SallyStanding at her bedroom sink, patting her vibrator dry, the last remnants of last nights orgasm draining down the sink. As intense as the orgasm was, and as relieving as it had felt, Sally yearned for the intimacy of sex with her husband. Bob had left only a couple of weeks before on deployment to the middle east. Being a military wife Sally recognised the stages she was going through, the same as all Bob’s previous deployments. At 36 she was now one of the older wives living on base. Their small house had been their home since they had got married. Bob had quickly climbed the military ladder to officer level, but Sally wished he wouldn’t volunteer so quickly for overseas postings. She knew all the other wives would be feeling the same way, especially the newlyweds, and her experience told her a vibrator is the most important weapon in her artillery when Bob was away. Another lonely summer, all alone, just herself and Jack her son. Tossing her clothes in the hamper, Sally mumbled to herself, that a full spring clean of the house was in order.The days were getting hotter, and Sally had decided that nearly a full week of cleaning was enough, today was a day to relax. Slipping on a bikini she lay out in the small rear garden, laying the foundations for a good sun tan. The garden was very private, when they moved into the house Bob had planted a hedge to give them some privacy, privacy that Sally enjoyed when the weather was good. Some of the other houses were completely open at the rear, and marching platoons would regularly pass the open gardens.Sally heard the front door open, Jack was home and by the sounds, he had a friend with him. She waited expecting him to appear in the garden, but they seemed to go straight up the stairs to his room. About an hour later Sally went to get a drink and decided to bring some refreshments to her son and his visitor. Slipping on loose pants and a top, she took some chips and sodas upstairs. As she was about to knock on the door, she could hear them talking. “She’s a ten!”“No only an eight, her tits are too small”“Your mom’s a ten”Sally stopped.“Don’t be silly, a mom cant be a ten”“She is, I saw her in the back when we came in, in her bikini, she’s hot”“Paul, she’s my mom…….. but I suppose she’s not too bad, but I don’t think I can give her a ten, max a nine”Sally smiled to herself, thinking, you still have it girl, a ten. But she did feel a little surprised that Jack had admitted to her being a nine. She turned and went back downstairs, calling the boys from the kitchen to offer the drinks and snacks. The following week, Sally only had one more room to clean, Jack’s room. It was the usual mess. Like most teenage boys, there were clothes and food tossed everywhere. After a couple of hours, she was nearly finished, just the bed to do. Jack’s laptop lay open on the bed, when Sally went to lift it, the request for a password popped up. She remembered hearing Jack telling his friend the password one evening, 36DDtits, she hadn’t said anything and guessed jack didn’t think he had been overheard. Sally typed the password and the screen opened, a porn site popped up, she wasn’t surprised, he was that age. The video was a cheerleader video, which Sally watched for a while, weighing up the pros and cons of getting out her vibrator, but had finally decided not to. She made a mental note of the site, and closed the screen. As she changed the sheets on the bed, Sally found something under the pillow, the red satin and black lace of her panties. She pulled them out, the material was stuck together, she nearly had to tear them apart. Streaks of cum gluing the fine material together. Sally was angry, feeling degraded, how was she to deal with this, her son needed to know this was inappropriate. She’d ask Bob when they had their skype call on Sunday.By Monday, Sally had decided not to mention it to Bob, he’d just say, that’s a boy growing up, he’ll get over it. She had made a mental note to track her panties, but none had disappeared from the wash since. On Tuesday she decided she would spend the day in the garden sunbathing, slipping on her bikini, finding a book and a radio, she set herself up in the yard at the back of the house. After she had eaten lunch, she was getting something upstairs passing Jack’s room she looked in. the laptop was on the bed, she checked under the pillow and again found her panties, the pair she had been wearing the previous day. Sally had been battling with her self how to approach the subject with Jack, she wanted him to stop this habit, yet didn’t want to embarrass him or make him question his sexuality. She knew from the conversation she had overheard from his bedroom that he was straight, but how far would this fetish he had go.It was late afternoon, Jack should be home soon. She thought she had heard the front door a few minutes ago, but there was no sign of Jack. Sally was lying on her stomach on the grass, the hot sun beating down on her skin, the warm rays heating her shoulders and back, her legs and thighs. She felt like someone was close by. Looking over her shoulder she saw the shadow. “Jack?”“Yes mom.”“How long have you been there?”“About ten minut….. I just got home” Jack switched his answer midsentence. He was standing directly behind her, how long had he been there, he was staring straight down at her legs, the gap between her thighs, and Sally presumed her butt and pussy in her bikini. He seemed immediately embarrassed, turning to go back into the house. Sally said nothing, expecting to be angry, but something inside her felt different, not wrong, but she felt slightly turned on. Even though he’s her son, the fact that Jack had been ogling her from behind seemed to be turning her on.Sally cancelled the thoughts from her mind, her own son, she was just imagining being bursa escort turned on, it was really the thoughts of Bob that were having the sexual effect on her body, not Jack. That night and the following day though she couldn’t get the feeling from her mind completely. The more she tried to forget it the more she was getting turned on. But Jack needed to learn, he needed to understand how to respect women. Should she push him, see how far his fantasy would go.The following day, Sally had been at the mall, when she got home, she could hear voices in Jack’s room, his friend Paul had called over. She stood at the door listening.“Did you ever see your mom naked?”“No, did you”“I walked in on her in the shower once” Paul answered, “Her tits are droopy. You must have seen yours”“Not nude, but she was sunbathing yesterday, in the garden in her bikini”“you should have called me, was she topless, did you see her tits”“No” Sally sensed disappointment in Jack’s voice. Maybe his fetish was her and not just her panties. She left the conversation, entering her room, not sure how to handle the situation. Then she had an idea. She opened her press, digging deep she found a pair of tight shorts, lycra sports shorts, that were more like hot pants. She had ordered them online, but they were much too tight, the stretchy material left very little to the imagination, even causing to show a camel toe, the back left half her butt cheeks visible, hanging from the bottom of the shorts. Putting them on, she had no panties underneath. She then found a white sports bra top, the tight material stretching over her firm breasts. Looking in the mirror, she could see her dark areola through the tight top, her nipples were hard and erect sticking out proud from the top.Later as she sat eating with jack, she could feel his eyes watching every move she made, checking her body out. Sally should have been angry, should have said something, but instead she could feel the warmth and moisture building inside her pussy. She had a yearning to touch herself, to finger her pussy, even if he was to see. The lack of intimacy since Bob had left was making the whole thing difficult. Maybe a trip upstairs, ten minutes with her vibrator, would Jack notice, would he hear, would he realise.She went to her room, opening the top drawer, the drawer where her little friend was hidden. On top of the pile of lingerie was pair of white lace panties, the lace so fine that they were virtually see through. wearing them she knew her ass would be visible, the bra was similar, only her nipples would be concealed. Changing her clothes, the dampness in her pussy was increasing. Sally went back down to the kitchen, revealing all but the most intimate parts of her body. Jack was at the sink cleaning up. “I need some disinfectant for the bathroom” Sally said, the first thing to come into her mind. Jack’s eyes nearly popped out, his mom wearing hot lingerie, virtually naked. She found the bottle, bending over to take it from the press. Jack was right behind her, she knew he was staring at her, her ass and possibly her pussy through the panties. She took her time standing up, allowing him time to savour the view. Slowly she stood, leaning against him, she could feel her breasts pressing against his arm, the lace bra barely covering her skin. Sally kissed Jack on the cheek, exactly as any mom would, but she delayed pulling away from him, the kiss lasting longer than it should. Her warm breath in his ear, she whispered, “Thanks for helping, you’re the best son”. Sally looked down, seeing the tent shape in her son’s shorts. As sally pulled away, she patted his butt a couple of times giggling, then grabbed a handful of his flesh, before giving him a playful slap on his ass. She said good night, and could feel his eyes following her as she disappeared.In her room, she was so horny, she wanted to hear Jack going to bed, her vibrator was going to be her relief. Pulling her lace panties down, the sticky secretions from her pussy had soaked the fine lace, her panties were all but dripping with her juices. She had a naughty idea, passing her usual night wear on the bed, she reached inside her drawer. Finding the tiniest G string, she owned, Bob had bought it for her as a joke, it did absolutely noting to cover any part of her body. Pulling the small piece of material on, the string slipping between her labia, the tiny triangle of material acting as an arrow pointing towards her bare vagina. She found a satin robe, tying it loosely, allowing the possibility of it parting easily. She went to the clothes hamper, carefully placing her clothes on top, her white lace panties placed perfectly folded on top of the other clothes.Sally went back to her room, silently listening. After about ten minutes she heard Jack come up, getting ready for bed, calling good night quietly, she didn’t answer. The house was in silence for about ten minutes when she heard Jack’s door open, he crept along the hall, then she heard the sound of the clothes hamper open and Jack returning to his room. Sally waited, listening, in the night she began to hear little moans from Jack’s room, she climbed off her bed, the robe only covering half her ass, her G string hiding nothing. She quietly walked into the hall, then slowly opening Jack’s door, she peaked in.Jack was lying on top of the bed, a small side light illuminating the room, propped up on the pillows, he was completely naked, his hard cock in his hand. stroking himself. His cock looked around the same size as Bob’s but the circumcised head was swollen thick. In his mouth Jack had Sally’s panties, his mumbles were not understandable, the lace panties making him inaudible. As Sally watched, her son’s eyes were shut, his stroking was getting quicker, his moans and noises getting louder. bursa escort bayan He pulled the panties from his mouth and quickly wrapping them around his cock. she watched as his body tensed up, his groin lifting from the bed as he let out a loud gasp, and his cock began spewing his cum into her panties, the thick cream easily flowing through the fine lace. Sally stood and watched as stream after stream of cum leaked form her son’s cock, covering his hand, her panties and his stomach. She didn’t move, standing just inside his room, slowly his orgasm subsided, and Sally came into Jack’s view, his cock still hard, her panties coated in his cum. He froze.Sally turned around and walked out the door, she returned only a minute later, a pack of wet wipes in her hand. jack still hadn’t moved his erection had subsided a little, but her panties were still wrapped around him. Sally sat on the bed beside him, releasing his grip from her panties, and puling them off his cock. Jack was just staring her in the eye, afraid to move. She took out some of the wet wipes, cleaning the cum from his stomach, then with another handful of wipes, she wrapped them around his softening penis. Sally began wiping his cock, cleaning the cum from him, her hand surrounding his meat as she wiped up and down. Immediately she could feel his cock begin to stiffen. Looking down she noticed her robe had parted, one of her breasts poking out from the satin robe, her legs parted, probably giving Jack a view of her G string and maybe even her pussy. The moisturized wipes lubricating his cock as her hand stroked him. His cock was quickly solid, the benefit of being a young sixteen old. Jack was groaning, his eyes shut tight as Sally’s hand stroked up and down. She released her grip, allowing the bundle of wipes fall away, then leaning forward she kissed the head of his cock. she had been a complete virgin when she met Bob, and this was only the second cock she had handled, she flicked her tongue against Jack’s open slit, the tip of her tongue sliding against the eye of his cock. jack groaned. She opened her mouth and her lips slid around the head of his clean cut cock. she could feel him buck beneath her. his cock slipped into her mouth, her tongue exploring his length and girth. Jack’s cock felt very similar in size to Bob’s, but the circumcised head seemed bigger than Bob’s. she fed as much of his cock into her mouth, moving up and down. Jack was groaning loudly, his cock nearly reaching the back of her throat. Sally felt Jack’s hands on her head, his hips bucked up and with a loud groan, she felt his cock throb in her mouth. Hot creamy cum began pumping in to her throat, Sally trying to swallow as much as she could. His salty but sweet semen pouring down her throat as his cock kept pumping his seed into her. he seemed to be cumming for ages, finally stopping as his cock went limp. Sally said nothing, climbing off the bed, licking the remains of his cum from her lips, she turned back towards her own room.Sally was lying on her bed, her robe wide open, her knees raised, her G string doing nothing to cover her pussy. She could smell the sex escaping from her pussy, her juices soaking her thighs. Her bedroom door was open, and she saw Jack enter the dimly lit room. He stood staring at his mom, her body on full view, her cum soaked panties in his hand.Holding her panties up, he said “I’m sorry mom”. She just smiled.Jack moved to the side of the bed, bending over he placed a kiss on her lips, she responded and felt his mouth opening. Jack’s tongue found Sally’s and the two were passionately kissing. Sally felt Jack’s hand on her breast, his grip a little rough, she asked him to be gentle, he began rubbing her hard nipples, then moved his hand down her stomach. His first touch of her pussy was electrifying, she was so horny, craving her own satisfaction. His inexperienced hand was feeling around her pussy, she helped guide his touch to her own clit, then as he rubbed her, her body reacting to him, his finger slipped along the string of her panties. His finger found her opening and he pressed it in, her pussy spreading to accept his finger. He finger fucked her for a few minutes as they continued their kiss.Jack broke the kiss, then using his mouth explored her neck and chest, sucking her hard nipples, sending small electric shocks through her body. Slowly he moved down her stomach, then placed himself between her legs. Propping herself up on pillows, she watched as his head disappeared between her legs, the first touch of his tongue, although completely inexperienced, caused a mini orgasm, she was so turned on, so on edge. His tongue prodded her wet hole, making her cum. Her orgasm was intense, she thrashed around under him, her fluids soaking the bed. When she finally stopped cumming, she could see him looking up towards her face, a huge grin on his face, her juices dripping from his chin.Jack climbed up, kissing his mom, Sally could taste her own juices from his mouth. As they kissed she could feel his cock pressing against her stomach. He was fully erect again. Sally told him to lie down. Removing her robe and her G string, she climbed back on to the bed. Straddling Jack, she lowered herself on to his upright cock. parting her labia with her fingers she gave him a full view as his cock slipped into her pussy. Being on top, Sally had full control of their pace of fucking, keeping to a pace that kept her on the edge, with out the rush her inexperienced lover would have shown. She fucked him slowly, often stopping to allow him rest, to allow his pending orgasm to subside. As she moved up and down on his cock, she was pinching her nipples, the gentle pain adding to her own excitement.Sally wasn’t sure how long Jack would last fucking her, he had already cum a few escort bursa times, but she knew this was his first time inside a pussy. She lifted herself off his cock, her creamy juices coating his red hard cock. turning her back on him, she lowered back down, Jack grabbing his mom’s ass as she fucked him with her back to him. He was getting closer, all the signs were growing. Sally climbed off once more, she wanted him in her favourite position. Telling to stand beside the bed, Sally got on her knees, her ass in the air her back arched. She backed up towards her son, reaching between her legs she found his cock. her juices had his cock well lubricated, and she guided him in side. Placing his hands on her hips, he began moving back and forward, he was in control now, she knew he wouldn’t last. The angle she was taking his cock from was hitting all her right spots, as he would pound in, she could feel his hardness against her pussy walls, spreading her, spreading her juices. He was only fucking her in that position for a few minutes when he let out a loud shout, collapsing on her back, she felt his cock throb, hot streams of cum burning her pussy as he filled her up. How he had so much cum she didn’t know, but the hot juice felt wonderful inside her. Jack pulled out, the last stream of cum landing on her ass. He flopped on to the bed beside her, Sally could feel his cum leaking out of herself already, joining the pool of her own cum on the bed.Neither of them spoke, they lay there for a while, not moving, not touching, not speaking. Sally got up first, climbing in to the shower, washing the mixed sweat and sticky cum, from her body. Climbing out of the shower, Jack was standing there, amazingly his cock was rock solid again. He took his mom in his arms, turning her towards the mirror, he bent her over the bathroom counter. She watched him in the mirror, as he spread her ass cheeks wide, opening up her pussy. Sally watched in the bathroom mirror as Jack disappeared behind her, she felt him kissing her ass cheeks, then lower to her pussy. The first touch of his tongue against her pussy was different from his previous attempt an hour or two ago, he seemed to have gained some experience from her previous directions, Jack’s tongue was probing her pussy, she could feel him sucking her labia, her juices flowing, his tongue flicking against her clit. The copious amounts of juices she could feel leaking from her pussy must be nearly drowning her son she thought. But Jack continued on, exploring every minute nerve and crevice of her pussy with his tongue and his mouth. He moved slightly higher, his tongue flicked against her perineum. “no not there please” she begged. Sally had no intention of letting him near her ass, Bob had tried a number of times, but she had never been ready. Jack went back to her pussy, she could feel the intense sensations building deep inside her. she knew he would easily make her cum again.Jack reappeared from behind his mom, a huge grin on his face, Sally could feel his cock pressing against her ass cheeks, he moved around a bit, his cock was obviously in his fist. He found his target and Sally felt his mushroom shaped knob pressing against her pussy. Her vagina opened, and his cock slipped into her, she was so wet. Jack had her pussy filled straight away, she was so lubricated his hardness filled her like a sword in a sheath. Jack leaned forward, grabbing his mom’s breasts and pulling them and her up. He began sliding his cock in and put of her pussy, the strange angle she was at meant she could feel his cock rub against her G spot as he slid in. it was like he was the perfect size and height for her. each of his movements causing her to have numerous mini orgasms, he was like the ultimate sex toy, the perfect G spot dildo as he fucked her.Sally had lost count of the number of orgasms she had, whether it was one long orgasm or many separate orgasms. Her body was a constant shake of sexual pleasure. Sally wanted Jack to cum, she wanted to feel his hot sperm once more in her pussy, the hot river of cum was what would blow her mind.In the mirror, Jack looked in a daze, a world of his own as he fucked her from behind. His face told Sally he was nearing his peak, his orgasm. Then he stopped. Like a rabbit in the head lights. “Mom?”This wasn’t the time for a conversation Sally thought, she just wanted to be fucked, not begin some long debate about some random topic. Sally could only grunt, another wave of orgasm flowing over her body.“Mom?”“Yes!” she couldn’t put more than one word into a sentence.“What if dad finds out?”“Oh god, well I’m not going to tell him!, just fuck me please, I want your cum inside me again”Jack smiled, and thrust his cock hard into her pussy. His fingers pinched her nipples as the pace and ferocity of his fucking increased. The sound of his balls and thighs slapping against her skin, the groans coming from both of them filled the bathroom. The Jack let out a loud grunt. Sally felt the hot stream of cum burn her passage as Jack came inside her. the throbbing of his cock and the stream of his love fluid made her scream out with a huge orgasm, she grabbed the counter top to keep her balance as her legs virtually gave way under her. Sally felt Jack pull out of her pussy, his cock spewing one more stream of cum on to her ass, as he tried to hold himself and her up. As often as Bob had made her cum, the orgasm she had just experienced was her most intense orgasm ever. It took many minutes for her body to even begin to return to normality, her lungs struggling to fill her panting was so extreme.Jack had been trying to say something for several minutes, but his breathing was so shallow, he wasn’t able to form words, eventually he managed to speak. Holding Sally in his arms, he looked at his mom, “I’m sorry for taking your panties mom” the look on his face was a cross between remorse and the ecstasy of his numerous orgasms.“If that’s the result of you taking my panties, feel free Jack, just make sure your dad is away before you take them.”

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