Return Visit with my Niece


(I suggest you read my earlier story “Impregnating Niece — Four Surprises” first for continuity)


My niece gave birth to a healthy baby boy and a couple of months after he was born I went to visit them. My niece and her husband were beaming with joy at the outcome of my impregnating her. Everyone loved the baby and commented what a good looking little guy he was. And he was growing well suckling his mother’s milk.

My niece looked lovely as a mother. She had put on a bit of weight not too much, but her boobs had definitely grown. She was living at her mother’s place in order to get some help with the baby. I was surprised when the mother came up to me and congratulated me. She told me that my niece had confided in her that I was the father of her baby. She said that she was happy that they had not gone with an anonymous donor.

That out of the way I was quite relieved. The next day everyone had gone to work except my niece and her mother. I was not able to greet my niece in the way I wanted, but now I got the chance. I gave her a hug and kissed her on her lips. Her huge breasts felt nice against my chest and I could not help but grab them and fondle them. I noticed that the moment I did this they began to leak milk.

My niece said that she was having excess production of milk and she had to continuously press some out to relieve the pain. I smiled at her and asked if she needed any help in expressing. She nodded. At that time her mother entered the room and she discussed the situation with her mother and her mother gave me a naughty look.

The mother was in her mid-forties but looked in her mid-thirties. You could tell that she must have had men chasing after her in her younger days. She said something to her daughter and she began to undress. Soon her lactating breasts were open for me to see. They looked amazing and both of the nipples had a drop of milk at the tip.

I went over to my niece who was sitting on the sofa and reached out and pressed her breasts. Milk spurted out from a dozen orifices in all directions. Fearing that the carpet and furniture would get stained, I took my niece by the hand and led her to the kitchen sink. I stood behind her and began to press out the milk into the sink. Milk gushed out of her breasts with every press. My niece’s mother watched fascinated.

After five minutes of pressing I felt the time was right for me to drink from her breasts. I turned my niece around and led her back to the sofa with her mother following. I sat her down on the sofa and knelt in front of her. I remember that she had big nipples but now with the baby suckling they had grown even bigger. I began to lick her nipple tuzla escort and then run the tip of my tongue around her areola. The excitement was too much for her and she could not control the flow of milk which began to ooze out of her nipple.

I quickly covered her nipple with my mouth and began to suck out the milk. It was warm and sweet. The other breast was begging my attention so I switched breasts. In about ten minutes I had emptied both her breasts and my niece heaved a big sigh of relief.

She told me that since the baby was born she had not indulged in sex but now she wanted me to fuck her. At this point the mother interrupted and asked if she could watch our fucking. I said I had no objection. She said that her daughter had told her that I had a nice big cock and she wanted to see for herself. I jokingly said that if she wanted I could do much more than just show her my cock. She jumped at the suggestion and she and her daughter smiled at each other.

Just the thought of depositing my sperm inside these two women was making my cock expand in my pants. We made our way upstairs to the bedroom. My niece removed all her clothes and so did her mother. With both the women naked and sitting on the edge of the bed, my niece grabbed my pants and pulled me towards her. She said something to her mom and I could tell that her mom was all excited to see my cock. My niece unzipped me and then put her hand inside my pants, found my cock and slid him out. Her mother opened her mouth and eyes wide in surprise.

My niece offered my cock to her mother who wrapped her hand around my cock. She began to jerk me up and down slowly looking up at me and smiling. She liked my big, thick cock. She also had not experienced circumcised cock and was fascinated by it. She began circling the head of my cock with her fingers. Her daughter said something to her in their native language and the next thing I knew was my nieces mother had taken my cock in her mouth and was sucking it up and down. She stopped for a few seconds and said something to her daughter.

She had told her that it was great sucking on my cut cock. They both took turns at sucking my cock. As the mother was sucking my cock I got the niece to suck on my balls.

I gestured to both of them to lie down on the bed. I pointed to my mouth and then to their pussies. I decided to pay attention to the mother’s pussy first. Opening her legs I planted a kiss on her pussy, and then licked her pussy lips to her clitoris. She gasped in enjoyment.

As I was working on the mother, my niece got me up to the doggy position so now I had my mouth buried in the mother’s pussy and my niece lay down between my bended tuzla escort bayan knees and began to suck my cock lying on her back. Oh my god, it was amazing sucking pussy at one end and having my cock sucked by my niece at the other.

I got my niece to lie down next to her mother. Now I began to suck both pussies in turn. While I sucked the mother’s pussy I would finger fuck the niece and vice-versa. I switched between both women and soon the let out a big sigh which told me that she had had an orgasm. I now turned my attention to my niece and soon brought her to her orgasm.

I now wanted to do something I had never done before. I got both women to bring their nipples together and began to suck on both nipples at the same time. It was amazing, my nieces nipple oozing milk while the mothers nice and hard. After doing this for some time, the niece was desperate for me to fuck her. She offered her butt to me in the doggy position and I inched myself forward on my knees. Before entering her I got the mother to suck on my cock making it wet.

I placed the head of my thick cock to the entrance of my niece’s vagina and slowly entered her. She sighed in appreciation. I began to fuck her holding on to her curvy waist while her mother watched me intently. I fucked my niece nice and hard, looking down at my cock going in and out, slapping against her butt. I began to spank her with my right hand as I was fucking her.

My niece yelped and looked back at me smiling. I gave her a couple of more spanks. As I was fucking her I realised that the mother had taken up position next to her daughter inviting me to fuck her. I took out my cock from my niece and moved over and with once smooth motion entered the mother’s vagina and began to fuck her. I spanked her as well and she loved it.

I fucked the mother for a few minutes and then decided that I wanted back into my niece. I took out my dick switched to fucking my niece. After some time I could see the mothers face pleading for me to fuck her. I took out my dripping cock from my niece’s pussy and moved over to fuck the mother again doggy style.

As I was fucking them I asked the mother what positions she had enjoyed in the past and she said that the only position she had been fucked by her husband was the missionary position. I removed my cock from the mother and lay down on the bed and motioned the mother to ride me like a horse.

The mother was quick to catch on. She straddled me and my niece took hold of my cock and guided it into her mother’s pussy. Soon she was bouncing up and down my cock. After some time I asked her to stop and with my cock deep inside her, to turn around and fuck my cock with her escort tuzla back facing me. As the mother was fucking me, my niece straddled my mouth offering her juicy pussy to me. I began to eat her pussy while the mother was fucking my cock. Suddenly I felt a slap on my stomach. In the vigorous thrusting up and down, my cock has slipped out of the mother’s vagina. Quickly she put my cock back in and began fucking again.

My niece now turned to her mother and said something. They began to exchange places. Now I was sucking the mother’s pussy and fucking the daughter. I could hear the slapping sounds each time my nieces butt landed on my stomach with my cock deep inside her.

Soon I could feel I was going to cum. I asked them how they wanted me to cum. They asked that I cum inside both of their pussies. I decided the easiest way to do this was go back to the doggy position.

Seeing both of them in the doggy position side by side was beyond exciting. I inched my way forward and began to fuck the daughter, her tight pussy clinging on to my cock. I fucked her long and hard for a couple of minutes before releasing myself and moving over to the mother. I entered her with one swift stroke and began to fuck her. The mother began to moan with each stroke bringing me to my climax.

I began to ejaculate into the mother. After about five spurts I took out my cock which was still spurting. As I was moving over my spurting cock to the daughter, my cum spurted on to the mother back and another spurt on to the nieces back before I could get my cock inside my niece. Now I finished off inside my niece, my cock completing the ejaculation inside the niece.

Both women had their heads completely down so that my sperm was deep inside them. I extracted myself from my niece and asked them to slowly lift their torsos up. Soon my massive load of semen was dripping down their thighs. The sight of this was absolutely amazing.

The mother said something to the daughter. I was told that the mother had enjoyed my fucking and it was the best fuck she had ever had. She wanted me to fuck her and her daughter whenever I felt like it.

Needless to say during my two week stay I fucked the daughter and mother at every given opportunity, sometimes three, four times a day depending on how much privacy we had. One night when the mother’s husband was in a drunken sleep, I quietly slipped into the bed and fucked the mother side on in her own bed. That was the most exciting thing I had done on my trip. And I was always welcomed into the bed of my niece and her husband.

When the day of my departure came, I bid farewell to everyone and my niece whispered that she and her mother looked forward to my next visit. I said that I would make another trip in six months. My niece said that at that time she wanted me to make her pregnant again. I chuckled and said I could not wait for six months to pass.

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