Richard’s Bay Pt. 03


“…finish up with a short walk along the bay before returning to get dressed for dinner… Anna? You haven’t heard a word I’ve said, have you? Anna!”

The woman jolted in her seat as she was pulled back to the present.


“I was talking about our plans for the afternoon but you didn’t hear a thing, did you? What’s on your mind?”


Anna averted her eyes from her fiancé’s gaze before responding, “I was just admiring the view from the room. You were right, it really is beautiful.”

Tom sat beside her and put his arm across her shoulders before pulling her close to place a soft kiss on her temple.

“I’m glad you like it. We get to stay here all week, courtesy of Albright Realty as a show of thanks for the properties I recently signed.”

He kissed Anna on the cheek, then again at the corner of her lips. It had been over a month since he had been with her. His other hand reached over and began to caress her thigh using slow, suggestive strokes.

“Is this okay?” he asked her softly. That was just like Tom. He was always careful and considerate, asking permission for the smallest of intimate gestures.

She hated that about him, though she had not realized that until this morning.

Anna turned her face and offered him a light kiss on the lips before standing up to move away. Tom grabbed her hand and smiled up at her.

“Trying to escape?” he asked playfully while covering the back of her hand in gentle kisses.

Anna shook her head and pulled herself free of his grasp. “No, I just need to use the bathroom.” She walked quickly across the room to the adjoining bath and closed the door. Tom watched her walk away, mildly irritated, but still in good spirits.

“Hurry back, Love,” he called out to her through the closed door.

In the bathroom, Anna turned on the faucet and ran her hands under the cool water. She stared at herself in the mirror and tried desperately to push the images of Roger from her mind: the way he had forcefully pinned her against the wall and kissed her, or the way his mouth felt between her thighs…

Anna squeezed her eyes shut and let herself drop to a seat on the bathroom floor. What have I done? She layed back on the floor’s cold tile as the running water drowned the sound of the television being turned on in the suite’s main room. Anna tried to focus on purging her thoughts of last night’s memories.

Instead, she found herself writhing and panting on the bathroom floor, a hand between her legs and Roger’s name on her lips.


“Are you mad at me for not making it here last night?” Tom asked, perplexed by the cold shoulder he had been receiving all day.

Anna ate her dessert quietly and shook her head. This was the fourth time Tom had asked her the same question and the fourth time Anna had refused to answer. He could tell something was bothering her and her refusal to open up about it only made Tom believe he was somehow at fault.

Tom dropped the matter for now and let her enjoy the remainder of her strawberry cake in peace. They had managed to enjoy a morning and afternoon together even though she was quieter than usual. He was not going to let the matter go for long, however, and that made Anna wish she was better at hiding her emotions.

At least her strawberry cake was delicious. Anna lost herself in it entirely for the last few bites.

She could not stop thinking ataşehir escort bayan about Roger and the mystery of the hotel founder’s son. Was he a ghost? In broad sunny daylight, the idea seemed absurd. As the sun dipped beyond the horizon and darkness fell over the hotel once again, however, Anna was no longer so sure. The Grand Hotel of the Bay was a creepy old place with long halls and poor lighting. The view of the bay from their suite balcony was breath-taking, but once it was night again, there was a biting chill in the air that made Anna shiver. The frightening atmosphere of the place would have the greatest of sceptics searching the dark, shadowy corners for ghosts.

Tom’s cellphone rang. Normally, he would mute the ringer and ignore the call until after dinner, but it was his work calling.

“Do you mind if I answer, Anna?” he asked, showing her the name on the screen.

She glanced up at him. Why would I care that you answer a call from work? Why must you always ask me for permission about stupid things like that?

“No, go ahead, Tom.”

He was already saying “hello” before she finished speaking.

“Hold on a sec, the reception in this place is terrible.” Tom covered the phone’s microphone and turned back to Anna.

“I’m going to step outside for a bit.” After seeing her rub her arms and tremble he asked, “Are you cold, Love? Would you like me to go up to the room and grab your coat?”

Anna shook her head again and stood up. “I’m done eating, I’ll just head up to the room.”

“Okay, Love. It’s Jerry calling about those contracts we finalized on the last property deal. It might take me a bit to sort it all out with him.”

She waved at him absently before walking toward the elevators. At least it wasn’t raining tonight. Anna pressed the elevator button and waited for the doors to open. It was certainly getting pretty cold, though. She shivered and pressed the elevator button a couple more times. When the elevator doors finally opened, Anna gasped.

Roger greeted her with that damned-cute smile of his. “Hey there, cutie. Going up?”

Anna wrinkled her nose at him and glanced around for her fiancé. Tom was beyond the lobby doors chattering away on his phone while trying to find a spot with better reception. She looked back at Roger and felt her pulse start to race. She stepped into the elevator and the doors closed behind her.

“Where were you all day?” she asked him without turning around to face the man she had slept with the night prior.

“You kept me up half the night. I slept in most of the day.”

“For a moment this morning, I had the absurd idea that you were a figment of my imagination.” Roger laughed at her words and she felt his arms slide around her waist. She slapped them away playfully, but his arms only held more firmly, pulling her up against his warm body again.

“Does this feel like your imagination, miss Anna?” His teeth raked the bare flesh of her neck and shoulder, making her tremble and shake her head.

Tom will be upstairs any minute.

Anna tore herself from Roger’s grasp and exited the elevator the moment the doors opened. She walked straight to her room and fumbled with the key. Roger followed a short distance behind her and paused to let her open the door.

“You can’t be here. We can’t be seen talking to each other… please! My fiancé is here and should be up any minute.”

The door swung open and Anna turned escort kadıköy to face Roger.

“I had a great time with you last night but that’s it. That’s all it was and I really need you to stop following me or talking to me, especially with Tom around.”

Roger stepped forward, reached around to grab her by the back of her neck and pulled her face toward his. She offered no resistance when his lips pressed firmly to hers. Anna’s heart pounded in her chest as his soft lips brushed across hers.

He broke the kiss and kicked the door shut behind them.

“You can’t, Roger! I need you to go!”

Roger only grinned at her as he stepped towards her. Anna retreated, trying to keep her distance until her legs hit the bed. He reached up and swept a lock of hair from her face to stare intently into her eyes. Anna could feel the heat growing between her legs.

Tom will be upstairs any minute.

She pushed at Roger’s chest, making him take a step back.

“I asked you to leave! Please!”

Roger stepped toward her and reached around to the back of her head again. Instead of pulling her close for another kiss, however, he grabbed a hold of her hair and spun her about before pushing her forward, face-first, onto the bed.

Anna cried out and tried to stand up, but Roger shoved her back down onto the bed rather forcefully. She felt his free hand pull her dress up to her hips, exposing her black-and-white striped panties. She squirmed beneath his hand and yelped loudly when his hand came down hard against her rear.

“Ow! What the hell, Roger?!”

Another smack. And another.

Anna’s face reddened as brightly as her rear was becoming. The spankings stung. He struck her again. Anna cried out louder.

“Stop that!”

“Beg.” He spanked her again, the hardest one yet. That time, it stung so tears welled up in Anna’s eyes.

“Please! Stop spanking me!” She squirmed again, almost freed herself, but Roger shoved her back down again. He spanked her rear again, just as hard as the last strike.

“Oww! Please! Stop, please!” she pleaded.

Roger released her and pulled her back to her feet.

“You will address me as ‘Sir.'”

Anna wiped the moisture from her eyes and nodded her understanding. Her ass stung, but the moisture between her legs belied the fact a part of her had enjoyed the experience. She was going to have a hell of a time explaining to Tom the obvious handprints that reddened her rear.

“Yes… Sir.”

Roger smiled at her and placed both hands on her shoulders, giving them a tight squeeze. “Do as I say and Tom will never find out. Say ‘strawberries’ at any time and this all ends – and he still will not find out. Disobey me without first using your safe word, however, and I won’t be held responsible for anything your fiancé might accidentally uncover.”

With a threat like that hanging over her head, Anna was tempted to say the word and end it all now, before things got out of hand. She looked up into Roger’s eyes. He was no longer smiling; rather, he was watching her, studying her face as though attempting to read her thoughts.

She felt pressure on her shoulders and Anna obediently dropped to her knees. Why am I not stopping him? She still did not take her gaze from Roger’s. His hands moved to undo his pants and she tugged them, boxers and all, past his knees. Both his hands held her face as he looked down into her eyes. She had already lost herself in his.

Her bostancı escort lips parted and her tongue darted out to stroke the head of his erection. Anna could taste him. She could feel him.

Roger was no ghost.

Anna slipped him between her lips and used them to stroke his shaft, pulling him in deeper before sliding him out. She watched his expression change as her mouth worshipped his cock, one tongue-lashing stroke at a time.

Roger let out a throaty moan as he guided her head back and forth. Anna tore her gaze from his momentarily to glance at the hotel room door. These old hotels used old-fashioned keys and locks. Neither of them had locked the door and Tom was due upstairs as soon as his phone call was over.

A light tug at her hair and Anna immediately turned her gaze back up to Roger. She was barely moving now, letting Roger’s hands and hips do all the work. She felt dirty, as though her mouth existed solely for his pleasure. Anna wasn’t sure why, but the thought of being used by Roger made her pussy throb. She let out a little moan around his shaft as he quickened his pace.

Anna fought back tears and the urge to cough and gag every time he hit the back of her throat. She reached up and grabbed his wrists to try and slow him down, but he was too strong for her to affect his thrusts much. If she tried to pull away, the hold his hands had on her head tightened and he pushed into her mouth with renewed intensity.

She coughed and gagged, tears streaming down both cheeks as Roger’s moans became louder. She glanced at the door quickly then back up at Roger. He wore a mask of raw pleasure as he repeatedly violated her mouth. One of Anna’s hands slid down her body and between her legs. She pulled her dress up enough to allow her to stroke herself over her panties while she looked up at the dreamy look on Roger’s face. His mouth was half-parted and his breaths were faster and deeper. She felt his hands squeeze around her head at the sudden rise in intensity of the sensations pulsing from his loins. Just a few more thrusts…

Roger cried out as Anna felt him twitch in her mouth. His hands held her in place as each pulse of his cock sent waves of bliss coursing through his body. Having little recourse to do otherwise, Anna swallowed and sucked. She watched as Roger’s eyes rolled up and his eyes closed; he was entirely lost in ecstacy.

After he finished, he pulled himself from her parted lips, drawing a string of cum and saliva between them. Anna wiped her lips as Roger pulled his shorts and pants back to his waist. She cleaned the drool from her chin and rose to her feet while rubbing at her sore jaw.

“Yes, I know… I need to go. But I will see you again soon?”

Anna nodded without hesitation. Her ovaries ached for relief as well.

“Yes. I mean… Yes, sir.”

Roger gave her a cocky smile and a tender kiss on the lips before turning and heading out the door. Anna went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Tom didn’t need to smell that on her breath upon returning. She gargled with mouthwash before returning to the bed. She slid underneath the sheets and started thinking of Roger while touching herself again.

Their trysts made Anna feel illicit and dirty, hot, horny, and wanted. She wasn’t sure if it was Roger’s smile or the way he looked at her or the way he took her that turned her on the most. It was probably a combination of all three. Anna’s fingers slid beneath her soaking panties and began to rub at the sensitive flesh surrounding her clit.

“Mmm… Roger…”

“What was that, Anna?”

Anna’s eyes shot open in shock at hearing Tom’s voice. She hadn’t heard him come in.

“Who’s Roger?” he asked his red-faced fiancée.

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