Rock, Ribs and Ribald Play


Rock, Ribs and Ribald PlayI recently returned from S.W. Wisconsin, after working a security detail at a festival. It was a fun gig – 2 days & nights of frivolity with a mixed demographic.I’m posting here because I was approached by many people, but ONE in particular was quite fetching and very obvious as to what she wanted. You see, I was dressed in a paramilitary uniform – white starched short-sleeve shirt, and crisply-creased black uniform slacks and spit-shined shoes. She’d trolled back and forth for about 20 minutes, then approached me. I found out later she’s 35 years old, and recently out of a marriage. It was clear Magda was slightly under the influence of alcohol – but not staggeringly drunk. It was quiet, as the first band was done, and the 2nd band was setting up. She’s cute as a button – slightly under 5′ tall, fairly lean, reddish-copper hair. Her clothing consisted of very, very short cutoff jeans (with associated camel toe) and a great loose top with brocade & lace bodice. It was difficult to concentrate on her lovely face (slightly pug nose, and killer eyes), because her tits were pretty well exposed.The more we talked, the more in-depth was the conversation. Maintaining a professional bearing at all times, I always leave it up to the civilian to approach me if they are interested. Men and women seem to have a uniform thing, and I’ve been approached by males and females tuzla escort alike. Magda was obviously interested, and told me so. Each time she’d lean forward, she’d try to press against me. I had to control her verbally, by saying “Not a good time or place, Hon!”She finally asked when my shift ended, and I indicated “midnight.” I k**ded her by saying “That’s way past the bedtime of such a sweet young thing!” She giggled, and slurred something like “I’m not so young, and I’m rarely called sweet!” I grinned and said “Well, we’ll have to see about that!”With my last comment, she asked where I was staying. I gave her the general area – about 1 mile from the festival location. She asked if I was busy after the end of the night, and I said “Not yet!” Of course, I grinned again. She giggled and said “Do you wannabe?” I leaned forward, as the music had now started (80s rock), and whispered “With you, yes!” I told her to meet me at the main gate, and to wait while I closed things down. She did so, all the while dancing to no music.I locked the gate, and asked, “What now?” She was too intoxicated to drive, so I offered my hotel suite. She nodded, and I escorted her to my vehicle. In 3 minutes time, we were at my hotel. We’d no more than entered and locked the doors when she began to strip. Now, I am not normally accepting of such behavior out of the chute. In this case, however, I was simply in tuzla escort bayan awe. She tore off the top and bottoms so fast, I could barely begin to get hard. She was now stripped to her bra and panties, and then asked “Shall I continue?” I quickly said “No – I’ll finish!” She gave a little “Woo Hoo” and I walked to her – reaching out and removing her bra with my thumb and forefinger. The bra fell to the floor, and the most lovely fleshy cupcakes came into full view. While her tits are fairly small, she has very nicely sized nipples — like tiny gumdrops. I bent down, gave each nip a lick, then slid my hands to her panties. Barely enough fabric to cover anything, I used a quick jerk of my two hands and ripped the panties in two. She was now fully naked, with a pleasant aroma mixture of beer and cunt juice. I dropped to my knees, still dressed in my uniform, and began to lick her glistening slit.After about 2 minutes of that, she stepped back from me and said, “Officer, Officer, what are you going to do NOW?” I responded with a “Well, young lady, you’ve been bad enough to arrest. Would you like to go to jail?” She said, “Only if you’re my jailer!” I immediately removed my handcuffs from my belt, spun her around, and cuffed her from the rear. I then put her to her knees. As she licked her lips, I undressed slowly. With my cock exposed, I pushed it toward her face. She opened wide escort tuzla her mouth, and I filled it with my fleshy rod. She couldn’t use her hands, but her mouth worked great. I grabbed her face and held it still, while I plunged my now turgid member in and out of her hot, wet mouth. I pumped and thrust, with her tiny and shallow mouth being filled. She’d occasionally gag a bit, but with her intoxication, the gag reflex tends to be numbed. She was excellent at taking cock, using her lips and tongue adeptly. I wanted to blow my load into her mouth, but I could smell her cunt, and wanted to be inside her. Still handcuffed, she was placed on her knees atop the mattress on the bed. I pushed her forward, so her face ended up on the comforter. With her ass sticking up, I parted her thighs to expose her small, puffy cunt lips. They were, indeed, glistening from the light of the room and the cunt juice that was oozing from the slit. I ripped off the rest of my clothes, and mounted the bed. There was no need to use my fingers to part her cunt lips. I simply pressed my cock head (moist with precum) against the moistened flesh – and pressed forward ever so gently. She gasped as I entered her. I grabbed and held her hips, and began to rotate her hips and ass in a circular motion – while I slid in and out. The multi-directional movements were making me fucking crazy, and her moans were telling on her, as well. We continued to play for some time, though I was mindful of the time of night. After 2 episodes of very hot, rhythmic sex, I uncuffed her and we fell asleep. You meet the nicest people at public events.

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