Rideshare Pt. 02


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xv. Several politicians, and the managers, accountants, and solicitors of said god-like, tree-based, green, or blue life forms were tormented mercilessly and left to rot following a vicious ostracising by a dull ostraciser. But they had it coming.

I am Groot.


I woke to the smell of coffee and a mouth wrapped around my dick.

“Good morning my love.” I said to my wife as she sucked my already stiff rod.

Lisa came off my cock and kissed my balls. “It’s gone noon, I figured I better find out if you were dead or not.”

“Not like I have a schedule to keep, hon. Besides, the night differential is more pay and I found the tipsy fares tend to tip better.”

“Yes, but I’m not sure I like you being on the road until the early morning, you never know who you are picking up.” Lisa said between licks of my dick.

“Mmm, that feels nice. Remember that you were the one to set me up with this ride-share gig?” I said as I shifted a bit so I could play with her tits.

Lisa took most of my shaft in to her mouth and as the head passed into her throat she swallowed to enhance the sensations. After she pulled off me again she said “Yes, I know. I just want you to be careful.” and went back to sucking me deep into her mouth.

“Keep that up and I’m going to feed you.” I said as I pushed up against her face.

Lisa started bobbing faster on my shaft and in short order I was shooting a nice load of hot salty cum into my wife’s mouth.

As Lisa came off my cock and licked up the remnants of my cum I toyed with her naturally firm DD tits. “Sorry babe, I was going to fuck you but know what your blowjobs do to me.” Even in middle age, she has 100% natural tits that most 20-something’s would need to spend $50K to get.

“That’s OK hon. I’m sort of raw from you doing me last night. Now get up, get a shower and get dressed. We need to get some things done today.”

I ataşehir escort bayan slid out of bed and after a fast shower I met Lisa in the kitchen with my now empty coffee cup. “So what do I have on the honey-do list?” I asked as I poured some heavy cream into the cup and added the last of the coffee.

“You need to mow, edge and trim the yard. After that I still need you to replace that entryway bulb. You know I don’t like having that doorway dark. I’m going shopping, text me if you think of anything you want for meals this week.”

Lisa gave me a kiss and I slipped my hand under her thin print dress to cup her pussy. “I’ll go shopping if you do the yard?” I asked as I pulled her panties to the side and pushed a finger into her hot wet pussy.

Lisa spread her legs and let me finger her snatch for a moment before pulling away. “No, and stop that. I don’t want to smell like sex in the market. It might get some blind man confused and think he’s in the fish isle when he’s actually in veggies.”

I laughed but let her go. “OK, don’t be too long. Love you.”

Lisa adjusted her panties and walked out to the car.

I spent the rest of the afternoon mowing and trimming the two plus acres of finished yard. I was just getting the folding extension ladder to change the entryway lamp when Lisa came home. I moved out of the way as she pulled in to the garage and then opened her door for her. “That took a while.” I said as I glanced in the back of the car and saw the food sacks. “Honey, are you sure that is enough? There are only the two of us.”

“Sush, it’s mostly hurricane supplies. You remember we had to dispose of almost all the water and food items last year because they were expired?” she said as she handed me two 24-packs of water. “Go put these in the locker.”

I made myself useful and loaded all the storm provisions into the shelving unit that was reserved for emergency prep items. Granted we lived in an upper class urban town in North East New Jersey; unfortunately, several times we have had to deal with several days of no power and empty store shelves during major storms. Having enough supplies to last a week to ten days has turned out very handy several times in the last few years.

After loading all the storm supplies I grabbed the last few sacks and brought them into the kitchen where Lisa was putting the cold foods away. “That’s the last of them, darling. I’m going to finish changing that light and I’ll be in.”

“OK dear. Oh, I think I met one of your fares at the store. A lady named Mary?”

“Oh?” I thought about her for a moment, wondering if I was in trouble or not then decided what the fuck; in for the penny, in for the pound. “Yes, nice lady. Had her as a fare several times. She was the one that wanted to go up to Nyack after her plans changed last night.”

“I was wondering what you were doing up there. I took a peek at your location early on and you were on 59.” Lisa said as she unloaded the dishwasher.

“Yes, Seems her friend wanted to have hen night at Feathers in River Edge. I told her the kind of bar that was and she about came undone.”

“I can see why, I would too if I was not up for that.”

“Well, she ended up at the salsa club we joined Moe and Mindy at a while back. Seems to have enjoyed herself, if anything.” I said

“I would say so, she still seemed to be a bit hung over. She was with a young boy and another lady, saw the car and I guess I forgot to unplug the sign. She thought it was you and came over to say hello. We talked for a while and seems she is trying to get over a failed marriage.”

“Well, yes. Her ex-husband and his son left, he found another man it seems and used her as a green card voucher.”

“That is a shame. She seems like a nice enough lady, perhaps we should have her over for dinner one evening?” Lisa asked as she finished stacking the dishes.

“I don’t see why not? We have not had a dinner party in a while, be nice to have company.”

“Perhaps you could introduce her to one of the bachelors from Shrine? Is Joe still single?” Lisa asked as she found her wine glass and leaned back against the counter.

“I think so, but he is on travel to Australia until next month. I’m not sure about any of the others, most are a bit old for her.” I said.

“Well, stop by and ask her if she is free for Saturday.” Lisa directed.

“I will at that, love.”

“Good. She seemed the type to need adult conversation and a dinner away from home is just the thing.”


Later that afternoon I turned on the ride share app and had three fares in as many hours. Dropping off the last one in South Hackensack, I decided that the day was a waste and started to head back to the house. A few minutes later my phone rang and Mary was on the other end.


“James? It’s Mary. Are you available for a driver?”

“I am down in South Hackensack, 45 minutes or more considering the traffic. Another driver is likely closer.” I replyed.

“Oh. Um, I can wait. Can you call escort kadıköy me when you are a few blocks away? I don’t know how that app works and really don’t want another driver.”

“Mary, where are you going?” I asked.

“Well I need to take Michael to Newark Airport. Is that too far for you?” Mary asked. I could tell she was worried I would refuse the fare.

“No, I can take him there.” I said.

“Um, can you take both of us and then bring me back home?” She asked.

“Yes, Mary. I can do that. I was going to call it a day after that anyway. Make sure you just have the ride request from your house to the airport. I can bring you home with no charge, I need to pass your house on the way home anyway.”

“Thank you, James! Thank you. I’ll see you soon.” She gushed.

“You are welcome, darling.” I said then disconnected the call.

‘So, Mary is going to be solo for a time. Lisa wants her to come over for dinner and drinks. Interesting.’ I thought to myself.

I pulled into a filling station and called Mary several just two blocks from her house. I wanted to ensure that I was the closest driver.

“Hello, James.” She answered. “Are you close by?”

“I am just two blocks from you.”

“Great! I’ll but the app request in now. See you soon.”

I held the phone in my hand as I filled the BMW. Just as I was hanging up the hosepipe, the fare app showed her address. I quickly accepted the fare but was rejected. “What the bloody hells?” I tapped on the fare list again and it showed her call as taken.

“Shit.” I cursed out loud, then quickly redialled her number.

“Hello, James. Are you out front? I don’t see you.”

“No, someone else grabbed the call before I did.” I said.

“No, that is not right. I’ll cancel it then request it again.”

“No, just cancel it. I’ll pick you up. No charge.”

“Can you do that?” Mary asked.

“Of course, I’m off the clock now. I’m just taking a friend to the airport. Nothing to do with ride share at all.”

“James, you really don’t need to…”

“Mary, just cancel the call. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

I pulled up to her house two minutes later. Just as I was tucking the ride share sign under the front seat another ride share pulled up behind me.

I got out, and after giving the other driver a curious ‘who are you and why are you here’ glance, walked up to the front door and tried the latch. Not surprised, the door opened and I stepped inside as I announced myself.

“James, we are in the kitchen, come in please.” Mary called out.

I walked back to the kitchen and found Mary and her son sitting at the high-top counter, a pair of luggage cases by the wall.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Mary, Master Michael.” I said as Mary stood and walked over to give me a hug. Rather than releasing me, she keep her arm wrapped around my back as we talked.

“Thank you, James. Michael is flying out to his grandparents farm for a visit and six week quasi-internship with the veterinarian hospital. He has his goal of being a veterinarian like his grandfather.” Mary said as she released the hug but left her left arm wrapped around my lower back.

“A veterinarian, eh? Well that is a lovely professional aspiration. Much harder than being a people doctor, your patients do not typically tell you how they are feeling. Well not in so many words, I think.” I said as I let Mary hold me while dong my best to remain as neutral as possible and not to show any overt affection in return.

“Thank you sir, I’ve always loved animals and helping them has been a dream job for as long as I can remember.” Michael said as he got up and grabbed the two bags.

The drive to Newark International was typical and took almost an hour for the 25 mile trip. Mary and I chatted about simple daily life things off and on as her son played games and texted friends on his phone.

Finally after an excruciating last two miles that took 15 minutes to travel, I pulled up to the departure area for United and helped get the two bags from the back.

Mary, as all mothers are wont, fussed for a bit before handing him off to the child tender who would escort him past the TSA checkpoint to the boarding door.

Mary finished giving her son a last hug, just as a Port Authority copper started walking over to encourage us to move from the drop off area.

“I’ll sit up front, James, if you don’t mind?” Mary said as I held the rear door open for her.

I nodded and closed the rear door as Mary opened the front passenger door and slid in to the seat. “Not at all Ma’am.”

I walked back around the car and after I closed the door, Mary reached over and rested her hand on my thigh. “Ma’am? Really? James you are something else.”

I pulled back in to traffic and patted her hand before putting it back on the wheel. “I’ve been told that more than you could know.”

“I can only imagine.” Mary replied, her fingers slowly caressing my leg.

I decided sooner was better to bring up the Sunday dinner and see what bostancı escort her reaction would be. Mary, Lisa, my wife, would like to invite you over for dinner on Sunday. Would you be interested?”

She lit up with a big smile. “I would love to, James. What time, what should I bring and what is the dress code?”

“Well, we still run on Her Majesties time, so Tea, as it is, would be at 1600 or 4 o’clock for the Yanks. I don’t think you need to bring anything and dress is casual for this one. I don’t think Lisa wants to host a formal for just three.”

Mary traced her fingers up my leg to just under my balls. “Tea at 1600, it is. I am looking forward to it. I like your wife, she is very lucky to have a man like you. I think we hit it off very well when we spoke.”

“Lisa seems to like you as well. I am looking forward to having you over.” I said as I felt her fingers caress my balls.

My cock had responded to her touch, and perhaps the light perfume she was wearing. I had to shift a bit so it was not curled up in my boxers. Lisa took advantage of that and used her fingers to help it to a more comfortable location in my slacks.

“Mary, are you sure you should be doing that while I am driving?” I said as she caressed my shaft through the thin fabric of my slacks.

“Well, you seem to be driving quite well and have not said stop?” She said as she watched me with a smile.

“It does feel good.” I replied. Just then my mobile rang. Glancing at the infotainment system, I was it was my wife.

“Hello, darling.” I said after accepting the call.

“Hi, babe. You on your way home?” Lisa asked.

“Yes, I just left Newark and I’m headed to drop Mary off at her home. If traffic stays like this, 60 ticks and I’ll be there.” I said.

“Oh, OK. I’m making pasta for tonight. Any special requests? Actually, ask Mary if she would like to join us with her son. I made too much sauce again and you know I hate to store it.”

“OK hold on, I’ll put you on speaker.”

I touched the control to move the call from my earbud to the car audio system.

“Lisa, can you hear me?” I asked.

“Yes, hello Mary. How are you doing?” Lisa asked.

“Hi Lisa, I’m great, just dropped my son off at the airport. He’s off to spend a few weeks with his grandparents on the farm.” Mary said.

“Oh, wonderful! I’m sure he’s going to have a great time. I loved going to the country as a girl. So quick question, would you be interested in joining us for dinner tonight? I can just have James come directly home.”

“Tonight? Well, I’m not really dressed for a social event.” Mary said, as her hand squeezed my cock.

“That’s fine, it’s completely informal and all last moment. Please say yes?”

“Well, I don’t have any plans and it’s just me at the house. So, yes. I’d love to have dinner with you.”

“Great, I’ll see you two in a bit. Love you babe, drive careful.” Lisa disconnected before I could say anything.

“Well, I guess that’s dinner sorted.” I said.

“Yes, but it still leaves the appetizer up for discussion.” Mary said as she continued stroking my shaft.

“Appetizer?” I asked.

Mary did not say anything but slipped out of her shoulder belt and leaned over to nibble my ear as her hand opened my slacks and freed my cock. As soon as I was free, she put her head in my lap and started sucking me off.

I put my hand on her side and reached around to cup a tit as she sucked me.

As I drove up the parkway towards home, Mary made good use of the time, and great use of her mouth. Just as I reached exit 165, she came up off me and nibbled on my ear.

“You are a horrid tease, Mary. You almost had me cum several times.”

“I know. I’m going to let you save that load for your wife after you drop me off tonight.” she whispered in my ear before slipping her seatbelt back on.

“Well don’t be surprised if you are left alone for a bit, after that suck job I may not make it till after.”

Mary giggled and patted the head of my still stiff cock. “You may want to put that back and think cold shower before we reach your home. I’m not sure, but I think your wife may just notice you are more than a bit excited.”

“I’m working on it.” I said.

After having the unfortunate luck of hitting every single green signal light on the way, I had to turn in a street early and finish putting myself together before pulling in to the drive and opening the garage. I pulled in and got out, buttoning my jacket to help hide the remaining chub. Mary fixed my collar and checked to see if she had left anything on my ear before I opened the door to the mudroom and lead her in.

“Hi sweety, I’m in the dining room.” Lisa called as she herd the alarm chime as I opened the door.

I led Mary into the dining room and Lisa greeted her with a warm hug and cheek kiss before giving me the same, but with a full kiss on the lips.

“I hope you don’t mind Italian, Mary.” Lisa said as she unabashedly grabbed my arse.

“Not at all, I’m all about home cooking. I typically don’t buy the frozen stuff if I can help it.”

“Wonderful. How about a drink?” Lisa asked.

“Please, whatever you are having is fine.” Mary said.

“Well, I’m on a second Bloody Mary, if that works?” Lisa told her as she started for the bar.

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