Rick’s Story Ch. 02


When Brad came home from school, I went to speak to him.

“Brad I gotta know, how did you get Cindy to go along with you?”

Brad looked at me with pity. “Rick, you to be confident. You gotta believe that you have something that every woman needs. I have a huge, you know what. Woman go crazy over me. I have such a reputation that almost every day women come to me, to get laid.”

I couldn’t believe him. It was too incredible. Brad is not the sharpest knife in the world, and the idea that women are throwing themselves at him just didn’t mesh.

“Prove it.” I said.

“Amy is easy. Go to her, act confidently, and see what happens.”

“Amy? I’m not looking for Amy. Besides, Amy is so pure, she wouldn’t want to be with her brother.”

“Your wrong. Amy is hot! She’s also horny, she’s given herself to me many times.”

“You have a very interesting and sick imagination.” I said as I left his room.


A week passed. I couldn’t get the conversation that I had with my brother out of my mind. Had he really propositioned Amy? Would Amy really go to bed with me? I used to see Amy as the purest thing in the world (you might even say I had a crush on her), but since that Friday I’ve begun to notice that Amy is a real woman.

I saw on Wednesday when she forgot to close her third buttonhole. On Friday when she bent down to pick up a book she’d dropped, bursa escort exposing her knee. She might be a great girl, but even she isn’t perfect. Maybe she’d say yes to me.

I decided to give it a try. (I needed someone to say I have worth, and if that involved forcing myself on my sister, that is what I would do! This would be good emotionally)

I went to Amy’s room. She was sitting on her bed writing something. (Probably college homework. Mom used to drive Amy nuts about using the desk to do her homework, but Amy says sitting by the desk makes her tired, so she’d rather work in bed.)

I walked into her room. Amy didn’t notice me. I waited about 7 minutes. Finally, Amy looked up to grab her cup of soda that was always ready on her nightstand.

“Oh hi Rick! How you doing? I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Hi Amy. I’m doing better. How are you? How long you been doing homework?”

“Thanks for asking. I’m doing well. Just finishing this killer homework Mr. Zallowski gave us. I should be done in 5 minutes.”

The regular Rick would say no problem, but I was determined to act as Brad instructed. ‘I hope I don’t blow this’, I thought.

“Amy, I need you to put your homework away and listen to me.”

She must of thought I wanted to discuss Cindy or something because she said, “Oh poor Rick! Okay, I’ll close this book and we can talk.”

I waited bursa escort bayan until she closed the book, cleaned up her bed space and made room for me before I corrected her.

“I haven’t come to talk so much as to do something with you.” She gave a quizzical look. I still couldn’t get myself to say what I wanted, the lack of confidence that Brad was talking about. ‘Maybe it would be easier if I showed her’, I thought.

“Amy, will you do what I want?”

“Rick I have always loved you, I will do whatever you want.”

I started to unbutton my shirt. I figured this was pretty harmless, yet told a strong story, she would understand what I wanted and if there were no objections I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed for any future actions.

“Stop.” A quick word from Amy that cut through the room and my heart.

‘Shoot!’, I thought.

“Rick shouldn’t you close the door first?”

I ran and closed the door. By the time I got back to her bad my shirt was off and I was working on my pants (trousers). Within 2 minutes I was naked.

I started on her. First I started unbuttoning her blouse. She whispered, “You could pull it off now.” Up went her arms and together we exposed her bra and belly button!

I felt my dick start to swell (until then I was way to nervous to have any sort of an erection), and I tried hiding it by going behind her to remove her escort bursa bra.

I found the hook, and (it was easier than I had heard in the bathrooms of junior high) removed her bra. I held it in my hand, white on white with tiny ruffles on the cups.

I wanted to go in front to get a good look at her, but I was very self conscious, what if Amy laughed at my first mate?

I stalled by unzipping her skirt.

I went around the front and saw my sister’s breasts for the first time. Her breasts looked different than I imagined, I thought they would be rounder, but I was so turned on I could hardly think at this point.

And then I saw her face.

“Amy? Are you all right?”

“I’m fine Rick.”

She was not fine. ‘She doesn’t like my dick. Brad’s must be huge and mine must be small or odd looking.’

“Are you sure? You don’t have to if you don’t wanna.”

“Rick if you want this, I’ll help you. I love you.”

I felt ashamed with myself. ‘How could I do this to Amy? It seemed like she was into this, but obviously she was just to make me feel better. I am such a loser!’

“I’m sorry Amy. I believed Brad’s story for a second. That’s why I did this.”

“What did Brad say?”

“Brad said if I act confidently, you’ll throw yourself at me like you do for him.”

“Brad told you that?”

“He did. He such a liar, no?”

“Well… he’s not such a liar, but he is a little slow.”

“What! You want to have sex with Brad and not me?” I felt betrayed, juvenile, and humiliated.

“Rick I’ll tell you the whole story don’t run any where. But let me put on a robe first.”

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