Rude Awakening


This is a complete work of fiction and should be enjoyed as such. All characters described are fictional and over the age of 18.


Slowly and hazily I roused from sleep, a pleasant warm contentment awash in me. Not wanting to spoil this soft glowing feeling I kept my eyes shut and lounged languidly as I lay in bed trying to recall what I had just been dreaming. While engaging this reverie I noticed a strange sensation in my mouth, as if it were full, but not unpleasantly so, with something soft and spongy. It was then that I recalled parts of my dream. I had been eating, or maybe suckling, a lollipop? This might explain the warm contentment that had been spreading from my middle and the odd feeling in my mouth.

Mmmm…I moaned reliving the dream, this caused a startling occurrence, apparently there was something in my mouth, as my moan had caused it to twitch and it seemed to be growing. I opened my eyes in surprise and found myself staring into a nest of dark hair. Mmmm…mmm…mmm, I moaned again, realizing I must have my husbands cock in my mouth. He must have come home after I was sound asleep and found me receptive. I decided I’d give him a treat and finish what I had started last night. Softly and gently I began to suck on his ballooning member. I rolled my tongue around the outside of it as it extended into my mouth, trying to keep my lips pressed into his groin. Finally his crown reached the back of my throat and I pulled back slightly and rolled my head forward again, in short relaxed strokes, rocking against his thigh — which turned out to be my pillow. At last, he moaned in response and, though still sleeping, I thought, his body began to involuntarily buck into my face, making my blowjob much easier.

By now he was fully hard, his breathing had gotten quicker and deeper, and I was really getting into the whole situation, much to my own surprise as I don’t normally care to give head. I realized he must be awake as I felt his hand on the back of my head and heard a moaning grunt issue from his lips. His reaction encouraged me on and I began to apply suction closing my lips tight around his veiny shaft, mmfph-mpfh sounds coming from me each time he thrust into my mouth. I reached up and softly tickled his balls with my nails, smiling around him as I felt them tighten up, his rod began pulsing in my mouth and I knew he was about to shoot. I started to pull my head away — never having liked taking his cum in my mouth — when his hand pushed my head back forcefully and his next words stunned me out of indignation!

“Ohhh Yeah Mom!” he moaned.

My eyes shot upwards and my head froze in place. Above me was the face of my 19 year old son, his hand on the back of my head and his hips thrusting into my face. He grunted out a few last short, shuddering strokes and I felt his penis unleash onto my tongue! I was so unnerved I didn’t even gag as string after string of cum coated my mouth, as it filled to bursting I involuntarily swallowed and continued to swallow as he held my head against his crotch and unloaded the last of his seed down my throat.

His hand relaxed, breaking me from my reverie. I pulled back, a trickle of cum leaking from the left side of my mouth as I released his wilting member, gasping for breath and sitting up abruptly.

“Danny!” I shouted, trying to wrench the sheet that was tangled beneath his prone form up to cover my own nudity.

“That was great, Mom, what a way to wake-up!” he said, not seeming the least bit ill at ease in finding himself in this situation. His eyes rolled bursa escort up and fluttered closed as he sighed, “Thanks…I didn’t know how you’d feel this morning, after last night…”

I was flabbergasted, and he seemed to think that this was ok! I pulled the sheet out from under him and stood up.

“Danny! What the hell do you think you’re doing in here?!” I asked as I wrapped myself up and strode away from the bed.

This got his attention as he leaned up on his elbows and looked at me with concern and maybe, finally, a hint of shame.

“You don’t remember what happened last night?” he asked me.

I stared wide eyed at him as his gaze traveled admiringly up and down my body. I shivered under this onslaught and clutched the sheet tighter around me taking a step back from my naked son.

“Of course I remember last night!” I snapped! “I went out with Catherine and Tami for happy hour”, I stated, shaking my head. I blurted, “But that doesn’t explain why you’re here in my bed with your dick in my mouth!” He cringed at that and finally averted his eyes from me. “What are you doing here…in my room…in my bed…NAKED!” my voice had risen, I could feel hysteria creeping in as I stared at Danny, who sat up and scooted to sit at the edge of the bed, resting his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. I couldn’t help but notice his penis and balls as they slid down to hang over the edge of the comforter, ‘my god!’ I thought, he’s soft and it must be dangling down four inches! How did I get that whole thing in my mouth? I was snapped out of these inappropriate thoughts as Danny ran his fingers through his hair, looked up at me and proceeded to tell me everything I didn’t remember about last night.

Apparently, I started out the night as I remembered: meeting Catherine and Tami at Fresco’s for happy hour. We were all pretty ready to let our hair down; for them it’d been a long week, for me, I’d finally had enough of my husband ignoring me, I wanted to feel beautiful again. So, I had rummaged through my closet to doll up my 38 year old figure as best I could. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m homely, just older. I still maintain my college weight, of 120 lbs, with regular trips to the gym. I like to think I carry it well on my 5’8″ frame.

I pulled out my sexiest black and fuscia push-up bra that barely covered my nipples and gave my 34C’s a healthy boost. I pulled the matching boy short style panties up around my 36″ hips and smoothed my hands down my tanned legs as I took a slow spin in front of the mirror tacked to the back of the closet door. ‘Not bad’ I thought to myself as I picked up the slinky black dress and shimmied into it. I stepped into my four inch heels, touched up my make-up and headed downstairs where Danny sat watching television.

He looked up and smiled at me, “Looking good Mom!”

I smiled, waved as I grabbed my keys, and shouted “Thanks honey, don’t wait up!” as I strolled out the door.

Minutes later I was throwing back martinis with the girls and batting my lashes shamelessly at any cute guy who’d look my way. This is the point where everything gets fuzzy and Danny began filling things in from what the girls had told him.

According to what Catherine told Danny, just as I was polishing off my second martini I checked my phone and found a voicemail from my husband. I punched it up and listened before slamming the phone back in my purse and running off to the bathroom. Catherine followed and found me sobbing into a wad of tissue in one of the stalls.

I bursa escort bayan explained that James, my husband, had left me a voicemail telling me he was leaving me for that tramp of a secretary of his. He wasn’t coming home until he’d found a place to move into, and then only to pick up his things.

Catherine helped me dry my tears and remind me what the last few months, years really, had been like — with barely any intimacy and time together. He’d obviously been at this for a while. The more she talked the more my vodka addled brain swirled it all together into a righteous indignation that swept through and invigorated me. I cleaned up my face, applied new lipstick and marched out to the bar. Catherine thought things were looking up…until I ordered another martini, tossed it back in one big gulp and strode over to the nearest cute guy and stuck my tongue down his throat.

After a moment’s shocked hesitation Catherine and Tami grabbed my arms and pulled me out of my willing lover’s arms and bundled me into Tami’s Toyota Camry to take me home.

The two managed to get me stumbling to the door, rang the bell and got Danny to help me inside where they dumped me on the couch.

The girls were pretty tired out and it was already after midnight so they went on home and left me in Danny’s care.

Danny tried to get me to drink water, but I was still too upset about my husband’s betrayal and between the alcohol and my mood I was also feeling very uninhibited. Since I wouldn’t drink any water, Danny put his shoulder under my arm and half carried, half walked me to my bedroom.

I’m not sure whether I believe what he told me next.

If what Danny says is true, I didn’t recognize who he was and kept trying to un-tuck his shirt and stick my hand down his pants while he walked me to my room. When we got there he turned me to face him and sat me on the edge of the bed. I was still fumbling with his belt, which was difficult to open because he had a boner (from his mother?!). He took a step back, trying to disengage from me and, still holding the top of his pants I slid forward off the bed and onto my knees on the floor in front of him giving him a great view down the front of my dress. This tussle had also allowed me to pull his belt open and before he could protest again I had his pants unbuttoned and unzipped.

It was Danny’s turn to be stunned into inaction as I rubbed my cheek against the bulge of his erection through his underwear before stroking it and finally pulling the elastic band down away from his cock. As I pulled down his boxers his cock fell forward and smacked my nose and slid down my cheek leaving a trail of pre-cum.

Danny was too aroused to move and just stood and stared as I turned my face to the side and licked his shaft from his base to just behind his crown. I then proceeded to ‘Hoover him like a vacuum!’

He said he was rooted to the floor in awe, never thinking that his beautiful mother would ever actually act out one of his wet dreams in real life. I made a mental note to talk to him further about these ‘wet dreams’ of his. This was too much for him to take and he quickly shot his load into my mouth, watching as it spilled out of the corners of my lips and dripped down onto my cleavage and dress (I guess I didn’t have great control of my lip muscles after 3 martinis).

When he finally finished cumming he staggered back, his dick sliding out of my cum-dripping lips, while I leaned back contentedly against the bed. He pulled off his pants to free his legs and tried escort bursa to decide what to do now.

He told me I looked like I was going to fall asleep right there and he didn’t want me to wake up cramped and disheveled, crumpled at the foot of my bed so he managed to get me on my feet and slide my dress down my body before I fell back on the bed. At this point he was feeling bolder after having gotten sucked off by his mom; so he undid my bra and pulled my panties down so he could admire my naked body. Stripping off his own shirt, he crawled into bed next to me and began to massage my pussy and grope my breasts; to which I responded with moans my hands groping for his prick.

Danny took my exploration as a good sign and sucked on my right breast before kissing down my stomach and through my trimmed bush to lick at my pussy. He wanted to return the favor to me and proceeded to eat me out as he’d learned to do in high school, apparently having had a lot of practice with his senior year girlfriend.

That would certainly explain the warm cozy feeling I’d felt in my stomach when I woke up. He said after he brought me to a gasping orgasm, he crawled up next to me to curl up while I fondled his balls in afterglow. The last thing he remembers was me kissing his stomach and running my fingers through his coarse nest of hair.

As his story concluded I stumbled back to sit in the chair at my vanity, hand covering my mouth, eyes wide while I tried to digest what had supposedly happened.

I looked out the window at the light streaming in; my eyes roamed across the floor to my dress crumpled on the floor near the foot of the bed at Danny’s feet, up his legs (Oh my God!) his cock had grown stiffer during the telling of his tale and was hanging down a good 7 inches and it wasn’t even fully hard yet!

I needed to get dressed and have some time to think about this without getting distracted by his tumescent manhood.

Fortunately it was Saturday I didn’t have to go to work, but Danny had to get ready to go to his weekend job, they still hadn’t switched him to full time yet after graduation last weekend. I ordered him out of my room and told him to go to work; we’d talk about this when he got home.

Danny hung his head as he walked out of the room, stooping to pick up his clothes on the way. I closed the door behind him and when, a few minutes later, I heard his shower start I threw the sheet on the bed and began to pick up the pieces.

I picked up my underwear where it was crumpled on the bed and my bra next to it on the floor. It didn’t seem the worse for wear. Then I picked up my dress, as I held it up before me I could clearly see twin trails of glistening residue that was unmistakably cum stains dripping from the top edge of the bodice down to where my breasts would have curved under when I wore it.

I tossed it on the bed, gasping again at this presumable evidence proving Danny’s story. As I was contemplating this I heard the shower shut-off, I strode to my closet and pulled on a robe and walked back to my window where I stared dazedly out at our quiet, normal neighborhood.

Some minutes later I watched as Danny exited out the front door and moodily crossed the lawn to his car, the car wash uniform cap pulled low over his eyes. As he drove off I decided to go downstairs and find my phone.

I found my purse on the floor by the couch and dug out my phone; dialing up voicemail I heard my husband’s voice telling me he was leaving me for his secretary.

It seemed like Danny’s story was true then. I’d gotten drunk, and apparently slutty, at hearing my husband abandon me in a voicemail and seduced my own son. I slumped on the couch and stared blankly at the black TV screen, trying to figure out what to do with the pieces of my life.

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