Road trip with my granny


Road trip with my grannyThis is a continuation from “Granny had to pee.”When we left Granny(Grams) and her grandson(Danny), they were quite a mess. Granny had pissed herselfand Danny had accidentally cum on Granny’s shirt, face and one glob had even made it in her mouth. They were about 1/3 of the way through a 3,000 mile cross country trek from Granny’s house in Miami to Danny and his mother’s(Sunshine) home in Los Angeles. Well, actually a suburb of LA, Van Nuys or as many people call it”The Valley”. The two needed to find a motel where they could clean up so they could continue their journey. Danny was completelyembarassed by what had happened. He was 18 and had never thought of his Granny in a sexual way until about a half an hour ago. Granny had always been the fun granny and would do anything for her only grandc***d. Luckily for them there was an off ramp about 5 miles ahead and they pulled off into a small one stop sign town in the middleof no where. There was one run down shabby motel. Danny pulled into the parking lot. There wasn’t another car there. “I’m not even sure if this place is even still business, Grams.” Danny said.Granny replied, “Well go ahead and go check at the front desk Sweetie.””Aren’t you gonna go in Grams? I don’t have a credit card.” “Did you forget I completely soaked my britches and that’s why we’re stopping?””Oh shit, oops I mean poop. Sorry Grams.” “It’s ok Danny. I’ve heard the word before. And that’s nothing compared to having your sperm smeared across my face and shot Into my mouth, now is it?”Danny turned beet red. “I’m really sorry about that Grams.”Granny smiled and said “it’s ok Sweetie. I’ve had much worse done to me before.”Danny was flabbergasted. He’d always thought his dear granny was a sweet old lady. Thinking of her as a sexual women madehis head spin. He looked at granny is her soaked pants and bra less shirt. Her huge 44GG tits sitting in her lap. Nipples poking out of the material. As he gazed on his cock started to grow again. Granny noticed his enlarging bulge and told him “You better go in and see if they are open and see if we can get a room so we can clean up and get changed.” She handed him a $100 bill and izmir escort said “this should be more than enough to cover the room.”Danny went to the office and it was open. The counter was dusty and the lobby was dimly lit. He called out “Hello? Is anyonehere?” A middle aged man with a potbelly shambled out from what must have been an office.”Can I help you boy? You lost or something?””No sir. We just need a room if you have one available.” The clerk responded “Sorry boy we’re all booked up.” Danny’s face fell and he said “Ok?” And started to turn to walk away.”Where you going boy?””You said you had no room for us so I’m leaving.””Don’t have much of a sense of humor do ya? Of course we have room. Don’t hardly ever get anyone here. How long do you want the room for?””I’m not really sure. Probably only a couple of hours.”The clerk laughed and said “Oh ok. Just looking to get your rocks off and move on , huh?” He looked outside to the car and said”Like em old I see.” and he laughed again. Laughed so hard he started to cough.Danny got angry. “That’s my grandmother! She spilled something on her in the car and just need some place to shower and change!””Calm down boy. I didn’t mean to insult you and grandma. Tell you what. You can shower and change for 10 bucks. If you decide to stay the night it’ll be $35.” Danny reached for his wallet and the clerk said “Just pay when you leave. Here is the key to room #1. It’s right there next to your car.”Danny took the key and headed back to the car.He opened granny’s door and said we can shower and change for just $10 and he said if we decide to stay the night it’ll be $35.”Granny said “maybe we’ll stay the night after all.””Really? Don’t you want to get back on the road?””I think there’s a few things we need to discuss.”Danny’s face flushed again. “I’m reall sorry Grams.””Don’t be worried. I’m not not upset with you. You are an adult now and I think it is time you found out about the family history.”Danny looked puzzled. “What do you mean Grams?””It’s a long story. Let’s go inside. Clean up and I’ll let you in on the family secret.” They headed in, Danny carrying their bags. The place was dusty and smelled a little musty. “Open escort izmir the window Danny. I’m going to get out of these wet clothes and take a shower. After you’ve opened the window comeinto the bathroom and I’ll start the story.” Danny opened the window and went to the bathroom door. He heard the water running and knocked on the door. “Come on in dear.”He opened the door and there before him has granny, completely naked. He covered his eyes and said “Oh God Grams. I’mso sorry. I thought you were in the shower already.” “It’s ok to look at me.” He slowly opened his eyes and took her all in. She was gorgeous! Bout 5′ nothing and weighing about300 lbs but Danny had always like plus size girls. Well he was usually drawn towards older women, bout his mom’s age. Not usually as old as granny but she looked great for being 73. She had large legs but they looked strong not flabby. She had really wide hips andan ass to match. It was a little cottage cheesy but not too much. Her boobs were enormous! They hung down past her belly button.Her nipples were hard and were about the size of a large g****. Her areoles were the size of desert plates! He looked up into granny’seyes blushed and turned his head.”Really Sweetie. It’s ok to look at me. And by the looks of your cock there I think you like what you see.”Danny looked down to see the huge tent in his pants. Beet red he said “Yes. Yes I do. Very much!” Granny moved to step into the shower. Her boobs swaying and bouncing as she moved. As her back turned he got a good look at her terrific ass. His cock twitched. God how he wanted to touch Granny. She climbed in and as the water sprayed her body grannylet out a sigh and said “God that feels so good. Would you be a lamb dear and soap up my back for me?”Danny’s head almost exploded! Both of them! He was going to get to touch his granny. He had hugged her a ton of times but thiswould be totally different. “Of course Grams. Anything you need.” She soaped up a washcloth and handed it to Danny. He started at her shoulders and worked his way about halfway down her back,lathering her up and loving every second of it. He was afraid to go any lower though. He didn’t want her to izmir escort bayan get mad. “Why did you stop? Can you please finish washing my back Sweetie?” Danny was in heaven. He washed lower and lower til he gotjust above her ass crack. “Can you keep going please?”Danny stuttered “you…you…you want me to go lower? I’m just above your crack Grams.””Yes dear. Can you wash my crack for me also?” “If…if…if you want me to.””It’s ok if you don’t want to”Quickly Danny said “Oh I want to alright!””Ok let me help you.” and she bent over and spread her legs as far as the little motel shower would allow. It wasn’t very far but Danny had a clear view now of his granny’s puckered rosebud and the slit of her pussy. Danny started to wash her crack and her asshole. He then gota little dizzy and started to lose his balance. He started to fall forward grabbed both sides of granny’s hips to keep himself from falling. His face now just inches from her soapy ass. It was more than his body could handle and he shot a giant load of jizz into his shorts. He just muttered “ah, oh, ah, ah, oh my God.””Are you ok Danny?” Grann asked as his hands reflexively squeezed her hips.”Yes Grams. I just got dizzy and lost my balance.” She turned and saw the wet spot in his shorts and said “It looks like you did more than that Sweetie.” Danny looked down and saw the wet spot in his shorts. He hadn’t even realized he had cum. He turned every color of red there is and quickly left the bathroom. He was so embarassed. Granny quickly washed the soap off and got out of the shower. She didn’t even dry off.She came out of the bathroom soaked and completely naked. Danny was on the bed curled into the fetal position. Granny came over and touched his back. He jumped at her touch. He was crying.”It’s ok Sweetie.”He sobbed “I’m so sorry Grams. I didn’t mean to.””It’s not your fault honey.” She cooed. She crawled into bed beside him and cradled him in her arms holding him tight against her ample buxom.She felt so good. She smoothed his hair and softly whispered to him “Granny loves you. You’re a good boy.” His sobs slowly subsided. He said “I… I…. I love you too Grams.”They laid there like that for a long time. Granny comforting him. Him loving they way she felt naked against his back. They didn’t say another word to each other. Just laid there enjoying the feeling until the both fell fast asleep.To be continued…….

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