Rootin’ Road Trip Ch. 02


We left town and she fell asleep after about 10 minutes. When we were coming into a small country town around lunch time I woke her up and asked what she would like to do for lunch. We stopped at a small café in the middle of the street and had some coffee and cake. We hadn’t actually planned to stay anywhere so when it was getting late in the afternoon I woke her up and asked her if she could find out how far the next town was that had a motel that we could stay in for the night. We didn’t realise it but we were only an hour away from the Gold Coast. When we finally arrived, we went right through to the bottom end and looked for a motel around the outskirts so that we wouldn’t have to go through much traffic the next morning when we wanted to leave.

There was a resort about 20 minutes from the highway and we decided to stay there for the night. We booked in and had a look at the room then went and got our gear from out of the car and found a good spot to park. When we got to the reception we saw that it was only 4 o’clock and that we could go for a drive and have a look around.

When we were going down the main road we saw an adult erotica shop. We turned around at the next intersection and headed back towards it. When we got there we parked down the road a bit in a side street. We got out and walked back to the shop. As we entered the shop we it was bigger than we thought it was. We walked to the side of the shop to where the butt plugs were. We picked out a few little ones and some medium sized ones. After we grabbed some we ended up with 4 with one that was quite small, two medium sized ones and a quite large one that had suction pad on the bottom. Then we went to look at some vibrators and strap-on. When we got to the casino siteleri section there was a fairly big range of toys. We picked out a strap-on that had two dildos on it. One that faced in that the person wearing it would put it her pussy and the other that went in the other persons. We took two a big one, and a small one, then two double ended dildos. One was purple with lumps on it and another was a smooth red glass one. When we had both our hands full, the shop attendant came over and handed us a basket. We thought about how long we were going to be travelling for and what we may need. So we got half a dozen bottles of lube, three different types of condoms including some with vibrating tips and ribbed ones.

We had been in the shop for so long looking at all the things that we would either have in us or be putting in the other we had to ask the guy if he had somewhere we could go to relieve the sexual tension that had been building up since we were grabbing the toys. We went in to the back room in the shop and had a quick session and then continued out the front and paid for all our toys. He put them in a bag. We headed back to the car with all our new toys. We headed back to the motel and got all our stuff and took it up to the room. We laid out all our new toys on the end of our bed and sat back at the head of the bed.

She took her shorts off and threw them on the floor and grabbed my hand and put it on her thigh. She pulled my pants down and took them off. We lay down and she lay on top of me and started kissing my cheek and down to my neck. She took off her shirt and then I took mine off. She was slowly kissing her way down my chest until she was just above my cock. She pulled my jocks off and put my semi-hard cock slot oyna in her mouth. She licked up and down my cock until I had a raging hard-on. She then sat up and took of the rest of her clothes off and asked me to sit up again. I sat on the edge of the bed and she got off and stood in front of me. She pushed me back on the bed and sat up with one knee on each side of me. She lowered her self on to my cock and lay down on top of me. She bounced back and forth on top of me and as my cock penetrated her deeper and deeper she moaned louder and louder. She sat back up and continued bouncing faster and faster. Within seconds she was yelling out “I’M CUMMING!” With that she collapsed next to me.

Once she recovered, she spread her legs wide open on the bed and asked me to kneel up. I knelt on the edge of the bed and grabbed her legs. I spread them open even wider and puller her up against my cock. As I penetrated her I bent over and started to pinch her nipples. As I did that she started to hump my cock. As I felt I was going to cum I pulled my cock out and she sat up. She grabbed my cock between her breasts and I began to fuck her chest. I fucked harder and harder and soon I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pulled her head down and she took it in her mouth and I pushed her head hard and felt my cock in her throat. As soon as she flicked her tongue on my balls I blew hard fast and deep into her mouth.

We both collapsed onto the bed side by side. She rolled on top of me and we kissed passionately for what seemed like an hour. We feel asleep in this position. When I woke up I looked at the clock. It was 11:00pm.

I got up trying not to wake her and got up and got a drink and went to the toilet. When I came back she was awake and canlı casino siteleri had the strap-on on and was lying down with it pointing at the ceiling. I walked over to the edge of the bed and she asked rolled over and looked at me. I turned around and sat on the bed. She asked me to get up on the bed and bend over so that she could get a clear look at my ass. I did so and just as I got into position I felt a cold sensation on my ass. Next thing I felt was her middle finger going into my ass. She slowly wiggled it in and explored around for a bit. Then with her free hand she reached around me and grabbed my cock. She did a couple of quick hard pumps and then let go again. She worked her finger out until it was just at the first knuckle, then she pushed it back in fast. She started pumping it in and out getting faster and faster. She pulled her finger out and put some lube on two more fingers and then some on my ass again. Being careful and slow she worked in the next two fingers and stretched my hole. She held it open for a while and then put lube on the strap-on. She then put the head into my ass and I moaned in pain and ecstasy at the same time. She slowly put it in deeper until I had the whole thing in my ass. She left it in for a while without moving and reached around with and grabbed my cock and started to pump. She then started to move her hips back and forth making the dildo go in and out slowly. After she had a good rhythm penetrating me deep and pulling my cock it wasn’t long before we changed positions and I was sitting on her bouncing up and down. As I did this she was wanking me harder and faster and within seconds she was covered in my hot cum.

If you liked this part of the story then you’re going to love to hear about what else happens on the road trip as I get it down. It may take a couple of weeks to complete the whole trip but it will be worth it. I would love to hear what you thought about this part and how many people I made cum with this.

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