Runaway Orphan


Runaway OrphanShe watched him moving around outside the house talking to a neighbour in his car. He looked like a Farmer,tall muscular around 30 something . She was dirty and wanted to clean up so badly. No wonder because she was on the road for now three days, eating fruits after her money was spend. No home to return. The man got into his car and follow the neighbour somewhere. She ran to his house ,quickly got inside ,lucky her he didnt have a dog, she saw the food on his table ,grabbed a few bites and enjoyed the real food. She didnt worry about him finding out that someone broke in , she would be quick. While wandering inside the house she found the bathroom. Maybe a quick shower ? Fast to get the dirt off to feel refreshed? She convinced herself to easy thinking he will be gone long enough and her being fast. Collected a big towel and some shapoo she got out of her “clothes” and went for a refreshing shower.He saw something moving in the mirror of this car. But he fast to far already. Maybe just a bird ? No real worries but better be quick home. After 20 min he was already on the way home.The water overtook the noise of the car and the frontdoor. It was pendik escort quiet while she got out to dry herself. Humming her favorite song for the 80s playing around a little cause the water washed away the sadness and the dirt. Quietly and slowly he went up. The water got turned off and a female voice started the favorite tune of his dead wife. He peeked through the keyhole a bit . Petite , short black hair, cute butt. Like a tomboy he thought. He didnt wanted to interrupt her happiness so he went down not so quiet anymore into the kitchen. He saw his lunch already gone and smiled. You cant be mad at cuties he thought. Well time to cook. The door upstairs opened while he was busy. He called :” Want to eat something warm? ” . No answer . But a head peeked at him . What a beauty . He smiled and invited her to the table. She followed but she was aware and careful around him. They didnt talk that much while eating. Just a few glances were exchanged. He smiled everytime and she turned away quickly. He waited for her to finish up the food. “I guess your turn to wash the dishes” . No answer again. “maybe together?”. She shook her head yes. He collected the dishes escort pendik and washed them while she dried them off. He felt her eyes on him and checked her out too a few times. After they were done she suddenly dropped on her knee in front of him and opened his jeans. He was to surprised to react. When she took his semihard cock into her mouth he moans softly but still asked why. No answer again but his now hardening dick lessend his protest. Just let her do. She took his full 6 inches and bopped her head up and down. She was good with her mouth. Nicely sloppy and warm. He dropped a hand on her head guiding it on his cock. stroking throught her hair he felt that he will cum soon and told her so. She just looked up at him with her puppy eyes and sucked harder twirling the tounge aroud the head. he grabbed her head with both hands and went ballsdeep as he exploded inside her mouth. she swallowed every drop and the dick came off her mouth with a plop. he grabbed her and carried her upstairs into the bedroom. laying her on the bed he went for a kiss . Not just on the lips but he kissed her whole body from the lips down to her legs and especially between her legs. pendik escort bayan Sucking on her pussylips and rubbing her clit with the thumb. The other hand massaged her b cup boobs. She moaned so cute it movitated him . he pushed his tounge into her twirling around then pushed two finger inside while the tounge played with her clit . She came faster as he expected. Her orgasm let her pussy tighting around his fingers and he smiled at her . crawling up he kissed her and hugged her. He rolled around and got her to lay on top of him. He just held her tight to his body. His again hardend dick pocked her entrance. She sat up and slowly guided him into her . Suddenly he pushed his hips up and went all the way in. She wasn`t a virgin. But still so damn tight . A her surprised face was absolutly gorgeous. He smiled while she started to ride him. His hands grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipples a little. Loud moans and clapping filled the room. he pulled her down and kissed her. then grabbed her hips and went harder and rougher as deep as he could. Her second orgasm was even louder then the first and her now even tighter pussy brought him over the edge as well. She felt him shooting rope after rope of warm sperm deep inside her as she collapsed into his chest were his strong arms hugged and held her. She heard him whispering “Stay for a while”. She felt safe and happy. And kinda home.

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