Romance and Unbridled Passion Pt. 04


I was completely exhausted and relaxed and slept like a baby which is very, very rare for me. At least it was until I met Carrie. She makes me feel loved and she fucks my brains out which really helps with sleep! I woke up and could tell the sun was up but Carrie wasn’t in the bed. That was unusual for sure but figured she just went to the bathroom. I waited a few and then I thought I heard her….moaning.

I got up and walked into the other room and caught a glimpse of her. Carrie was sitting in the chair, she was wearing some of her new lingerie but she had it undone and her breast were out and I could see she was playing with her nipples. Her legs were spread wide, one leg on each armrest of the chair. I knew she was using her new toy because I could hear it. Carrie was moaning and was obviously lost in the pleasure she was feeling. I also immediately noticed that she was watching the porn that we had purchased and didn’t get too far into last night. Her eyes were fixed on the screen where there were three women on the screen. One was on her back with one of the women straddling her face and the other woman between her legs using a toy on her while she licked her pussy. There was a lot of moaning in the room but I could clearly distinguish between the moans and the screen and Carrie’s moans.

My cock had immediately jumped to attention as the blood filled it completely. Carrie hadn’t seen me yet and I was perfectly okay with that. There are few things that turn me on as much as seeing Carrie pleasure herself and she seemed to be completely engrossed in the moment and the pleasure she was feeling. I could tell she was sliding the toy in and out at first but then she would hold it deep inside her as the movement and vibrations of the toy tickled and made her tingle in the most seductive of ways. I could tell she was soaked because I could hear the sounds as she slid the toy in and out of herself.

I stood there in the doorway behind her, completely naked, my hand now wrapped around the shaft of my cock as I stroked it slowly as I watched her. I was completely captivated. Mesmerized even. She is the sexiest woman in the world to me and she loves to show me in every way.

Her moans were growing a little louder each time and I could see that she was pulling at her nipples now. I knew she was getting closer and closer to a well deserved release. She was intently watching the screen and was obviously enjoying what she was seeing. Her hips were now moving some and was meeting the toy in perfect rhythm.

Suddenly she said,

“Come her baby. I know you are there.”

Could she güvenilir bahis hear me breathing? Was I moaning and giving myself away?

I walked toward the chair, her back to me.

“Baby, I need your hands on my nipples as I masturbate for you.”

I walked up behind her and she took her hand and put it on top of mine and then put it on her breast. I put my other hand on her other breast and began to run my fingertips over her hard nipples as she ran her hand down her stomach and now had both hands on her toy. She slowed her pace now quite a bit. I knew she was focusing on the way my fingers felt on her nipples. I raised one of my fingers to her mouth and she anxiously sucked it into her mouth, licking and sucking it like she does my cock. I took my wet finger and rubbed it on both of her nipples causing Carrie to push her hips forward and throw her head back.

‘Baby, I love this new toy” Carrie moaned. “I am soaked.”

After several minutes of rubbing her nipples I could tell Carrie was completely lost in the pleasure of the moment.

“I want you to cum for me baby.” I told her.

“Not yet baby. I promise I will but not yet. I have some things I want and need.” She replied.

“Come around to the front and sit down and watch me for a little while.”

My cock immediately got harder. She knew exactly what drives me completely crazy and she was enjoying it.

I sat down directly in front of her, Carrie watching my cock as I relaxed into the chair.

“Yum baby. Are you hard like that because of me.” she asked teasingly.

“You already know the answer to that question baby. It’s always because of you.”

As soon as I sat down I noticed that Carrie also had the new anal toy in her ass. It was completely inside her and I was both happy and now even hornier.

Carrie was again looking at the screen where two of the girls were now scissoring with each other, grinding their pussies together as the other woman laid on the bed and was touching herself.

“Baby, we made a good decision with this porn. It is very hot.” Carrie said emphatically.

“Are you surprised I am using the anal toy also?” Carrie inquired.

“I am and I am loving it!” I anxiously answered. “How does it feel?”

“It actually feels very, very good once I got used to it. I feel very full with both of these toys inside me.”

I was so locked in on what she was doing that a bomb could have gone off and I wouldn’t have even known or cared.

“Come over her. I want to lick your cock while I fuck myself.” Carrie directed.

She didn’t have to ask me twice. türkçe bahis My cock was so hard as I walked next to the chair, my cock now right next to her face. Carrie pushed her tongue out and licked the pre-cum that had formed on the head.

“Hold your cock for me baby. My hands are sort of busy.” she said with a naughty smile.

Carrie was running her tongue all over the swollen head of my cock. It seemed to jump every single time she touched a new part of the stretched skin. I noticed that her toy was very active again and so were her hips. I know she loves sucking my cock and I think it being in her mouth just enhanced the other pleasures she was feeling.

This went on for several minutes and my cock felt like it would tear out of the skin. I was so turned on by this and she knew it.

She stopped licking the head and picked up the tube of lube that was laying on the cushion of the chair. I knew it was the lube she used for her anal toy. She squeezed some into her hand and then put it on my cock, sliding her hand up and down the length of my shaft. I was very swollen but also very slick.

Carrie then slowly removed both the toy from her pussy and the toy from her ass. It was a little disappointing but her next move and statement made me forget all about it,. Carrie turned around onto her hands and knees.

“I need to feel you in my ass baby. We have talked about. We have played around it but now I want to feel it. I need to feel it.”

“Are you sure baby?” I asked.

“Get behind me baby. Just go slow.”

I moved behind Carrie and she took my lube covered cock and rubbed it against her tight hole.

I stood there looking at her perfect, sexy ass, excited by the moment and hoping it would feel amazing to both of us. She held my cock still in her hand and she pressed back against me. I could see my cock against her tight ass and then I saw the tip of the head pressing a little inside. I was letting her control the pace. The fact that she had been using the anal toy was certainly helping in this situation although the head of my cock was bigger than the tip of that toy.

Carrie pressed back more and I saw the head of my cock disappear into her. She stopped and stayed still for a few seconds to let herself adjust to me. After several seconds she pushed back further and I could see my cock disappearing a little at a time into Carrie’s ass. I cannot even explain how sexy this was to see. I wish she could have been watching it too. I let her control the pace we were going. The feeling was so intense. Part was because it was so tight and part was how naughty güvenilir bahis siteleri it was. I was just hoping that she was also beginning to enjoy it.

I could tell she was beginning to relax and my cock slid a little deeper inside her. I was listening to here breathe and could tell that her breathing was now more related to excitement than nervousness. We had both been curious about this and now we were experiencing it and it was even better than I imagined. It was sexy to feel her in a way I never had before but it was even sexier that she wanted me this way.

Carrie began to rock slowly back and forth, my cock inside her and making her feel full. Carrie reached between her legs and started to rub her clit as her pace hastened just a little and she was now fucking my cock with her ass at a delicious pace and rhythm.

“Hold my hips baby.” Carrie requested. “Be gentle but please fuck me.”

“How does it feel? ” I urged her to answer.

“It hurt a little at the beginning but it is really beginning to feel good. It feels good feeling so full of your cock.”

Carrie was rubbing her clit with a little more resolve now. I was holding her by the hips and watching my cock slide in and out of her and noticed that she was rocking back into me now. Meeting me stroke for stroke.

“Fuck baby, your ass feels so good.” I moaned.

Carrie’s breathing was changing now and was becoming a little more rapid. I knew she had to be incredibly aroused just from using her toy and watching the porn she was watching and now we were doing something we had never done before but it was growing more intense by the second. We simply couldn’t get enough of each other. We wanted all of each other. We wanted to try everything.

” Baby, I am going to cum soon!” Carrie said as she hastened the rubbing of her clit.

“I am so close baby. Where do you want me to cum?”

“I want you to pull out and stroke your cock and cum on my ass. I want to feel how much I have excited you.” Carrie panted.

Carrie began breathing faster and faster and I knew her orgasm was coming quickly. I could feel my balls tighten and I knew I was going to erupt. I waited as long as I could and I pulled myself from her ass and began to stroke my cock as Carrie was rubbing her clit furiously now. My orgasm made my legs stiffen and the first shot of cum hit Carrie in the middle of the back. She felt it and this pushed her over the edge.

“Oh fuck baby, I’m cumming!” Carrie repeated over and over until she was trembling all over. My cock was still pumping my hot cum onto her back and ass when Carrie fell forward onto the bed, content and exhausted. I also was so relaxed and I laid by her side and kissed her face.

Carrie looked me deep in my eyes and said, “That was really hot. I need you to fuck me forever.”

I will baby. I will.

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