

It was the last estate to say goodbye to and next month everything will be on sale which means they will lose it all, except for her childhood house in Essex, New Jersey, the one with 4 rooms where her single mother died.

She had refused to sell it and now it had saved them from being homeless.

She hated losing her precious paintings, her money, her status and the thought of losing them made her think of Carter Gordon’s tempting offer even more, the option to save herself and the lifestyle she had accustomed to give her the chills that made her uneasy.

“Where is my dinner? Are you still in the study?” Lord Jason Brighton yelled out in the hall way, he was cruel, demanding and she could hear the sound of the wheel of his wheelchair outside squeaking lauder as it comes closer.

“Yes. I’m about done now. I’ll be right there.” He was always that damning.

“It’s almost dinner. Damnit”

“Right behind you.”

Tears came falling suddenly and she quickly drew out one breath to stop it from continuing. If Jason didn’t have the accident, if Jason didn’t suffer and his trusted men didn’t betray him they would still have it all, however he did have the accident.

It was there one year anniversary, he was going to take her to the cabin after not weeing her for months to spend a romantic week with her and she refused the idea of being alone with him when he demanded for her to pack her bags.

However, the fight had escalated, he shoved all her things to the luggage while scolding her and even dragged her in the car. They had fought, she named his affair to Katie Hill even before their marriage while he accused her of not even loving him, of not even letting him touch her and she only wanted his money. Lets get a divorce then she had said and he had said she would love that so he wouldn’t.

Suddenly someone had hit them, the car flew up in the air and it flipped them to the nearest tree. The driver side was crushed and she felt the blood on her head while her body became numb with pain, she couldn’t turn then she past out.

She couldn’t remember anything except her mother and Carter Gordon. Her mother had came and explained to her that she couldn’t see Carter because they are not friends anymore, she was married to Jason the man who was in the other room, he had white hair, wrinkly and badly wounded.

She refused the touch him and angered by the fact her mother insisted to stay in the room of that stranger. Her mother explained that she was married to him again and she refused to believe it.

“I wouldn’t marry him his old. I don’t know that man.”

“It’s been weeks, he will not walk again, you will have to take care of him, he has no family, you owe it to him..”

“Owe him. I wouldn’t marry him, Why would I marry him? I love Carter.”

“You had to.” Her mother explained.

“What? Why?”

“He helped us with the house, with our debts, with our face and with my medical. You see because I’m sick. It was our easy way out.” It was a slight forgetfulness. Only a day but that forgetfulness sum it all up to the false reason why she married the man she didn’t love.

Her mother was there, she looked weak, sickly still and when she woke up her mother tries to help her which she refused.

“Mother how is Jason?”

“His still unconscious.” Her mother sat beside her hugging her.

“Are you well with the nurses and the help in the house?” She hugger her mother back.

“Your remembering.”

“I remember everything.”

“Everything is well.”

“You should move to a better house, or closer to me so I can take care of you, or I can buy you a house closer to the beach perhaps?”

“No. I’m happy to stay in our house. I don’t need anything else but maybe a visit or two. I will not live long.”

“I don’t want to talk about that. But you should go home and rest. The flight must have weaken you.”

That was the last conversation her mother and her made and when her mother returned home she had died a week later.

Jason was recovering in their house in Boston and would not dare speak to her yet. She had blamed her for the accident. She had blamed herself, even blaming herself for her mother’s passing, somehow blamed him also for his affair.

But she felt she owed him to stay and owed him to care for him. He had turned sour, uncaring, foolish drunk and the women Katie Hill was tainting him more against her. He couldn’t use his important part and they will never have children anyhow so she didn’t care.

Might as well because then he would never let him touch her again after sincan escort he had cheated on her. But now that his money has been drained where is Katie Hill?

They will arrived at the house in Essex, New Jersey next week they were not poor, they were not suffering but her mother had pride. She was going to lose her house, their neighbors would know, their friends and now as she goes home losing everything she knew the neighbors will bound to find out. She couldn’t bare it.

She had to do something, she can’t be miserable with Lord Jason Brighton forever, she refuse that kind of life, she knew she has responsibility to care for him but refuse to be his prisoner.

In the dead of night.

Carter Gordon was in the rooftop of his loft while listening to an audiobook. She stopped the player at the classic living room the upstairs of the other living room close to the entrance which they had made love.

Rosa looked at the space while trembling, she looked around and realize that the classic living room was clearly for play, with a bar, pool table, vintage jukebox and made to assemble a man’s lounge. She became unsettled and regretted why she was there, glad that the lights were dimmed and the room dark maybe she could escape.

She was about to leave when he spotted her by the player. He had no shirt on, only a tight hugging boxers, he was sweaty from the summer weather outside, he was sexy, he grew out his beard since she last saw him he looked like a Greek god. The darkness made him more mysterious and intimidating.

She was standing awkwardly, uncertain, Holding the bottom hemline of her blue v neck dress as it fell just the same length as her hands at the side, she was like a scared mouse in that little corner and he walked towards her like a hungry cat eyeing his hunt.

He step closer to her and her breathing became harder that she could feel the beating on her throat. His hands caressed her arms, then lingered on her waist, awakening her senses, then gently he pushed her with his thigh to the wall with his body pressing against her, plastering their bodies together, her breast against his chest, his legs between hers, holding her down and his hips were cradled against her.

“Are you here for this?” He didn’t wait for her to answer.

His mouth came down on hers, claiming passionately, his tongue sliding against her with long possessive strokes and with one deep kiss his hands reached behind her ass to pull her tight against him. She closed her eyes, forcing her body to relax, he was getting hard at the sensation and the slow heat begin to build between her legs. Her hands pressed against his forearms for support.

Her body tightened with the slow movement of his hips, bumping against her while he swallowed every whimper and moaned escaped her lips. His kissed trailed down the V line of her dress, licking the skin, the cleavage while his fingers slid along the damp skin and his other hand kneading the curve of her breast inside her dress, sending shivers down her spine.

She arched into the touch which urged him to continue, his thumb inside her dress stroke her nipple drawing it to the peak beneath the dress. He pressed harder on her, she could feel the fire between her legs, pulsating against him and he found himself staring at her face full of lust and hunger.

“Please stop looking at me like that.” But he didn’t stop, instead he demanded her to look at him the same, holding her chin so she wouldn’t look away while he pushed against her more, slowly, grinding, rubbing his hard erection on her, the pressure dampening her and his piercing stare never leaving her.

He licked her mouth, nibbling her lips and then he bent to take her nipple after uncovering it.

He suckled her nipple like a hungry cub, she let out a broken sigh, her breast felt tight, her nipple hardened, she like his hungry mouth sucking her, licking her with his tongue, leaving wet traces around the nipples, she hold still bracing herself and grasping on his shoulders.

She felt his hand on her dress, pulling it upward slowly caressing insider her thighs, warming, burning her skin until it reached the damp moist between her legs. He pulled off her underwear, letting it fall to the ground and he kissed her only to jumped at the instant invading finger. He found himself staring at her reaction, admiring the lust, her anticipation, her every tremble and raspier breath.

“Carter you’re embarrassing me please don’t stare so much.”

“Never.” He couldn’t, he wouldn’t and his fingers were sliding in her, stroking anxiously, moving and rubbing inside her, while she squirms, unable to think, dizzy and hazy from the sensation rocketing through her body.

“Carter.” She moaned out his name. She couldn’t think, her hips moving, arching up to him and his fingers thrust inside ankara escort her his thumb rubbing her cl*t. Pleasure exploded within her, she stayed rigid, as she accepted the torturous pleasure of pain. Her breathing skipped, his fingers moving faster and mindlessly she climaxed.

“Good girl.”

He had released his hold on her turned away to pour himself a drink from the bar.

“Would you like some?”

“I’ll have what your having?” When he looked back at her she was still at that corner except she had fixed her dress and her underwear was not on the floor anymore.

He gave the drink to her and sat comfortably at the leather mahogany club chairs looking at her while taking a sip of his drink. She was silent awaiting his words. His eyes piercing at her, gazing at her body and she couldn’t stand it.

“Take off your clothes.” He almost felt guilty ordering her these words, this woman was the love of his life, his childhood sweetheart but he remembered he was here to use him and in return he will enjoy using her.

She drank the entire glass of whiskey almost two shots, it made her cough and he almost laughed at her shocking reaction.

Nervously she placed the empty glass to a table close to her where her purse was and then slowly her dress fell to the ground.

“Everything.” He demanded he made a point with her underwear still on. She didn’t want to take her heels off, defying him a little. However he was glad she left her heels on because it made her even sexier. The alcohol helped her nerves and wished she had asked him for more.

He wanted to torture her, taste her, touch her, kiss her and make her his! The thought made him unsettle in his seat knowing the fact that she was only there to use him.

He admire her for swallowing her pride and the fact that she knew how to use her body and beauty to her advantage. He would take everything from her… EVERYTHING.

His stare was piercing, burning her even at the distance, his stare had aroused her somehow and she began to hypnotically walk towards him.

He reached her hands, turned her around, he bit one of her arse while his hands roamed her thighs, he positioned himself so he could lick across her buttocks. It made her jump but his hands had pulled her back, circling her legs and bending her body down so her bottom was raised.

“There’s no escaping now.”

Good lord he loved the smell of her, her folds were flushed, damp from before, his thumb trailed the opening of her folds and he could feel it throbbing. He spread the moist lips farther, it was aching, pulsating, anticipating his tongue, he licked her private flesh and tasted her.

Some of her honey trickled down his chin. And slowly his tongue slithered in her entrance, coiling the tunnel inside the walls, he could feel her clenched, squeezing him around, excited with an intensity from his exploit.

“I’ve always love the way you taste.”

He spread her more and a sigh left her from the invasion that is fiercely stroking every fiber of her being. Her hands reached for his wrist behind for balance and she moaned uncontrollably while his tongue entered her, tasting her, twisting and lapping. His fingers followed at the torture and before she could think he had released his delightful c*ck and pulled her down to him.

In one swift move his shaft was in her, she arched up, her neck resting on his shoulder and giving him access on her neck, nibbling while his hands caressed her body eagerly, he spread her legs, his fingers rubbing her clit while his other hand kneading her breast and twisting her nipples. Oh god she was acting wild and she couldn’t help it.

“Ride.” He ordered, her cheeks blushed from the thought but she knew she didn’t need him to order her to ride him. Her hips had a mind of its own and picked up the paced. Without any hesitation she had ridden him like a stallion, falling on to him and rising. Repeatedly and gloriously.

Her hips was battling with more slow yet extreme and fierce rhythm feeling her climax building. He could sense her instability that she was almost there. So as she fell to him he had made sure that this time he would raise his hips to meet her fall.

She was calling his name at that point. It made him go in deeper, harder and she was groaning in the pleasure of the pain.

“Carter. Carter.” She had begged him again and again, for more… for him to take control and he knew she had to find it herself.

“If you want it you must take it.”

Carter pressed her harder to him by her hips, she moaned stretching her back to him, her chest heaving upwards tempting him, he caress her breast, pressing, kneading hard and sending more urges between her legs. She had found her release from that small trill but he didn’t stop there.

His hands slid over her greedily. “God. Your so etimegut escort wet.” His erotic words in his husky voice made her gripped him even more tightly.

“Hmmmm.” She moaned out and her neck swirling in delirium from the state of her sensitivity excitement. She had quickened her pace and every senses in her had tripled. The Tremors from her body was uncontrollable and her moans were echoing across the room to their ears.

“Everything about you is so erotic.” He paused swallowing hard to control his own desire to bring her to the ground and ramming himself in her wildly without a care in the world. To be buried deep in her and devouring her without any games or rules.

“Look at me.” Their eyes met, he wanted to reassure her, only to find himself busy from kissing her and she was kissing him back. Her legs raising up gracefully as she can, only to fall right back to take him deep in her.

In the past he was addicted to Rosa. Within that moments he knew he had become addicted to her again. Maybe always. He loved the feel of her skin, the softness and lewd noise she was making.

He holds her steady, caressing her and encouraging her to take what she needed. “Don’t stop now. I can feel you’re almost there again.” It was his game and he wanted to see her work for the game to confirm if she truly was going to honor the unspoken proposal.

She knows it was his way of initiation. He caught her wrist to the side to hold her down. She could feel the intensity building up in her, she clasped on to him, let him slip out a little, then let him enter her entirely, she could feel her climax coming and she felt herself hesitating.

She turned to him with hunger in her eyes. “Cartel please help me.” She begged and her body begged with her. It was a perfect line for their agreement. Her surrender to him. Her lustful weakness on top of him, aching and he could feel her climax building closer.

“I will.” He laid her down to the side, for a side way position. He was kneeling, and the positioned buried himself deeper in her. He withdrew from her only to lean forward to slam himself deeper, while he found her lips, his tongue entered her. Mimicking the movement of their sexual organ. Their tongue twisting and twirling. She accepted the thrust, clutching him, needing, and climaxing.

He didn’t stop there. He didn’t want to stop.

“Carter it’s so good.” He kissed her deeply again and again while he access her with the same motion.

“Sh*t.” He cursed out. “If you only knew how delicious you look.” He said as he sucked her nipples, and devouring the access flesh that he could. He could feel her tightening around him again, he could feel her body shaking weakly.

“Oh God Carter…” She closed her eyes, and found herself concentrating from the heavenly sensation between her legs. The intense throbbing of her p*ssy walls was unforgivingly splendid that he quickened his pace for his own awaited bliss. He holds her upward, his left hand underneath her half carrying her upward slightly to him so he could suck her breast while the other gripped her hip to steady her.

“That’s it.” Finally his patient grew thin and his movement had become faster, urgent, quick and almost violent with every thrust of motion to be inside of her. Giving her a heart stopping climax along that awaited final moment that she forgot to breath.

“Carter.” She moaned out his name repeatedly unable to stop and the following process roared a fire burning in his arousal full of vitality and without any further ado sprayed his seed deep in her.

Her mind went blank but she could feel the hot liquid of his seed filling deep inside. Felt it coating and nourishing her depth. He was still clutching her, still buried deep in her and throbbing inside her.

He caressed her face. Kissed her cheeks and with all his strength walked away from her back to the bar. Her heart was raising and her breathing was almost nonexistence. She struggled to gather her clothing back on with her head still foggy from the after math.

“Do you want anything to drink?” He turned to her holding a bottle of water for her and saw she was already fully cloth again.

“My husband he’ll be waiting.” His gripped tightened angrily around the bottle water. Reminding him of their arrangement irritated him easily.

The awkwardness left her throat dry. “I must go.”

Although she didn’t want to see her husband tonight she couldn’t find any other excuse for a sure exit that he could not protest or comment.

“Will we don’t want him to suspect, do we? Come see me at my office next Thursday.”

She agreed and waited no other order.

However, she didn’t go to her husband she went to her art studio, where she painted to clear her mind from what just happened, she will miss her studio, wish she could still afford it. Down her studio was the restaurant they owned, it was her other hobby and now it was closed. Her paintings wrapped and ready to be transferred to the house in New Jersey. She was an artist by heart. An artist in her own right.

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