Sakura Understands Reality Ch. 04

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The floor area reserved for hot oil massage was directly behind sakuras stool. The design had been artistically arranged to give the appearance of a small lily pond with ornamental koi swimming just below the surface. Sakura made no attempt to stop ayame and kaoru as they gently lifted her and carried her backwards to lie in the contours, her heart was still pounding from the overwhelming release of the orgasm chouko’s lips had deliciously transferred to her swollen clitoris and the cold tile simply made her arch her back and spread her thighs wide. She lay open and without shame, a small frame rapped in wanton bliss. Her nipples seemed to be bursting buds of desire pressing upwards for ever increasing attention and her stomach rippled in a tight almost painful rhythm.

Ayame and kaoru removed their yukata exposing thin hard bodies whose delicacy belied their strength. They knelt one on each side of sakura and poured warm oil onto her writhing form from beautifully crafted earthen ware bowls whose lustrous hue sparkled even in the dim light of the bath house.

From His vantage point Raion could clearly see the swollen lips of sakuras labia, the swelling had parted them sufficiently to expose the beautiful hood that adorned her mound and the projecting nub of the perfectly formed clitoris chouko had feasted on so recently. His minds eye followed the curve till He reached the tight puckering of her anal ring that He had joyously penetrated with a thrust of His finger on occasion.

Boss yamato was watching intently, His bulged eyes and round sly face reminded Raion of the American movie actor Peter Lorre whom He had often seen acting at the local cinema when He was young. Yamato drew a red patent leather ball gag from His kimono sleeve and placing the rubber bite piece in his mouth tightened the straps till they cut into his cheeks. He spread his knees wide allowing the silk kimono to fall open to the belly exposing his steel chastity caged penis. His face flushed with excitement but with no erection possible this only drove his state of ecstasy spiraling ever higher. His scrotum was tightly held in a form of screw clamp that at the same time widely separated the testicles whilst keeping the sac extra tight.

The two maiko had begun to gently run their hands up and down sakuras arms from wrist to pit and kept the limbs at the correct angle by offering one of their breasts for each of her hands to cup. Sakura had no qualms in fondling the firm mounds and began rolling the pert nipples decorating their center between her thumb and forefinger. For their part the maiko squatted deeper, opened their thighs wider and dribbled tears of pleasure from between their vaginal lips.

Kaoru and ayame leaned forward as one and each took one of sakuras hard nipples in their mouth. They bit gently, grazing the tender flesh with the edges of their teeth. Sakura gasped and throwing her head back pinched the maiko’s nipples hard. Chouko had been sitting on the stool opposite watching the performance. Her right hand had quickly slid between her thighs and the index finger was now slowly inscribing batıkent escort circles around her swollen clitoris. Suddenly compelled she glided forward and slid her oiled body between sakuras spread knees. Position her left breast carefully she introduced her own erect nipple between sakuras soaked cleft and pressed inward and upward till the tip was lodged hard in sakuras hood. She pressed released then pressed again feeling the girl writhe beneath her even though pinioned by the maiko’s arms and flashing incisors.

“You need to show your pleasure more sakura. You must let the Daimyo know how your body, senses and mind are captivated by His touch. A man likes to hear the whimper of passion on a woman’s lips, closely followed by the scream of ecstasy.”

Moving ever upwards chouko’s lips found sakuras neck, soft and delicate caresses at first, but rapidly followed by harder inflamed kisses and small nips with her teeth leaving a trail of small red proofs of passion. The maiko’s tongues were dancing joyfully across her aureola bringing short excited gurgles of pleasure from sakuras throat. Chouko slid a finger deep into sakuras vaginal canal and bit hard on her bottom lip before sliding her tongue deep into her mouth. Without a thought sakura responded urgently lustily sucking on the penetrating dancing phalange.

Raion had first experienced a Kabuki performance at age six. Many of His Fathers peers considered this much too young an age to introduce a child to the imagery and confusion of the performances, considering that the nuances of language and gesture would be missed in one who’s journey of life was as yet short. Certainly the spectacle was overwhelming. The archaic language, dazzling costumes, the exaggerated make up and gesture all contrived to make an audiences eyes and ears react in a manner that was at once overpowered and yet conversely comforted.

“A religious experience for many.”

Raion tasted His Fathers words as he watched the expressions and body language of those around Him. Wonder certainly, awe definitely, but also a sense of belonging to something mysteriously magically never ending and beyond understanding.

This first tasted performance was of the famous ‘Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees’ lasting five acts and with a sweeping plot of intrigue, revenge, combat, social status and eventual auspiciousness. Lasting from dawn till dusk this performance reflected the faster more fluid style of the original concept rather than the slow, almost mime version lately preferred.

Boss yamato had begun to literally foam at the mouth. With no other release of fluid possible the flood of his needed ejaculation was by necessity exiting his body orally. Raion perversely admired chouko’s control. The toy padlock fastening the chastity cage was no match for yamato’s physical strength and would with one twist have fallen in pieces to the floor. The constriction had to be uncomfortable, particularly with the urethral probe firmly embedded. Raion considered the complicated relationship that must exist between the husband and wife beşevler escort momentarily then discarded the semantics as a surreal proposition that was uniquely configured and not worth particular contemplation. His decision was both profound and earthy being caused by another of chouko’s maiko kneeling between His thighs and beginning to unfasten the double tapes of His hakama. Fearing that refusal of this obviously prearranged service might be concluded as impolite He allowed the girl to draw the silk garment to the floor and spreading His kimono expose the target of her predetermined attention.

The passionate kiss with sakura at an end chouko positioned herself straddled across her chest. Reaching down she spread the swollen lips of her labia and began to slide her inner flesh up and down sakuras abdomen. The oil was slick between them but was of a type that heated through friction and sakura could clearly feel the imprint of chouko’s inner contours as they massaged her skin with an almost suction like firmness. Kaoru was attempting to place the complete length of her tongue within sakuras vagina, the tip amazingly managing to reach the urethra and was attempting to penetrate the tiny opening with great enthusiasm. Ayame had retrieved a large dildo from the recesses of the bath houses many pigeon holes and was licking it gleefully whilst her eyes fixed on sakura with a fanatical lust.

The evening following Raion’s first experience of kabuki had been as memorable as the performance itself. This was His first visit to Tokyo, the homogenous center of all that was traditional and modern in His homeland. The Shibashi Enbujo was in Ginza, a very upscale area full of stores, restaurants and of course theaters. Raion had been overwhelmed by the crowds of people in the streets as He and His Father walked to the performance and was amazed that even in the late evening when leaving the theater the area still buzzed with constant movement and a cacophony of noise.

“Father there are so many people. Has all of Japan come to visit today?”

“The world is getting smaller Raion and Japan is overflowing. See each individual leaf as it rustles and you will not be overshadowed by the tree. Focus on the form you can see clearly not on the one you can only imagine.”

Raion looked again and saw people, just people, men, women and children as occupied in their lives as He was in His own.

The maiko between Raion’s thighs had bought yamato to a point of almost complete collapse. This seemed rather mysterious at first but as she carefully raised Raion’s penis and eased Him forward on the low chair her technique proved abundantly explanatory. Rather than center her attentions of the shaft or head she began to caress Raion’s anal bud with light perfectly positioned licks, a delicate rimming that caused His penis to jerk in a dance of delight. Having lathed the area completely she turned her attention to His testicles, swirling them with her tongue before taking each in turn into her mouth and sucking with a sensitivity that showed restraint as well as constant practice. ankara escort Interestingly her eyes when possible were focused on the bosses face with a stare that could at only be described as humiliatingly teasing. Raion’s sac tightened under the divine suction and amazingly the girl managed to enclose both testes in her mouth and play them like a pair of benwa balls.

Sakura had never performed fellatio and she was unsure quite how to act when ayame offered the dildo tip to her pouting mouth. The obvious was accomplished quite easily by sakuras tongue snaking forth and rolling around the cleverly sculpted head and rim. The dildos girth was large and when ayame moved the tip between sakuras lips she found herself having to stretch her mouth to its widest. As it slid deeper she found her teeth grazed the surface and wondered if that was a pleasant experience for a flesh and blood member. Ayame began a slow rhythmic penetration of sakuras mouth, not deep enough to make her fear loss of breathe but far enough for the tip to cause her head to react as it reached the bottom of each stroke. Chouko’s eyes were closed tightly and a sublime smile painted across her face as the friction between sakura torso and her widely spread labia began to cause a ripple of release to reach her cervix. Kaoru was sucking and biting down on sakuras clitoris whilst thrusting three fingers deep into her inner core. Sakuras knees were drawn up to her chest either side of chouko who held them securely under her arms.

The train ride from Tokyo to their villages nearest station would take much of the night. The bullet train was still a thing of the future and railway travel was still a calm but slightly comfortable experience.

“Kabuki literally means to be unusual, out of the ordinary. There was a time when anyone who dressed flamboyantly and walked with a conspicuous swaggering air would be called kabukimono. The fascination with the bizarre is not a modern phenomenon only. Japanese culture may seem very controlled and bland but theatricality has always been accepted as the reverse of our coinage.”

Raion drank in His Fathers words like a sponge absorbing every drop of water possible. He never failed to feel awe at the depth of knowledge or the simplicity of language that was used to explain the most obscure seeming points.

“Whether traditionalist or modern, seemingly ordinary or bizarre people always act, always have a reverse side that if not visible is still clearly definable. Accept the obvious but never allow under currents beneath the surface to surprise you. All life is kabuki, beware the actors who do not wear the expected costumes in order to make it easy to disguise their true character.”

Sakura climaxed just as the dildo was deepest in her mouth. Its withdrawal was followed by a cry of such pure ecstasy it spread through symbiosis to chouko as well as both ayame and kaoru whom had been feverishly masturbating whilst working on sakura. The cry was louder than any she had let forth before. The noise had shape, the shape a form and the form was pleasure and release personified.

“Such a beautiful cry sakura. Such a magnificent pillowing. That is how to ensure your partners utter abandonment.”

Chouko whispered the words to sakura between deep abandoned kisses her breathe so short that the two sentences seemed to take an age to escape her swollen lips.

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