Revenge By Nikila–2


Revenge By Nikila–2deletedPART–1 IS WAITING FOR U READ IT…….My stepmom was in a shock after that intimation with salim in front of her and I knew that she was in a burning sensation. I was too tired that night due to drinks and virginity lost. But still somehow I was there to show them. When function was finished I asked my friend to leave me at my room as I was in not well to go to my own. She dropped me at my rented room, we had a coffee and lil chat and then she left. That day later when I woke up I found 15 missed calls. One of them is a known number but rest of the 14 calls are from same number that is unknown from me. I called on that number, it was salim, I asked him how did he get my number and he said from friend. We talked casually and didn’t talk about last night.Salim used to call me daily after that day and we became good friends. One day he asked me to meet me, I was little confused and said no. He insisted and said don’t worry that night will not be repeated against my wish it’s only a casual meeting or a coffee. We met at a restaurant for lunch. Our bonding continued for some months and we intimated several times those days.One day, I called him to come my rented room. He came to my room, we talked, had coffee. That day he proposed me. I refused as I was aware from my friend that he was engaged. I said look what happen between us was an accident or my revenge but I don’t want to spoil your life or someone’s (your fiancee). I didn’t knew that you were engaged and I accept my mistake but now I can’t accept your proposal and we must separate our ways. I too started to love him but I knew that once I said yes he will have more expectation from me and I lost my way. I don’t want to lose even I remember the thing my father used to tell me since my c***dhood that my real mother is a fighter. She never give up on anything. That’s the reason I rejected his proposal but he was ok with that. He said I understand you and I am not forcing you.I stopped responding his calls and messages. He once came to my office and asked me to met him. He said it’s ok if you don’t want to accept proposal but at least talk to me once in awhile we are still friends. And we continued being friends.Months passed and I was busy in my project. Things were on track. I finished my project and it was live and I got more time to relax. Software engineers knew that once a project goes live how much relaxation they feel. I called my same friend that day and ask her to stay with me that night. We had some drinks and good food that night. We discussed our that ongoing lives and rest of the thing.I came to know that my father had started a new business for my stepmom in a partnership with a man. My stepmom had 59% shares in that. It was not huge as expected by you but it was ok for a high middle class family. The business was started after a month of that marriage ceremony. And my stepmother was taking care of it on behalf of my father, as he already had his own business. My stepmother was not a dumb. She was well educated and had her master’s in business administration with a good background of finance. She was taking care of finance and office and the other partner was taking care of sales and marketing.I skipped the conversation and ask my friend that I don’t want to hear more about this. Then we watched movie and slept. Some days after she called me to go to a disco as I was also free I agreed.Later on that planned night we went to disco. She already booked a place for us and order some drinks. We dressed nice as usual, after some drinks I asked to enjoy the party and we went to dance floor. We dance on some remix indian songs for 15 20 minutes and came back to our place, she left for restroom and I was there having my drink in my hand and took a cigarette. I was searching a lighter than suddenly I saw someone lighten a lighter in front of my face. I used it and said thanks. The man looks good in his branded suite. He gently asked, enjoying alone? May I sit here? I said sure, why not. But I am not alone, I am here with my friend. We started talking casually from our names to our jobs and etc etc. His name was andrew in his early 40’s as he introduced himself and doing some business here along with a job.He was well looking and well build guy of 6ft 4 inches of height. He was from belgium and settled here 5 years ago due to his job. He is also in some textile business here. He export designer clothes and indians too to belgium where his brother and father taking care of his business. His family is also staying with him. I ignored his questions regarding my family. I was looking for my friends as it’s already more than 15 minutes she left. He show me his wife and k**s pics and they looks like a good family. He ordered some drinks for me too. We shared some real life jokes and took our drinks. He asked me to dance with him. I agreed as I was also enjoying the night like him.We moved to dance floor and danced for sometime their. It was not an erotic one as you all are thinking. My leg was sprained. And I came back to my place. My friend too joined later and said call from home. The man too came and I introduce my friend to him. We sat there for some more time until my friend and andrew went for some more dance. Andrew gave me his card and said we may ping him any time for designer clothes, if we need. He will be happy to help us.We left disco and was returning home. My friend was blushing and asked the reason behind this. She said I knew that guy. I said how, she said andrew is the guy who is the second partner of my father’s business. I raised my one eyebrow and laughed. She look at me and said what, no no no. You must have some devil idea on your mind. I said no, I am laughing that what if he somehow found that I am his partners daughter.I was again busy in my same project due to some errors for few days. One day on weekend when I was sitting in my balcony and thinking that where I am going? I started to plan something for the revenge. I didn’t tell to my friend and salim as I want it to be a secret and want to do it by myself. I was taking my tea and was searching my earphone to watch movie in my laptop. I found it in my purse and also I found a card. It was andrew’s. A plan suddenly came to my mind. I saved his number and text bursa escort him over messenger. And waited for reply. It didn’t come and I started watching movie. It was approx 11 in night when I was going to sleep and check my phone. A message was displayed on it, it was andrerw’s. As it happened with all of us, his reply was who’s this?I thought for a while and replied, it’s me mrinalini singh. He said sorry, I don’t recognize you. I told him about that disco night,then he recognized me. We chatted for sometime. And I slept, when I woke up I saw that there are several messages from andrew and I replied him that morning. The chat continued for some days during working hours and longer in nights. I asked him for a coffee one day and we met on a sunday noon. It was the month of december, it was too cold here in december and january. I dressed myself accordingly with jeans and t-shirt and coat over it. A very light makeup. We met at the decided spot, had our coffee and talked casually.He asked me to join him on christmas eve (24th december evening). He said he is alone here as his family went to his wife’s native to attend a ceremony. I said I have no problem. We continued our talks after that day and sometimes those chats went to ahead into our personal life. But the man was a real master of life I must say. He stopped responding for some time so that we moved to another topic. He have internet phobia and spent most of the time on internet by searching different topics of lifestyles, relationship etc etc.As planned the day came. It was saturday, I still remember that. I never went to a christmas party before that. I want to enjoy it and also want to look good between guests. I went to shower. After that I applied lotion (cream) to my whole body and it was shinning. My body looks some oily and it was perfect for my wears.I choose to wear a red color deep v front party gown, it was too deep upto my belly. Space between my breasts is clearly visible and left and right sides of breasts too. The gown don’t have a back and have only a knot that comes at my neck. I apply smoky hot red lipstick with shine. Used some mascara on eyes and tied my hair in style where left and right side fringe came to my face. I painted my nails in same color and wore a fancy pearl necklace. I used a long round set of gold earrings. They were long enough to touch my chicks. I wore a black and red fancy panty also. My legs were covered with black transparent stockings. As it was party gown so no need to wear bra. I used same color of high heel sandals.After checking myself in the mirror thrice. Took my winter coat, I locked my door and left my apartment. I drove my friend’s car, she usually left it at my place for me, specially on weekends. I reached at andrew’s house on given address. The house was a big one comparatively. It was totally decorated with lightings and flowers. Main gate was open and I entered. I saw there were no one and its already 9 pm. I doubted that. Andrew was sitting on a couch with a glass of wine and thinking something. I knocked the open door to disturb him and said hey. He stood up and greeted me with a small hug and chick to chick kisses.I asked where is everyone and why are you alone here. A party is expected here. He said yes it was a party most of them left a hour ago and for rest of the peoples I informed them the party is cancelled. I also texted you, didn’t you check your phone. I didn’t check my phone because I was busy in dressing myself. I take my mobile from my pouch and check, yes the message was there. I said sorry but may you tell me what happened and may I come in. He said oh yes yes sure. Come in. Take a seat and he handed over me a glass of red wine. He sat on next sofa, we both were silent for a moment. I broke up the silence and asked are you going to tell me what happened or better I leave?. He replied he got a call from wife that her brother had an accident today and passed away. I was also shocked. So he cancelled the party.I became a good friend by saying sorry and condolences. I stood up and said ok you may cry whole night, I am leaving. He looked at my face and why are you saying such. I apologize. I then thought, it’s good to leave here to support him.We chatted for sometime. He said he was a good friend of him and it’s very sad to lose someone. I was aware of all such situation. I didn’t utter a word. I said do you need some wine. I fill both glasses and took some wine. I went to sound system and plugged some soft music. And told him that the person who left must be go to a better word. He must be happy there. Do not be sad and make him happy. We sat too close at that time. I am sure he also wants to celebrate this christmas, I said to him. So let’s make him happy.I took andrew’s hand in my hand and take him near sound system, I put his one hand on my back and one on my shoulder and start dancing slowly. We were talking during that, I was trying to divert his mind. After sometime when he was looking fine, he said to me, by the way you are looking gorgeous today. You are a good person too in deep of your heart and very sensible. You knew how to handle situations in these early years of your life. Even your are just 22 or 23. I said thanks, I saw so much in my life and that makes me mature before my age. We continued dancing, he rolls me on the floor. I didn’t knew the steps but he was too good in that, that he alone make me move.Our dance came in senses and we both were too close. While we danced he hold me in his arms and we stopped for a while, he was looking in my eyes and I did the same. Our faces were such close that we can sense each other’s breath. He came more closer to me and plant a soft kiss on my lips. I too allowed him. It was the effect of wine and so sensual dancing. We continued to kiss for a minute, then suddenly he got some senses and escaped it. He said no, sorry, I am wrong. I can’t do this to you. And went to his bedroom. I went to the sofa and took my glass of wine and again started drinking. I waited there for half an hour and finished almost three glass of wine.He then came out of the room and said sorry again. I said it’s ok, it happens. I can understand. I went near to him, took his hands in mine hand. And said the same thing again. I gave him glass of wine. And went bursa escort bayan to table to make my mine. My back was clearly visible to him. So was my legs. The view was too erotic with my shiny bare neck and legs and with those dim lights. It was purely a vintage erotic moment. He was looking at me and I was checking the photo albums on the table. After finishing my glass, I asked him that I am leaving. He didn’t utter a word and started moving to main door.He ran and caught me from back. My breasts were between the space in his left and right hand. His left hand was on my stomach and right was on my neck. I urged him to leave me. But he didn’t. And after a few minutes of that, he lose his grip over me. I moved and was leaving, he hold my left hand and push me towards him. And suddenly hold my lips between his. After half a minute, he said I can’t control and I replied I understand and this time I kissed him. He was kissing me passionately. He was holding me with one hand from my back and other hand was holding my hairs. He was sucking my lips rapidly. I too helped him. He moved me towards wall, and caught my both hands upwards with his and started kissing my bare back. My back was totally naked upto my bumps.He was too energized even in that age. He open my gown knot at my neck and make me nude with that only single knot holding my gown. My gown slided down to bottom of my legs and whole of my shiny body brighten up in lights. His hands caught my breasts from behind and his lips was moving his way from my neck to my shoulders to my under arms to back. I too was holding my breasts with his hands. Aroma of our perfumes mixed with wine smell make the moment more hornier. He was going mad and still kissing my back. He didn’t kissed me except my back and said you really have a sexy back. Is it, do you like it? Was my words.He moved me towards him and start kissing my shoulders from front. He removed my hands from my breasts and kissed on my cleavage and said don’t be shy. I nodded. And he started my brown nipples slowly. He was sucking and licking them like a baby. His hands was moving on my back and ass. And he removed my clip from my hairs and untie them. My hair was long enough to cover my bared neck. He was kissing my upper area of my breasts gently and pinching my nipple with his thumb softly. He bites my left nipple from his lips and a soft moan came out of my mouth ahhh mmmm.He continued for some moment and his tongue made its way to my belly. He hold my waist with both hands and come to his knees and moved his tongue into my belly. He was licking it all the way. I was moving my fingers in his hairs. It was charging me and I barely control it.Then I caught his chin and moved him upwards and kissed his lips for a moment. I took his tie in my hand and he started walking with me. I took him to the couch. Removed his coat/jacket and threw him on the couch. I came over him, while my knees were on the floor. I removed his tie and started unbutton his shirt. He quickly removed his open shirt. He had a good and shaved bare top. I took out my tongue and started moving it on his chest with my mouth wide open. I was licking it like some nectar spread in a plate. My fingers were tied in his fingers and my tongue is exploring new areas on his chest. He was cleanly shaved.And I started moving my tongue from his stomach to his chest to his neck and armpits. I stopped on his nipples and licked them madly. My tongue was teasing his nipples and he started moaning ummhhh aaahhh. I started moving my hands on his bare body and they came to his pants. I unbuckle his belt, open hook of his pant and unzipped it. I moved it with my both hands along with his boxer.His tool came out. I was worried because it was too loose even after such erotic moments. I raised my one eyebrow and look at him. He understand my way and said don’t worry you will definetly enjoy and winked. I too blushed. His dick was not even so long but yes truly it was thick. I must say it was not more than 5 inches but it must be around 2 inches of thickness. I didn’t hold it, instead of that I was moving my hands on his chest and my tongue was doing rest of the work. I started licking it up and down while my hands was teasing his small pea seed. I was pinching his nipples with my thumb and my lips was kissing his soft cock.I then took his cock in my one hand, its foreskin was already removed and its pink color of head was clearly visible to me. My fingers tighten their grip on it and I took out my tongue and started licking its pink top like I was licking a strawberry cone. My tongue was making it wet and my fingers was guiding it to my deep throat.When I took it in my mouth my fingers automatically started moving in circular shape on it. Due to my soft lips, his cock started growing in size and losing its looseness. It became hard in fraction of seconds. By seeing this I increase my speed of sucking. My saliva was all over my hands and his dick. And my fingers made it wet. He pushed my head with his hands and I was barely breathe. But at the same time I was enjoying. His moans grew mmhhh ohhhmmm yess baby ummhhh come mri. He then stood up after sometime and made me sat on the main edge roll of sofa. And moved his way to my love hole,, it was already wet. Juices were flowing from it.He removed my panty with his both hands and started kissing my pussy walls. He open it with his fingers and his tongue made its way in. The moment was too erotic for us. When he touched my pussy with his lips and tongue an electric current flown in my body. And I started moaning passionately mmhhh ummhhh aahhh ahhh. My lips was biting themself. My one hand is holding my on edge roll and other was pushing him in. My moans were louder when he rapidly doing all of this with his tongue. I was near to cum and was pulling his hair with my fingers.He then removed his tongue and I loosen my fingers. He came near me, hold my waist with one hand and moved his cock in my pussy. It went in one go. There were no obstacles. And that was too good due to the thickness of his cock. My pussy grip was too tight on it. He slowly started moving his bumps and we were moaning romantically ahh ahh ohmmmm love me. Yes loving youu, you are too hot even when not in clothes. Your looks made me hornier dear mri. escort bursa He hold my one leg in his hand and support it with his chest. My heels was pushing towards his chest and he was liking it when they teasing him with every stroke.He continued fucking me like that for moment and his fingers was in my mouth, I was licking them and looking him in his eyes. Our eye contact was saying everything like yes I need you tonight and vice versa. It was not wild but it was romantic and erotic. He was not hard on fucking but too gentle to made me love him. His strokes was gentle but they were deeper, he moved his dick almost out and then in. It was a great pleasure.He removed his dick and made me lay on the couch, he come over me and insert his dick inside mine, he never made me cum, whenever I was on the top to cum, he stopped, either it was pussy licking or it was fucking. He didn’t pushed it inside me and started lip locking me. I was too passionate to kiss him too.After 5 or 10 minutes when the highness of pleasure came down, he hold his half erected cock and hit it inside me. This time it was hard to take it inside because it was not fully erected and when a dick is not fully erected it is hard to take it.But he guided it so well using his fingers that I felt pain only for a moment. With my hard nipples his dick erected again and he started pumping the air in me. He was on his knees and his rest of the body was on me, his weight was on his both hands and his biceps was looking hotter. He was kissing me deeply where our tongues mixed with each others and his cock was on its own way, he didn’t let me to moan and fucking me slowly. His dick penetrates me so gentle, even I didn’t felt that while masturbating. He was fucking me from top and I was helping him moving my butts.When he broke the kiss moan came out of our mouth, yesss mmhhh you areeeee tooo goood. Ohhh plzz givee it tooo mee. He knew that I may cum at any time. I already was on peak twice. He played the trick of fucking by teasing me to forgot my peak point. He pumped 9 10 strokes and stopped for a minute and then again pumped 9 10 strokes and stopped for a minute.After fucking me like this for half an hour, he removed his dick. And started kissing and licking my breasts. He hold my hand and we stand up. He caught me in his arms and started kissing me. He was moving his hands on my ass chicks. I wrapped my both hands towards his neck.He was moving his hands on my left leg and hold it in his hand took it up. I caught his waist with that one leg. He then moved to my other leg and did the same. I too did the same and hold his waist with both legs, now he was standing and I was in his arms where my both legs was holding his waist, and my hand was wrapped on his neck and tightening their grip.He continued kissing me like that. He suddenly moved his hand and insert his dick in my pussy, ohhhh aaauccchhh was the words came out of my mouth. First I didn’t understand what just happened, it was too quick. But I enjoyed the way he did this. His hands was on my waist and moving me up and down. His dick was too thick too hold in such position.But after few minutes I too started enjoying. His dick was killing me in pleasure. I started moaning in more erotic way. Ohhhh come andrew you can hold me like thisss forever. Make me your’s. Love this young girl. Make me a complete lady today. Ohhh yes yes yes ohhh yesss yeaaah mmhuu yesss. He liked the way.My one hand was tightening the grip while my nails of other hand was pinching his back. The pleasure was intolerable for me. He was saying in my ears while biting them, you are a hot girl, I never fucked anyone except my wife but I can’t hold when I saw your back and legs. His hands was moving me up and down wonderfully.And he continued saying and moaning. Ohhh babyyyyy you are soooo horny. I knew you came here to fuck meee, I like youuuu. This was all planned by meee ohhhh ….. There was no accident in family… ohhhh baby ohhh mri… I was planning this since I saw your hot and semi nude pics during chatting.. Ohhhh come onnnn you cannn do better with me was my words… but don’t be so hard. He want it gently and was doing it too. He put me down and remove his cock again.He made me lay on the couch with my breast touching the couch and my back was facing him. He put a couch pillow under my stomach. My ass was in his hands. He started licking my ass cheeks and I didn’t resist him. Though I thought today I lose my virgin ass. But his plan was different. I was enjoying umaawwhh … he hold my ass upwards, departed my legs and insert his dick from backwards. It made its way in. It was not deep enough but it was feeling good.I started moaning only with this.Ufffff aaaahhh and he came over me. And started pounding me. My breast was pushing on couch and his chest was pushing my back. His hands hold mine hands and he was kissing my back all over the way, ahhh oooooo hhhh yesss love me moreee. Ohhh yeahhh babyy while fucking me was our words. His dick was not totally in but it was hitting right area of my pussy. I said I was cumming and can’t hold it more. Make me cum ohh andyy make me cummm yesss yesss plzzz. Yessss I make you cummm, I wantt to cummm with youuuuu.He too was on his peak point, his hold on my hands was tight and my hold on his dick was tight too. We both started moaning louder while he was increasing his pace. He was top of mine and I didn’t do much. He said I want to cum in your pussy and I allowed him. We came together with a loud loud moan. Aaaaahh I am cumming we shouted and moaned together. He laid on me like this for some time.Then he removed his dick and his white sperm flowed down from my pussy. I cleaned it with his shirt and laid there for some time, he too laid with me. I was facing the walls of couch and he was holding me from behind. He slept in some time after casual talking.Then I stand up and made him slept easily. I took my panty and went to his bedroom. I took one of his shirt from wardrobe and wore it. I lay on his bed and was thinking that how fool he is. He thought it was his plan but I knew that my plan of revenge was going on. The pics I send him was intentionally. The way I dressed up was intentionally. The way I approached him was intentionally. Everything was going under my plan.Now the next part of the plan is need to be execute. I attracted him towards him and I knew that know he can do everything for me, I said to him and wished it too. Sooner I went in deep sleep. And then the rest was history.To be continued……

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