Rosalyn’s trip to a stripclub 09/22/2012


Rosalyn’s trip to a stripclub 09/22/2012I would like to share and tell you all about my trip tonight to a stripclub. It all started when I left the local bar after having a few drinks and hanging out with some co-workers. I then decided to go to the nearest stripclub, lucky for me I had a free-pass for the place in question :). I went in bought a beer and checked out the “dancers” I am ass and titty type of girl.After like a half hour of looking around and listening to the music I was approached by a “dancer” who called herself “Sunshine” she was about 6 foot (thats an estimate) with heels. Her hair was long all the way to her mid-back in some sexy curls, her skin complexion was light. She looked like she was mixed black with white and her breast size was at least a C~D cup. I asked her for a lapdance and she agreed, so we walked to the back and I sat dwn as she/ took off that black bikini top she was wearing. As she sat on my lap she bakırköy escort began to grind on me as I played and rub on her tits which were very soft and warm. She then turned around and began to rub her ass which was an avetage size. As she rubbed her ass on me she leaned her back against my chest while lifting her leg in the air. While her leg was lifted I rubbed her leg moving my hand ever so closer to her pussy and I sneaked my fingers under her panties and I penetrated her pussy with 2 fingers for a few seconds and I must say het pussy was fairly wet. She then turned around and rubbed her tits on my “clit” then as she got lower she gave me a quick dry blowjob through my pants. As the song nearly ending she got on top of my lap one final time and rub those lovely tits on my face, as dhe did that I grabbed her tits and I sucked her hard nipples thus finally concluding the song.As I sat down at the beşiktaş escort main floor yet again, watching the other dancers who were dancing on stage I was then approached by the final dancer of the night. Her name was “kat” she was a white girl, with a few tattoo’s which I dont mind at all since I find tattoo’s sexy. Her outfit was a bra and panty set with like a tiger print but the colors were red with black stripes. She was also wearing like a collar that is normally used for S&M. Her hair was blonde and long to her lower back, bra size was a A~B cup but he had a huge round ass, the thing that made her so sexy to me besides her amazing ass was her sexy glasses and gothic style look she had going for her. So as I sat watching the dancers do their routine on stage she asked me if she could sit on my lap which I happily agreed to with a “Yes”. We chatted for a bit until asked her for lapdance as beylikdüzü escort well. Once again we went to the back and she began grinding on me, I started rubbing and caressing her tits and nipples which I lightly pinched between my fingers. She stood up and turned around bending over pointing her amazing round ass on my face, which I grabbed and spread her asscheeks and motorboated her ass. I kissed her asscheek, navel, neck, tits and her cheek. I sucked on her nipples, and then she sat her huge ass on my “clit” while leaning on my chest with her next to mine I nibbled on her ear lobe while one hand was on a titty and the other was between her asscheeks and she was lifting her leg up in the air. That concluded my time with “kat” all I can say is that left very satisfied and wet lol. Both women were nice, sexy, and very freaky if I had the chance to fuck them I would in a heartbeat. I left so hornyand even know as I type this I still remember it and get aroused, so I will play with my “clit” to finish the night off.To all my readers. Stay sexy, thanks for reading and I really thank you for taking the time to read this.P.s. I there any typos or grammatical errors, I typed this on my touch screen phone and apologizeLove,~Rosalyn~

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