Room 10


My name is Tim and I am the owner/manager of a 4-star hotel on the outskirts of a coastal town, I have ten bedrooms, two of which are luxury rooms and most of my bookings are reliant on wedding guests booking rooms. There are two castles within a 10-mile radius, and both are used as wedding venues which is a great help to my business.

It was early in March, I had been invited to the wedding of one of my mothers’ old friends Julie and I had been asked, or rather told, the family would be reserving the hotel for the whole weekend as my mothers’ sister Rachel and her kids were coming over from Australia along with the usual other family members.

I booked the hotel rooms and told my mother that I had given her and dad one of the luxury rooms and the other to Aunt Rachel as a little welcome home gift. I remember the smile on my mother’s face when she told me how proud she was of raising such a gentleman; mothers eh, if only she knew.

The rest of the month went on as normal as it possibly could, the usual wedding guests and random travellers passed through, all of which had tales of their life stories. All I cared about was organising my small kitchen and ensuring my small cleaning team kept the rooms suitable, which they always did. The customer reviews were always good, and people were mostly very happy with their stay.

I hadn’t had anyone in room 10 this month which was a shame, that room was my zone, I stayed in there after late nights at work and had rearranged the furniture in a way to suit my needs for the more attractive guests.

Room 10 was for all intents and purposes, my voyeur room. I had set up a camera in the lounge area facing the sofa, a camera in the bedroom facing the bed and one in the bathroom recording the open shower. Each camera was behind a locked air vent and had night vision for when the lights went off. Every angle of the apartment suite was covered, I’d spent years investing in room 10 and it’s something to proud of.

People booking to stay in the hotel were required to provide ID verification via email during the booking process. I could basically pick and choose which people went in room 10 providing the hotel wasn’t fully booked. I had regularly upgraded attractive women or couples to stay in room 10 in the hope of catching some action. Some people spent barely any time in the hotel during their stay and only ever bothered to sleep and shower. Some people however, had put on quite the show; especially couples attending weddings, they were my favourite guests.

I had put my Aunt Rachel in room 10 because I honestly did not want to end up accidentally seeing my parents doing anything, and I thought that with my Aunt it wouldn’t be as bad as I hadn’t seen her for 20 years. If I did see anything on the cameras it would be easier to shift out my mind and be a lot easier for me as she would fly back to Australia, meaning I’d likely never see her again.

The hotel has a security room, which is locked at the back of my office. Inside the room there is a desk with a computer situated below several TV monitors showing each camera around the hotel, including the off-record ones in room 10. I can lock the door, sit at the desk and watch the cameras; I’d spent many nights sat jerking off watching hotel guests fuck. Everything from married women on top of their husbands in a 69 position to single bridesmaids getting fucked in their dress; I’d seen it all.

Over the next few weeks my hotel ran as normal, all the standard rooms fully booked. I hadn’t had a single booking for a luxury suite and had turned down a few requests as I was letting my parents and Aunt Rachel use the only two. It was looking like a dry weekend for me, unless I could find someone at the wedding, I couldn’t foresee myself getting any action that weekend.

The weekend of the wedding came around, my family arriving in dribs and drabs throughout the day, dropping off their luggage and getting their rooms set up ready for the wedding the next day. At around 7pm my mum and dad arrived with my Aunt Rachel and her kids; I have to say she had aged well considering she was 45 years old. I won’t lie and tell you she looked 20 because in honesty she probably looked in her late 30s, but she was still attractive, she had caught the sun living in Australia and had a slightly bronzed skin tone; I thought she would come under the MILF category for sure. With two kids, one around 15 and the other roughly 8, she looked in good shape for her age; she was slightly curvy and bared a slight resemblance to Kate Winslet. I had heard about how Aunt Rachel had split up with her husband after catching him with another woman a few years back, he must have been one crazy bastard, “Welcome to the hotel Aunt Rachel, it’s great to see you after so long,” I told her, giving her a hug, “And Hi mum and dad,” I added over her shoulder.

Aunt Rachel eyed me up and down for a second and replied, “It’s good to see you Tim, good grief you have grown you must be at least 6 foot!”

“Somewhere around the bursa escort 6’2 mark,” I informed her.

“Well, someone had a healthy growth spurt!” She laughed back, showcasing her warm smile.

“Let me carry your luggage for you, I have set you up in room 10, one of my luxury suites,” I said with a hint of showmanship.

“Wow that’s very kind of you Tim, it’s so good to be back and see all the old faces,” she replied.

We chatted our way down the hall and she was telling me about how different life was in Australia, her two kids followed us down the corridor talking about how different England was compared to where they were from; the weather, mainly.

We reached her kids room and I waited while she got them inside and settled in. She returned to the corridor and was pleased when I told her she was in the adjacent room to her kids. I noticed I had forgotten her door key and had to return to the front desk to retrieve it. On my way back down the corridor I caught a glimpse down my Aunt Rachel’s dress as she bent over to pick up her suitcase. Her tits hung down in a red bra, I noticed they were a good handful at least before she had lifted her head back up removing them from my sight.

“Well Aunt Rachel, welcome to your room, I’ll bring up a complementary glass of champagne and then leave you to get yourself unpacked and settled in, please enjoy the mini bar, the cupboards and fridge are stocked and there is a selection of beauty products in the bathroom for you to use at your leisure,” I said giving her the routine luxury room pitch.

“That’s very kind of you Tim, I could do with a drink after all that travelling,” she replied.

“I’ll bet you do, I’ll bring up two just to make sure,” I said with a hint of fake sincerity, which she laughed at.

I returned 5 minutes later with the glasses of champagne and set them down on the living room table, my Aunt thanked me and we made small talk about each-others jobs, how life had been in the last 20 years and she told me all about her kids and how they were doing at school. Her eldest son Michael wanted to be a chemical engineer but wasn’t sure if he would get good enough grades for college, causing my Aunt elevated levels of stress. I could tell she was a strong woman, carrying the burden of raising her two children alone was a difficult task for anyone.

I made my way to the door and gave her some reassurance as I left, “If he wants it enough, he will get it Aunt Rachel, he just needs to set his mind to it,” I told her, “And don’t feel so responsible for him, he’s approaching adulthood now and will need to make his own mistakes so he can learn,” She seemed to appreciate the advice.

I went over to check on my parents and made sure they were settled in room 9. With them being my parents, they were very used to stopping over in my hotel so basically treated the place like it was their own, which was fine. They had done me the honour of bringing me into this world they can do whatever they want in my hotel. They were both settling in nicely, my Dad had found the beers in the fridge and my Mum was unpacking their suitcase.

I made my way back to my office, poured myself a glass of whiskey, went into the security room and locked the door behind me. Glancing around the at the cameras I saw nothing out of the ordinary; empty corridors and a street-lit car park with a couple of my family’s cars on there, all quiet. Looking over at the security cameras for room 10 I watched my Aunt Rachel unpacking her suitcase, lifting items of clothing in front of her face before hanging them in the wardrobe.

Everyone in the hotel had agreed they were going to have an early night, especially my Aunt Rachel, as she had been travelling and needed to get plenty of sleep if she was to manage the entire day and night of the wedding the next day. I had decided that I was going to stay in my office that night, smoke a cigar or two and have a few more whiskeys before falling asleep on my comfy reclining office chair. Chopping the end of my cigar and leaning back on the chair, I lit it up inside my security room; ironic that my security room was the only room without a smoke detector.

“So, Aunt Rachel, what are we up to tonight,” I thought, taking another sip of my whiskey.

She had finished unpacking her suitcase and was led on her bed on top of the covers reading a book and sipping what looked like her second glass of champagne. I tapped a few keys on my keyboard which brought up the bedroom camera on to the big screen, she had her hair tied up, a baggy t-shirt on that finished half-way down her thighs and some fluffy socks on. The bedroom was dimly lit but it was bright enough for me to see everything clearly. I yawned and took another sip of my whiskey, glancing down at my phone to check what was trending on Twitter; nothing of interest, just football and celebrities.

Around an hour had passed, I had sunk another 3 glasses of whiskey and nothing much had happened in room 10. I kept telling myself it was bursa escort bayan wrong to watch my Aunt but at the same time I barely knew her, she could have been a random woman it wasn’t like I looked at her and saw a family member. She looked like a stranger who I had been told is related to me, I didn’t have that family vibe with her; not like there was anything to see, she was still reading her book in bed. She must have found the wine cupboard because there was now a half empty bottle on her bedside table.

I sat there staring at the monitor in deep thought, I had a hotel to run in the morning and could probably use a good night sleep. Just I as I was about to retreat to my office chair for the night, I noticed movement in the bedroom camera of room 10.

My Aunt Rachel’s right hand had left her book and was gently rubbing her tits, I watched in disbelief as she pinched her nipple through the fabric; I couldn’t believe it. “She must be reading erotica,” I thought, glued to the screen. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she was reading her book and slowly touching herself. I wondered what book she was reading, if the chapter she was reading was a scene with a male biting a woman’s nipple, my Aunt Rachel playing it out in her mind and on her own body. Her hand had slid down her stomach, pulled the long t-shirt up, proceeding down towards her cunt. I saw her teasing herself, slowly brushing her hand over her black laced thong, her legs shuffling on the bed from anticipation.

“I bet its wet under those,” I thought.

Watching my Aunt pleasure herself was getting to me. I couldn’t sit there watching her without getting myself off at the same time. At this point my cock was feeling swollen so I reached down into my black suit pants and gripped my hardening cock, stroking it watching Aunt Rachel slowly move her hips against her oncoming hand. Her delicate fingers were brushing against her aroused clit, slowly teasing herself. I could tell she was becoming entranced in her book; her lips were slightly parted, and she was gazing into the pages with lust. I saw her eyes roll into the back of her head, her hair fell before her eyes, only one thing taking her focus. Aunt Rachel placed her book down on the bed, shuffled lower down until she was led resting with her head on the pillows, lent down and hooked her thumbs in the waist of her black laced thong. She pressed her legs together and raised them in the air revealing her pear-shaped ass; she then lifted her thong from between her cheeks and raised them up her thighs, peeling them away from her open lips.

After discarding her thong on the floor, she returned between her legs, coating her fingers in her wet pussy juice and began circling. My Aunt Rachel was gripping on to the bed sheets with her free hand, her head tiled back, mouth open with an arched back as she rubbed herself. She opened her legs wide providing my camera, situated directly across from the end of the bed, with a perfect open view of between her legs. With her chest pushed out and her legs spread open I could see everything. I watched her stomach rise and fall faster, her breathing increasing with every second she spent on her clit.

By this point I had slipped my pants down by my ankles and was enthusiastically pumping at my rock-hard cock. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was watching my Aunt Rachel play with her pussy. She was a beautiful woman, still in shape but with the slightly looser skin that age brings; Her heavy tits slowly wobbling against the movement of her arm. I’d always dreamed of fucking a MILF, and my Aunt was the epitome of the word; completely natural, yet unbelievably sexy.

I imagined being in the same room watching her masturbate, listening to her moaning and hearing how wet her cunt was. I thought about her shuffling to the end of the bed and opening her legs for me, letting me bury my entire shaft in her soaking wet pussy. I opened my eyes, my Aunt Rachel still with one hand ferociously strumming her clit while the other gripped one of her tits. Her pace had increased, and she became fidgety, pinching her nipples lost in the moment. She lifted herself up on one elbow and her mouth fell open, she was staring at her pussy as her hand worked its magic. Seconds later her knees came crashing together and her body seemed to shiver.

Close to blowing my load I decided to increase the pace, feeling that familiar euphoria before my balls tingled and shot cum over my chest and down my hand. I sat there, covered in my own spunk ashamed of what I had just done. I looked at the camera screen and noticed my Aunt Rachel had dragged a blanket over her and looked to have fallen passed out; I decided it was probably a good idea for me to do the same so I cleaned up my mess, drank the last mouthful of my whiskey and headed into my office to get some sleep for the wedding the next day.

I woke up having slept like a baby, it was 7.30 am and Cathy, my weekend manager, was due in at 8 am. Half an hour later Cathy appeared at my office door asking if escort bursa I had slept here again and that I should go home and shower like a normal human.

“You know what I’m like Cathy,” I told her as I left my office heading for the hotel main reception.

Having reached the main reception, I said goodbye to Alex on the desk and left the hotel. I climbed in my Range Rover, put the heated seats on, and headed off towards home.

The rest of the day was boring; I showered, watched TV and ate food. I only had to be ready and at the wedding party for 6 pm, I hadn’t been invited to the ceremony, which I was pleased about; I didn’t fancy sitting there watching my mums friend get married anyway. All I was interested in was if my Aunt would be there, and if I would get the chance to watch her fuck one of the wedding guests later that night.

I showered and combed my hair, found my suit and put it on. It had been a long time since I’d worn my smart suit; it was all black and looked like the suit Keanu Reeves wore in ‘John Wick’. I always thought I looked badass wearing it, the fit was perfect and as I liked to keep myself in shape, I usually looked the part when I dressed for an occasion, however rare that may be.

I was adjusting my tie when my phone rang, it was my mum telling me my taxi would be arriving in ten minutes, so I had better hurry up. I was ready in five and went out to meet the taxi driver as he pulled up outside my house. The journey was around fifteen minutes, most of which I spent in conversation with the taxi driver, asking him how busy his night had been and what time he got off, the usual stuff.

Eventually the taxi pulled up to the wedding venue, I paid my fare and headed down the red carpet under a large stone archway. The stone path opened into a vast circular grass courtyard that had a tree at its centre; wedding guests were scattered in groups around the courtyard. I caught sight of my parents standing next to the tree chatting to Aunt Rachel; I headed towards them looking at my Aunt, I couldn’t help but think about what she looked like under the tight fit burgundy dress that she was wearing.

“Hi everyone, how’s the day been so far?” I asked upon reaching my family.

I received a hug and kiss on the cheek from my mum and Aunt Rachel as they told me about how good the ceremony had been, apparently Julie had cried with happiness attempting to say her vows, the whole audience sympathising with the in-love bride. I wasn’t a sappy person and honestly the idea of that made me cringe a little; it was a shame they hadn’t booked to stop in my hotel room, wedding couples were always fun to watch fucking as the passion was so high and usually the bride was wearing sexy lingerie clothing under her dress.

The wedding was full of people I didn’t know, meaning I spent most of my time drinking with my parents and Aunt Rachel. We chatted, laughed and drank for hours; The result being all four of us completely wasted dancing with some of the other guests. With Aunt Rachel’s kids tucked up safely at my hotel, my Aunt had taken the opportunity to let herself go a little, ordering rounds of tequila every hour on the hour.

At around midnight I was chatting to a man who was telling me about his boat and where he went fishing, I have no interest in fishing but when you have consumed as much alcohol as I had it didn’t really matter what the topic of conversation was. It was at that moment when I noticed Aunt Rachel at the bar again, I couldn’t help myself but head over to her, slightly swaying with a rum and coke in my hand.

“Hey there, you are ordering another?” I asked as I appeared next to her at the bar.

Turning around seeing it was me, she smiled and replied, “Oh hey handsome, one more and I’m ringing a taxi.”

I’m not sure what surprised me more, the fact she had just called me handsome or that I couldn’t think of anything to say in response. I couldn’t flirt with my Aunt and I couldn’t ignore her comment, but after a five second silence I came out with what was probably the worst of the two options, “Hey, I’m the 2nd best looking out of the two of us!” I said, fuelled by alcohol.

Me and my Aunt Rachel struck up a conversation at the bar while she had her last drink, she was telling me about her ex-husband and how much of a prick he was; I was sure she wouldn’t be this forward with me if she hadn’t also been drinking. I found out all about his affair and how it made her feel, I felt a sadness for her as I noticed the anger behind her eyes as she unfolded her marriage secrets. I started to piece together her life, noticing how she wore revealing dresses in a plea for attention, probably due to self-confidence issues; I had no idea why, she was stunning, it was her husband who was the unlucky one.

Aunt Rachel finished her drink just as she received a text message to say her taxi had arrived, so we made our way to the exit and across the courtyard. True to their word the taxi driver was parked up waiting for us at the other side of the stone archway. I headed towards the passenger seat next to the driver when my Aunt Rachel grabbed my arm and told me to sit in the back as her head felt wavy and she needed a shoulder to rest her head on; I wasn’t going to complain.

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