RMC: Birthday Presents


“Hi lover, have you missed me?”

I have to give Bug credit; she’d actually managed three full days before calling. Had I missed her? God yes; after being with her nearly non-stop for 15 days, how could I not? Three full days of being naked and fucking each other senseless, followed by another 12 days of several times a night and again first thing in the morning? If nothing else I was getting withdrawals.

“Oh, hey Bug,” I calmly answered as if it was nothing hearing from her at 10:30 at night, the erection growing in my pants just at the sound of her voice saying otherwise – even if she couldn’t see it. “Yeah, I suppose I’ve missed you. Mostly just getting caught up on my sleep,” I teased. “I wasn’t getting much sleep for the last couple of weeks, and just figured out why – I was sleeping with a Bed Bug! Here all these years I’ve been warning people not to let the Bed Bugs bite – but I think I’m going to have to change my recommendation.” Bug’s laugh was music to my ears.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking of you.”

I chuckled. “Me either. Do you realize that you and I had more sex in two weeks than Debs and I did on our honeymoon?”

“Really?” Her voice sounded puzzled. “You guys didn’t…”

“Oh no, we did,” answering her un-worded question, “it’s just that we’d already been together for two years when we got married. We’d gotten past the doing it whenever we were alone stage, we were keeping it down to just a couple of times a day by then.” Of course that was saying nothing about the illicit nature of our relationship making it that much more exciting.

“I’d say we beat that record by a long shot. God that was fun.”

“That it was.” I really hadn’t thought about how many times we had done it, but it had been practically constant the first few days, and then after that at least every morning and night. There were multiple times during the weeks when one or the other of us had woken and snuggled with the other in the middle of the night, instigating an impromptu session. Even Bug’s mother, my sister Gayle, had helped by allowing us to be alone one afternoon. Everyone else was going into town to do some shopping, but I’d said I wasn’t interested and Bug had opted out too. The snowmobiles and trailers were used to shuttle everyone down the mountain, requiring two trips. When the second load was about to leave and Gayle realized that it was going to be just the three of us left, she suddenly ‘changed her mind’ and made everyone wait while she got her coat to go along. She smiled at me going out the door and said she’d be sure to call before anyone headed back up the mountain. We ended up being alone for nearly four hours – it was practically like it had been our first couple of days. “I’ll bet we did it fifty times.”

“Too bad it wasn’t a hundred.”

“Gees Bug, you had me walking all bent over as it was; what do you want to do, kill me?”

“Uh – uh, I don’t want to kill you but right now there is something else I do want to do to you.”

“Oh is there now? And just what would that be?” There was no mistaking the lusty tone of her voice. I reached down and straightened my dick where it was bunched in my underwear.

“Suck your cock.”

I laughed. “Oh you would, would you? I’m guessing from that statement that your roommate isn’t home?”

“She has a late class tonight; she usually doesn’t get home until about midnight or a little before.”

“So you’re alone for the next hour or so? Too bad we don’t live closer so you could come and see me or I could come and see you.” It was quiet for a moment before she answered.

“Did you find my presents?”

“Presents? No, no presents for me. I found a couple of tiny little boxes with my ski boots and thought they might be for me, they had my name on them, but they must have been for someone else. The sweet little nothings that were in them definitely won’t fit me.”

“So did you like them?” she asked, ignoring my tease.

“Oh my god, yes.”

“Did you put them somewhere special?”

“I guess. They’re in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. But the real special place I want to put them is on you.”

“I can’t wait to have you take them off of me.”

“That too,” I agreed. “So what are you up to right now? Studying?”

“I’m just lying here on the bed thinking of you.”

“Getting ready for bed?”

“Sort of. Just wishing we were together.”

It suddenly dawned on me what Bug was probably doing on the other end of the line. “Bug, what are you wearing?” I asked.

Her naughty giggle told me exactly what she was, or most likely wasn’t, wearing. “If you’ve got FaceTime I’ll show you.”

“Oh really? Am I detecting someone’s being naughty?”


“Hmm. I don’t have FaceTime but I’ve got Skype on my laptop, but I didn’t bring my laptop home tonight.”

“Bummer. I was really hoping to see you, to see what I’ve been dreaming about.”

“You’ve been dreaming about me?”

“Ummm. I’ve been dreaming about doing things to you.”

“Yeah, I’ve missed you too. It doesn’t seem possible that it was only four days ago…”

“When are you bringing your computer home again?”

“I normally pendik escort bring it home every night, but I stayed late tonight and I’ve got an early meeting tomorrow so there was no sense in bringing it home.”

“Ok. Too bad. But you’ll have it next week?”

“Probably. I just need to remember to bring it home. Why, have you got something in mind?”

“My roomies got class again so she won’t be home early. If you’ve got your computer, we may not be able to be together, but at least we can see each other naked.”

I’d walked away from everything when we went to Colorado for Christmas. I hadn’t taken my laptop with me, which is always a mixed blessing. For two full weeks I truly was away from work, totally unable to see or respond to the myriad of national and international requests for help while we were gone. Unfortunately, once I returned, I was once again immediately buried in a backlog of work. Within days of returning home the memories of two weeks in the Rockies with my family, especially Bug, had become more dreamlike than real. Had my niece really seduced me, or was it that I seduced her? Had my sister really found out that I was having sex with her daughter and accepted, even approved, of that happening? Certainly she’d been the final reason that Bug and I had been able to continue sharing a bedroom and bed. If my sister had said “over my dead body,” I know Bug and I would have been separated, but instead we’d continued discretely as lovers for the entire two weeks.

I didn’t hear from Janet until the early the next week. She and Rob had family visiting over the holidays; they’d been completely tied up for weeks also, so we hadn’t gotten together since early December. It wasn’t unexpected that she called; it was unexpected that she said she was making arrangements for overnight nursing help so she could spend the night with me. “I need to get away, and for more than just a few hours,” she’d explained.

Except for our first date night, when her husband had conspired to arrange for us to spend the night together, we’d only ever spent time together during the day or evenings when she normally had medical assistance with Rob. Even though I was buried at work, I made arrangements to be off from noon Wednesday until noon Thursday. Midweek was so much easier to arrange for overnight help than it was on a weekend.

When she’d said she needed an overnight away, I understood exactly what she wanted and needed. Being a round the clock caregiver she never got to participate in anything that most of us take for granted. Except when she was with me she no longer did anything away from her home. She no longer went out to dinner, never went to the movies, and never took a walk on the beach. Occasionally we’d caught an afternoon movie together – but doing so reduced the amount of time we had in bed. I’d offered many times, but on a limited time budget, she almost always said no; “wouldn’t you rather just spend the afternoon in bed?” This time when she said she was making arrangements for an overnighter, I knew we were going to do something besides sex – we were going to have a real date.

“It’s a beautiful city, isn’t it?” Janet asked. We were sitting on a bench at Cabrillo National Monument overlooking San Diego Bay and the city; one of the greatest all-encompassing views of a major city to be found anywhere. Janet’s arm was wrapped inside mine, my hand resting on her knee. I didn’t say anything, just squeezed her knee acknowledging her statement.

She sighed, a sigh of contentment. “I really needed this.”

“Why’s that?”

“Oh, you know. When my sister and her family visit, they all help out, but still – it’s my house, and my responsibility to make sure everyone is fed, everyone has a place to sleep, everyone has clean towels, and everyone is taken care of. It’s a great vacation for them, but without Rob it’s all on me. And then, except during the day, I’m taking care of Rob, too. And then when they left I had to put the house back in order. I didn’t realize how much kids make a mess of everything.”

“You don’t like kids?” I asked, reading more into it than what she’d said.

“Oh no, I love kids – it’s just that when they’re around, everything is always a mess.” She shivered, and hugged my shoulder a little tighter. “Let’s go, I’m getting chilled.” It was a cold day for San Diego, in the high 50’s, but with the continual breeze from the ocean it felt much colder. “I told my sister about you,” she said as we walked toward the car.

“How’d that happen?” I responded. Not that I was averse to her telling anyone, after all, I’d told Gloria, Bug, and my sister, but they had a need to know. It didn’t seem like Janet was just one to be telling others that she had a boyfriend elsewhere.

“She wanted to know whether it was possible for Rob and me to still have sex. I told her no, that except for his tongue, nothing works anymore. She was aghast; she said ‘You mean you’re not getting any at all? What do you do, are you married to your vibrator?’ So I told her. I didn’t say it was you specifically, I didn’t tell her who you were, just that we had a friend that was a widower and we got together whenever we could.” She giggled.

“What?” escort pendik I said, looking over to see why she was giggling.

“It drove her crazy! She couldn’t stand that I wouldn’t tell her any more about you. She wanted to know your name, where you lived, how often we got together, how long we’d known each other, whether you were a good lover, whether you had a nice one – and I didn’t tell her anything. For the rest of the time they were visiting she’d drop little hints that she wanted to know more, or she’d ask questions where it would be easy for me to say something about you. I never did though. She finally confessed that although she loved her husband and kids dearly, there were times when her life was just so ‘humdrum,’ that there were times when she wished she could have a lover, a little “variety like she had in college” is how she put it.”

I pulled the car up in front of the practically deserted restaurant. We were early for the dinner crowd and late for lunch so we practically had the place to ourselves. They started to give us a table that was convenient for them to wait on but I asked for a small table overlooking the bay where we could talk a bit more privately. It turned out we were right next to the marina where we could watch the small, and sometimes not so small, boats returning to their slips.

“Are you and your sister close?” I asked when we’d finally settled into our table.

“Not as close as we used to be.” She continued to talk unprompted about her sister and family, telling me about how when they were growing up they’d been rivals and bickered about everything. And then her sister went off to college and found out about sex while she was finding out about sex at home and somehow all their rivalries had disappeared. Whereas before they’d bickered about everything, they found out it was more fun to share everything. “She’s known all my history until now and it drove her crazy not to know.” I didn’t tell her anything about my Christmas yet – just let her talk.

We finished dinner just as the after work crowd was beginning to arrive. Rather than fight rush hour traffic, we detoured to Sunset Cliffs and watched the sunset over the Pacific. A crystal clear evening, the sun set behind a line of black clouds well out over the ocean. “Shall we head for home?” I asked when a shiver shook her body once again.

“Yeah, I guess. It’s just so nice to be outside without having to worry about Rob, or feeding a family, or taking care of things.”

“I put the hot tub on – we can go warm up and still be outside if you want.”

“Oh – now that sounds great!” She turned toward the car and extended her hand for me. I took it and we walked hand in hand to the car.

“Thank you,” she said after she shut the door and I started the car.

“For what?”

“Just being there. Being exactly what I needed tonight, without needing to demand anything from me. My entire life is on demand, sometimes I just need someone to take care of me and my needs – and you do that perfectly.”

I gently laughed. “I don’t know about perfect – I’d say I’m a far cry from that, but I certainly enjoy being with you.”

“Me too.” Janet had talked nearly non-stop all afternoon, and now as we headed home, she seemed to have run out of things to say. The street traffic was light, within minutes we were out on the freeway which was now moving at full speed, the rush hour traffic already having dissipated.

I checked the spa with my hand when we got home although the steam coming off the water actually was enough to tell us it was hot. Janet had long before given up any hints of bashfulness – we stepped into the laundry room and took our clothes off. Wrapping her arms around her naked body, shivering just a bit, she pranced out the door and up the steps toward the spa. I pulled out a couple of towels, waited until she’d started stepping down into the spa before I turned off the outside light, and then carefully walked out myself – my night vision having been destroyed by the bright laundry room lights.

“Umm, this is perfect,” Janet sighed as I dropped the towels on the bench and stepped down into the hot tub myself. As chilly as it was, the water felt almost too hot to begin with, but I rapidly acclimated.

“It feels nice, doesn’t it?” I answered as I settled in and began to warm up. Leaning back against the edge, I turned slightly sideways across from Janet and put one foot up on the bench. Janet pulled away from the far side, turned around and settled into the spot on the seat in front of me, cuddling back into me. I wrapped my arms around her, one on her belly, the other resting on her breast. She turned slightly, lifting her face to mine and I kissed her. Just a short kiss with promise of more to come; she pulled away and settled back into my arms. I squeezed the breast in my hand without pursuing further, understanding what her body had told me: there was more to come, now if I wanted it, but she was perfectly content for the moment to just sit in my arms for a while.

“Can we turn the jets off?” I didn’t answer, just reached for the control and found the button turning the noise and bubbling off. The quiet enveloped us, the steam pendik escort bayan from the water wafting around our faces. “Ahhh, perfect,” she whispered a few moments later.

Neither of us said anything for several minutes, just letting the heat from the hot water soak into our bodies, our eyes gradually becoming accustomed to the night. To the west the dark clouds at sunset were rapidly moving in; I hadn’t heard a weather forecast, but it looked to me like rain clouds.

“How was your Christmas?” Janet asked. “You haven’t told me anything about it.”

“I just haven’t had a chance yet. It was nice hearing about you and your family visiting.”

“I’m sure it sounded like I was complaining, but I wasn’t. It was really nice having them here, but I’m glad that they’re gone, too.”

“I can understand that.” I didn’t say anything for a minute or so, and then began to tell her about my Christmas trip. I backed up to the planning stage, where we’d all decided I would take the suburban and go early, and the decision was made that Bug would go with me, and then continued right into the story. I gave her the long version, telling about Bug’s and my relationship while she’d been growing up; about her nickname and where it came from, about Bug forgetting her bag, about her and Debs. I told her about the snowmobiles, and the lodge, and Bug nearly dying, and about her seducing me, or me her, or both of us seducing each other – however you want to describe it.

“You fucked your niece?” Janet said, more of a statement than a question, when I had paused in my recounting the tale for a bit gathering my thoughts. I’d eased my hug of her long before as we’d warmed up, one of my hands just resting against her hip, the other on my thigh although she still leaned back against me. Her hand was gently stroking up and down my arm.

“We made love,” I answered, indicating that it had been more to me than just sex. Janet rose and slid forward, away from me; moving back to the far side of the spa where she slumped down so only her head was out of the water and put her feet on the bench beside me. Turning myself, I lifted her feet to slide my leg under and began massaging them. Her head tilted back, her eyes closed.

“Ummm, this is absolute heaven,” she whispered a bit later, both of us sitting quietly for a few moments except for my hands kneading her feet. I had just begun to wonder what she was thinking about what I’d told her when she said “Did you tell her about us? Did you tell her about you and Gloria?”

“Of course,” I answered, and picked up the tale from there. I told how we’d spent the better part of several days together alone, and how after everyone else arrived her mother had essentially completed the arrangement for us to share a room – although ostensibly we were just using different beds in the same room. I didn’t tell her about my sister and her husband and their relationship with her brother-in-law and sister-in-law; that wasn’t something that actually happened to me. Although my sister had admitted they were lovers, to me it was still hearsay and needless gossip.

When I finished the story we just sat there for a few moments. She slid a bit further forward in her seat, her foot coming between my legs to find my cock, her toes playing with me. “Did you use condoms?”

“No,” I answered simply, there was no need for explanation – it was what it was. I knew what was going through her mind, and even though her foot was playing naughty with my cock, there was more to be said about this. I reached down and rubbed her foot.

“I fucked my cousin.”

I’d thought she was thinking about what I’d told her – instead this, right out of the blue, caught me by surprise.

“You did? When he was here?”

“Oh no,” she giggled, “He wasn’t here, just my sister and her family. I haven’t seen him in probably 10 years. This was a long time ago. They lived on a farm in Iowa, and sis and I went to visit for the summer. She had to leave a few weeks earlier than me, her college was on a different schedule, so I was there alone for the last couple of weeks. Or, at least I was alone with him.” She giggled again, ‘God it was so much fun – we’d sneak up into the hayloft in the barn. We thought we were being so smart, waiting until everyone was in bed and sneaking out to do it in the middle of the night. During the day we’d take our swimsuits and say we were going to the creek to go swimming but we weren’t wearing our suits. We’d flirted and snuck kisses and stuff when my sister was there, but except for letting him feel me up – she kept interrupting us – we just never got to be alone for more than about 2 minutes. We joked about ‘kissing cousins’ and all, but once my sister was gone there was nothing to keep us apart. We’d done it about 10 times in two days when my Aunt grabbed me on the way out of the house. She just grabbed me by the arm and looked me in the face, and just like that – I knew that she knew. She said ‘Do you need condoms or are you on the pill?’ I was so shocked; I thought we’d been getting away with it, and all I could say was ‘How’d you know?’ She said, ‘Sweetie, I wasn’t born yesterday and you’ve been absolutely glowing for two days. Now I asked you a question – do you need condoms or are you on the pill?’ I told her I was on the pill, and she just said, ‘Ok. You two just be careful now, you hear?’ And that was it; she let my arm go and never said another word.”

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